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Part 0:
To Reign Raina

Cobra Island prior to the fall of Cobra.

The Cobra transport helicopter was still some time out from Cobra Island.

Raina sat in her new uniform of red leather it was still new, and a bit uncomfortable, but she had to admit she looked really good in it. Raina was lost in thought. The past week had been a swirl of new information to process.

Three weeks prior in her room at the Swiss boarding school.

It had all begun on her seventeenth birthday. Raina was in deep trouble. The school and the authorities were about to bust up her latest scam in school. She hadn’t feared for herself after all she was clever enough to have never left any evidence of her involvement, but that did stop speculation, nor did it stop her being brought in for questioning about the subject. But it did put a crimp her plans. The money the scam generated, and the contacts in the Swiss schools system were the foundation for what she planned to be the premier terrorist organization she was planning.

Of course if this fell apart she’d start again from scratch, but she really didn’t want to have to do that. But she would.

Raina checked her watch. Nine forty five. She needed to be at the inquiry in the main hall in fifteen minutes. There was just enough time to stop for here mail and make the inquiry on time.

She grabbed her back pack and slung it across her shoulder. She carefully adjusted the bag so the automatic pistol she carried was easily reachable with her right hand. She didn’t feel a need for it today, but one never knew. She checked her self in the mirror and adjusted her long straight black hair a bit, and exited the room. She walked down the hall to the staircase and began descending the three flights to the ground floor.

She exited the staircase and started to the bank of mail boxes near the door. She had expected to hear from her auntie, the school had almost certainly notified her about the proceedings as they had done in the past. Auntie had not been happy, she never was happy when Raina was involved in controversy. Raina wasn’t heartless she hated involving Auntie in any of her schemes after all she was older, and had taken her in when her parents had passed. Aunties’ fortune even paid for this school.

She opened the box. A single letter was inside.


She reached in and pulled it out. It was a plain envelope with her name only on the front typed neatly.

No postal markings what so ever.

This was hand delivered.

She turned it over. The envelope was closed by a gold seal. She recognized it as the logo for the terrorist organization Cobra.

Raina suddenly could care less about the inquiry. She exited the dorm building and sat on the steps. The bright sun beat down on her as she opened the envelope and removed the letter.

As she unfolded it a picture was wrapped inside.

It read:

You may doubt what follows in this letter, but know that tests can be done to prove what I’m about to reveal to you.

First off I am your father.
Secondly your mother is not dead as you’ve been led to believe.

You’ve been left in the care of your mother’s family because of what and who your mother and I are. In reality we are the founding members of what some call Cobra.

I am Cobra Commander, your mother is The Baroness ,the life we lead is not an environment for a child. That is one of the reasons you were sent away. The other is because while your mother and I did have more than a professional relationship we did not want to continue it. For all intents and purposes it was a one time only event.

(The picture provided is the day of your birth. It is the only picture of the three of us.)

That does not mean I have not kept track of you through the means of my empire.

We sent you away because you were a child. That is no longer the case. Clearly on your own you have chosen a life similar to ours despite your isolation from us. And from what I can determine you’re doing very well for yourself.

You know the events of today are folly. You will walk away from them untouched. Others will fall.

I offer you the means to move on from there. You no longer need these people. I imagine you already know that. I offer you Cobra. We will train you, and hone your skills. I do that not only because you will be valuable to Cobra, but because you are my daughter, and the only rightful heir to Cobra.

If you are interested please go to the following address. The unit there will handle everything.

If you are not interested by all means continue to the inquiry. The same unit will deliver the evidence that guarantees your implication in the scheme you’ve been so careful not to be involved in.

I estimate five years at minimum.

Raina was stunned.

What a b*stard.
Her parents were alive.
And the heads of a massive terrorist organization.
And now dad was blackmailing her into joining.
What a b*stard.

I might grow to like him.

Then I'll kill him and take Cobra from him and my mothers dead hands.

On the transport copter.

The copter touched down on Cobra Island. A man in a red outfit that was vaguely military looking, but with a red mask draped over his head stood waiting for the vehicle to be secured.

She knew despite the color which from accounts was usually blue or black, that the man was her father Cobra Commander.

The door was opened by a Cobra Trooper, and he held his hand out to help Raina from the transport. She took it and stepped down.

The Commander made no effort to come to her. Of Course arrogant piece of filth.

She started towards him. As she got closer she slapped on a smile and extended her arms.
“Father!” she stated. “It is good to see you.”

“I should have brought you here sooner, Raina.” The Commander hugged her.

She returned the hug. “The past father, the past. We should look toward the future.”

“As wise as she is beautiful.” The Commander held her face in both hands. “Yes, let us go and enjoy the moment! There is a celebration for you, and I’m eager for the others to meet you.”

“Yes this is a day to celebrate!” she stated with vigor. And silently added Celebrate today old man, for the future belongs to me.

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To Reign

Cobra was a massive organization, but in the two weeks she’d been on Cobra Island she absorbed everything she could.


Raina was if nothing else methodical. She looked at troop movements, players and pawns in Cobra, and the overall effectiveness of the organization.

Part of it was to learn the ropes, sure, but deep down she knew exactly what she was doing. Looking for weaknesses and ways to exploit those weaknesses to her advantage. It didn’t take too much digging.

Cobra was a mess. The fact that anything ever got done was amazing. The Commander plotting against Destro, Destro plotting against him. Mindbender always running his own agenda. Serpentor. The Coil. Her Mother. Alexander, Major Bludd. Overkill. Zartan. So many factions, so many egos, so many places to just slip things past them all.

Surprisingly Raina had been given quite a bit of power and leeway to exercise that power. In all likeliness The Commander was too busy to notice her movements.

He was dealing with reintegrating The Coil, and a new as yet undetermined faction was rising, and of course there was always G.I. Joe to deal with.

In trolling through the database she found something quite interesting. A notation of an Imperial Guard. What was so curious about this was it seems her father had begun a program to find the best of the best of Vipers. Men that went through several training programs.

These men had all graduated Rock Viper, Range Viper, SAW Viper, Alley Viper, Night Viper, Strato Viper, EELs, and Astro Viper training. They were the best of the best, and they had been doing nothing for years cooling their heals. Her father apparently started the program, but never used them as near as she could tell he still used the Crimson Guardsmen as personal guards.

This was a prime example of the state of Cobra, so with a few clicks of the mouse and keys of the keyboard she gave these war machines purpose.

“Report to Raina DeCobray. You will follow every command she gives without question.” - Cobra Troop Command

Now for someone still in the organization, but outside enough to start quietly moving stuff for her, but someone smart enough to pull this off.

She reviewed the listing of Cobra agents, and was nearly done when a name caught her eye.

“Yes. Perfect.” She keyed the comm. Panel on the counter.

It came to life, “Yes Miss DeCobray?”

“I need to speak with someone in the Dreadnok organization, can you get me Zarana?”

“Right away ma’am.”

Three days later in a motel outside of Louisville, Kentucky.

Raina sat in the motel room. She had traveled to this remote location to meet with Zarana, Zartan’s sister. Securing Zarana’s services was imperative, more so now than it had been three days ago when she set this meeting up. It was clear her father was planning several big operations all of which would end badly.

She had discovered with the help of some cyber hacking about his plans, and immediately started moving troops and equipment to Zarana’s Dreadnok chapter. Zarana accepted the shipments, but demanded an in person answer as to why.

So here she sat in her red leather uniform on the bed waiting for Zarana. Her four Imperial Guardsmen were waiting in a van in the parking lot.

She could hear what was without a doubt Zarana’s motorcycle, pull up. Amazingly she arrived alone.

The door opened and Zarana walked in.

“So you’re the commanders daughter?” She questioned closing the door.

“Yes. And The Baronesses daughter as well, but I hope that doesn’t spoil our relationship. Trust me I have no love for either of them.” Raina responded.

“I’ll listen. I read what you sent me, and I’m not stupid I see he’s up to something. I used to practically be second in command around the island.” She turned a chair from the small dining set so that the back faced Raina, and she sat on the chair backwards with her arms cushioning her chin on the back rest of the chair.

“I know. That’s why I need your help. So here’s my offer. Ferry the troops and goods I send you, set me up and I’ll make it worth your while.”

“HA!” Zarana laughed. “Well I’ll tell you something incase you didn’t realize I run an entire Dreadnok chapter. There ain’t nothing you can give me, now or later that I can’t get on my own. Boy you sure have your parent’s sense of self importance, that’s for sure.”

“Perhaps.” Raina rose from the bed. “Perhaps your right about all of that. Your position, my arrogance, my parents, but you are wrong about one thing Zarana. I do have something that you want.”

“Okay I’m in a good mood, I’ll play along, what?”

Raina circled around Zarana, with Zarana keeping a close eye on her. She placed both hands on Zarana’s shoulders and started to rub them. She stepped behind her and continued rubbing. Pressing her body against Zarana’s.

“All these years. You’ve had power, and anger, and all sorts of things. Including men. Yet never anyone steady why is that?”

“I’ve been busy. The Dreadnoks and all…”

“Yes I know how capable you are, but that’s not the reason is it?”

“What are you saying?”

“Maybe nothing.” She kissed the back of Zarana’s neck.” Maybe everything.”

“What are you doing?” She squirmed a bit and questioned, but did not stop Raina.

“Why should I stop?”

Zarana, didn’t stop her as Raina kissed behind her ear. “I’m not gay.” She whispered.

“You don’t have to be, all you have to do is enjoy yourself.” Raina ran her hand down the front of Zarana’s chest.

Zarana grabbed her arm, and with her other hand reached up for Raina’s long black hair, she pulled her head forward. Their lips were inches apart. “Fine for this from time to time. You’ve got yourself a deal.”
“Excellent “,Raina smiled and kissed Zarana.

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To Reign
Scrap Metal

Cobra was spiraling out of control.

The Red Shadows were striking both Joe and Cobra.

The end was near, but not for Raina.

Her arrangement with Zarana had placed a number of troops and equipment at her disposal she was working on where to set up an HQ. And now she found herself in search of a man that had trained under Scrap Iron.

Scrap Metal.

Metal was sort of an outcast in Cobra, after his debut he dropped a complex of low income housing high rises like a set of dominos. While they were occupied. The Commander enjoyed it, but Destro was not happy, and see as how technically Scrap Iron is an employee of M.A.R.S. Scrap Iron was unhappy.

Destro it seems is a man of integrity, he didn’t mind blowing up the buildings, but the loss of life was a political nightmare for M.A.R.S.

Thus he made an ideal recruit for Raina’s yet unnamed army. Which is why she sat in the food court of this in door mall.

Scrap Metal had insisted she meet outside at Fastbreak a sports restaurant, an odd request but one that was easily accommodated.
Her foursome of Imperial Guards stationed themselves at various points to cover any angle.

Raina sat and watched the people go by. These were the people she wanted to rule over. The funny thing was she thought she’d hate them. Mindless zombies wandering this monument of consumerism, but surprisingly she didn’t hate them. She found herself feeling sorry for them. They moved through their days trying there best to etch out a life, nearly ignorant of the crimes their government committed on a daily basis.

Too bad they’d all need to die for that government.

Scrap Metal walked up with a white folded bundle and a roll of duct tape under one arm he sat at her table. He wore his full field gear.

“Are you insane?” Raina asked him quietly. People had already started to point and stare.
“Probably. I’ve never been properly tested.” He responded. “So your Raina. Your younger than I am.”

“I am. Is that a problem?”
“No not really. As long as I get to blow things up. It’s all good. Does this organization have a name?”

“I’ve been toying with Uprising. What do you think?”

“Potential. Young. Angry. Hip. I like it. Say you busy can we go for a walk?”

“I guess, why?”

“There’s some people I wanna say goodbye too be fore we split. Oh …” ,he dug out the duct tape and handed her the roll,” could you hold this behind your back for me?”

“What’s the point?”

“For me? Call it a show of good faith.” He stood.

She followed suit. “Fine.” She didn’t understand it but there was no harm in doing it especially with her Guards keeping watch. She took the tape and did as asked.

He walked into the sports bar, and said to her, ”Follow my lead.”

They walked to the hostess.

“Hi welcome too…..Max is that you?”

“Yes Vanessa is Jerry in? I wanna turn in my uniform.”

“Ugh okay he’s in the back.”

Scrap Metal started walking, Raina followed.
“Now when I nudge you, you hand me the tape ok?”

Raina nodded.

They walked through the double doors into the back and found a man named Jerry near the large walk in refrigerator.

“Max is that you?” Jerry questioned.

“HEYYYY Jerry I got some bad news. I found another job. I’m gonna be a kids party super hero!” Scrap Metal said gleefully.

“Uhm okay.” He responded.

“This is my new boss Stacy!” he pointed to Raina. She nodded.
“Well,” Scrap Iron continued,” Jerry here’s my uniform he handed Jerry the bundle.

He nudged Raina who in turn handled him the tape.

He wrapped the tape around Jerry’s hands and the bundle insuring that he didn’t drop the package.

“Max what are you doing?”

Scrap Metal pushed him into the open refrigerator, knocking him down. “Jerry. Your fired.” He closed the door, and locked it.

“We should leave.” He stated simply.

As he walked away Raina followed suit. He pulled out a small blinking device and pressed the button a large thud muffled Jerry’s cries for help, and the door bulged out of the frame.

Scrap Metal walked past the hostess,” Bye Vanessa.”

Vanessa called as they walked out, “Hey what about our date Friday?”

He just kept going.

As they exited the mall her guardsman fell in behind them.

Screams could be heard from the restaurant.

“Wanna explain all that?” Raina asked

“What? That was me quitting.” He responded.

They just continued walking, and the screams grew louder.

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To Reign

Orlando FL, a week prior to the Joe’s nuclear attack on Cobra Island.

Raina made her way to the home of her next recruit to her cause in her specially modified Hummer Limo she was traveling in.

“Ms DeCobray, we are within one block radius of the target’s current residence.” One of her Imperial Guards announced.

“Excellent. Park outside and dial the phone.”

The Guardsman did as instructed.

Inside the modest blue house the phone rang.

Two boys ran about the house playing with small space toy ships, the nearly ran into the blond haired woman they called mom as she reached for the phone. For a woman that had had two children she was surprisingly still slim.

“HEY! Take that to your playroom!” she shouted as she picked up the phone. “Hello?”

“Is Mark Jefferson there?”

“Who’s calling?”

“Official Government business ma’am.”

“I see, well little miss ‘Official Government business ma’am’ do you have a name or do I announce you that way?”

Cute. Raina thought. I hate cute. I may have to kill her out of shear principal.

“No ma’am my name is Sgt. Laura Hemingway ma’am. General Abernathy asked me to call.”

There was some silence. Then ,”Oh I see. MARRRRKKK.”

“Hold on he’s on his way.”

“Much obliged ma’am.”
There was some conversation as the phone was handed off, but finally Raina heard a, ”Hello Sgt. What can I do for you?”

“Is this Mark Jefferson?”


“That is a lie.”

“What? Is..”

“Do you really want to go into this with her present? I’m sure she doesn’t know who you really are does she Zarthorn?”

“You have my attention. I’m listening.”

“Take a walk outside. There is a black limo hummer outside all I need is a few minutes of your time. You have my word no harm will come to you or your loved ones, and when were done you can return to them. You simply need to hear me out.”

“If I don’t?” he questioned trying to cover the question in a low tone.

“The headline will read four found brutally murdered…..”

“Give me two minutes. I’ll be there.”

“I don’t doubt it.”

Mark Jefferson hung up the phone, and turned the children’s mother. “Helen. Hon I need to leave for a few minutes, and I can’t discuss it, you understand?”

Helen nodded, she knew Mark was in the G.I. Joe subunit Tiger Force, and similar situations had occurred before.

Mark grabbed his coat from the hook near the front door and made his way out to the Hummer. The door opened. He paused briefly and stepped inside.
He sat down and the vehicle started to move away. Three really large men in vaguely Cobra uniforms sat there, as well as a girl in her teens in red leather. Clearly she was in charge.

“So talk.” He commanded.

“Indeed. I’ll start at the beginning. I know Mark Jefferson does not exist. I know your name is Zarthorn, and that Cobra Commander has you so deep under cover that no one suspects you’re a plant. I also know Zarana, Zandar, and Zartan don’t know of you, or have never mentioned you, but what I don’t know is your connection to the Z family.”

He said nothing.

“Fine then lets change topics. I know what you do, and I want your services.”

“I got a job. Two actually.”

“Look Zarthorn all I’m saying is I’m on the inside of Cobra, all I’m asking is you keep my group Uprising as an option.”

“Why should I?”

“Helen is a lovely woman. Is she your wife?”

“You know she’s not. The kids are hers as well.”

“That’s true, but they do mean a great deal to you don’t they?”

“If you harm one hair on their heads….”

“Nothing of the kind. I don’t hafta lay a finger on them. I simply tell her the truth about who you really are.”

He was staring a hole in her.

“Look,” she started, ”I don’t need this to turn into a pissing match, all I need from you is information and a promise that if Cobra should go under you’ll work for me.” Raina’s anger was clearly building, ”You can keep the ex-prostitute you saved, and her bastard children. Play house to your hearts content it matters little to me. Just feed me information!”

There was an awkward pause.

Calmly Raina stated, “Now do I cut you a check, or do we cut you and that whores throats while the children watch?”

“Fine I’m in.”

“Excellent.” She replied.

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To Reign

Raina walked the halls of the town hall in Springfield as various Vipers and this was not the Springfield of old. In fact it wasn’t even in the same location as the original Springfield, but as Raina had found out every state has a Springfield, and this one as it turns out was a town Zarana still had the deed to when she was in charge of the real estate schemes she had going towards the end of Cobra’s first run. All Raina and here troops had to do was move in and set up shop.

Which that’s exactly what was happening today. The major difference was that this Springfield had no previous inhabitants to convert, or as her father had done with the members of Millville brainwash, no Springfield was being easily converted both above and below ground for Raina’s use. She had begun calling the group Uprising, but there were whispers being bandied about unofficial calling the group Cobra Uprising. For the most part this little enclave was officially still Cobra. Cobra Troops, Cobra Firepower, Cobra Vehicles, and Raina knew she’d never quite shake the Cobra brand name, so if the group took on a life and called itself Cobra Uprising so be it.

This Springfield was no simple countryside town. Sure it was still far away from the vast metropolis like cities, but by comparison to the original Springfield it was three times size of that place, and for added kick it was located next to a mountain range.

Raina was already having Techno Vipers carving out areas in the mountains interior, and the towns factories were already churning out equipment at a stunning rate. It was amazing how she had put all this together in such a short time. Yes Springfield had potential to spare, she estimated everything would be up and running within a year, at full capacity with in the year.

She strolled through the town hall complex it was massive and once complete could handle a small air strike if necessary. As with all buildings in Springfield when done the average person would be none the wiser, but for those in the loop there would be hidden passages, rooms, missile emplacements, weapons lockers, surveillance equipment the works. Springfield could transform itself into a fortress at her command if necessary. There would be a distinct possibility that when complete it would take enemy forces a long and bloody fight to purge Cobra Uprising from this town.

She approached her makeshift communications center essentially a room full of Tele Vipers and their equipment the head of her Tele Viper core was a woman roughly twenty two years old, with long blonde hair. Raina knew promoting her from Tele Viper to Tele Viper commander was something she’d need to do and soon. The woman was far better than any tech rat she’d ever known, and when they met it was clear after a quick peek in her file that Mary Polaski had been clearly held back by her supposed superiors.

“What’s going on in the world today Mary?” Raina asked cheerfully.

She removed one headphone, and responded ,“Weird thing ma’am.”

“How so?”

“I’ve not heard a squawk from the Island in twenty hours.”

“Twenty? Could they simply be running a silent op?”

Mary rubbed her chin,”Possible, but not likely. The Island never truly goes silent there’s always some level of comm traffic, you know day to day stuff. But this…..this is weird.”

Raina admitted she was puzzled as well. It could be a massive malfunction, but there were ways that could be verified too.
“Well time will tell on that one. What else?”

“The Joes are still taking a pounding in the press, and several agents from both Joe and Cobra are either missing or have been found dead.”

“Final count?”

“Unknown as I said several operatives on both Joe and Cobra are still unaccounted….” She paused holding her ear piece closer,”…. for.”

“What?” Raina questioned.

Mary’s face went white as she turned to Raina.

“What?” Raina repeated.

“Cobra Island was….nuked.” she barely spat out.

“Excuse me?” Raina questioned

“The Joes nuked Cobra Island. It’s coming across now on Cobra networks The Island was occupied with the majority of The Coil that had folded back into Cobra, and the Joes nuked it.”

Raina was stunned.

“My Father?” She questioned.

Mary looked up and stated,” Still kicking. He’s making the broadcast from remote somewhere. He’s talking about some sort of acid rain. He wants……Raina…..”

“What?” she questioned yet again.

“He just said that The Baroness and Wraith were casualties.”

Raina’s heart dropped.

She knew this was the business, and even fully intended to kill her parents, but still this was a shock.

Raina knew it must have registered on her face, as two of her guards rushed forward to her aid.

She had collapsed to her knees, and even though she could hear that both Mary and the guardsmen were talking she could not put together just what was being said. Instead it sounded like,”Shoooooooooo tellllllllla no eeee bannnnnn! Faltorrrr teeeqioooo!”
As soon as it began it ended, and the blurred voices snapped into place.
“Sallllllll to bey ahhhhhhhhh…..GET THAT MEDI VIPER IN HERE NOW!” The Guardsmen yelled.

She found a tear rolling down her face.

“No I’m okay thank you,” she stated to the guardsmen when Mary made yet another startling statement.

“Raina the broadcast just cut off!”


“It’s gone. Jammed at the source. Raina I…..think they were eliminated.”

Raina stood. This was no series of accidents. “Get me an open line to all remaining Cobra units within United States boarders.” She barked out orders. “Get me Zarana, and my Tiger Force deep agent. Recall Scrap Metal from the mountain detail. ”

“Yes ma’am I’ll get right on….”

“No..” she grabbed Mary’s arm,”..you won’t. Have others arrange that. As of right now you’re promoted from Tele Viper to Specialist. Mary pick out a code name, you earned it.”

“Yes ma’am. Thank you ma’am. 22 get working on the line to Zarana, 157 is that open line to units ready yet? 6334 you better be recalling Scrap Metal!”

157 responded open line ready when you are.

A Tele Viper moved a camera into position on Raina, with his fingers he counted down…5…4…3…2…1…

“Masses of Cobra I am Raina DeCobray daughter of Cobra Commander, and the Baroness. Today the world has declared war on Cobra. Cobra Island has been destroyed, and the Commander has likely just perished in his latest scheme. I am unable to confirm that any of the Cobra Hierarchy have survived this attack of our enemies. As of now I am ordering you and any Cobra resources and file brought to me. Instruction on where and when will follow this transmission.

I swear too you they may have spilled a lot of Cobra’s blood this day, but together we will make them ALL pay for it!

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Part 1/2
The War is over; long live the War

Shortly after the Red Shadows incident.
Hanger 27 Wright Paterson AFB

Seven Joes milled about in an area where some drinks and confectionaries had been laid out.

“Sooo..” Trauma the head of The Anti Venom Taskforce half heartedly started conversation.

“Hey Killzone I bet you twenty Colton called us here to let us know the team is disbanded………again.” Major Havoc commander of Night Force stated.

There was a half hearted amount of grunts and semi agreements, but Killzone the Commander of the Heavy Assault Squad answered anyway.
“That’s a fools bet. Do I look like a fool?”

Tundra the leader of The Artic Ops unit added his two cents,” Man this is getting annoying. Every time the brass reorganize I either hafta dismiss my team, or track them down again, before you know it the team is reorganized again.”

“You got it easy Tundra,” Bootstrap added,” look how large my team is. I have to track down international members every time they call us back.”

“Speak for yourself,” Desert Flower Commander of Desert Patrol spoke up,” I have to track Scorpion down all the time. And trust me usually he’s not happy.”

“Better you than us.” Anti Toxin Leader of Eco Force added.

Their conversation came to a halt when a door to the hanger opened and the form of what could only be General Colton walked in, and across the hanger.

The seven commanders snapped to attention with salutes, as Bootstrap yelled,” TENNNNN HUTTTTT!”

Colton stopped in front of them, and inspected his troops.

“At ease men.” He commanded.
“I’m not gonna mince words here. Most of you know Cobra is scattered to the four winds. The Red Shadows are contained, and as I’m sure you can guess that means changes for the Joe team.”

No one groaned they were trained better than that. Bootstrap simply spoke,” You can count on us General we’ll see that our troops are mustered out to the appropriate commands, and our gear is mothballed.”

“And that would be excellent thinking Bootstrap. IF that’s what I intended to do, however, it’s not what we’ll be doing.”

He paced back and forth in front of the commanders.

“The main team will be turned into a core of a few specialists with other Joes becoming reservists. Your teams however are in a unique position. Your small enough and self contained enough to be considered trouble shooting units. And the fact that you recycle some of the older Joe equipment was a big hit with the boys in the pentagon. With that in hand I was able to keep your groups afloat. You’ll be used when and where your needed. Each of your groups will be set up with a base of sorts. Don’t expect top of the line stuff. You’ll likely be flying by the seat of your pants most of the time, and stretching the limits, but I promise if you bring me something that needs more I’ll get it. I don’t know how, but somehow I will. Thoughts? Speak freely.”

Tundra spoke up,” Sir, are we still Joes?”

“To a degree.” Colton answered,” Officially your trouble shooting units, but as far as I’m concerned you will always be Joes, and if the team re-expands like it does from time to time. Your units will be right back there again.”

“Sir, Medical supplies, chow, vehicles, ammo things of that nature?” Desert Flower asked.

“You’ll receive as much as any unit in deployment today. Plus your welcome at any US military facility worldwide.”

“Our mission, sir?” Killzone questioned.

“Same as it always is. I’m no fool. I know Cobra, and The Red Shadows are still a threat. Not to mention what ever would be world conqueror is waiting in the wings to replace them. Find them. Combat them, and neutralize them. Each of your teams have it’s specialties, but you should co ordinate your efforts when necessary, and report to me as you normally would. Any other questions?”

“No. Good .”

He handed out a packet to each commander.

“In that you will find details for each of your groups. G.I. Joe may be America’s Elite, but you are America’s First Defense, even if America doesn’t know it.”

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Part 1
The Fuse is Lit……….

So much has happened in the last two years. The Red Shadows rose, and were defeated. Cobra fell. The Joes were yet again reorganized this time into a small taskforce, with others in reserve. And had started dealing with a new threat, an old enemy Vance Wingfield had returned. As had Destro.
The sub-teams of G.I. Joe became special trouble shooting units, traveling the globe where needed.
And secretly Raina DeCobray the daughter of the Baroness and Cobra Commander had quickly and efficiently started her own terrorist organization right in the heart of the United States. Cobra: Uprising. As of today they had yet to be heard of.

That was about to change……

Unit: Tiger Force
Current Assignment: New Orleans Hurricane Katrina clean up, and investigation

Panther was one of five team mates in the back of the Tiger Haul a repainted and refurbished G.I. Joe APC painted up in Tiger Force colors it was one of three currently traveling the area handing out relief supplies to the people that had lost so much in the tragedy nearly a year later and most areas were still……destroyed that was the only way to put it.
Panther handed gallon after gallon of bottled water to people that had no life in their faces. Many had no homes, most had lost family, but for sure all suffered more than any news broadcast, or celebrity, talk show host had captured.
The relief efforts were so routine now that people didn’t fight for the supplies as they had in the weeks after the hurricane, they simply came up took what was given and left. There was no emotion in what they did except possibly defeat.

Panther, Defuse, Evader, Deadeye, and Trench handed out water from the back. Wreckage road security up from, just in case, with Treadshock driving. Elsewhere there was another unit of Tiger Force dispersing food supplies as well. And still yet was a third team with their leader doing and investigation.

Team three had been asked by request of G.I Joe commander general Colton to investigate reports that the levy’s which had failed at the height of the storm had been sabotaged. As crazy as that had sounded to Panther general Colton insisted they look into it. His reasoning, “Sometimes the truth gets buried by the shear massiveness of an event, just because there was a hurricane doesn’t mean somebody didn’t sneak in and pull the wool over our eyes.” So team three was investigating.

The end of the day brought all three units back to base camp where the units were often intermixed and reassigned from team to team, by Bootstrap their commander. They also were updated on each team’s progress so far.

“Ok. Ok. Everybody fall in for today’s debriefing.” Bootstrap commanded.

The men started to settle in on the bleacher style seating that they had made when the first set up camp.

“Normally I’d start with the daily reports on supply distribution, but today I have some info from team three. Techpack…” he handed the briefing over to Tiger Force’s resident expert in technology.

“Thank you Bootstrap. As you know team three has been investigating the levy and the break in that levy. While we have found no evidence that any explosives have been used in the failure of the levy, we did find this while searching public records.” He held up a paper.

“It’s a police call log. It reads in part a call from one Mrs. Etta Williams about a suspicious work crew. We wanted to check with Mrs. Williams on this however she has been missing and presumed dead since the hurricane.” He paused to let that sink in and honor the dead. “In her absence Lynx was able to track down the officer who spoke with Mrs. Williams. Officer John LeSalle stated that due to lack of staff the report was simply filed away and not followed up on. He was however able to provide us with a name and license plate number for the truck. The plate came back clean it was registered to a company named Ray D. Cob surveyors. When we attempted to contact this company we found that despite the fact that it had a long history of competent work. It simply didn’t exist. The phone was an empty house, with an answering machine. Now as strange as that sounds it got stranger. The house was purchased and set up by a subsidiary of Extensive Enterprises called Fang Unlimited. See where this is all going?”

Bootstrap stepped in, ”Cobra. Now I had Techpack do a search on all the names involved, and Ray D. Cob mixed about is D. Cob Ray…..DeCobray. Now my first thought was the Baroness. After all her name is….was sorry she’s dead Anastacia DeCobray, but I checked with General Colton and he assures me the Baroness was killed in action shortly before the nuke incident on Cobra Island. So that was out, but he did provide me with another lead. Prior to the nuking of Cobra Island reports of a young girl perhaps late teens with a striking resemblance to Anastacia wearing a red leather outfit similar to the Baroness’s outfit was spotted, and get this……the Commander himself was seen at her side.”

There was a series of whispers being bandied about. Echo spoke up first, ”Could this be a younger sister of sorts?”

“Possible, but not likely. When Destro was on our side he stated that outside of her older brother the Baron, the Baroness had no other siblings. True he may have lied, but somehow that doesn’t seem likely. No after discussing this at length with Colton and doing a little research at Swiss boarding schools we come to a conclusion that this is the work of Raina DeCobray, possibly the daughter of Cobra Commander and the Baroness.”

A series of “What, and oh come on’s” came from Tiger Force.

Bootstrap raised his voice a bit to be heard, ”Alright settle down now people settle down.”

Echo came to the forefront again, “Sir what exactly are we saying? I mean lets say it’s true their really is a long lost daughter of the Baroness and Cobra Commander, and lets say she is running her own agenda out there somewhere. Does that mean she’s responsible for this?”

Bootstrap looked at Echo questioningly, “Meaning what?”

Echo responded, “Meaning…..sure she had something going here. Obviously with this dummy company set up doing who knows what she was involved in something, but are we trying to pin this disaster were sitting in the middle of on her? Cause the way I see it all we really have is a dummy company and a mysterious van. Aren’t we supposed to be investigating reports that the levy giving wasn’t an accident? Sounds like a cop out, of presidential magnitude.”

The room went silent.

Bootstrap squared himself, “Soldier, I know he may not be very popular these days, but he is still the President of these United States, your commander in chief and mine and you will leave your personal opinions aside and respect the position. Is that understood?”

Echo snapped to attention, “Sir, Yes sir!”

There was an awkward silence as Bootstrap adjusted some papers on the briefing podium. When Underbrush spoke up, ”Sir?”

“Yes, Underbrush?”

“Respect for the position aside, what if Echo has a point? I mean this is a pretty convenient scapegoat for FEMA’s inaction during this crisis. I’m not saying we shouldn’t follow up on this Raina DeCobray, all I’m saying is let’s hang her for the crimes she did commit. Right now all we have is a dummy company, and a suspicious van, that won’t stand up in a court.”

Bootstrap stared for a minute, and contemplated what was just said, he hated to admit it, but they were right, they may have stumbled onto something, but in three months of investigation nothing pointed to DeCobray having been involved in the levy breaking, and the odds were they never were gonna find anything. The ocean saw to that.
“Fine. I’ll consult with General Colton and the other task forces and we’ll proceed from there. Raina DeCobray will stand or fall on her own merits whatever they may be, but that is the last time I will tolerate any negative talk about the President is that understood?”

A chorus of, ”YES SIR.” Followed.

“Dissmissed. Get some bunk.” Bootstrap commanded.

The men broke up to head to their respective bunks. Freight as usual made his way towards Bootstrap.
“A little hard on them weren’t you top?” He asked.
“Look for the record I don’t like how he responded to this mess either, but there’s a few things you simply do not do. And bad mouth the old man is one of them. Period. End of story. If I allow that I’d lose control of the unit. Echo may be good, but he stepped over the line on that one.”
“Ok top, you ain’t got to justify yourself to me, that’s why you’re the top here. All I’m saying and I think you know it too was that Echo had a point.” He paused,” Nite Strap.”

“Goodnight Freight.”
Freight headed to the barracks.
Bootstrap walked to the communications rig, and tapped in several commands. General Colton’s face appeared.
“Yes sir we need to talk…..”

Bootstrap made his report to Colton, and included the fact that while Raina may be dirty, she was likely never gonna be connected to Katrina and the disaster that followed.

As Bootstrap made his report, so did Echo. His reports were a bit old fashioned. He wrote a letter. Just plain and simple a letter to his live in woman, (they are not married yet) Helen. With that letter was a second letter to be sent to his so called niece the Dreadnok named Heart Wrencher, she’d forward it to Zarana, then to Raina, and then she’d know that the Joes had taken the bait, just as expected.

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Colton snapped off the viewscreen.
A new sect of Cobra.
He punched in a series of commands in the comm panel.
A woman whose face was cloaked in shadows answered.
“Yes General?”
“I may need you to go in under deep cover.”

“I’m ready you know I am.”

“Yes, I’m aware of your level of commitment, but this is gonna go deeper than either of us ever thought. I’ll explain when you get here, I’ll have you brought in under absolute secrecy, you’ll report to me only. Understood Chameleon?”

She leaned forward and the shadows faded away, and a face that looked nearly exactly like that of the Baroness’s answered, “I’m on my way.”

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Part 2
Night Moves

Unit: Night Force
Location: Night Force HQ ‘The Morgue’,

Major Havoc sat at his desk and cooled his heals.
It was the same thing he had done since General Colton had reorganized G.I. Joe.
Night Force as with its sister sub teams had been set up as special trouble shooting forces. The only problem was aside from the occasional training exercises he scheduled. Night Force had not been called on at all.


He read through his daily reports, he knew them well. They were identical to nearly every report so far.
-Daily status: Nominal
-Team Member moral: Pensive
The following is a list of issues that need to be addressed:
-Incident 1: Racetrack
Team member Racetrack had an altercation off post with a local man. Reports indicate it had something to do with a relationship Team Member Racetrack had with before mentioned man’s wife………and daughter. Team Member Hush ended the altercation, which leads to…..
-Incident 2: Hush Team Member Hush in restraining Team Member Racetrack used what Team Member Racetrack called “Genital Judo” to restrain him. Team Member Racetrack has filed attached report. See report.
-Incident 3: Team Member Night Beat has requested new clothing to keep up his ‘street cred status’.
-Incident 4: Team Members, Sandbar, Quick Fix, Fireball, Rundown, and Assault have been building a model of Tokyo. They have also made a suit to resemble a certain fire breathing green lizard (with real fire breathing capabilities). They have painted Beach Head on its side and are currently modeling the head of said suit to resemble Joe team member Beach Head.

The report read on like a list of childish pranks.
Clearly the men were starting to get bored and amuse themselves.

Most of this was not a problem. Night Force was a bunch of oddballs commanded by and oddball himself, when the time came they’d be professionals just like any other unit.

He shuffled through his paperwork on the desk, supply reports, blah, blah, blah. Somewhere under here was the newest issue of Popular Scientific.

His search was interrupted by when his desk communications unit beeped softly. He toggled the switch and checked the monitor.
The image of General Colton came into view.
Major Havoc out of reflex snapped to attention.


“At ease Havoc. Look we have a situation that needs some of your team’s specialties.”

“We’re ready sir. What’s the op?”

Colton discussed the leads that Tiger Force had found about Raina DeCobray and her faction of Cobra, he also told him of Night Forces newest member. A woman that while being part of Night Force, would answer only to Colton, and her identity would remain a mystery. That didn’t sit to well with Havoc.

“Sir how am I supposed to command if she can just disregard any order I give?”

“Chameleon isn’t in the habit of usurping command Major. You’ll be in charge of her, and she’ll follow orders, but be aware she has an agenda here. And your agenda is to support her agenda, is that clear?”

“Yes sir I understand.”

“Good. Now you and your team are going to help insert this young lady into Cobra: Uprising. She will be a deep cover agent, and will arrive at your location in a week’s time. Your team will shake down a list of suspected Cobra operatives in hopes of finding a way for Chameleon to slip inside and do her stuff. Trust me when you see her, once you’ve found Cobra she’ll have no trouble making her way into the fold. After that she’s on her own.”

“Sounds pretty risky, can she handle it?”

“That’s what I’m hoping.”

Colton closed the commline.

The few days later.

Night Force sat in a repainted Monster APC. It’s Black and Grey scheme blended in the darkness fairly well.

This was the fifth such raid they had done none had yielded any solid info.

Major Havoc sat in one side of the troop compartment with Fracture Point, and Windburn on the other side was Hot Lead, Landslide and Fireball. Racetrack was in the driver’s seat with Codeburst riding shotgun. Action Man and Assault manned the back cannons, while Night Beat, Powder Keg, Quick Fix, Sand Bar, Run Down, Shadow Striker, Wave Crest, Sgt Hound, Splitter, and Shrapnel ran security in a second Night Monster APC.

Hush was on point, investigating the target.

Major Havoc keyed the open channel to his teams’ comm. units.

“Okay you know the drill. Hush investigates. When he has determined the snakes have finally gone down for the night he provides his distraction. NF1 comes in from the East, NF2 the north, the natural environment of a near briar patch makes the south and west impossible for retreat. Remember our goal here is information first, capture and contain second. Lethal Force is authorized, but should be used with discretion. Hush at last count saw thirty mixed Vipers in there, so lets account for all of them. Any last minute questions?”

Quick Fix who was driving the second APC chimed in, ”Any idea what Hush’s distraction is?”

“Negative. He stated it would be loud and bright and bowl them over.” Major Havoc responded.

The hideout Cobra had been using was a small but remote warehouse / factory of sorts. Hush had been scouting for just the right spot to deliver his distraction for twenty minutes now. It came in the form the main garage door. It worked perfectly. The snakes had posted two guards behind that door every night, and more importantly someone at some time had installed a doggie door.

Hush pulled his backpack from his back and unzipped it. He reached in and pulled out a bowling ball. This however was no ordinary bowling ball. It had been hollowed out. And packed with explosives, with a remote detonator, then reassembled.

Hush put his fingers in the ball’s holes and crouched in the proper stance. He considered his aim pulled back the ball, and let her fly. As the ball came closer and closer Hush pulled out the remote detonator and armed it. The ball rolled through the doggie door.

The Vipers on guard duty looked dumbfounded at the ball as it rolled in.
“What the hel….” One Viper started to say as the ball expanded in a massive ball of orange and red flames.

The blast was easily recognizable from both APC’s which fired off a burst each from it’s roof mounted launchers. They both leapt to full speed and heading directly toward the building. Some smatters of automatic gun fire could be heard as the two APC’s barreled through the holes they had made. They came to a stop, and the gunners provided cover fire long enough for the Joes inside to pile out.

Major Havoc began barking out orders,”By the numbers people. Teams one, and two round up the snakes, team three hooks up with Hush and does the same from his end. Team four your on information gathering.”

The operation went pretty smooth, for the most part this loosely gathered group of Cobra was unorganized in the first fifteen minutes twenty bleary eyed highly confused Vipers had been rounded up. The two Hush disposed of made twenty two. That left eight. They were held up in the south east corner with various rifles behind a rather large piece of machinery. Fireball, Rundown, Hush, Sandbar, Wavecrest, Shadow Striker, and Shrapnel had them pinned down when Major Havoc approached.

“What’s happening Rundown?”

“Last batch is back there dug in pretty good too.” He responded.

Havoc peered out over their cover via a small optical scope he had. He looked left and right, and up and down, when his eye caught sight of something that might be useful attached to the ceiling. He handed the scope to Rundown. “On the ceiling.”

Rundown looked through the scope and saw ductwork, but he didn’t get it.
“Duct work so?”

“So? So? Look at it it’s the main duct work.”

“Meaning?” Rundown questioned.

“Meaning there’s a roof mounted AC unit above it.”

“Still not getting it sir.”

Havoc keyed his comm. unit “QF .”

“Yeah?” came his voice in their earpieces.

“What would it take to make a roof mounted AC unit crash through the roof on to eight dug in snakes?”

Rundown looked at Major Havoc stunned. “Your nuts.”

“I prefer inventive.” He keyed the comm. again, “Can it be done?”

“Yeah I imagine so, that in the south east corner?”

“Yup. Take Landslide and Powder Keg and make it happen.”


Night Force traded shots with the Vipers to simply keep them rounded up in one spot. After awhile Quick Fix came back on the comm. “Ready sir. Say when.”

Major Havoc waited a heartbeat despite the job, and despite that the enemy would gladly kill him he hated killing, silently he said, sorry guys. “Drop it QF.”

There was a muffled thump from the roof above the vipers position, the some creaks, a few pops, and for a second everyone’s eyes were looking upwards. Then like a slice of birthday cake a perfectly rectangular piece of ceiling came down to the ground crushing the vipers.

As the dust settled, it was clear Night Force had won this round.

Major Havoc called up the regular army to cart off the prisoners, and began to make his way about to see what his team had found.

Splitter was sifting through some of Cobra’s tech and paperwork.

“Well anything we can use?” Major Havoc questioned.

“Maybe. Look at this Major.” He handed Havoc a piece of paper. “It’s a list that was faxed of an inventory of personnel here and a few other spots as well. The fax response is attached it reads in part, for a meeting at a club called C2 in three days.”

“C2?” Havoc questioned.

Splitter shrugged.

Havoc keyed his comm. unit. “Havoc to Night Beat. Where is a club called C2?”

“Vegas? Why we going? If we are I need new cloths.”

Vegas, Havoc pondered. “You and a guest are going. I’ll have Desert Patrol back you up.” “Lets wrap this up people….”

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Part 3
Scrap Metal vs The HAS

Scrap Metal was hoping this was worth it.

Raina had dispatched him to gather some items from a safe deposit bank in some jerkwater town called Toledo, Ohio. He couldn’t believe an assignment this small was tasked to him. What’s worse is it wasn’t even his assignment. He had been sent with a small group of Vipers. Alley Vipers, and Demo Vipers. He wasn’t even gonna get to blow the vault door! Raina’s orders were extremely specific. Have the Vipers retrieve the contents of a certain safe deposit box, and he needed to see to it personally that the contents made it back to Springfield. Nothing else was more important. Nothing.

Granted lots could still happen here, but this looked to be a milk run, and a boring one at that. Scrap Metal none the less prepared for the assignment as modified passenger bus carrying his team and a brand new HISS V missile tank toward the bank.

Team Unit: Heavy Assault Squad
Current status: Off duty inactive.
Current location: Toledo Savings Bank

The Heavy Assault Squad were standing at the counter involved in one hell of a crisis.

“Sapper, I’m telling you this is the right one.”

“Shut up Killzone, your making me nervous.”

“Oh for pete’s sake just do it, Sapper.”

“What do you know about this stuff Blastcap? Your’s is done online!”

“Yeah it is. It’s easier that way.”

“Look I just don’t feel safe okay, old habits die hard.”

Killzone squirmed a bit. “Look Sapper just fill out the deposit slip already. We go through the same thing with you every time you get paid. Deposit it so we can go to the grocery store already.”

Sapper slammed down the pen. “I can’t.” He protested, “They changed the form again.”

“Give me that.” Blastcap snorted pulling the deposit slip out of his hand. “Look. Account number here, amount of check here, less cash here, and your signature. What is so hard about that?”

“Well when you put it that way…..I get it.” Sapper responded.

Blastcap blurted out, ”And we let him near explosives.”
Killzone merely shrugged.

“Shut up, I’m bank deficient, alright.” Sapper shot back.

Killzone and Blastcap waited as Sapper did his banking. When he came back they both were slightly giggling.

“What’s so funny?”

“Nothin man, nothing.” Blastcap managed to slip out between chuckles.

“You set?” Killzone questioned.

“Yeah pretty much.”

The three exited the bank as a large passenger bus had pulled up in front. They crossed the street towards their slightly in need of a new paint job Hammer vehicle which the Joe team had briefly used in service, as they did something was nagging at Sappers mind.

They got in the Hammer with the bus blocking the view of the bank entrance, and Sapper simply could not let it go.

“Guys….did that guy on the bus look odd to you?” he questioned.

Killzone sat behind the wheel and spoke up, “Didn’t see him.”

“Me neither.” Replied Blastcap.

“He was putting on an odd helmet.”

“Helmet?” Killzone looked back at Sapper, “No need for a bus passenger to wear a helmet.”

That’s when they heard the screams.

Inside the bank.

The Alley Vipers, and Demo Vipers dispersed as planned. The four Alley Vipers covered various points in the bank while the two Demo Vipers made their way to the vault.

Scrap Metal made his usual grand entrance.

“LADIES AND GENTLEMEN…..” he looked about and noticed three female tellers, a bank male manager, and one male customer. “….wow crowd stinks today huh…..anyway…..NOBODY MOVE, AND NO ONE GETS HURT! THIS HEAR BANK IS ABOUT TO BE ROBBED!”

The Alley Vipers produced their rifles and fired a few rounds in the ceiling for effect.

The women screamed.

Scrap Metal jumped the counter and pulled the pretty blonde teller close to his waist, “Mmmmmmmm screaming women, remind me of prom night.” He pulled out a 9mm pistol, and looked to the Demo Vipers, “Well??? Box 271, get to it, we don’t get paid by the hour you know?”

Outside, Killzone was using a fiber optic scope to see inside the bank doors, without actually going in.

“Cobra.” He announced.

“Oh what are the odds?” Sapper complained.

Blastcap said, ”I’ll get our gear from the Hammer.”

Sapper looked at Killzone, “How many?”

“Looks like four Alley Vipers pulling guard duty, two Demo Vipers in the vault, and one unknown nut job, your helmet guy. Seven to three, and they have hostages, so running the Hammer right through the wall is out. Any ideas?”

“A few.” Sapper stated.


Scrap Metal held the teller close to him.
“Sooooo,” he looked at her name tag, “Tina you like working here?”

She was too scared to answer.

“Oh come on Tina, look were here for one specific safety deposit box and then were gone. Lets try to make this as comfortable as possible. Now do you like working here?”

“Yyyess.” She stammered out.

“Well I bet you liked it a lot more before we walked in eh?” he mock punched the managers shoulder with his gun hand.

Tina wasn’t amused.

“Oh Tina honey you need to lighten up, that was a joke.” Hey gestured to the manager, ”You mister…”

“Dailey.” He answered.

“Dailey, yes that’s right. I think Tina needs a raise after this stressful day, what do you say?”

He hesitated.

Scrap Metal aimed the gun at him, “Welllllll?”


“See Tina I ain’t such a bad guy I got you a raise didn’t I?”


“Good are you busy next Friday? Or do you think you’ll be dead in a rain of gun fire?” Scrap Metal taunted.

Tina sobbed.


The Heavy Assault Team had geared up, and still no police had arrived.

“Okay Sapper what’s the idea?” Killzone asked.

“We help them, get what they want, and then we let them go.” Sapper stated.

Blastcap looked at him like he was insane,” Are you insane?”

“No, just worried about the logistics of us throwing down on them, with hostages. The three of us signed up for this sorta thing, they did not. Any way we go in their gonna die. If they get what they want they will leave. It’s that simple.”

Killzone looked bewildered, “Ok I see your point, but we can’t just allow them to get away.”

“Yes, we can. Then we detonate the explosive charge on their bus and pick them off as their getting their senses together. We’ll likely even have police back by then.” Sapper explained.

“Sapper you are one devious SOB.” Blastcap slapped his hand on Sapper’s shoulder.

Killzone and the others set up position around the entrance. Killzone squelched a bullhorn he had in his hand.

“Attention Cobra. This is the G.I. Joe Heavy Assault Team.”

Scrap Metal pulled Tina closer to the vault door, “You got what we needed yet?” There was a small wift of smoke from the vault, followed by a “We got it open getting it together now.”

Scrap Metal pulled Tina with him back toward the counter. And yelled, ”LOOK JOES, WE WILL KILL EVERY SINGLE PERSON HERE UNLESS YOU BACK OFF!”

From outside, the bullhorn came to life again. “Look take what you want, and go, just do not harm the hostages. You have my word no one will attempt to take the bank. If need be we’ll help you get what you’re here for as long as no one is hurt.”

Scrap Metal looked about, “Oh this is too sweet the mighty G.I. Joe simply wants you sweet people alive. How noble. DEAL!” he screamed.

The Demo Vipers came outta the vault one with a large overstuffed envelope in his hands. “We got it Scrap Metal.”

“Fine. Lets go. Alley Vipers your first form a protective corridor to the bus. Demo Vipers are next, and I’ll go with Tina. You Alley Vipers come on board last.

Tina sobbed again.

The Alley Vipers slowly walked out and did as they were told the formed a corridor to the bus with their guns trained on the Joes at all times. The Joes were mirror opposites of the Alley Vipers.

The Demo Vipers came out next, and walked the corridor onto the bus.

Slowly and cautiously Scrap Metal exited still holding Tina close, with a gun to her head, she sobbed as mascara ran down her face.

“You said no one gets hurt, snake your on the verge of breaking that deal.” Killzone stated with his gun trained on Scrap Metal.

“The names Scrap Metal, and you think I’m stupid? We come out with no hostage and your gonna just drop us.” He spat at them. “She goes free on the next block.”

“No deal Scrap Meat, she’s not getting on that bus with you.” Blastcap warned him.

“Well I guess were at a bit of a stand off then huh? I guess we can leave her after all there’s still the bomb to deal with.”

For a second Killzone thought he was talking about the bomb on the bus, but then he noticed the device on the teller’s wrists. Clearly it was a bomb.

“Oh and for kicks, there are two more like this attached to two others arms as well. In the bank.” He snorted. “So I guess while the three of you disarm these bombs we’ll make that clean getaway.” Scrap Metal hopped on the bus, and the Alley Vipers did as well.

“Byeeeee Tina, sorry I can’t make that date Friday, but don’t go to pieces over it.” Scrap Metal taunted as the bus pulled away.

Killzone and Blastcap ran inside and found a brunette teller and another blonde teller with similar devices on their wrists. They led them outside, as Sapper had begun work on Tina’s device. He called out his progress knowing his advanced start would be easy for them to catch up on.

“Three pound C4, wad with five minutes left on the timer, simple stuff really, cut red, then blue, and don’t touch the dead end, tan wire.” He stated.

All three members did as instructed, and the explosives went inert.

Killzone pulled out the detonator for their explosive and pushed the button. From several blocks away there was an explosion.

The Heavy Assault Team ran to the Hammer and cranked it up. It roared to life towards the smoke.

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When the got there, they found the bus, clearly it’s back end was modified to carry a concealed HISS tank that was long gone.

“DAMN IT!” Sapper yelled.

“Easy soldier,” Killzone stated, “ we’ll get’em the next time. After all we did save the people at the bank.”

In the distance police cars were closing in on the explosion site.

Blastcap cocked a thumb in their direction, “Yeah all we hafta do now is explain it to them, after they arrest us.”

The sirens grew loader, and the Heavy Assault Squad laid their weapons on the ground, and laced their hands behind their heads.

Sometime later in Springfield.

Scrap Metal walked into Raina’s command room. He dropped the envelope on her desk. She was painting her nails. Red of course.

“What in god’s name are those?” He asked.

“I would imagine they explain themselves.” She answered.

“There sick. That man should be put away.”

“This from a man that killed how many in that apartment complex?”

“Four Hundred and twenty. Killing is one thing, but him…..and that boy…. And what their doing…..just sick.” Scrap Metal made a face. “He should be locked away.”

“Oh no. No, no, no. That would not do my dear Scrap Metal, you see that man is District Court Justice John T. Nordquest, and if we used these to put him away, then we couldn’t use these to blackmailing him into freeing a man I’m very excited to meet. His name is Hotwire, and he helped Destro design battle android troopers. And I want battle android troopers.” She beamed.

“After he releases Hotwire, “she blew on the nails, “you can turn them in to who ever you want.”

Scrap Metal smiled. He started to walk away when something occurred to him.

“How’d you know about those pictures?” he asked.

“I went to school with the boy in the pictures, he told me the whole disgusting truth, one night over a beer. His name is John T. Nordquest Jr.” She admired her nails. ”By the way your bonus is on the table by the door.”

“What bonus? “ Scrap Metal questioned.

“The one we stole when Mary…”she paused, ”…….Commlink broke into the banks computer system and transferred all accounts out to us while you were retrieving the envelope.”

Scrap Metal looked at the pile of money. It was two bundles side by side five inches thick all with thousand dollar bills.

He picked it up, and looked at Raina, “Boss. You rock!”

“I do indeed, I do indeed.”

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Part 4:
Evil Las Vegas
Since arriving in Las Vegas, Nightbeat had hooked up with the Desert Patrol he found them to be a fairly interesting bunch, well except for Scorpion, Desert Flower the unit commander had said, ”Yeah well Scorpion would more than likely have knocked you on your ass anyways.”

But here he was in the C2 with Dust Devil as backup, awaiting the mysterious operative Chameleon to make her entrance.

The rest of Desert Patrol had gone with some intel that Nightbeat had provided from their raid. It seems the little cell they broke up had intended to team up with another cell on a raid of a privately owned DNA testing facility, called Designer Gene’s. Tacky name, but the company was becoming a major playing in mixing human and animal DNA, for medical purposes. Do doubt about it Designer Gene’s was on the verge of something big, and there was no way Cobra was getting their slimy hands on it if Desert Patrol had anything to say about it.

Chameleon sauntered in to the C2 night club, like she owned the place. Nightbeat was officially impressed, usually his contacts get him into the club, this time she was so hot she got in without a second glance from the bouncer. She was stunning in sheer black top and long flowing black skirt, her hair was a contrasting platinum blonde. Her face painted in a gothic style with blood red lipstick.

She turned many of the heads as she walked to the bar.

Dust Devil hated this assignment. There were far too many variables to go wrong here. Too many people, too many exits, too many ways this could go wrong. But worst of all if everything went right on their end of the mission the snakes would indeed slip away. The only thing that made Dust Devil feel better was if the op did go off without a hitch, The Joe team now had someone on the inside.

Meanwhile at Designer Gene’s Laboratories.

Desert Flower was meeting the company’s head of securities. Wilton Grable.
“Look Ms Flower, I understand you think some wanna be group of terrorists is gonna come smashing through the door, and steal our secrets, but…”

“Mr. Grable they are not wanna be’s, and if they do come here this evening, like our intelligence suggests, stealing your companies secrets are gonna be the nicest thing they do. Odds are you and no one else will make it home tonight.”

“Sounds scary.” He taunted.

“Look all were saying is talk to your boss, allow us to stay, it costs you nothing, and you get one night’s worth of military protection for free.” Desert Flower suggested.

“Oh your little group can stay, if for nothing else, so I have your backside to stare at, but ain’t no way your disturbing Mr. Mathison. He’s conducting business.”

“At this hour?” she questioned.

“Yeah, at this hour, which is none of your business.” He started to walk away, “Oh and sweets…..keep outta my people’s way.”

His footsteps echoed as he left the massive marble rotunda that was the lobby, leaving Desert Force and the lobby guards.

“You gonna put up with his cracks boss?” Blister asked.
“I could eat his watch if you want.” Chaingun added.

“That might be a later option Chaingun, but for now yes, I’m gonna put up with his cracks. Dune Runner you and Hotshot stay here. Blister take the roof, I’m gonna walk the building, Chaingun and Tumbleweed you two run the Awe Strikers around the perimeter.” She ordered.

“What about Scorpion?” Dune Runner asked.

“Well knowing him, we’ll have no idea where he is until the shooting starts, and then we’ll know where he is.” She commented.

Back at the C2.

Chameleon stood at the bar, knowing all eyes were on her.

According to the info that Night Force had liberated, she would be met by someone called simply Skull Buster. There was no info available on Skull Buster, and to be honest that was sorta creepy.

The team had been there now for three hours and so far nothing was going on when near the entrance a mountain of a man walked in. He was easily six foot eight, and near the three hundred pound mark, but all of it was without a doubt muscle. As striking as that was, it got worse, tattooed on his face was a black skull that resembled death, his clean military cut hair added to the persona.

Night Beat watched as the man simply plowed people outta his way to the bar where Chameleon stood. He reached over the bar and grabbed the bartender by the shirt, pulling him clean off the ground and right to his face.

“Whiskey. The biggest bottle you got, or I’ll break you in two pieces.” He grunted.
He released his grip and the bartender fell to the floor, he gathered himself and scurried to find the bottle.

Chameleon took it in stride.
“I thought this was a secret meeting, Mister…..”

“Skull Buster, lady, and stuff your secret in which ever hole is convenient, Little Red Riding Bitch wants to know if you’re in or out?” The bartender placed the whiskey on the bar in front of Skull Buster.

He picked it up and bit off the neck of the bottle. He spit it out at the bartender who was already leaving the immediate area.

He poured it down his throat in massive gulps, and slammed the bottle down on the bar.
“I ain’t big on doing things twice, so you can imagine what happens if I hafta ask a third time.” He stated.

“Oh I’m in alright, but the reason why I didn’t answer was because we have two really interested parties observing us.” She stated.

“Where?” Skull Buster nearly shouted.

“The stylist gentleman over there by the dance floor, and the clearly security type trying to hide himself in the shadows over by the bathroom.”

Skull Buster smashed the bottle in his hands. “Joes. I hate Joes. I rip them a new as…”

“You will not.” She commanded placing a hand on his arm. “I will handle this. Walk to the door with me, and pay no attention to them.

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Skull Buster looked confused, until he saw what was in the lady’s hands.

“Fine your way, but if you miss, it’s my turn, and when I’m done they might be able to fill one coffin with both of those Joes.”

Meanwhile back at Designer Gene’s Laboratories.

All seemed quiet.

For nearly three hours nothing had been happening. Desert Flower began to think the intelligence may have been wrong, as she walked into the massive lobby, to complete her third sweep of the facility, Dune Runner and Hotshot stood their posts.

“Nothing I take it?” she asked knowingly.

“Nope, nothing.” Dune Runner reported.

When there was a loud crash from above them in the rotunda, glass showered down as Scorpion and the Cobra Agent known as Neurotoxin came falling to the ground. The fall should have and would have killed any ordinary men, but neither of these guys was ordinary by any means.

Desert Flower called in her forces, as three more Cobra Desert Scorpions jumped down through the hole in the glass. They landed on the floor with a thud and began advancing on Desert Patrol.

Scorpion was on top of his opponent, and punched Neurotoxin in the stomach with three hard jabs. Neurotoxin responded by slipping his stinger tail around his throat, and tightening.

“I should have killed you in the desert when we found you.” He hissed.

Scorpion grabbed at the tail with both hands as it lifted him higher off of Neurotoxin. Scorpion lashed out with his boot kicking Neurotoxin in a very vulnerable area. The blow was enough to loosen the tail and allowed Scorpion to drop to the floor. Neurotoxin was already scrambling to his feat.

“You didn’t have the guts then, and you certainly don’t now!” he screamed with rage as he flung himself at Neurotoxin’s throat. Neurotoxin caught him with a blow to his jaw knocking him into a marble wall, he advanced on a fallen Scorpion.

Desert Flower and her group stood their ground with weapons drawn. Having dealt with these things before she knew that in all likelihood these were victims forced into the process, by Cobra, so she had to give them a chance.

“Please stand down, or we will be forced to use excessive force in restraining you.” She cautioned. As Blister joined them from behind.

He sized things up and immediately called Chain Gun and Tumbleweed.
“Heads up boys, bring us some Anti Venom, we got Desert Scorpions.”

“Tumbleweed, acknowledged, Anti Venom coming, just hold tight.”

The first scorpion shot his stinger at Hotshot, he quickly dodged it as it imbedded itself in the marble. He shot a foot out that caught the trooper in his face, knocking him a bit silly. Blister shoulder his rifle and grabbed a ceramic potted plant and hurled it at the second Scorpion. He caught it in mid air and crushed the pot with ease, but the distraction was all Desert Flower needed, to rush forward and chop block out the second Scorpion’s knee, clearly breaking it. Not something she wanted to do to the innocent, but it was better than a bullet to the forehead.

Dune Runner smashed the butt of his rifle into the jaw of the third Scorpion, it had little effect as he lashed out with a head butt to Dune Runners shoulder, knocking him to the ground.

Back at the C2.

Skull Buster and Chameleon made their way to the door, and as planned Nightbeat, and Dust Devil followed, as they got closer to the door, Nightbeat reached for his nine millimeter, and shout, “COBRA AGENTS YOU ARE UNDER ARREST! STOP WHERE YOU ARE!”

Chameleon swung around with a sawed off shot gun in her hand, and aimed it directly at Nightbeat’s chest, and pulled the trigger.

The blast caught Nightbeat in the chest, as he fell backwards to the floor, Dust Devil made his way to him, as Chameleon and Skull Buster made their getaway, into the Las Vegas streets, and into the night.

Nightbeat lay on the floor, clearly in pain. The club had emptied by now. Dust Devil looked about as he held Nightbeat’s head.

“Once the ambulance gets here, you can stop pretending.” Dust Devil commented.

“Damn man who’s pretending, getting shot by a shot gun full of rock salt hurts too you know.” He smiled a bit.

“Yeah, but looks like we pulled it off, she’s in.”

Nightbeat moaned.

“Easy pal, nights almost over.” Sirens could be heard in the distance.

Back at Designer Gene’s.

Scorpion dove at Neurotoxin, and bit his face, riding him to the ground.

That’s when Phillip Mathison, Wilton Grable and a young woman clad in red leather walked into the rotunda, and saw the scene of destruction.

“ENOUGH!” Mathison screamed.

Amazingly all the action came to a grinding halt.

“Neurotoxin is it?” he paused, “Call off your men.”

“What the hell?” Desert Flower questioned.

Raina walked over to her.

“You must be Desert Flower commander of Desert Patrol.” Raina extended her hand to her.

Desert Flower didn’t except.

“Well then, regardless, it is good to see a woman in charge of something. Now to clear up this confusion. I have purchased Designer Gene’s, Mr. Mathison will acknowledge that. So as new owner, I kindly ask you and your men to get the hell outta my labs.”

The Awe Strikers pulled up, and Tumbleweed and Chaingun came rushing in. A hand held them off from their attack.

“I assure you it’s all very legal.” She took a packet of papers from Mathison and handed them to Desert Flower. “Here take that and have your lawyers look it over, but I must insist, that you collect yourselves and your gear and leave.”

She turned to walk away.

Desert Flower had to ask, “Who are you?”

She looked back, smiled and stated, “Raina. Raina DeCobray.”
Her heals echoed off the marble as she exited the rotunda.

Desert Patrol pried Scorpion off of Neurotoxin, and left.

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Part 5:
Alone in Springfield

Colton was right. This was deeper undercover than either of them expected.

Chameleon had been in Springfield now for a week, since Las Vegas. She had been hired as a Specialist within Cobra: Uprising after passing several entrance exams to determine her worth. Of no surprise to her, her skills got her a posting well past the rank and file vipers, and into the specialist area.

As such she had found when not on a mission Cobra specialist did little real work, until ordered, so by command, which left Chameleon with an amazing amount of time on her hands to simply absorb what Springfield was. Raina DeCobray had accomplished an amazing amount here. It could take her months, perhaps even a year to even map out a portion of the facility here. It runs throughout the town, and under several stories, as well as throughout the mountain range and under it as well. Of course to the average eye Springfield looked nothing more than a sleepy out of the way town, what secrets it held could even be beyond her skills. In fact she had no doubt that only Raina DeCobray knew all of its secrets. But there was one secret in Springfield she didn’t know yet, that her newest specialist Vamp was the Joe agent Chameleon. Of course Raina still had the advantage of her massive army, and Chameleon being completely cut off from her team, leaving her to simply observe, note, and do as she was told and wait for an opening.

On the eighth day in Springfield Raina summoned all her current specialist to the war room. Vamp responded, she was a bit nervous that Raina might figure out who she was for her first meeting, after all she had been surgically altered to look like Raina’s mother the Baroness, but he disguise of platinum blonde dyed hair, gothic style makeup, and her new specialist uniform, had proved worthy so far, with any luck it would hold up. It also was a plus that Raina had never met her mother.

Chameleon’s new Vamp uniform was in style with the gothic look, it was a leather sleeveless shirt of sorts that wrapped closely around her neck and covered her chest, leaving a hole for her cleavage to show, and had hard caps that covered her shoulders sort of like football gear would. Beneath her breasts was a grey skull that reminded Chameleon of a pirate flag skull, except where the cross bones would be it had long bone spine like appendages that came under her arms and wrapped around her ribs, and came up her back, the tips draped just over her shoulders. She had on thigh high black boots that had a thick platform sole, and flames crawling up the front of them. Above the boots she wore a tight black leather pair of shorts that was so short and hugged her hips so low that she was nearly embarrassed to wear them, and an ankle length black skirt that covered her side and back, but was open to the front. To complete the look she wore a bullet style belt around her waist and had on matching black leather flame wrist gauntlets on.

She defiantly looked hot, but would it fool Raina.

As she took a seat in the war room, an amphitheater style room with a large digital map of the world behind the stage, she looked around at the others taking seat.
Scrap Metal, was there, Zarana, her old friend Skullbuster was there with a knife carving in obscene words in the chair in front of him. Two incredibly odd gentlemen named Razorclaw and Neurotoxin were there, as well as Commlink, Hotwire, and several others Chameleon didn’t recognized, a few of them remained in the shadows.

As the crowd settled in Raina entered the war room.

She addressed them, “Specialists. Some of you I know, others of you are new to me, but I promise you this I am not my father, or my mother for that matter. This,” she absently swung her hands, “is not about my ego, or my petty love interests. I want to deliver the United States from itself. “

She paced.

“Worldwide the United States is hated for its international policies; domestically it has fumbled the ball in the wake of Katrina, and 9/11, and its post policies handling of the people affected by that. Securities are a joke. Gas prices are insane, and taxes are nearly as bad.”

She stopped at the center of the stage.

“And why should we care you ask. We should care because it shows the weakness of our enemy. The US government has become a bloated self interested dinosaur. Change or die. That’s what happened to the dinosaurs that roamed the earth, they were forced to change or die. They could not change, for dinosaurs lacked the brainpower to change, so they died. The US government has the ability to change, but it chooses to remain as is. Stagnant. Which is the worst crime since Hitler’s genocide. The US government has turned to its people, worse it’s turned on it’s people and said. If you do not make above this amount of money you are nothing.”

She paused.

“Change or die. That is or war cry, clearly the government is not capable of doing what it needs to do to secure its peoples and borders. Then we will do it for them. We will rise up, and show the people a new way, our way, we will call for a change, and we will be that change.”

“I want to deliver the United States from itself, and when we do, then I want to bleed it dry and move on to the next nation. Dare I say the world? And all of us will become stinking rich in the process, and have complete control. They will believe we are bringing them change, instead when we have everything we will bring them death!”

A round of thunder applause rose from the war room, as Chameleon clapped along she realized Raina was completely nuts.

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As the war room emptied out Vamp moved towards the door only to hear her name be called.

“Vamp a moment of your time.” Raina called.

Vamp stopped and made her way to the stage area.

Raina looked her up and down.
“Excellent taste in fashion, I hope you carry something big and destructive to battle.” She stated.

“It goes bang and hurts people, but it’s nothing compared to me.” Vamp replied.

“You’re cocky. I like that, but don’t get overconfident. I have a few questions for you.”

“Shoot.” She stated regretting using that word.

“Skullbuster informs me that he was to recruit an entire cell that evening, yet only you showed up. Why is that?” she questioned.

“The rest of the dweebs got pinched, by the Joes. Sleeping no less.” Vamp responded.

“And you got away because….” Raina probed.

Vamp smiled, “I like the night life baby.”

Raina didn’t laugh.

“And I kick major ass. Them boys were lightweights, had there been half a brain between all of them they might have been able to cobble together a decent tactical plan, but instead they got pinched sitting there. I knew better than that when we got the message to come to Vegas I split, they waited around. I never was one to be a stationary target, simple as that.”

Raina considered that.

“Nice work, really you sized up a situation and made a command decision.” Raina reached up and put her index finger in her mouth, getting the tip wet, she pulled it out and ran it down the bridge of Vamp’s nose, giving the end of the nose a tap.

“I may have use of you.” She walked past Vamp and slapped her on the backside.

As Raina exited the room she thought. Dear god my niece just hit on me. A shiver went up her spine. This was gonna be harder that she ever imagined.

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Part 6: Public opinion

General Colton looked at the report in horror.
He had know way to confirm where these reports came from, but after 9/11 he could hardly not react to them.

Before him was a detailed plan for a five hundred Battle Android Troopers to attack and destroy Mouseyland the premier amusement park in Florida. The upside of this was the report had come in before the B.A.T.S. were in for the attack. According to the report they were being shipped via rail freight, and were still nearly a day away. Colton had already taken the initiative of activating the Heavy Assault Squad, to intercept the B.A.T.S., and Tiger Force we’re on their way to Mouseyland incase the H.A.S. failed in their mission. The only catch was that Tiger Force would make it at about the exact same time as the B.A.T.S. were projected to reach the park.

Colton had attempted to have regular armed forces activated in Florida, but he was met with mindless politicians that simply felt Colton’s reports were unreliable, and unsubstantiated. After all Mouseyland was a huge money maker for the state, and shutting it down would cause a major backlash in the states economy. So he was left with his only options. The H.A.S. and Tiger Force.

Unit: Heavy Assault Squad
Location: 2 minutes out from interception of Eastern Rail Freight train 7241-E.
Method of Transport: One Mobile Battle Bunker

Killzone, “Everybody ready?”

Sapper, “Do you have a plan here or is it just blow stuff up?”

“No I have a plan. We’re gonna fire a brace of missiles into the locomotive and derail the train, hopefully that will soften up the B.A.T.S.” Killzone calmly stated.

“You’re insane. What about the engineers? “Sapper asked.

“Their dead, I just got a communication from Colton, he had Covergirl, and Clutch check the trains point of origin. This is one train hijacked by Cobra. So as long as we hit it in a not populated area, everything except us is a target.”

Blastcap driving the Bunker simply smiled and said, “Sweeeet.”

Sapper laughed a bit, “We’re about to go up against 500 B.A.T.S., and an unknown amount of Cobra troopers, and somehow you don’t think we’ll be the targets?”

Killzone cut him off. “Look.” he pointed

Speeding toward a lonely intersection that the Bunker was coming up on was the train. It had five cars and the locomotive, apparently Cobra had ditched the rest in an attempt to gain speed.

Meanwhile as Tiger Force arrives in Florida.
Echo quietly unloaded the crate of gear that Tiger Force would be using in the defense of Mouseyland. The plan Bootstrap had put down was for Tiger Force to defend in the massive land that the Mousey Corporation, to defend before they even get to the park. Bootstrap theorized that even though no one believed Cobra would attack, once the attack began regular army would hafta join in the battle. All Tiger Force needed to do was hold the line.
Only problem was Raina DeCobray didn’t want that to happen. She wanted the B.A.T.S. to reach Mouseyland. To that end Echo or at least Zarthorn had seen to it that all of Tiger Forces ammunition had been ‘misdirected’. Without bullets Tiger Force would likely stop some of the B.A.T.S. but not the majority of them.

At the gates of Mouseyland, Helen Smith, and her two boys Franklin (eight) and Nick (nine) were just clearing the gates to the fabled park.
Franklin giggled, “Mom take plenty of pictures, for Mark.”
Franklin of course was referring to the man that had changed young Helen’s life. She had been a prostitute, and was the mother of two young boys by age of twenty two. If not for Mark Jefferson she’d likely be dead, and she certainly wouldn’t be enjoying her day with the kids in Mouseyland. Too bad he was away on a mission as Echo of the elite Joe sub-unit Tiger Force.
“I will sweetie I will. What’s first boys?” she asked.
Nick shrieked, ”Scoundrels Of the Caribbean!”
“Yeah Scoundrels!” Franklin confirmed.
“Ok. Yo Ho a scoundrels life for us then it be….Arghhh!” Helen kidded.

As Helen walked by, a group of men stood by. They were well dressed in casual cloths all of them had a small backpack slung on their shoulders. One man addressed the remaining nine men.
“You understand the plan. We will wait until the time that was given to us, and then we will strike.”

Back at the Battle Bunker.

The missiles launched at the train, but as they launched Killzone could see the train was moving faster than anticipated. The brace caught the final car of the train setting it ablaze. B.A.T. parts rained through the air.

“Oh great looks like a mixed bag of B.A.T.S. v1-4.” Blastcap identified.

On the train in the engine Hotwire could see and feel the missile hit. He grabbed at his wrist comm. display unit. B.A.T.S 400 – 500 were in that car, some of their displays still read active, most were offline. He tapped the comm. line to the androids.
“399 uncouple the last rail car.”
B.A.T. 399 activated and reached for the coupling setting the flaming car loose.
As the car started to slow, Hotwire had an idea.
“Any B.A.T.S. still active in the 400 to 500 series activate and attack that Mobile Battle Bunker. Eliminate all Joes inside.”

From out of the flames android forms began to jump from the rail car.

“You have got to be kidding me.” Sapper gasped at seeing the nearly twenty flaming B.A.T.S. coming directly towards them.

Killzone opened the commline.
“Killzone to Bootstrap. Operation Derail has failed. Expect some nasty customers, about 400 of them. Give our regards to the Mouse; we got about twenty or so problems coming our way.”

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Unit Tiger Force was setting up to the east of the Mousey Kingdom, directly in the path of the oncoming B.A.T.S. train when the call from the Heavy Assault Squad came in.

“Ascend start passing out the ammo.”

Ascend opened the first crate that should contain the ammo. It was filled with brass door knobs.

“Ahhhh Bootstrap, we got a problem here.” Ascend called him over to have a look.

“Son of a b*tch!” Bootstrap exclaimed.

He jumped down and gestured for Techpack to come over.
“Tech get me a line to Colton.”

“Yes sir.”

In the park.
Helen and the kids were having so much fun, after Scoundrels the hit, Exploration Mountain, The Hall of Leaders, 10,000 Leagues Under the Water, and were settling in for the mid day parade down Broad Street USA, this was gonna be a day full of great memories.

The ten men with backpacks had also gathered for the parade as well. The time was soon.

Back at the Battle Bunker.
The Bunker slammed into the flaming B.A.T.S. wrecking at least five of them. The bad part of this was between the burning B.A.T.S. under the bunker and the ones still attacking the Bunker was grinding to a halt.

Blastcap swung the Bunker around to face the remaining B.A.T.S.

“Okay men, grab your gear and blast everything that says ‘KILL, KILL’ in an electronic voice.” Killzone instructed.

The Bunker opened and immediately Sapper tossed out a grenade from each hand the blasts took out four more of the burning B.A.T.S.
Blastcap opened fire with a bloop gun; the first round went clear through the mass of the first B.A.T. and exploded the B.A.T. behind him taking out another B.A.T.

The B.A.T. with the hole in its chest advanced when Killzone fired a tazer gun at the exposed wiring in the B.A.T.’s chest, the charge was enough to fry the androids onboard computer, dropping it to its knees.

“We can do this boys, keep your heads, pick your targets, and keep knocking them down!” Blastcap yelled.

Nineteen more B.A.T.S. continued to advance.

Mean while at the Tiger Force blockade.
The train was coming into range, and Hotwire was giving B.A.T. 1 instructions.
“Repeat your instructions.”
“I will continue to drive this vehicle until I no longer function.”
“Great.” He slapped the android on the shoulder then immediately regretted it. “Ouch.” He shook his hand.

He made his way to the first car behind the engine. Cramming B.A.T.S. into too little a space to accommodate the B.A.T. APC was a well played gamble he would be able to continue towards his mission with a handful of B.A.T.S. while the fodder kept the Joes busy, coupled with Raina’s inside man doing some damage. He should be able to pull this off.
He could hear the Joes gunfire starting to spatter on the train’s exterior as he climbed into the driver’s seat. He closed the canopy, and activated the transport.
“B.A.T.S. 14 and up engage Tiger Force but do NOT use lethal force, detain, and keep the Joes off my back.”

All at once the B.A.T.S. exploded out of the train cars, and began to advance on Tiger Force. As Tiger Force cut down B.A.T.S. after B.A.T.S. it was clear that in a matter of minutes sheer numbers would overwhelm Tiger Force.

All the while Hotwire and his B.A.T.S. advanced onward towards the Mousey Kingdom.

Inside Mouseyland.

The backpack group’s leader was ready.
“Now,” he simply stated.
At once the men reached into their backpacks and pulled out their ceramic assault weapons, and began grabbing Mouseyland patrons as hostages. Among them were Helen and her sons.


The leader was cut off when his head twisted at an angle where life was no longer an ongoing concern.

From nowhere robotic forms of B.A.T.S. disabled, disarmed and neutralized the soldiers of the People’s Republic of Borvia with blinding speed. Not a single patron of Mouseyland was harmed. They were scared, but unharmed, as the B.A.T.S. remained on station detaining the soldiers, as Hotwire addressed the crowd.

“Everyone okay? Please remain calm we will detain these men until the so called authorities arrive. My name is Hotwire these are B.A.T.S., Battle Android Troopers we represent a group that has your interests at heart. Uprising. Formerly of Cobra. We believe your government has let you down. 9/11, Katrina, now this. If the government will not be there to protect you we will. America Uprise!”

A Cobra Helicopter lowered a rope. Hotwire connected the clamp to his harness and gave a thumbs up to the copter crew. As he rose from the ground he waived at the crowd of people.

Suddenly the B.A.T.S. at the Mobile Battle Bunker and at the Tiger Force blockade just stopped dead.

Bootstrap looked about, “What the hell?”
Techpack made his way through the sea of limp B.A.T.S.,”Sir General Colton on the line.”

Colton closed the line with both Tiger Force and the Heavy Assault Squad.
What a disaster.
He could see the headlines now ‘Cobra stops a terrorist attack on the happiest place on Earth.’

The next day in Springfield.

Raina sat watching the news. Every news station was abuzz debating the previous days events, some were on the upside, others the downside, but it was the call in’s that interested Raina. People average people were grateful for what Cobra: Uprising had done.
Screw politics, and power men, public opinion was beginning to swing her way.

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Part: 7

The incident at Mouseyland was a public relations nightmare when it happened, but it became even worse when the Mousey Corporation held its public press conference. Inviting Uprising to provide security for not just Mouseyland, but Mouseyworld, Epcat Center, MBM Studios Park, Creature Kingdom, and its foreign parks.

Uprising had yet to respond, but you can bet when a major corporation publicly invites a terrorist organization to provide security for them, people in power were not gonna be happy.

Oval Office: Washington DC.

“Well General Colton?” the president questioned.

“Sir, we acted on intelligence we thought was from our deep cover operative, as it turns out, we can not confirm who sent the information. It is a distinct possibility that she may have sent it, however the operative may not have been privy to the full plan. Sir.”

“Drop the sir, Joe just, answer the questions.”

“Sir with all due respect, call me General Colton, sir.”

“My father told me you were a pain in the ass when he sat here, but he never told me you were arrogant. We’re you this way when Jack started the Joe program?”

“Sir again with all due respect, you’re not half the man he was.” He paused, “Sir.”

The President shook his head.

“So what do you plan to do about this General?”

“Sir, I’m working on it. Sir.”

“Is that your official report?”

“Sir, the less you know, about this the better.”

24 hours later the Rock.
Desert Flower team leader of Desert Patrol sat in Colton’s office.

“I don’t like it General. You’re asking me to send Scorpion in as an engine of destruction, so we can gather information.”

“He is an engine of destruction.” Colton answered.

“Yes sir, but that doesn’t mean we need to treat him like an animal, it’s likely he won’t make it out alive, sir.”

“Look, this isn’t gonna be an easy decision, sending others to their death never is, and I hope to hell it never becomes easy, cause if it does I’m likely to eat a bullet, but it’s what officers do. They taught me something in command school that I’ll never forget. Rule number 1 in war is people die. Rule number 2 is, there’s nothing you can do about rule number 1.” Colton stared at her.

She nodded.

“Okay so let’s get rolling.”

One week later at Designer Gene’s laboratories.

Phillip Mathison had begun to regret the deal with Cobra Uprising, they had kept him on as a liaison to the company, but they were doing some pretty weird stuff here these days.

He had no problem providing security for an underhanded employer making mutant fish or whatever, but it was pretty clear these people weren’t making fish. They were making soldiers, but even that didn’t bother him. What did bother him was the monster they had put in charge.

Venomous Maximus.

Clearly an experimentation of some sort the massive, he hated using the term man, for clearly he no longer was a man, was brutal, uncaring, and unstable. He often rambled on about cleansing the planet of lesser humans as he called them.

Mathison took personal offense to that. He may have been a complete jerk, but this guy was something a kin to Hitler. Mathison entered the lab that held the Venomization chambers. Venomous Maximus was reviewing his newest troops, a batch of Coil Crushers as a Medi Viper gave him and update.

“Sir this new batch has a crushing capacity of 300 psi. We estimate a 20% increase with the next batch.”

He glared at the Medi Viper, “Want a cookie too softskin? Get back to work Lesser.”

The Medi Viper bowed slightly and left.

Mathison stood next to Venomous Maximus.

“You know Mathison; I appreciate you so much more when I hafta deal with other Lessers. But don’t let that go to your head; after all you are still a Lesser.”

Mathison cocked his head not quite sure if that was a compliment or not, “I will remember that sir. Neurotoxin has reported in. The Plateau facility is up and running well, he said he should be back in minutes.”

“Excellent. In time that cur DeCobray will have seeded all her posts with Venomized Troopers, and I will simply recall them to the Plateau there by cementing a position to strike.” He paused, “In time.”

“Sir he is bringing in a tag along.”

“What?” Maximus erupted.

“He reports a G.I. Joe Sandrazor in hot pursuit. Driven by Scorpion.”

“Neurotoxins little playmate, coming here? Excellent, we’ll simply have to complete the process that was started on him in the desert.” He smiled an evil grin.

In a nearby tunnel.

“You sure this will work?” Dust Devil questioned.
“Pretty sure. Once Uprising reneged on their package deal to continue paying Wilton Grable, he was more than happy to provide us with this little unknown backdoor. It seems Mr. Grable had a taste for prostitutes that he paid for with company funds, and smuggled them into his company for his little dates. We should be able to access that room from here, and in that room is a computer that had, access to all of DG’s mainframe, from there we should be able to plant a backdoor in Uprising’s mainframe to Colton’s deep cover operative, one he says only she’ll know. Theoretically we walk away with an open line of communications to the operative, and no one knows we were even here.”

“Except, Scorpion doesn’t come back safely.” Hotshot added.

“Don’t start with me on that, it’s a direct order, and Scorpion agreed, to this mission. Besides I wouldn’t write him off just yet. He’s one tough bastard, and if anybody could pull this off, it’s him.”

Just inside the loading area of Designer Gene’s.

Neurotoxin pulled in on an ATV to a screeching halt.

“Close the door, he’s coming!”

The bay door came closing down, but Scorpions Sandrazor managed to ram it’s way under. Neurotoxin continued down the wide halls of the building, on the ATV, and although the Razor was too big a fit with its higher gun level, Scorpion continued pursuit. Shearing the upper gun emplacement clean off the vehicle. Various Vipers and Venomized troopers attacked Scorpions Sandrazor, but they were simply no match for the speed of the vehicle.

The chase came into a large warehouse. Where hundreds of troops including Neurotoxin were waiting in ambush. Neurotoxin fired a blast from his ATV’s attack cannons, the shot lifted the Sandrazor off the floor sending it spinning into a massive pile of crates.

“Find his body!” Neurotoxin commanded.

Scorpion used the cover of the crash to start to make his way through the winding labyrinth of crate towers.

“Have you killed him yet?” Neurotoxin was startled to hear Venomous Maximus’s voice behind him, but adrenaline kept him focused.

“Not yet, but we will.” He spat out. Troops began making their way thought the crates.

Elsewhere in a secret room.

“Dune Runner how’s it going?” Desert Flower stood impatiently as Dunerunner was installing the program.

“It’s coming.” He responded.

“Chaingun keep an ear on that door, Blister keep that tunnel clear. Everybody stay frosty.” She commanded.

Back in the warehouse.

Scorpion made his way playing cat and mouse with Uprising troops. A Swamp Rat was close behind him when he ducked behind a large crate. One thing was for sure he couldn’t keep this up forever. He was ready to move again when he saw something stenciled on the crate that caught his eye.

Caution. Contains one Pulverizer battle suit.

He smiled, and jumped up on a nearby crate, and began to pry the top corner open with inhuman strength.

Still elsewhere in the warehouse.

“This is taking too long.” Venomous Maximus commented.

“He won’t get away, we’ve sealed the room, he can’t evade forever.” Neurotoxin stated.

From the far corner of the room there was a loud sound of wood breaking.
“What was that?” Neurotoxin yelled.

Crates started to toss in the air, and Cobra Troopers started flying with them.

“He found the Pulverizer didn’t he?” Venomous Maximus questioned, clearly unhappy with what was happening.

Neurotoxin gulped, as a crate shattered in front of them, and Scorpion in a Pulverizer Battle Suit stood there blasting Desert Scorpions, and tossing Sand Vipers aside by the hand full.

“Well, do you intend on doing nothing, or are you simply gonna stand there and soil yourself Neurotoxin.” He calmly said.

Neurotoxin keyed his comm. unit, “ALL TROOPS…….GET HIM!”

Venomous Maximus arched an eyebrow, “Get him? That’s your whole plan?”

Neurotoxin leaped at the battle suit. A blast from the suit knocked him past Venomous Maximus.

Scorpion looked at his Joe Comm. it was flashing green. The signal from Desert Flower that the mission was accomplished, normally that would mean time to make your way out of this mess, but Scorpion was having way too much fun.

Venomous Maximus looked at Neurotoxin, “Pathetic. Clearly I will have to deal with this.” He undid the latch on his cape, and lunged at the Pulverizer suit. He grabbed the weapons arm with both hands and began ripping it from the suits main frame.

“I’m coming for you Joe.” He growled.

Scorpion couldn’t believe what he was seeing. The Venomization process had made him stronger and more durable than most normal men, but this was beyond even what Scorpion could do. It was time to go.

Scorpion pulled the pin on a flash grenade, and dropped it where Maximus stood. The blast blinded everyone in the room, except for Scorpion who was ready for it. He undid himself from the battle suit, and made his way for the door, when from behind him; Maximus clamped his hand on his shoulder and spun him around.

Scorpion watched as two red-ish membranes slide back from Maximus’s eyes, “You didn’t think it would be that easy did you?”

Scorpion lashed out with a boot, and Maximus tossed him into the wall. He slid to the ground unconscious.

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05-11-2007, 06:43 PM
Part 8:

Raina sat calmly after closing the commlink to Venomous Maximus.

He was doing well. His work progressed, and he had captured Scorpion, and yet she still didn’t trust him. He was not like her other specialists. This one was making a play for her power. It mattered little to her, he would be dealt with if he betrayed her, but having a little extra insurance could never hurt, which is what brought her to her next appointment.

He was escorted in to her office in Springfield by both Skullbuster, and Scrap Metal.

He called himself Shiv.

She had read his dossier. A Joe at first he was approached by Tomax and Xamot while he was in the Steel Brigade, and paid a considerable sum to rise through the program, and become a full fledge Joe, and then funnel information back to Cobra. As it worked out the Joes disbanded, and him and his team went underground. All the while he continued to report back to Cobra. Eventually he betrayed his team, and just sort of disappeared.

“Where did you go after you sold the Brigade out?” Raina asked.

“Lots of places, as you know Cobra sorta fell apart after the Joes disbanded…” In reality Cobra was driven into a semi inactive state by a multi branch US military strike, “…I drifted doing the occasional job here and there, and I spent a lot of time ducking Anchor.”

“Your team mate.” Raina supplied.

“Ex team mate, yeah, and when Cobra reformed I was hoping to get called up, but…”

“It never happened.” She concluded, more of her fathers waste.

“Yeah so when I heard about your group…” he left it at that.

“Hiding from Anchor are you?” She smiled slyly at him.

“Not really, there’s simply strength in numbers.” He replied.

She pondered this for a few minutes and then responded, “Kill him.”

Skullbuster grabbed Shiv’s head with one hand and forced him to his knees, Shiv yelled, “WAIT!”

Raina raised a hand staying her order, she pulled a pair of bolt cutters from her desk came around. Scrap Metal forced Shiv’s left hand out, and held Shiv’s pinky finger out from the others, “You have something to say? This time try it without lying, or else you lose a finger!”

She opened the bolt cutters threatening the extended finger.

Raina was livid, her face was nearly as red as her attire, “I hate liars Mr. Shiv, and unlike my father I will not tolerate you running your own agenda, so I will ask you this again…ARE YOU HIDING FROM ANCHOR!”


All the anger in Raina faded, and her normal calm exterior returned, “See…” she removed the bolt cutters from his finger, “…the truth shall set you free.” She nodded to Scrap Metal, and Skullbuster, and they released him.

She returned to her side of the desk.

“Now then, you require protection, which our organization will gladly provide, you in turn; you will act as my personal body guard. A job that Skullbuster will be monitoring closely.”

Skullbuster slapped a large hand on Shiv’s shoulder, “You keep that little lady alive and well, tiny man, or the nightmare you have about Anchor, will be like walks in the park, compared to what I’ll do to you.”

Scrap Metal added his two cents, “And don’t even think that Skull is the only one that will take you out, any one of us will do it, all eyes will be on you, and you won’t even hear me coming when I do you in.” he slapped the side of Shiv’s head.

“Well enough with the welcomes,” Raina stated, “Sign him up. Shiv report to me tomorrow.”

“Yes ma’am.” He replied.

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Cool, me likes :D :thumbsup