View Full Version : Flag Points episode 16!

Ultra Magnus
01-23-2012, 08:07 PM
Episode 16 of Flag Points (http://flagpoints.podbean.com/2012/01/22/flag-points-16/) is now online!

We consider this an episode for the die hard. There may be some die hards who this won't be die hard enough for, but it's safe to say this one picks up from our last catalog discussion (#9) and gets into some nitty and some gritty. The witty and knowledgeable Andrew (Twitziller) joins for the second time (see Ep. 14) for lively vintage brochure and toy discussion. Rob (http://www.joeaday.com/) enjoys his first episode as a paid host and Don returns, proving that he will not let anyone take his place in the Top Secret Flag Points Recording Studio. Will anyone ever see what our bunker looks like? We shall see. The Flag Points Community Players take a crack at entertaining you all as well. Sunbow fans, stay tooned. A very special guest has voiced interest in being on very, very soon. Yo Joe!!