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Cobra Commander ready room where a meeting is taking pace to discuss what to do with Storm Shadow and Firefly as children.

Croc Master: These little brats are causing are menace to what I do.
My croc is so scared with all the pranks they play.
He will not even swim in the mot and eat the discontents.

Big Boa: Yea I keep finding all of my punching backs with slits in them.
{snuffs with his nose a few times. With a little whimper}
All my beans end up on the floor, it is all a mess man.
Every time I put my gloves on there is something in them.
Last time there was pudding with whip cream.
Time before that there was hair spray and shaving cream.
Ice cream and chocolate sauce a few weeks ago.
There was even small sprinkles and gummy bears.

Alley Viper: Pretty sure Firefly has been using my shield as a surface and snowboard. My face shield has a distinct smell of puck and other things that are foul smelling.

Cobra Commander: Bah.., they are just little brats.

Snow Serpent:
They have been using your cape for new clothing and parachutes.

These brats have been using all of my gear.
Firefly has used my snowboard for forts.
Storm Shadow used my snow shoes for tennis rackets.

CC: These brats must be stopped and taken care of.
Where are they now?
How can we fix this?

Well I am off to star bucks and take over the muffin counter.

Man I love those blue berry, pecan, orange flavor muffins.

Mean while walking over to the female ninja baths Firefly and Storm Shadow plan out there mission to spy on them.

Firefly: Well here we are at the female ninja bathes. I wonder if anyone is inside. This is where all the hot female ninja bath and clean up for the day.

Storm Shadow: Yea, umm lets roll with that. (saying this as he moves closer to cover up the Serpantor bath sign).

Why don’t you go in first to see if they are in there?
I will stand guard and keep watch for anyone.

Firefly: Okay I will take a quick look and let you know if it is all clear to go in.

Firefly crawls around and sees someone setting in the water.
He climbs down and notice that it is Serpentor and Mindbender.
With a small amount of puke coming up into his mouth and a little bit of a nose bleed he scurries his way out and toss his lunch before he can get his mask off.

Storm Shadow puts his hands behind his head and walks off with a small tune under his breath.

After changing his mask Firefly joins back up with Storm Shadow and move on to the correct bathes.

Firefly: Are we sure that these are the correct bathes this time?

Storm Shadow: I am sure this is the correct one this time. The sign shows it is the ninja female bathes.

Firefly: I hope so, I do not want to be repeat of what happen last time.

Storm Shadow: Go on in side i will stand guard again.

Firefly: Uh, no you will go in side and I will stand guard.

Storm Shadow: Okay I will do this if you wish.

He starts to climb into the window, almost through when Baroness comes up from behind and carries him off.

Road pig picks up Firefly and carriers him off as well.

Baroness: So you want a bath Storm Shadow. I can do that for you.
You will get nice and clean all over with my hands.

This full fills Strom Shadow life long childhood dream.

Road pig: Firefly you will get the same treatment from the Dreaknoks.
Zarana and Zanya are gone, But the rest of can do it.

Storm Shadow smiles and gives a two figure salute to his mouth and one figure to head. He has a wide smile and hug Baroness close.

Firefly drop a smoke bomb and left Road pigs arms and returns to a hill next to the castle.

Baroness takes Storm Shadow into the castle. She takes him up the stairs to the bathroom.

Gnawgahyde: I will take him off your hands Baroness.
You are needed in the intelligence room for a press confress.
I can take this one to the bathes and get him all clean up.
Will toss him into instead of Firefly.

Storm Shadow vanish in a puff of smoke and ends up at the same tree as Firefly.

Storm Shadow and Firefly meet under a large pine tree on top of the hill.

Firefly: I see you did not get your bath from Baroness.
Did she have to go to an intelligence meeting?
Storm Shadow walks away from Firefly leaving a pile of cherry bombs under a teddy bear that is lying under the tree.

Firefly: Huff. That is not my teddy bear it is Copperheads. It was just setting there when he walked off.

Storm Shadow: Haa.. Haa…. That was not copperhead teddy bear it was Zartans. It turned green when the sun light hit it.

They both leave with some bitterness in there mouth. This is what started the pure hatred between the two.

Zartan returns with copperhead and finds his teddy bear Mr. Snuggles has been blown to pieces.

Zartan: I swear Mr. Snuggles I will take total revenge for the one who did this to you.
This I swear will happen.

Zartan returns to the castle for a talk with Cobra Commander about the problem.

Cobra Commander saw what had happen from the main window.

Zartan: Cobra Commander we need to rein in the little brats and make them Adults again.

Cobra Commander: You are just up set that they blew up your
Mr. Snuggles.

Zartan: Well I guess this is the best time to tell you, they used your capes as underwear.

Cobra Commander: Those little brats, I will get them for this.

Mean while the rift between Storm Shadow and Firefly started to go even more.

Firefly has been taking Storm Shadows toys and stuff animals blowing them up with cherry bombs. He did all of this in front of Storm Shadow to see.

In return Storm Shadow has been lighting up all of Fireflies hiding places and secret areas. He all so changed the bombs timers to explode right in front of Firefly. Also turn his riffle into a cap gun.
The final act he framed Firefly for the act of blowing up Mr. Snuggles.

Zartan ends up finding Firefly and grounding him for two weeks with out any Jackie Chan movies to watch.
He also made him back into an adult.

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Zartan: I swear Mr. Snuggles I will take total revenge for the one who did this to you.
This I will happen.

:lol I can see Blue saying something like that!

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