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Part one

Life Line: The medical Corp has found a large number of our troops are displaying symptoms of chemical exposure. After the past Cobra La War along with the new prototype chemicals they are displaying some odd symptoms.

Flint: Life Line what are the symptoms we should be looking for?

Life Line: Pale skin, itchy throat, pinky around the eye, and shortness of breath. If they have this they should be treated right away.

Flint: I will send out a memo letting everyone to know what to look for.
They will be sent to the closet hospital that is around.

Should we head back to the place where all this happen?
It would seem to be the best place to do the investigation.

Life Line: No I have a strong Idea on how all of this happen.
I Just have to do some test on my end to confirm this.

Beachhead: That is good we do not have the people to do this. They all spread out doing recon and rescue missions.

Down in the Jail sells Spearhead and Duke are trying to interrogate Marquis de Fluorides. They found him in the weapons storage room setting there with a Stiletto in his hand.

Duke: Spearhead have you gotten any where with this guy yet? You have had a lot of time to gather information.

Spearhead: All I got out of him is the history of France.

Duke: I will take over talking to this prisoner. You can take our other prisoner Craven to get him ready for Camp Humphreys.

Spearhead toss the shackles through the open bars.

Spearhead: Put them on your self in the corner.

Craven: Where are we going?

Spearhead: I am taking you to be transfer to anther camp.

Kunai walks through the cell area and spotted Marquis in the cell.

Spearhead: Take him to be transported to Camp Humphreys.
I will go back to the cells to continue the investigation.

They leave the cell area and make there way out of the compound.

Kunai: I was trying to get Marquis out of there. How did you end up becoming a prisoner this time?

Craven: Well it is a bit complicated on how it all went down.

Kunai: Thanks to your shenanigans this makes our plains a bit harder to get Marquis out.

Craven: I have a plan to get him out. All I need is a big transport and some large chains.

Kunai: I hope you are not going to do what I think you want to do?

Craven: Guess you do not have any faith in me this time around.

Kunai: You screw this one up again I will not be able to get you out.

Craven: It was not my fault that I was caught last time.

Kunai : Keep telling your self that. Your perception of what the truth is pretty warped.

After your last screw up two specialist are coming to help you out.

Craven: Why the heck do I have to work with them two. They get on my nerves so much. They talk with such a tick accent I can not under stand a single word they are saying.

Kunai: Your are one to talk. I can hardly understand you.

Besides if we work with each other again I will end up killing you in a matter of seconds. So it is for your health and safety.

It is not entirely your fault that you are a prick, and that no one can stand five seconds to be around.

Craven left speechless for the first time in while. Started to say something in response when the other two members showed up.

Back in the integration Duke tried to gather information from the only prisoner that they have.

Duke: So we can make sure that our information is correct. Will you please confirm what we have on records.

Marquis: Uh, you want me to do want now?

Duke: Confirm what we my suspect about you.

Craven: Your are freaking moron. Why would I confirm something if you have the information on me all ready?

Duke: So you will not tell me anything about who you are? That is fine we will play it your way. I will have Mainframe and Law do a back ground check to find out your personal information. We do know that you are French so that is one place to start.

Marquis: How do you know that I am French?

Duke: Well it seems you do know the history of the country pretty well.

Marquis: I know everything about Troy and Babylon. Guess that makes me a Trojan and Babylonian also following your logic.

Duke: Your think you are a smart guy?

Marquis: Yes I do think so. All you have gotten out of me is that I am a history fan. Not to much you can do with that information.

O in a few minutes I will be escaping from this cell soon.

Duke: How do you plan on doing this?

Marquis: In several minutes this wall should be coming down.

Duke: It seems to me that we have you sealed away pretty well.
So you should just tell me everything about you.

Marquis: Hey how about this, tell me what all you know about me.
Then I will tell you if any of it is true.

This way you get I will know if it is all correct and you will have verification of it.

Duke: Yea that is not possible for use to do. It does not work that way.

While all of this is going on out side of the cell Craven hooked up some chains to the Thunderclap.

Kunai: I think that machine is a bit excessive to pull down a brick wall.

The other two will show up shortly. They can get him out safer than what you are doing.

Craven: O bug off, I do not need your orders. You are not in charge of me.

Kunai: Uh, no I am not, but the guy who you have that missile launcher point to is.

Craven started up the Thunderclap and accidentally hit the fire button for the missiles system. Two went off in the direction of the cell. Being 200 yards away Kunai could not do anything to stop them. Around 20 yards from the wall the two missiles went straight up into the sky blow up.

A familiar voice comes over Kunai ear piece.

Coeur de Lionne: I have reason to think that Craven is not who he says he is. He maybe a spy trying to break our ranks. This can not be proven at this time.

Kunai: We will just have to keep an eye on him for now.

Can you gain control of the Thunderclap from your machine?

Coeur: Yes I have been doing that while talking to you.

Kunai: That is reinsuring my lady.

What had took you so long to do this?

Coeur de Lionne: It takes time to hack into a system that I have not done before.

Okay gents move away and watch the rubble fly.

With in a few seconds the entire wall came down freeing the Marquis inside.

Tsunami: Marquis are you okay?

Marquis: Yes I am fine. I was expecting this type of rescue from all of you.

Duke and Spearhead on the other hand are trapped some where in the rubble.

Kunai: So are we going to get those loser out of there?

Marquis: No, I believe they are both dead now.
A portion of the ceiling fell on top of them.

Kunai: What brought this wall down? It was not the Thunderclap.

Tsunami: It was an explosion from with in that did it.

I was walking by and saw Marquis in the cell and pull him before the explosion. Just happen to be fate for me to be there.

How do we plan on getting off Midway Island? We can not exactly drive that thing to the Artic to find who we are looking for.

Kunai: We can take the cargo plane that was set to take Craven to anther prison cam.

They all board the plane with Marquis and Tsunami flying the it.
Coeur de Lionne told Marquis that she suspected that Craven is not who he appears to be. Catalina has not reported in yet.

The Cargo Plane takes of to the Artic to find there last member.

02-16-2009, 07:25 AM
Flash over to Ramstein medical base.
Medic: We have to take Snake Eyes back into surgery. His blood is still not flowing through his body correctly.

Med Alert: Wait, let me check his vital signs again.
As I thought he still has not sign of good flow from the major and minor arteries. There is still a lot of poison flowing through his blood system.
His pulse has faded down to nothing with a near zero heart beat.
He will be dead soon.

Doc: Let me take a look at him. I agree his injuries are to far series for him to be help by regular medical means.

Med Alert: What do you mean?

Doc: The one who made this type of poison is the only person that can save him.
They are such a pin point spot he would be the only one to remove the needles.

Storm Shadow: Kunai swore that this would be there final fight and only one would come out alive.

Storm Shadow tells the story of the death of Snake Eyes.

The fight was on the western side of Iwo Jima island.

It takes place between Snake Eyes and Kunai I was standing of to the side watching.
Snakes Eyes was confronting Kunai about the deaths of Banzai and Tiger Claw.
He thought that Kunai was the one who killed them on his last mission.
Not knowing at that time Kunai was a special agent for use.
Snake Eyes had no Idea that Kunai was looking for a spy in the Cobra ninja ranks.
Quick Kick sent him to find out if Tiger Claw or Banzai where the double agents.
Snake Eyes sent Tiger Claw to investigate Kunai and Banzai to see if they where spies.

Kunai: Well I will admit to having a hand in the death of Banzai.

If we told each other what was going on Tiger Claw and Banzai would not have been found butchered.

The command should have shared more information about what was going on.

Storm Shadow: He is some what correct about what happen. I have been saying this for a number of years. It has almost gotten me killed a few times.

Kunai: That is the main reason why I am leaving . No on talks to each other about what is going on. To many have died for no reason.

Snakes Eyes indicated that he was going to bring Kunai up before the board.

Kunai: You can not do that since I am no longer a part of the Joe force.
So you will just have to stuff it and put the charges in broken pie hole.

Snake Eyes draws his Iaito (sword) indicating that he will take Kunai by force.

Storm Shadow: This is not such a wise idea Snake Eyes. He is a martial artiest that you have never scene fight before. It is not that good of an idea to fight a person who you know nothing about.

While they are talking to each other. Kunai tosses one set of sleeping needles from his right hand at Storm Shadow. Anther set of needles cover in arsenic and strychnine at Snake Eyes from his left hand. These needles hit all of the major and minor pressure points of the Snake Eyes body.

Neither of them was able to dodge the needles that where tossed.
Storm Shadow falls a sleep some what fast from what had hit him.

Snake Eyes thought he snuck around Kunai and grab him from behind.
Kunai used this move to push the poison needles inside of Snake Eyes.

This went on for around a ten minutes giver or take. Snake Eyes removed his helmet. With the combination of poison and lack of proper blood flow he fell over. Blood started coming out of his ears, nose and mouth.

By this time Storm Shadow a woke to see Snake Eyes laying on the ground.
All of his main and minor vitals are close to shooting down

While Storm Shadow was talking Snake Eyes drew his last breathes.
With no revenge sworn for his death he has died with no honor.
His soul will stay walking around with out any clarity of what will happen to it.
Storm Shadow return to Midway to dispose of the remains of Snake Eyes.

He tossed them in a river bed some place.

Once he got into that room all of it had been removed by Quick Kick.
Flint and Hit & Run came walking by carrying Duke and Spearhead stuff from there offices and rooms. They meet Storm Shadow in the middle of the haul way.

Storm Shadow: Where is Kunai at? I have to talk to him about some things.

Flint: I am not sure what had happen to him. It is rumor that he has hooked up with some third party a long side Tsunami. I sent Barrel Roll in disguise as Craven to see what they are up to.

Storm Shadow: They will see through Barrel Roll some what fast. He could end being killed.

Flint: He was the only one around that would take the mission. His time was almost up here. So it will not be a total loss.

Storm Shadow: A lot of people did not like him any way. So I guess it is not that big of a loss if they kill him.

How is Life Line Coming along with the mutation problem?

Flint: I am not to sure what he has found. Clean Sweep and Airtight have been retro fitting the air ducks to help things out. Life Line is in a meeting with Hawk to discuss what is going on.

Flash into the meeting room where Hawk is having a talk about what is going on.

Hawk: Duke and Spearhead where killed instantly in the explosion.
Life Line have you done an autopsy of them yet?

Life Line: I have done a quick test on what was the cause of death.
The combination of air born chemicals and massive amount of pressure in the pipes may have killed them in a matter of seconds. It does not help that a two ton ceiling fell on top of them.

Hawk: have you found out what caused the mutations?

Life Line: I have been trying to figure out what Link has been doing in his labs. My access codes will not let me in the computers to read the files.

Hawk: That is odd I have not heard anything about that type of research.
What exactly is he doing to all of them?

Life Line: I was able to get some second had information from Stretcher and Side Swipe.
It appears that Link has been using Cobra La DNA and the chemical to experiment on health people.
He injected them to see what the side effects would be. Then took there bodies and ran them through a centrifuge.
After that Link took bone mineral from people who are infected then place the mineral into the healthy.

Hawk: I will look into who authorized this to happen.
He will be recalled back from the Artic base to answer for this crimes.
A communication comes over to Hawk on his ear piece.

Dial-Tone: We have a report the transport that is was to take Craven to his new cell is on it way to the Artic. It also has the escape prisoner on board.

Hawk: Freaking great what else can go wrong.
Contact The Artic command group to let them know that there on the way.
Have them send Link back to this base put Side Swipe in in charge.

02-16-2009, 09:48 AM
Cobra Terror Dome Head Quarters

Cobra Commander paces all around the room looking over the latest reports on what is going on with his troops. Page after page of people listed P.O.W. M.I.A. and K.I.A. Cobra entire command structure has been complete shattered into pieces. He is trying to figure out a new chain of command.

Cobra Commander removed his helmet and placed his hands on both sides trying to figure out how to regroup.

Zandar comes into the room to discuss what is going on with the Dreadnoks.

Cobra Commander: Well Zandar I guess you will be the first to know that we have to disband Cobra for a while. We have lost so much in a short amount of time. I think it is time to regroup for a year or two.
Hope you can give me some type of good news on your end.

Zandar: Well guess I will give you the bad news. Zartan is in a jail cell in Kiev. There are only two windows in his cell. It constantly has light shining through it. Road Pig, Torch, Burnout and Ripper are in prisons all through Eastern and Western Europe. All that is a left that we know of is my self, Thrasher, Monkywrench and Gnawgahyde. Zanzibar is off some where playing gulf.

Torch was killed in a brawl room fight a few weeks ago by Craven.
He was caught by the Joes so will let them deal with him for now.

Cobra Commander: We kicked him out of the Alley Viper Corp hitting Major Bludd in the good eye with a lead pipe.
How did he get into the Dreadnoks?

Zandar: Zanzibar sponsored him to become a member.

Cobra Commander: What lead to Craven killing Torch?

Zandar: Torch decide to mess with Craven for a little while. So he made Craven get up to fight. He called “No Defense” before the fight broke out.

Cobra Commander: What exactly is No Defense mean with you guys?

Zandar: A few Noks use it to justify to beat on new recruits. You can only use hand to hand combat to defend your self. If you use a weapon while this is on you can expect a beating with chains and wrenches. You have to give an agree upon safe word to use break the No Defense that was called.

Cobra Commander: I can not believe that Zartan would let something like this happen.

Zandar: He does not condom this time of action most of the time. It is up to the sponsor to handle each new person. Zanzibar could not full sponsor through out the entire program. So Torch took over the sponsorship of Craven. Torch abused him from day one of him entering the Dreadnoks.

This brought on a lot tensions between the two of them from day one. It final came to an end on the 5th of November. Torch called a No Defense on Craven. For some reason Torch decide to use a broken table leg after getting a major beat down. Craven was piss off that the No Defense was not called off. So he grab a chain and beat the life out of Torch.

Zarana found him hanging from the raptors with blood soaked chains wrapped around his feet. She tried to confront Craven about what had happen. After a few punches where tossed he cracked her head on the bar rail. She died pretty much instantly after the blow.

Craven admitted that he was the one that killed Torch but not Zarana.
He claims to be in the jon when that happened. After claiming he just had taken a wicked wiss he saw a person dressed in a ninja suit running out of the door.

Cobra Commander: Wow it sucks royally what happen to all of them.
There is not much I can do to help the Dreadnoks get back on there feet.

Zandar: It is okay we will rebound soon. I have a line on some new people to join the Dreadnoks.

How did the Crimson Guard meet there end?

02-16-2009, 09:58 AM
Zandar: How did the Crimson Guard meet there end?

Cobra Commander: Both of the twins where found dead in there villa in Trento, Italy.

Zandar: Who was able to kill both of the twins and get a way with it?
I thought that would be some what hard to do.

Cobra Commander explains what was relied back to him.

Tomax entered the main entertainment hall to find who he thought was Xamot setting in an 200 year old chair.

Tomax: Hello brother I have some interesting news for you.
I have heard that pest Marquis de Fleur-de-lis is still looking for use.
Think I lost track of him.

Marquis: Good job on invading me.

Tomax: O crap it is you Marquis. Thought I lost you in Spain last night.

Marquis: I did not even know you where in Spain. I was just in the area and thought would drop by and see how my favorite set of twins are doing.

I am going to ask you one last time if you would rejoin the Scarlet Order in your rightful place.

Tomax: If I refuse for the offer again what would happen to me?
You have asked me two times all ready.

Marquis: Well you have heard third time is a charm, it will not be for you this time around. I have been charged to bring you back or kill you if you do not do so.

Tomax: I know you want my self and Xamot to dissolve the current Crimson Guard and bring back the old system that was in place?
This will never happen while we are still alive.

Marquis: Your so called Crimson Guard are a false guard that has been tarnished through out the centuries. Your version of the Crimson Guard brought down the Templar, Roman Empire and even Troy. They are a true smack in the face of the original guard that was founded. The Scarlet Order has been cleaning up your family mess for centuries.

Tomax: My family was one of the first founders of the Guard. I will not just turn it all over to the Scarlet Order. They have no jurisdiction over use anymore.

Marquis: You are such an idiot. The Scarlet Order has created all of the known organization. They all have to answer to them if they falter in some way. The Crimson Guard is no exception. I have been charged to bring you back or kill you. They do not care anymore what happens anymore.

Tomax: I guess you have to kill the both of use then. We will not come to answer the charges you have on us. So how do you want to do this fight? Pistols at down with 10 pace steps rules. Rapier fencing match in front of the fire place. O how about a thumb wrestling math? Best of seven should cover it.

Marquis took down a set of 129 year old Flamberge Rapier and toss one over to Tomax.

Marquis: Your family line will end here today with you and your brothers deaths. Tomax laughs out laud at what has been said.

Tomax: It is you who will die here in this villa not I. Me and my brother will live on for years to come.

Marquis: Well then lets get this match on so I can make sure at least one of you will die. I have him tied up to a counter weight machine in the basement. Any move he makes with a limb anther one moves to correct the balance. If he stays still they all move at once. Looking at the time Xamot may only have 10 minutes at the most to live.

Tomax: O then I will just leave now and go get him and we can do the fight after words.

Marquis: Yea if you do that then I will just shot you in the back right around center mass. That should kill you and your brother right around the same time.

Actual how would that work if one of you would die? Would you both go at the same time? Or would one of you live and the other fell the pain of that death for the rest of there life?

I guess there is only one way to figure that enigma out.

02-16-2009, 10:01 AM
Tomax: I did not think you and the Order where this ruthless.
Guess the Guard under estimated you this time around.

Marquis: That is correct Tomax I am total ruthless you have to stick to what you are good at. The best thing I am good at is stalling for time. From looking at my watch you now only have four minutes left to save Xamot. I notice your seem to be in some pain.

It seems your brother is trying to get free and not getting anywhere. Xamot seems not to be to that good of a brother to subject you to all that pain. He must only care about him self. Of curse you are still here talking to me for the past six minutes while he is such pain. So what does that say about you as brother?

Tomax lunged forward to try to catch Marquis off guard. Marquis moves back to the right. Then Tomax tries to go to the left and again Marquis moves of to the side and forward. All of Tomax attacks get bounce back to him with a fierceness.

Marquis in turn launched his attacks on Tomax landing every single one of them. Piercing the left lung, right kidney, heart and lower stomach. The piercing did not go through all the way. They went through just enough to cause some internal bleeding and a lot of fluid build up. He is trying to get Tomax to drown in his own body blood and fluids.

A huge amount of screams came through the air vets with Xamot being in a massive amount of pain. At the same time Tomax did the same thing with being in pain from Xamot wounds.

Tomax tried to continue on with the match trying to use all the dirty unhanded tricks he could use. He pulled out a dagger and tried to stab Marquis. They did not work of course on him.

In turn Marquis broke out his tricks and landed an elbow droop to the back of Tomax head. He pulled out his Stilettos and jammed them into Tomax wrist and knee caps. Then pulled them out quickly to increase the pain.
Blood squirted out all of the wounds that have been inflicted upon him.

In the basement Xamot was freed by who he thought was one of the elite Crimson Guard members. It turn out to be the ninja that killed Zarana freeing him. The ninja kicked Xamot in the chest causing a massive stroke to come over him. Thu pain was felt by Tomax and he had a heart attack.
They both end up having massive aneurisms at the same time and died.

Next part Spies among ninjas

02-16-2009, 10:09 AM
Flash back to Cobra HQ

Zandar: Dang things have gone all to crap since I have been away.
The Crimson Guard has collapsed, Major Bludd is now blind in both eyes and Destro is messing with the death of Baroness.

How did all that happen with her death? There is a major rumor going around that she was assassinated by Lady Jaye. If so it would be small victory for use that she is now in prison for it. It is a tough trade off to have on our end.

Cobra Commander takes his hood off to relax from all the stress that he has been going through so far.

Dice enters the room to give Cobra Commander his current report on the status of the Ninja Corp.

Dice: We have had a number of spies in the ranks that we have just weeded out. Kunai was one of them that was not all that bad of one. He was able to move his way up some fast in the ranks. Once he found out that just about everyone was spying on each other it set him off not knowing who to trust anymore. He return back to the Joe forces to see if he can leave them.

Tiger Claw was anther spy we found out about some what fast. I killed him right away for killing my cousin who figure out who he was.

What Dice did not know is it was Slash who killed his cousin for stealing his gear once to often.

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02-16-2009, 10:20 AM
Flash to the cargo plan carrying the group to the Artic Circle.

Coeur de Lionne sets in the back putting together her new Co2 5400 psi sniper riffle. She tells everyone not to use the French code name that she is going by. The name that she wants to use is her ( M.I. 5) name Abigail would be fine. No one complained about this request since she has a power sniper riffle in here hand.

Craven: I am going to see is she knows anything about Lady Jaye and Baroness.

Tsunami: That is one hot topic that a smart person would not go any where near. It is your life, do not say I did not warn you.

At that point in time a strange noise in the back that sound like a scratch and screams in the cargo hold. The door broke open and Catalina pop out of it. She put her hands on her head.

Catalina: Dang my noggin fells like someone whacked me with a wrench. Abigail help me out of this container it is kind of stuffy.

She whispered in Abigail ear what had happen to her.

Catalina lays next to Abigail to get some sleep and stretch out from being stuck in the cargo bin.

Craven: Abigail what happen with the Baroness and Lady Jaye? I have heard some odd things that went on.

Abigail: If you want to know what happen then I will tell you.
It will not go past the two of use here.

We all end up at a found raiser to restore the ruins from an old Roman settlement to its original state. All three of us used a fake name so no one know who we are just for one night. The night was going well until I came across the Baroness in a hall way back to my room. A few minutes later I found a note under my door trying to blackmail me.

The Note: I know who you are and what you have done.
Your past sins along side a number of photos will be released to the media. All I ask in return is 10 million Euros or 20 million Sterling Pounds.
You have until the end of the weekend to pay me.

That night we all end up at the same table eating dinner. At that point in time I had thought that the Baroness was insinuating that she new who I am. She drop several hints that seem to be right on the money about me.
Now knowing after the fact she was talking about Lady Jaye alter ego.

After the dinner was over went up to my room and grab my toss away sniper riffle. I made my way to the best point in the building so there would be no glair on the scoop. Once the room was clear enough to just see her and Destro all alone I was able to get her in the cross hairs of the riffle.

I shot her in the back of the neck with the bullet exiting through the front. The blood came out and hit Destro in the back of the head. The shot pretty much killed her instantly on the spot. Destro picked her up by doing this a small amount of blood came out of her throat and hit him in the right eye. He called the M I 5 HQ using his real name to ask for me to get to investigate the matter.

My phone rang two minutes asking for her to investigate the shooting that she was request by name to do. It was Destro who wanted me to look into what had happened. So I broke out my computer and framed Lady Jaye for the shooting. I used a name that I got in trouble with in Kiev.
Then Changed her id card to reflect this so she would get caught.

After getting to the bottom of the stairs I met up with Destro to see what he had wanted me to do. He told me that the Baroness saw Lady Jaye earlier in the day.

Baroness was going to screw around with Lady Jaye some to see if she did something about it. This worked out well in my favor and gave me a reason to have her detained at the airport. She was arrested and hauled a way to jail. With her there I was able to finish the frame up and get her on the hook for what happened in Kiev.

Craven: That was an interesting story you have told me. What all happen in Kiev with you?

Abigail: You are asking me a lot of personal stuff that you never bother wanting to know. Once you said that what you do not know can not come back and hurt you. May want to start following your own words for now on. After all is not all that safe to big into a person life who can a target the size of flea from 900 yards away

Tsunami: Do you know what this little devices is?

Craven: Um now I have not scene it before what does it do?

Tsunami: Huh that answers all my questions now. This your invention that shows voice comparisons to other people. It lets us know if someone has been replaced by anther person. O look it shows that you are not Craven.
The voice comes up as Barrel Roll.

Catalina pulled out her favorite O.S.S. knife the one with a wire in the handle. She walked behind Barrel Roll and used the wire to wrap around his neck to strangle him. With in a few seconds he was dead. They stuffed him into a cargo bin before landing.

Kunai: That was my MP player that you have in your hand. You where listing something I record early this year. Yes he was not Craven we all saw the screw ups that he made.

Tsunami: O dang your are correct. I have to say you do have good taste in music.

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02-16-2009, 10:27 AM
Marquis: we have landed the cargo plan. Gear up for the cold at this time.
Out side temp is around 10 degrees above zero.

We have a few friends out side of the plane. It appears to be Quick Kick, Bushido and Budo. They seem interested in talking to you Kunai.

Everyone leaves the cargo plane to find out what is going.

Quick Kick: I am glad you made it here to the Artic base. You are some what late to help use out on this current mission. The entire Cobra female ninja corp. has been destroyed. The same person broke into the base and did massive damage to the entire building.

Kunai: Hard to believe only one person can do that damage alone.
Even I can not cause that much harm alone.

Quick Kick: The handy work appears to be the Martial Artist by the name of Shuriken.

Kunai: Um forgot about that person. Guess there is one ninja co can do all of the mayhem. What all did that person do?

Flash to the entrance of Cobra Ninja HQ. The Female Ninja are standing guard at the main opening wait for an unknown attack that was said to happen.

Shuriken appear at from the mist of the regular snow flukes that fall at that time of day. Armed with a double Kodachi, Talwar (saber) and a vast amount of other smaller weapons to use.

Vypra launched a quick attack with several round house kicks.
Then two spinning legs kicks to the neck. None of the kicks connected.
Shuriken in turn let loss with a barrage of attacks of vast speed and power. Landing six punches one each to the major pressure points.
Then followed up with a kick to the chest center mass.

Standing firm none of Vyrpa attacks landed on Shuriken. Vypra pulled away to what she thought was a safe distance away. Shuriken speed was slightly faster than Vypra and got there before she did. Pulling out her Kodachi Shuriken landed six major attacks to Vypra body piercing all of the major organ. First one landed to the left kidney, next two to the right lung, then a spin around to land anther two strikes to the spinal cord and the last one pierced the heart. The move was known as Grandness of Life and Death.

Two hands reached from under the snow grabbing Shuriken by the ankles.
Several spikes immerged from her shoes to pierce the hands of the unknown person. Letting go of the ankles Amber sprung out of the snow bank with blood dripping from her hands. Both of them backed off several inches away from each other. Amber now Marjory piss off with her hands bleeding she attempts to wrap them up.

Amber launches a counter attack with some fierceness. Shuriken stood firm on the right launched four consecutive twisting kicks landing to the head and body. Once the attack was over Shuriken end right back in the exact same place it was launched. Getting up from the major beat down Amber tried to do one last attack. She was stopped even before making a single move. Shuriken grab her by the neck cracking all the bones giving a quick and painless death.

Trying to come up behind Shuriken Tess tries a sneak attack. Thinking she can catch Shuriken of guard with this now stupid move, Tess gets her self killed. Looking like she is sheaving the Kodachi Shuriken trusted it up word with a slight twist to it. Tess did not eve know what had happened to her. With a matter of minutes all three of the Red Ninja Sisters where killed.

With massive explosions coming from both ends Shuriken pass off Jinx to the medics and confronted Link. Before she could do anything Downtown broke out of his restraints. He killed Link with the blades jetting from his arm. Sprouting wings Downtown tries to take off. Shuriken used the Talwar and decapitated him.

Next part: Preception of Truth, the end game

02-16-2009, 10:36 AM
Flash back to the Cargo Plane

Bushido: This plane needs to be move on the double. We have word that the Artic Cobra Ninja Corp to do a counter attack on use.

Kunai: Sounds like a fight is coming toward use. Do you mind if I join in all of the fun that is going on?

Budo: I do not see why this trader is work not in shackles. He should behind bars for killing Snake Eyes.

Quick Kick: Budo let me take care of this matter. Help the medics out with what the others. You know the martial artist that have been found do not like doctors all that well.

Budo: As you wish leader.

Quick kick: Kunai can join use on this one last battle before he leaves the G.I. Joe.

Kunai: I will gladly expect this offer and welcome the fight with
Night Creepers along the other ninja fighters.

The small band goes out to hunt down the Cobra forces that are looking for them. It does not take long for the two groups to meet at an over pass.

Slash: So you are now back with the Joe again? You bounce around so much. Do you even know who you work for anymore?

Kunai: I am on my own now. The only reason I am here on this mission is to help out a good friend. As you can see on my clothing I wear no symbol on who I belong to.

Night Creeper Leader tells his crew that he has a line on what weapons the Joe forces are carrying.

Kunai only has a Daisho, the two small versions

Quick Kick is carrying an Oadchi and a Nodachi.

Bushido has only one Kodachi , Bokken, and basic Katana blade.

Kamakura has two Shuriken, three Kunai, and a Chakuto.

The Joe Ninja Corp do the same thing to Cobra. They see that most of the weapons are pretty basic.

They are only carrying uniform swords , stars and daggers.

Kamakura: It seems we are slightly out number on this one.

Bushido: Nah, it is just four Night Creepers, the Leader of them, Slash, and Black Dragon.

Quick Kick: So it is only seven on four. Those odds are not to bad for use to handle.

With the snow starting to fall the group gets some what separated from each other. Cobra Ninja try to take advantage of this.

All four of the Night Creepers try to corner Kamakura of to the side. He pulls out several moves to keep the Night Creepers snow blind. First Night Creeper jumps out with a dagger thinking he could catch Kamakura of guard. Grabbing Night Creepers arm that has the dagger Kamakura jam it right into the spinal cord.

The second one came flying out through the snow flurries. Kamakura crotched down in a defensive stance and waits for him to come a little closer. At the point closest point Kamakura pulls out the Chakuto. He trusted the sword forward between the chest plate and lower armor. Giving a slight twist to it. HE pulled the sword out leaving the second one to die instantly.

Last two went into a defense position waiting for them to meet there end.
Seeing what happen to the other two they know that this is the end result. Kamakura pulled out both of his Shuriken and got into a reverse stance and through both of them. Night Creepers seeing things in a small mirror made what they thought was the correct counter measure end up falling into the trap.

Night Creeper Leader some what piss off watching his men die in such manner launched an attack on Bushido. Since he did not put much thought into what he was doing with his attack Bushido Destroyed the leader some what fast. Finishing him off with a twisted leg lock breaking every bone in the legs. Then placing the knee cap in the back and break the spin with one good push.

Even before he could make a move on Quick Kick Slash came up behind Black Dragon and snapped his neck with out giving a thought to it.
The group now back to getter again stood kind in shock with what just had happen. Slash pulled of his hood so they know who it was before they got over what had happened. It was T’Gin-zu with some news for the group to hear.

T’Gin-zu: I have learned that Dice, Slash and Slice are not one person.
It all depends on the need of the mission. This keeps them from giving away information if they get caught. Not that bad of an idea for them to do in there case.

We should get out of here back to our own turf.
There are some Cobra reinforcements on the way.
Everyone head back to the cargo planes to leave the base behind.

Over the next 10 months everyone who has been brought back recover from the experiments. They all started back to there normal lives.
Congress Started the hearings on what had happen over this time period.

Doctor M. Binder Rodriguez: Sorry that my partner Dr. Link Talbot is not here. He died during one of our experiments. His info survived the raid on the artic facilities that we had. It shows that we can file in DNA gapes with anther person DNA. He also proved that using certain animal blood cells can help in the healing process. This was used on people who do not clot well.

Congressman Reed: Did you use live animals to get there DNA and blood?

Doctor: No we found if you use the stuff only a few hours after there deaths it still worked. It was found that this was the best method of doing the replacements.

Congressman Alttair: Your projects went well. Are you going to continue with them?

Doctor: No, they did not go as well as I had hoped.
With project Venom the final phase we can wrap up the test.

Congress Flounder: We looked over your project and it is not approved.
We have reason to think you have experiment on healthy people.

The Congress will adjourn until Monday discuss this matter.
This the never came about.

Congressman Reed Car was hit by a derailed trolley.
Congressman Flounder was found dead after a hunting accident.
The other two where arrest by the police in connection to a prostitution ring.

The Doctor got his money for the final stage of his project. Everything that had happen to the Joes was so berried in congress it never saw the light of day. Everyone that was experiment on was never scene again.

the end?

02-16-2009, 05:08 PM
I have created some new people for this story line.

they are a third party group that fights both sides.

also changed some aspects of the joe/cobra story line.

hope it is to your liking

please post to tell me if it is any good

02-20-2009, 06:34 PM
working on the bios for my charters

also anther story to tie into personal charters