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11-23-2007, 06:29 AM
Mindbender: I have came up with a new devastating way to have the world under your thumb in one day.

Cobra Commander: Does it produce a uniform for people to fear me and keep my since of style intact?

Mindbender: No, it does not do that.

Cobra Commander: Does it produce high level of caffeine in the Joes coffee so people would have a buzz then an huge low? That way we can take them out all at the same time.

Mindbender: No, it does not increase the caffeine leave in coffee giving them extreme highs and lows.

Cobra Commander: Can it make peoples watches go faster and slower to keep them at work all the time. So we can rob there house at any given point in time.

Mindbender: No, We try to do that with day light saving time, it did not work.

Cobra Commander: um, Can it put a hole in the air so we can have permit light all over the world. causing the water level to rise an inch a year. So this could produce a massive flood for me to take over New York?

Mindbender: Takes a deep breath,. No it will put a hole in the air to produce massive amount of light to melt to ice caps so it would raise the water level to flood New York. Lets the breath out.

Cobra Commander: Is it a laser that I can shot into a volcano
For it to blast smoke in the air?
Then start a massive green house effect to raise the earth temperature. After words we can run the price up on deodorant.
Then they would be come dependable on our air units.

Mindbender: No it will not do all the things you said above.

Cobra Commander: Hey you stopped repeating what I said that was not your plan?

Mindbender: Your Plans are some what hard to repeat under one breath. Not saying that they are lame.

Cobra Commander: O, okay
Will it make all food taste like chicken so it would drive down the poultry prices, so we can buy all of them up cheap and then turn around and sell them to the public at a price so we can make a commission. There for driving down prices in the meat market to make them cheaper to buy for us. There for we would be the major meat supplier in the world.

Mindbender: No, it does not do what ever you said above.

Storm Shadow enters the room, as he does Cobra Commander tosses his cup at Mindbender new device. It hit’s the on button and shoots out some type of ray. The ray hits Storm Shadow turning him into a kid.

Baroness picks up Storm Shadow as she does this He takes a look down her shirt to take a peek. Baroness smiles and asked Storm shadow if he likes what he see, not knowing all he sees is her cleavage. He smiles under his mask and his sword started to pop out of the sheave.
The hilt hit T.A.R.G.E.T. in his face plate cracking it in half.

Baroness: It looks like Storm Shadow needs to eat at this time. Wonder what he wants to have?
I will find you something nice and sweet to eat to make him happy.

Storm Shadow: I know you have something sweet that I want…

Mindbender cuts in: Give me the little tike I will turn him back into his full size adult.

Storm Shadow ninja slaps Mindbender several times.
Grabs Baroness hand and walks off with her.

After eating dinner Baroness notice that Storm Shadow needed a uniform that would fit him.
So she grabs on of my Cobra Commander capes to do this.
First she needed to make him some underwear.
Baroness gets Storm Shadow down to his underwear.

At this time Storm Shadow was some what happy and nerves at the same point.

As she started to get the underwear off Cobra Commander walked in.

Cobra Commander: Baroness!!. What are you doing? That is my good cape. You cut the thing up to make that ninja shrimp some clothing.

Baroness: It is just underwear and new uniform for Storm Shadow to wear.

Cobra Commander: He will leave skid marks on my cape. It will be ruined. Who will clean it up?

Baroness: He will not leave skid marks on your cape.

Cobra Commander: That little nursery school ninja will get it all dirty. He will get blood stains all over it.

At this point in time Storm Shadow is getting piss off at Cobra Commander. He toss a Star at Cobra Commander face mask. It went past him and hits Serpentor in the head.

Serpentor takes one of his snakes and hits Cobra Commander in the face mask.

This is not the intended effect that Storm Shadow wanted but it does work out for him.

Board with nothing to do Storm Shadow goes walking through the base. He noticed that Alley Viper left his shield on the ground.
So Storm Shadow does what anyone his age would do.
He takes the shield to play with it in the snow.

On the way out he saw that Firefly has been turn into a kid also. He was going to ask Firefly to join him. Firefly was having to much fun sitting on Tomax making him hit his self and seeing Xamot be in pain over it.

Before Storm Shadow could open the door Alley Viper is standing in front of it looking all mean like. Before Storm Shadow could react to Alley Viper being in the way, Firefly flow by with T.A.R.G.E.T back pack and knocked over Alley Viper.
Seeing his opening Storm Shadow ran out the door and jump on the shield.

Before they new it Cobra snow trooper where after them.
Well they where no match for a kid ninja and a child saboteur.
With in a few minutes the entire Cobra snow trooper staff was dead or no longer awake.

Storm Shadow turns to Firefly and told him he got to a good look at Baroness cleavage. Firefly tells Storm Shadow that he got to cop a feel on Vypra several times while she was carrying him around.

Mean while back at Cobra base Cobra Commander wakes up from the snake in the face. The twins start to heal after the pounding they where taking. Serpentor was all piss off, not from them being turn into kids, nope it was do to the fact his Shock Viper was turn into an orange and yellow Ice Cream Solider.

Cobra Commander pulls the snake from his face mask and toss it a side. Not looking where he tossed the snake it hit Mindbender devices shooting anther wave. This time it turn Storm Shadow and Firefly back into adults, but there was a trade off. The ray turn Serpentor and Cobra Commander into little snake kids.

11-23-2007, 11:47 AM
that was funny as hell

11-24-2007, 05:22 PM
that was funny as hell


you should have sceen my earlier stuff that has been written

11-24-2007, 08:07 PM
i see it happening::p

11-25-2007, 12:29 PM
:lol I still think shooting the Laser in to a Volcano and raising the prices of deodorant is a very valid plan :think :lol

12-03-2007, 03:19 PM
all of my co workers like this one

they say it is the funniest written so far