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11-26-2006, 12:21 PM
In a Temple Hideaway of Cobra Island a large group gathers. Amongst the crowd of vipers are more important people, a sign that times are changing on Cobra Island.

"Sit down!" A loud voice booms through gathering, causing silence to follow. All that were standing are seated by the end of it and eyes are fixed on the front stage. The man behind the voice is not seen, instead the crowd gazes at many of their leaders all seated on a small stage.

"Dear Cobra brethren," Dr. Mindbender stands to speak, capturing the attention of the soldiers and his fellow stage-mates. "The Commander's reign of Cobra is soon at an end. You have all voiced your rage and hostility to us, and we will make your dreams of a new Cobra Organization a reality."

A large uproar of support is heard throughout the crowd. The seated leaders smile, if they had known it would have been this easy, most of them would have to tried to unseat the Commander on their own. In their allegiance to one another, they were stronger, stronger under one leader, a new leader.

"Cobra was once glorious, now we are tarnished. Defeats come to us easily, and our reputation has all but been destroyed. Our past efforts have failed, the venomization process, our spies, everything we have done has failed to get us control of the world and Cobra Commander is to blame!"

Again the crowd loudly agrees, but admist the crowd one viper listens with intensity. Cobra Commander is not a foolish man, and when a large group of vipers organizes a meeting he includes a spy or two.

"The time of failure has passed. In your presence you see the majority of Cobra Commander's personal inner circle against him. Those who do not stand with us, stand outnumbered below and behind us." Dr. Mindbender could feel the power of the room inside his very body. A problem of all Cobra leaders, the thirst for self-power. "For years I have worked in the shadows of Cobra Island to bring back the leader who took us far into glory....and tonight I return to you, the Cobra Emperor....SERPENTOR"

Claps from the stage encourage the vipers and soldiers to applaud as Serpentor walks from the curtain in his ceremonial cowl and cloak, his chest strong with new muscle and his face gleaming with power and pride.

"Thank you...." Serpentor smiles, loving the admiration he recieves. He looks to the stage to take in his loyal leaders, they will be acknowledged and rewarded for this loyalty when the leadership of Cobra changes hands. "Tonight we drink to the wealth of our power, tonight we drink to The Coil." Before the soldiers could finish clapping their were already drinks being poured and the festivities began.

Serpentor turned to his allies and beckoned them to the back room.

"I thought their would be more Mindbender, I thought you had captured the moment of Cobra Commander's weakness and the timing was perfect. " Serpentor said in anger, tossing his cowl and cape to the side, exposing his face and showing a keen resemblence to Scalpel who stood no more then two feet from him.

"Serpentor, sir, you must understand, we can not relieve all the vipers from their duties, some simply could not attend. Their is still an island base to defend, even if it is not the base commanded by you." Dr. Mindbender defended himself as the others looked on.

"Good news, tell me good news instead of that nonsense."

"Well sir, the process to rebuild you was a complete success. Scalpel's dna was a perfect match to enhance your muscles and bone structure and it leaves us with a perfect pawn to place out on the streets to confuse the Commander and GI Joe." Dr. Mindbender had intended to continue, but he was silenced with a gun shot and blood splattering onto him.

"I do not need a pawn, I am to be the only Serpentor." The room was slightly taken back, Scalpel lay dead on the floor, Serpentor smiled and put the small hand gun back into his pocket. "Please, he was nothing, a simple doctor who saw it advantageous to join the ranks of the Cobra elite, but he did not belong."

"Yes of course Serpentor, you are right, he was simply a noble donor to create the emperor again." Dr. Mindbender agreed and the mood of the room lightened, afterall, no member of cobra has true remorse for a fellow soldier.

"Now inform me of all that has changed since my last death here on Earth."

"Raptor, Crystal Ball, and Croc Master were killed after their loyalty to you was discovered. I managed to escape, but so did Storm Shadow and Billy. Storm Shadow is now a Joe sir, and Billy is no where to be seen, but we do know that he is not a member of Cobra as their are enough of us in good graces to be informed of such news. In your absence we were all forced to again swear loyalty to the Commander. I formulated the plan to recreate you, but the Commander was not interested in dna work anymore, that is until the idea of the v-troops was born. I was able to squander your dna from the lab and back to my personal lab here. In the mean time, Tomax and Xamot began the work of drumming up support for the project within Cobra Headquarters. Cesspol joined the ranks and the Twins severed ties with Cobra Island, focusing solely on the legal aspect of Cobra. Cesspol remained in the ranks with Cobra Commander, determining who else would join us."

"Not to interrupt Mindbender, but we're making it a little boring for our boss here don't you think." Zandar shot out, only to be slapped by his sister.

"You don't think and that's the problem. Mind your business and keep your mouth shut." Zarana handed the floor back to Dr. Mindbender.

"Most of the higher ups were ruled out, so we had to look outside the box. Cobra Commander had enlisted Zartan and the Dreadnoks to capture Overlord, he having been the only one who escaped from your loyalties. We saw the oppurtunity and syphoned Zarana and Zandar to our side and were lucky enough that they found Overlord first. We snuck him back into the island hiding him here all the while."

"What of Zartan? Does my assassin still roam free?' Serpentor asked.

"Yeah, me brother still lives." Zarana said with agitation. "Not that I haven't not tried to reverse that."

"We have had little success with the elimination of Zartan sir, but we have not given up hope. Which leads us to Overkill, our cyborg leader of the BATS. Through Overkill we have successfully gotten information out of Cobra Island headquarters without being caught. Any of our spies can access the computers and then download information directly to Overkills internal systems. We have the leaders and the means to destroy the Commander, we just have to find the perfect time to do so." Dr. Mindbender finished, hoping that Serpentor would like the news he had heard.

"First we eliminate Zartan, I ride into no battle against the man who claimed my life once. Zarana, Zandar, I will give you one shot to kill Zartan, do this task or you will find that I am not a very forgiving ruler." Serpentor did not wait for answers of response he just pointed to the door and watched as the siblings left.

On the other side of the curtain Major Bludd in his crimson guard get up made the mistake of partying hard with the other vipers. As most took off their helmets he did too, hence putting limited scope on his visual recon to Cobra Commander and exposing himself in the room of traiterous Coil.

"Hey, what are you doing here?" A soldier asked quite loudly. "Why wasn't you on stage with the others?"

"Don't ask questions that you wouldn't like answers to." Major Bludd pulled out his gun and shot the soldier in the head and took off running, leaving his helmet and chances of not being caught far behind.

The noise of the gun shot and the fact that this one had not come from Serpentor sent the Coil scattering.

"Overlord, get Serpentor to safety. Twins, Overkill, Cesspol with me now." Dr. Mindbender barged through the curtain to see a crowd of confused Coil soldiers. "What is going on here?"

The soldiers turned and stared at Dr. Mindbender before one stepped forward. "Major Bludd was here."

"Go, go into the woods and find him, if word reaches the Commander our plans will be set back." Cesspol screamed as he and the Twins led the pursuit into the woods. Dr. Mindbender walked the crowd and grabbed the helmet. He stared into and realized it was too late that word had already been leaked.

11-26-2006, 12:21 PM
"Leave them to find him. Cobra Commander knows our plans." Dr. Mindbender and the others rushed behind the curtain and into their inner lair.

"What is going on?" Overlord asked.

"Major Bludd dropped"

"in apparently"


"our location"

"has been"

"divulged." The twins started and finished for each other.

"Then we should be leaving before we are surrounded by the Imperial Guards." Cesspol insisted.

"No, we do not flee from a weak opponent. Ready the soldiers with their new uniforms and bring me my guards, tonight we infuriate the Commander." Serpentor insisted and walked further into the underground tunnels, Dr. Mindbender and Overlord followed as the others went to their respective posts.

Overkill readied his BATS, lining them for a quick inspection. The Twins found their Crimson Guardsmen and set to change the attire and appearance.

"No more"

"shall we"


"the blood"

"of Cobra"




"we show"


"glory" Tomax and Xamot excited the legions as the soldiers quickly turned to their new attire, sleek, black uniforms with new gear and a new gold logo, no longer a Cobra, but half a snake.

Meanwhile in Serpentor's chambers.

"Emperor, I would like you to meet your bodyguards, Vypra and the only Coil Crusher saved from the venom process...Cong." Both of the guards bowed to their master.

"Wonderful we are almost ready." Serpentor smiled as he stripped of his garment and changed into a pair of dark black pants and a dark black robe. He slid on his golden cowl and grabbed his staff. "Did you make the modifications to my chariot?"

"Yes sir." Dr. Mindbender informed him and slid open a curtain. Behind it lay a modified Air Chariot with a seat for Serpentor, two guard stands behind it and a seat for a driver. "You will not be so easy a target now."

"Perfect, now to the top of the temple...Cobra Commander should have already amassed his men and if you spoke truly to me, I have nothing to fear of his legions." Serpentor beckoned and jumped on his chariot. Overlord jumped into the driver's seat as the guards took their positions. Serpentor entered last, taking his seat with his staff. "We will meet you at the top Dr. Mindbender, bring the others with you, I wish our men to do the work tonight, to show the Commander that generals are of no use when your opponent is already defeated."



"I know Commander." Destro sighed, discontent on his mind. "I have readied the vipers we await your command to destroy the traitors."

"How could they do this to me again?' Cobra Commander gruntled.

"How did you let it happen again you idiot?" Zartan replied with a laugh.

"What? How dare you, your family is out to kill you and you call me an idiot."

"Both of you quiet, we should began the attack if we are to succeed and get them off guard." Baroness silenced the crowd. "I will lead the attack personally dear Cobra Commander."

"NO, Major Bludd will lead the attack, he bungled the job. We will follow from a distance, I wish to see the demise and the faces of those I will be killing tomorrow."

The attack was readied and the soldiers fell out under Major Bludd's command. As they approached the temple Major Bludd stopped.

"Leave 'em wounded for bloody sakes, we can make them cyborgs and junk in the lab, these are Cobra traitors...treat 'em as such." The advance charged the buildings with force climbing the walls. As they made the second level the walls opened and out began the flow of BATS. Before Major Bludd knew what was going on the majority of his lines had been engulfed into the building, the walls shutting and the BATS advancing down towards the last line of defense he had.

"Commander, this don't look pretty." Major Bludd turned to the others and shook. "I'm out of here." He launched a jet pack and took off, fleeing in the other direction and before Cobra Commander knew it Zartan and Firefly had disappeared as well. Leaving him alone with Destro and The Baroness and a last row of soldiers.

"Perhaps we should turn back Commander, we did not anticipate the BATS." Destro urged as the BATS came closer.

"NO, I will not run from Serpentor."

As the BATS met the last flank of vipers they pulled them through and stopped, leaving nothing between them and the Commander. A BAT emerged from the ranks, one the Commander had not seen, upon it's chest instead of Cobra symbol was a new one, unfamiliar to the Commander and to the left of it was a screen that quickly flashed to the top of the temple.

"Hello Cobra Commander. I see just one tank in your line of war, and if my eyes are correct I see only Destro and the Baroness with you. Your legions are gone too, not much of a match for my BATS. Should I turn them back on?"

"Cesspol you bastard, you will pay for your insolence."

"None of my men will pay for your insolence Commander. Watch my line of BATS" Serpentor appeared and the screen panned to a view of the temple. The BATS moved to the right, each one exposing a Cobra Soldier in newly given Coil attire. The Commander's ranks had been given an option, join the Coil or die, all had smartly chosen the Coil. The screen flickered and went back to black.

Cobra Commander watched as a familiar vehicle made it's decent from the sky.

"I believe it is time for you to leave the island Cobra Commander, the tide is against you." Serpentor laughed as he stood inches from Cobra Commander's face.

"I'm killing him, we will not let him leave the island, we must end this now." Overlord insisted grabbing for his gun.

"No, Overlord we do not kill an unwanted ally, we simply discard their help. The Commander and his foolish friends are not our true enemy, we now control the island and can once again claim soverignty with the United Nations, our enemies are the Joes and the world. Perhaps in the future Cobra Commander you may be of necessity, so make sure you leave a phone number upon your departure of where I can reach you."

"You ungrateful bastard. This is my island, those are my soldiers, and those treacherous bastards are my sieges." Cobra Commander jumped toward Serpentor in rage but was met with a massive pair of arms.

"Put him down or I will end this ridiculously project again." Baroness insisted with a gun pointed to Serpentor. Destro pulled his gun as Overlord did the same.

"Don't hurt our dear friend, Cong, put the Commander down. As for you two, I would advise the lowering of your weapons, I can be born again, but with my death, a legion of BATS and Coil will leave nothing left of you to rebuild." Serpentor smirked as he tapped Overlord on the shoulder. Overlord reluctantly dropped his gun and stared them down.

"Tell your friends to vacate the island as well, and anyone who wishes to remain loyal to you may leave, I am sure the number will be small. And Commander, consider all Cobra property mine, if I find you in any of the bases around the world I will not be so kind the next time." The chariot took off, Vypra and Cong facing the Commander to ensure all was seen.

"Let us get the reserves and leave Commander." Destro insisted, turning the Hiss back to the base to secure soldiers and necessities.

"What? I will not leave my island. We will get the reserves and mount another attack." Cobra Commander insisted.

"What attack you fool. The vipers are no longer loyal, we can trust no one on this island. We must find the pathetic Bludd, Firefly and Zartan and make haste off this island. Those we can trust will follow, in the mean time we will find solace in Castle Destro." Baroness snapped.

"Pathetic!" Cobra Commander yelled but remained silent as the Hiss drove off searching for the runaways and a means off the island.

Back at the temple the mood was much happier.

"Now we"




"Joes and"

"be vic

"torious" The twins laughed with evil motives.

"No, in the morning you will draw up the legal work required for us to petition as a new nation. Overlord and Cesspol will begin work on the vehicles, fine tuning them and changing them to Coil appropriates. Overkill will prepare the old BATS for an attack on the capitol, they will believe Cobra Commander is behind it, leaving us time to insist we are free of the Commander and that he has fled the island. Then when all is well we will mount our true attack on the Joes." Serpentor listed out orders.

"Wonderful emperor, I will see to it that all is done." Dr. Mindbender jumped at the oppurtunity to kiss ass.

"Do that, and now I will retire to my chamber, post Vypra and Cong at my door." Serpentor began to walk away.

"Sir, we thought perhaps they should stay in your room." Cesspol piped up.

"No, I sleep alone."

"Well just in case of an attack." Cesspol continued.

"I can defend myself and their is no entity of Cobra left on this island to attack me." Serpentor finished the discussion by walking into his room and closing the door.

"He is a fool, anyone could try and gain favoritism in the Commander's ranks and assassinate him." Cesspol said in anger.

"Perhaps those who make such comments could be themselves a future suspect." Vypra said silently as she and Cong posted themselves at the door. "I am quick and silent and Cong is deadly, no one will dispose of our emperor."

"She's right, now get to the jobs you should be starting on, none of us need Serpentor to be angry so soon after his arrival." Dr. Mindbender ordered and the group dispersed to the jobs at hand....

11-26-2006, 12:22 PM
"I can not believe this." Cobra Commander said from his seat in a Wave Crusher. "I have been kicked out of my own island. This is your fault Destro, you severly underestimated the loyalty of our soldiers. Interragator would have found these weak links and destroyed of them long ago."

"And of what Cobra would you have ruled Commander?" Destro asked in mock sarcasm. "The large fleet of Mocassins and Wave Crushers that follow us...ah yes....there are but five of them you fool. All of your incessant failures and babbling have left you alone, do not blame me for this."

"How dare you Destro? My legions will await my return when they realize that they have no one to fear. You are the fool that allowed this to happen. You sent an army into battle against androids, you know full well the capabilities of the BATS."

"Shut up darlings. I grow very tired of your fighting. Serpentor has amassed a great leadership in his Coil, but he has not amassed a great strategy. We still have the Iron Grenadiers and the Dreadnoks, as well as ourselves, Major Bludd, Firefly, and Interragator. We can gain back Cobra Island and seek vengeance on our counterparts who turned their backs. In the meantime we must be able to simply get along for this to work." Baroness insisted, silencing her toys.

For years the Baroness had enjoyed pitting the two against each other, she had finally joined a side. Her mind however kept that secret from herself most of the time, making decisions a last minute thing.

"My army awaits us Commander, Darklon has assembled the troops and I ensure you, my men do not turn on me in the middle of battle." Destro said as he stepped out of the vehicle on the banks of Castle Destro.

"We will see how they handle this war." Cobra Commander said with a hiss as he followed Destro into the castle with the others. The few Cobra Eels who had been willing to drive escape vehicles and stay loyal to the Commander remained at the beach to stand guard.

"Destro, lord, welcome home." Darklon embraced his cousin in a hug. "I hear of grave news on Cobra Island, I am always sorry to see an ally defeated Cobra Commander, but we will turn the tide of this war."

"Shut up." Cobra Commander muttered as he walked to the control room.

"Dear Darklon, I have missed you." Baroness hugged Darklon as well and then they followed the Commander.

"Bludd, get a hold of Zartan, if his siblings haven't killed him yet and let him know of our location. I want all the Dreadnoks here for this, one of those stupid idiots should be able to scare Serpentor stiff. Firefly, call all the mercenaries you know, I will pay premium dollar to anyone who can bring me the head of a traitor."

"But Commander, you ain't got no money." Major Bludd injected as he started a scan on the computer for Zartan's location.

"What?" Cobra Commander asked in astonishment.

"The twins, they control the money, Serpentor controls the twins, you got nothing." Major Bludd replied.

"Destro, I will return the money." Cobra Commander assumed position of Destro's riches and continued on. "We will ready an attack on Cobra Island, I want ground assault, water attacks and air raids. I know that island better than any other, we will find the weaknesses and take control."

11-26-2006, 12:23 PM
"Bloody hell, this better work." Zarana said as she stepped back, looking at her work. The wall looked real, she just hoped that it would trap Zartan.

"It ain't gonna work."

"What?" Zarana asked infuriated.

"It ain't gonna work. Zartan ain't stupid. He trained us sis, he can spot our work from miles away. Plus we're in his turf, dreadnoks don't look highly on turncoats."

"You are a moron, all we got to do is trap him in this netting, he'll turn when he sees the wall and drive right into it. Then we shoot him, ain't no dreadnoks gonna know. And if Zartan dies then I assume control of the Dreadnoks."

"Not the last time I checked the will." Zarana and Zandar both turned in anger, the voice of nasueated anger had gotten their attention. "You was right, Dreadnoks don't like turncoats Zandar."

"You little bitch." Zarana stared her niece down. "How dare you talk to me like that."

"What would you expect auntie, a kiss and hello before you attempt to murder my father and pit Dreadnok against Dreadnok." Zanya said with a smirk.

"Can I just finish this?" Road Pig said with a grunt as he and Zanzibar sat on their hogs behind Zanya.

"Yeah, do that." Zanya said with a smile and the three jumped off their bikes and approached Zarana and Zandar.

"Just great sis, stupid move." Zandar said as he pulled his knife.

"Watch it." Zarana said as she jumped at Zanya, taking her off her feet. As the two rolled to the ground, clawing and punching Zandar was left alone with Zanzibar and Road Pig.

"You was gonna turn on your own blood." Zanzibar said as he swung a chain in his direction. "We can't have that." Road Pig lunged and took him to the ground, the initial thud got Zarana's attention as she pushed Zanya to the curb. She started to make her way towards the fight but heard the repetive thuds of chain against body and stopped, her task was simple and Zandar could no longer help her complete it.

With the revving of a bike the Dreadnoks turned to see Zarana speeding off in the distance and Zanya slowly getting off the ground. They turned back to the job at hand and picked up the lifeless body of Zandar.

"Good, Zartan will want proof." Zanya said as she jumped on the back of Zanzibar's bike. Road Pig threw Zandar over his shoulder and started his own bike as they drive off towards the Dreadnok compound.

11-26-2006, 12:23 PM
"Zarana calling Mindbender, Zarana calling Mindbender." Zarana continued to repeat her message into her wristband broadcaster.

"What it is dear Zarana?" Mindbender finally responded.

"Zandars dead and the Dreadnoks know I'm here, I'm gonna need some support." Zarana could say her own brother was dead with little concern, no remorse in her voice. She in fact, was more concerned with getting aid so that she could stay alive.

"I'm afraid Serpentor asked you and Zandar to do the job to prove loyalty Zarana, now what would it say if I had to send you help already?" Dr. Mindbender said with a smug tone of voice. It was not that he wished to see Zarana fail, but he wished to see as little men lost as possible.

"And Serpentor also said he wasn't gonna ride into bloody battle as long as Zartan was alive, which my dear brother still is. I can't kill my own brother with the Dreadnoks on the uptake, either send me a squad to help dispose of my problems or the deals off." Zarana said with attitude in her own voice.

"It would not be wise to betray Serpentor so quickly dear Zarana. We have all eyes of Cobra at our hands now, we would find you, running would not be a wise option."

"I can head right back to Chicago and pick up my own Dreadnoks and have all the protection I need Dr. But my boys can't get here as fast as you can get me help, and they don't pay me anything like you do. So send me a squad or I high tail it out of here."

"Fine, I will send you a squad of Swamp Vipers to assist, but bring me back at least half of them when the job is done. I will not cost money to the Emperor so quickly with no mission, truly yet started." Dr. Mindbender cut transmission at the end of his statement.

"Cheap Bastards" Zarana said as she flicked off her compact and started the bike up. She would have to wait in seclusion somewhere until the squad would arrive, then she would see to it that her brother and niece were eliminated.

"She dialed her cell phone to a more familiar number...as the phone rang she waited."


"Asp bring the boys, I've got problems that I need dealt with." Zarana said to the voice on the phone.

"And to where am I bringing them to lovely?" The stranger....Asp...on the phone asked.

"Zartan's swamp, I've been contracted to kill him and my dear niece found out, I need back up."

"You'd be the only Nok boss left?" Asp asked with a devious voice.

"Yes and that would mean in opening in the Chicago branch if that's what you'd be getting at, so get your ass down here and bring the boys, when it's said and done I'll reward you." With that she clicked off the phone. With her backup and the back up of the Swamp Vipers she'd be good to go.


The thud that hit the floor got all of the Dreadnoks attention, each of them turned around to see what it was that hit the floor...silence didn't happen much at the Dreadnok compound, this was different. Zanya, Zanzibar and Road Pig walked in, Zartan stared them down after looking at the pile of his brother on the floor.

"What is this?" He asked with little concern.

"He and Zarana were found on the outskirts of the swamp Zartan, they was talking about killing you." Zanzibar said with a smile. "So we killed you one instead."

"You killed my brother?' Zartan said walking forward, eyeing up his daugther and the other Dreadnoks.

"Yeah, but Zarana got off, the stupid bitch." Zanya said with disgust.

"You should not have killed him, he is worthless now. My brother is a moron, fear alone would have put him back on our side, now they know we are aware of them and they know that we are ready for them. Zarana is no moron, she has plans now, she will not come alone." Zartan hollered in anger.

"I'll take my brother's body, Zanya come with me, as for the rest of you, if you want to make me happy then I suggest heading into the swamps and waiting for my sister. You morons have set us up for an attack, if they get in, I'll make sure that if she doesn't kill you that I do."

Zartan grabbed the lifeless body in front of him, dragging it along like a dead carcass from the swamp, no emotion. Zanya followed, disappointed in herself for pissing off her father. They walked through the back door of the compound, her unsure of the plan, Zartan already making his escape.

--------------10 hours later------------------

"Hey Lovely."

"Asp you asshole, what took ya so long?" Zarana asked with a smile, the dark alley was perfect cover for her as she waited, and her boys always knew where to find her. Asp killed the engine on his bike, Cravex and SlapShot stepped forward with him, criminal style smiles on their faces.

"Sorry just a long trip, Chicago isn't a skip away from the Everglades, we came fast, we came ready." Asp said with a smile, he stepped to the side and Zarana saw the weapons they had brought. She smiled.

"Good, let's go boys, we take the short cut right through the heart of the swamp. One task, kill me brother and bring the body back. Trust me boys, I give a free ticket to Cobra Island if this gets done....that's a ride you ain't gonna turn down." Zarana revved up the bike she had stolen from her niece and slowly pulled out the alley. Her Noks jumped on their bikes and followed, Asp in the front.

"ALRIGHT KILL THE BIKES" Zarana hollered as they hit the outskirts of the swamps. "We go through here on foot." She tossed the bike to. Slapshot got to work hiding them in the brush as the others geared up for the attack.

"I thought you said she promised vipers or something Asp?" Cravex asked in annoyance. "I ain't going into the swamp against a compound of Everglade Noks with so much as da four of us."

"Don't underestimate me moron. And don't talk to Asp like he's your boss, you work for me, I pay your bills, I keep you around for a reason and ur gonna show me why right now." Zarana said pushing Cravex back with each statement.

"Yes ma'am." Cravex said mumbling, head down, embarrassed to be pushed around by a lady.

"Mindbender...I'm on the outskirts of the swamp....sector 47, where's me vipers?"

"Behind you Ma'am." Zarana and her Noks turned, startled. "We could have killed you a dozen times by now, you aren't suited to go into the swamps. " A Swamp Viper stood no more than two feet from them, his squad behind him.

"Don't tell me I ain't suited to go into the swamp, I came from 'em. My boys and I will be just fine, you provide us cover, we'll take care of the job."

"Fine Ma'am, we have transportation." The Swamp Viper Leader lead them all to the Moccassins they had waiting.

"I don't like being a passenger." Asp whispered to Zarana, motioning to the drivers.

"We'll take our own, we know the way." Zarana said as she pushed the Swamp Viper off the boat and into the murky water. Her action had a consequence of six Viper's aiming guns right down their brows. Her noks were quick to raise their own weapons in a showdown of power. "Just an accident men, no hard feelings." She lent her hand to the viper and he got up, jumping in the other vehicle. "See ya there boys."

Waving they rode off, the Vipers in pursuit to keep up. Asp drove according to her coordinates, and they had barely made two miles of progress when she told him to slow to a stop. The Vipers pulled up beside them and two of them jumped from the boats, sliding into the sludge of the swamp, swimming in opposite directions.

"Traiter bitch." Road Pig yelled as his swamp boat raced head on toward the Moccassin. Zarana pushed the steeering gear to the right and Asp quickly snapped back into it and raced forward as Road Pig ran over one of the Swamp Vipers in the water.

The other two boats raced off, leaving a lone Viper to deal with Road Pig. Zarana motioned for Asp to take a right at a fork in the swamp and within seconds the compound was visible. One of the Viper boats folloed, the other took the left to close off any surprise attacks that might be coming there way. As they approached Zarana could see a flank of Dreadnoks on a swamp mound, standing their ground.

"Slapshot...Take the shot." Zarana yelled over the buzzing of the motor. Slaspshot pulled out his bow and aimed, Zartan had helped train him in the bow, and now he would use it to kill him. He pulled back and released, the Dreadnoks all scattered Zanya and Zartan stood their ground and just as the arrow came whizzzing towards them Zanya jumped towards her father, knocking him slightly to the side but the arrow still hit him dead in the chest, he fell forward into the water, and she fell with him.

"Direct hit Capitan." Slapshot laughed and they sped forward. The raid was not over though, as they came close the Dreadnoks came out of the works on their jet skis quickly taking out the Jungle Viper boat that was protecting Zarana.

"Get me proof boys, Ol' Serpy ain't gonna believe a Nok's word a mouth." Zarana yelled as they pulled close, but the water was full of blood and the gators were already close, as Cravex reached in he pulled out only a hood and a tattered bow.

"You're dead Auntie Zarana" Zanya hollered as she led the Noks straight for them.

"Let's go, we got enough." Zarana said, and as they took off in the opposite direction, staring back at her niece as they pulled away, the Moccassin faster then any cheap jet ski the Noks had stolen. "Mission Complete Mindbender"

11-26-2006, 12:24 PM
"The dpearture of Cobra Mariner Vessels from Cobra Island and an attack on the Dreadnoks makes no sense Duke. After the setbacks we just handed Cobra Commander he doesn't have the means to launch a naval attack on any outlying country, something isn't up. As for the Dreadnoks I can't even begin to assume who would risk their lives taking on them." Lady Jaye sat at the briefing table, putting in her two cents.

"We saw them with our own eyes."

"That we did, that we did." Shipwreck and Polly were an inseperable duo.

"They left the island plain as day, no secrecy to it either, seemed to be in a hurry, and look at this." Shpwreck pushed out a series of photos for Duke to look through.

After a quick rummage he tossed them back on the table, Scarlett, Lady Jaye, and Flint took their turn to scan over the pics. When all was said and done they looked at each other in disbelief.

"It's the Commander." Shipwreck said with a smile.

"Cobra Scum, Scum, ack" Polly agreed.

"It's not just the Commander Shipwreck, that's the Baroness and Destro with him, and if you're pictures are right I can make Major Bludd, Firefly, and the Interragator, not a normal mission for Cobra. He's intelligent, he doesn't put his leadership all in the same fleet to be picked off all together. How big was the fleet Shipwreck?" Duke asked in concern.

"Maybe six mini subs Duke. A few Eels, not sure that I saw much else protection."

"Any idea where they might be heading gang?" Duke asked, open for ideas.

"He's been dealt a heavy blow, but that doesn't stop the Commander, maybe they're off to a post we didn't located after the round up of Cobra intel. Those subs could get them to the arctic, or for that matter to any coastal city on any continent. We could be searching for days to find them." Scarlett replied with her own concern.

Snake Eyes shook his head silently, solemnly. His silence spoke words.

"No need to guess sir, I'd say they were heading to Castle Destro, way the subs moved out, direction they were heading. I say they were moving out to Destro's hold up, maybe they wanna throw us off. " Shipwreck replied.

"Throw us off, ahh, throw us off the trail." Polly piped in unneccesarily.

"Could be Duke, it wouldn't be unlike Cobra Commander to lead us away from the Island so we'd make a move. His troop pull out was small, that means a large base is still left on the Island. And for that matter, any number of Cobra Operatives, with all the bases closed doown most of the Cobra Hierarchy should be on that island, we counted only 6 of them leaving. They might want us to move in, only for us to be bombarded by huge force, leaving us on the retreat for them to pull up on the beach and surround us." Flint piped in.

"I'm ruling it any invasion of Cobra Island, we don't go into their territory to we see what's up with the Commander. But that doesn't tell us anything about the attack against the Dreadnoks." Duke make his decision on one motion, but the other was one still up for much discussion.

"Who would be stupid enough?" Scarlett asked as she seemingly racked her brain.

"Maybe the Commander called for an attack, we've seen the Noks on the outs with Cobra before, maybe it was just a payback call for a deal gone bad." Lady Jaye suggested.

"Let's figure this out." Duke stood and the others did as well, they walked out of the briefing room and into the command center.

"Alright troops, listen up." Flint hollered and the Joe team took their seat.

"We've got a trouble situation with Cobra right now that we don't know how to read. I'm sending Snake Eyes, Scarlett, Tunnel Rat, Spirit, and Cover Girl to Florida to investigate a recent attack on the Dreadnoks. Shipwreck, Depth Charge, Shockwave, Lady Jaye, Flint and Gung-Ho will head to Trans-Carpathia to find out why the Commander and several key members of his inner circle have moved from Cobra Island to Castle Destro. These missions are both covert, minimal casualities, minimal witnesses of our involvement. Myself, Roadblock, Jinx, and Tiger Claw will maintain support here at the base, we'll be ready to call in more Joes if needed to flank on either one of your fronts if you feel heat. YO JOE!"



Meanwhile at the U.N. Building in Washington D.C.


"have come"

"to speak"


"front of"


"security council." Tomax and Xamot stood outside the main door of the U.N. Conference room. The secretary in front of that door, and the Secret Service were not keep on allowing that access however.

"I'm sorry gentlemen, their's a conference going on right now and it's closed door. Only countries with members may attend a closed door conference. If you wish I could take a note for the Security Council and they could discuss it at their next meeting. " The young woman behind the desk said politely.

"You see"

"we do not"

"enjoy waiting"


"perhaps we could"


"our situation"

"to them"

Tomax pushed a button on his dress suit and a sleeping gas filled the room.

"Good job" Xamot smiled as they pushed open the door, walking into the filled room to a stun of silence.

"What is the meaning of this?" The Ambassador from the United States stood up, startled.




"of the"

"United Nations"

"our names"

"our Tomax"

"and Xamot"

"we would"

"like to"


"Cobra Island"

"Where is Cobra Island?" The ambassador from England spoke up now, everyone still in a state of shock from the interuption.

"You may"

"know us formerly"

"as a criminal"




"we were"

"held hostage"

"by Cobra Commander"

"now we "

"are free"

"and wish"

"to be"

"a member"

"of the UN."

Tomax and Xamot stepped to the side and Cesspol walked into the room, makeup covering the scars of his years at work in the bio-hazard side of Cobra. He was dressed in a smilar suit as to Tomax and Xamot, all three of which had Coil logs on the breast.

"Ladies, Gentlemen, we have filled out the legal requirements to join the United Nations and which a speedy vote on this issue. We assure you that our country has freed itself of the dictatorship that was Cobra Commander, we have set up a democracy based government, including a newly elected president, and we have full means and wishes to support world trade and economic benefits to each and every country. Perhaps if words alone do not pursuade you to our cause, a trip to our island would, we have no means to disguise ourselves, we seek to shed those perceptions." Cesspol smiled at the Twins, they were so good at lying, playing others for a living.




As the doors shut to a raucous debate in the conference room, Coil Guards propped back the guards and the secretary, in minutes the three would awaken, remembering nothing. "Mission Complete, Mindbender."

11-26-2006, 12:24 PM
"What's that noise mommy?" The streets of Washington D.C. grew dark with a cloud of fear, as people turned to their sides and looked up, every which way was dark, omniously dark. The noise grew, starting in the distance and filtering in slowly, but as it hit the air, it became overwhelming and soon people were watching things fall from the sky....people fall from the sky. But as they hit the ground, wings scaled back into their bodies and they began to walk, unharmed from the decent.

Arms transformed into lasers and sledgehammers, and the attack began.

Innocent civilians took off running into the alleys and buildings, doorways shut and locked, tunnels became crowded with people panicking. Car engines ran but as the B.A.T.S advanced they lay in destruction, metal and engine scraps lay scattering the streets. Sledge hammers destroyed street lights and fire hydrants, with in ten minutes of the attack the street lay in waste with water and carnage.

Police sirens filled the air now, replacing the engine sound of the onslaught, but soon they were silence. The police had no choice but to fall back to the attack, their guns slowing the attack, but new fronts only stepped forward. Cesspol, Tomax and Xamot stood watch, a legion of twenty or less Coil Guards behind them. Their plan was working perfectly and as the B.A.T.S. advanced they were going to be set up for the perfect victory.

Soon they were on the same city block as the police, face to face with the captain of the commanding squad.

"Officer, if I could, my name is Vincent D'Alleva, I'm an ambassador from Cobra Island, my entorauge and I have just rid our own home country from this terrorist attack, we know their weaknesses, however, we wish not to over step our bounds. Perhaps if you could assure us that drawing our weapons would not put us in legal harm we will be drawn to help." Cesspol motioned to his Coil Guards to draw their weapons.

The captain shook his head in fear, and watched as Tomax and Xamot (now in their army attire) stepped in front of their guards and aimed at the progression of B.A.T.S. The police had no way of knowing, but out of all the Coil troops only Tomax was truly armed. An E.M.T. gun equipped to him by Dr. Mindbender and Overkill. He waited, patiently, counting the robots advancing. When he saw the last line, he aimed up in the sky, as the others aimed forwards, and the sounds effects of their weaponry was truly believable.

Tomax's however, went out with little sound, sending the charge up into the air, and then down into the center of the B.A.T.S. A normal charge would have shut them down and the majority of the city within a five mile radius. This charge was set only on their frequency, however, and with different intents. As it went off, the B.A.T.S. started to implode, launching pieces into the air and throw windows and windshields.

The Coil sheathed back their guns and Cesspool grabbed hand of the police Captain shaking it vigorously as a B.A.T. head with a giant Cobra logo that hit the ground beside them.

"Captain, happy to assist." From nowhere, black sedans pulled up and the Twins, Cesspol and the guards all stepped in, driving off, but pictures were already taken, that was the fascination of the civilian world. With hundreds of witnesses to the event, pictures were assuredly turning up at newspapers and new media outlets around the city.

"Operation Public Imagine Complete Mindbender, ready the temple landing strip....all Coil Operatives abroad will be returning within the afternoon." Cesspol radioed back to the Temple.

"A wonderful day Emperor." Mindbender smiled in the Throne Room.

"When I see Zartan's dead body and watch the news of our great heroics I will be pleased." Serpentor said with disdain as he ushered Mindbender out of the room, Vypra and Cong following to stand guard.

11-26-2006, 12:25 PM
"What the hell happened this morning?" Duke sat there speechless.

"I don't know General Hawk, I've got Joes monitoring Cobra Commander and the Dreadnoks, I had no idea this was..." Duke stopped, his eyes caught a glimpse of the front page picture, despite the lack of a face disfiguring scar he knew that man anywhere... "Cesspol!"

"No, not Cesspol, Vincent D'Alleva Duke. Cobra was right here on our god damned soil protecting the people we should be protecting. Look at these pictures, that's an infantry of B.A.T.s imploding into thin air, not because of the Joe team but because of this." Hawk circled the gun in Tomax's hand with a red pen, waiting for Duke's response.

"I don't know what to say General, it must be some trick from Cobra."

"I've never seen this kind of a tactical move from Cobra Commander Duke." Hawk tossed down another paper, quickly snatched up by Duke. "That is a picture of Tomax and Xamot, as generals Duke, with a bunch of soldiers on our soil shooting down a hundred or more B.A.T.s, but look, the B.A.T.s are clearly Cobra, the uniforms on them, I've never seen it." Hawk said as he took a seat, some of his anger gone, now transformed into confusion.

"What is that?" Duke said, looking intently at the symbol on the breast of their uniforms.

"I don't know, but according to Ambassador Kelly (U.S. United Nations Ambassador) Cesspol and the Twins were at the Conference today, putting a bid into become a member."

"What the hell would Cobra Commander try that for? After his attack on free citizens around the world with the venomization chambers...he'd be crazy to petition for a seat in the U.N. Why weren't Cesspol and the Twins arrested?"

"Because they did nothing wrong, in fact, they say the Commander has been ousted." Hawk rubbed his head, he just wasn't ready to be back into the fray of this, but situations like this called for him. After the whole Venomous Maximus experiment he was often weak, inflicted with migraines and numbness, but as a Joe, that took the back burner.

"It's got to be some kind of a trap sir." Duke insisted, grabbing his intel from their morning meeting, trying to piece together all the information he had with him.

"I don't know Duke, they called him a terrorist, insisted that they had revolted against him. They even told the ambassadors that they had free elections, and a new president. Cobra Island is serious in their petition, and after today, we might face serious risk of it becoming a reality."

"That's it, it all makes sense now." Duke said, tossing his intel and phots on the table for Hawk to see. "This morning we got word from Shipwreck and Polly about a small scale evacuation from Cobra Island. Mostly Eels, five or six vessels, but Shipwreck got photo proof of Cobra Commander, Destro and the Baroness being part of that evacuation. They ousted him, a military coupe, and without witnesses to testify they can say they had an election and who's to question it."

"If Cobra Commander isn't behind this and Destro and the Baroness aren't, then who is? I don't know of many Cobra operatives who command the rank and file to lead a complete revolt. Cesspol nor the Twins carry that much backing, their corporate, not military." Hawk questioned everything now. He knew that this was some ploy from Cobra, some trap, but he couldn't put his finger on it.

"Leave that to us Hawk, we'll find out what's going on." Duke grabbed the intel and packed it up, rushing out of the room to leave Hawk to think. If something was going on and a military coupe had happened, Hawk dreaded to think of what power could oust Cobra Commander with such ease.


11-26-2006, 12:27 PM
Thunk Thump

Serpentor woke to the tapping on his door, he jumped from his bed, stood silent, waiting.

"It is us Emperor." Dr. Mindbender's familiar voice filtered in from the other side of the stone slab.

"Come in." Serpentor hollered back as he searched for his clothes.

"Nice view." Zarana said with a smile as she walked in, admiring her boss in little more then a tunic cloth. "Maybe I could get a better one after I give ya proof of me brother's passin'?"

"Bite your tongue swamp woman and show me this proof you speak of." Zarana smirked as she stepped closer, admiring Serpentor's phsyique as stood but inches from his barely clothed body. Her smirk grew broader as she handed him a familiar fabric and a familiar death sentence.

The emperor stood with the items in his hands, his face hung low, with a sinister laugh his head rose to glory as he tossed the bow to the side, it's already destroyed remnants snapping into smaller pieces. He held the hood upwards, outsretching to the ceiling in a triumphant manner, and then slowly bringing it back to his side. Extending his hand, he waited for Zarana to take it back.

"Ain't ya like it?" She asked in ignorance.

"No my dear, I love it, but it now belongs to you. Your brother is dead, take your throne as leader of the Noks, that their, is your crown." He said with a smile. Zarana took the hood, staring at it, as though it were going to jump over her neck and strangle her. Slowly she put it on, then flopped it down so that it did not shadow her face. "You have done well, and I am truly sorry to hear about Zandar, he did not die in vain though, he served a great cause....my cause."

"Ain't nothing." Zarana replied, liking the new trust she had with her boss. It wasn't often she got sympathy from the Commander, for that matter, Zartan either.

"What other good news is their to bear? A room full of people with jobs to do, I would expect you all to be jumping in front to please me." Serpentor said as he took a seat on his chair.

"All missions are complete sir." Overlord cockily answered. "Vehicles have been modified as you instructed, as we speak Overkill is pumping out a new batch of improved B.A.T.s with better tracking, seeking and military capabilities, and of course, all is being done with the Coil logo."





"news emperor"

"then we will"


"form you"

"that we"

"saved the day"

"all out"



"are destroyed"





"will have"

"no choice"

"but to acc"

"ept our petition"

The twins were quick to pat themselves on the back for a job well done. Cesspol was anxious as well to take credit, but more importantly he was still working on getting the make up off his face, he despised covering up his scars, they were wounds he was now proud of.

"But no word from the United Nations on that?" Serpentor said with a twinge of anger in his voice.

"No, not yet, but it will come. They have to do the menial bullshit, but after a show like that, even the United States is gonna have to give us a thumbs up." Cesspol said laughing as the final part of his disguise came off, and his disgusting eye was back to full view.

"I see, waiting and patience is not a strong point I am fond of, however, it is still a strong point I possess. In this waiting period I urge that we prepare a worldwide broadcast of my first presidential speech. If the United Nations needs further coaxing that we are a legitimate nation, then they need to see our legitimate leader. I do believe that they should also see our full military might, I have always felt that a subliminal show of threat works well in situations like this. Ready the Coil Guards in their best, as for the rest of you, the same, military garments for everyone, Dr. Mindbender, Cesspol, civilian suits for you. From here on out I will be President Andrew Walker, you will be Vice President Dr. Mindbender, and my dear colleague Vincent D'Alleva shall be our inevitable United Nations Ambassador, tonight the world will meet us, and within a week I promise you, they will bow down to us."

11-26-2006, 12:27 PM
The room erupted into applause as they all made way out the door. Dr. Mindbender stayed behind, ushering Cong and Vypra out to have a moment of privacy with Serpentor.

"Sir, do you think it wise to use Scalpel's true name? If word leaks of his death, it will directly tie you to it."

"I look like the man's remarkable twin, I have his dna and his thoughts, I think nothing of the fact that I would use his name, as I will be presumed to be in by the Joes anyway. An even better advantage we will have that they do not know of my returns to command, an unknown like Scapel will only cause them confusion." Serpentor said as he rummaged through the wardrobe that had been readied for him while he was in the reproduction process.

"You're right Emperor, sorry to question your command. On a side note, if their is time, I would like to do some medical exams on you, determine if their have been any side effects from the experiment."

"I need no exams, I am healthy and strong. This body you have given me is well fit, and Scapel was a rather handsome man, I will do just fine like this. I, do, however, have many memories surging through me, my past lifes have had many loves, many losses, and many emotions, I'd do well if I had some way to control them." Serpentor said as he pulled out black suit with the gold Coil logo on the breast, as he dressed himself, waiting for an answer from Dr. Mindbender.

"I will try my best to do something for that Serpentor, perhaps the addition of Scapel's brainwaves have affected the balance we had achieved with your past inclusions. I will work on a treatment to fix that, for now, I should head to change, anything else you need sir?"

"Yes, have Cong and Vypra disposed of." Serpentor said with little concern in his voice, Dr. Mindbender, however, was taken back by the comment.

"We all agreed that guards were in your best interest Emperor, Cobra Commander may still have allies on this island, some operatives have yet to be identified, at least until this is done I urge that you reconsider."

"I do not trust this Cong, you're creations have never failed me in the past Dr. , but he is part beast and I do not trust that, as for Vypra, a memory inside my head reminds me that she was once the personal guard of Cobra Commander, her loyalty is something to be questioned. " Dr. Mindbender turned and started to walk from the room, not sure of how he would relieve the two from their posts, but he did not get far. "And Mindbender, I asked that you dispose of them, I do not wish to see them transferred to guard duty elsewhere, I wish to see them be disposed of....This I Command."

Dr. Mindbender walked from the room, the door shutting behind him. Serpentor stood admiring himself in the mirror, although suits were not normally his choice of attire he did look handsome in one. He grabbed his cowl off it's platform and tossed it in his hand, it could not adorn his regal head tonight, but soon. Instead he opted simply for the staff that sat beside his bed, gold and simple, it served a great statement.

"Zarana, do you hear me my dear?" Serpentor spoke softly, almost but a whisper.

"What the bloody hell?" Zarana jumped, looking round, but found that only her Dreadnoks were there, and they were curiously looking back at her. "Bugger off." She flicked them all the finger and went back to dressing, she noticed that the outfits left for them were odd, not so much military, but not civilian either.

"Zarana, it's your emperor, listen to me closely." Again the voice was back inside her head, and she looked around to see if the others heard it. But again, they stood staring at her, watching her act odd and foolish. "I put this ear piece inside your hood so I could communicate with you. I have a job for you, I need a personal guard whom I trust, you have earned that from me Zarana. I request that you and your Noks be my new personal guards...arrive at my room in twenty minutes, I expect your promptly....This I Command."

The voice faded out and Zarana scanned the room. She was gonna have to tell the boss man that she didn't enjoy the subtle whispering in her ear, but she had no objection to be personal security for Emperor. High positions gave her power, and power was everything she wanted most.

"Alright boys, we got a new job description. Figures as much to make sense of these ugly get-ups." She said with a smile. "Serpy wants us to be his new guards, guess the ninja and muscle man aren't working out. Nuff with the Nok stuff, that ain't us no more, we go by the Hiss now. "

"If they pay me enough I'll call myself Fluffy Pants and shit in my hat." Cravex laughed as he unbuttoned the shirt he had just put in.

Asp smacked him across the back of his head and put the small handgun that was folded inside the clothes in a sheath on his leg. "If you think it gets us in good Zarana then you know we're in."

As the four headed out of the room they hardly looked the part they were presenting. Zarana's pink hair stood out alone, but the pants that been assigned to her were still on the floor, her skirt remained fastened to her waist. She could wear a suit jacket, but no one masculinized her legs. Asp looked the most presentable, except for his unshaven face, other then that, the suit was a perfect fit for him, and he actually liked the idea of being a guard for someone so important.

Cravex hadn't even buttoned his shirt, leaving it open, a wide array of tattoos exposed to the open. Slapshot brought up the rear, his hair disheveled, multiple earrings, nose ring, eyebrow piercing, and of course, the tattoo across his neck made him the most intimadating of this new Hiss. Their jackets featured the same Coil logo, Zarana actually liked it.

"Are you close Zarana?"

"Yes sir." She had now gotten the hang of the ear piece.

"If Vypra and Cong still stand outside my door when you arrive dispose of them."

"Yes sir." Zarana said with a twinkle in her eye, she was having fun doing all this disposing of. As they rounded the corner, sure enough, Cong and Vypra still stood guard. "On my lead boys." Zarana turned back and winked at the Hiss, she pulled her gun out and aimed at the door, firing one shot into the stone door. Before she could fire another Cong was rushing them, but Slapshot had taken on bigger men and with a quick crouch to the floor, Cong was flying backwards. Asp pulled his gun and with one shot, minimal splatter and blood, Cong was dead on the spot.

"What is the meaning of this scum woman?' Vypra said as she drew her swords.

"Just doing the boss's bizness." She said as Cravex rushed Vypra with a wild look in his eyes. She jumped to the wall, a quick kick sending him back towards the others. Asp waited, lining up his shot, but before he could take it Vypre hit the floor, a taser trail still attached to her.

"I told the emperor I would handle this." Dr. Mindbender made his presence known. "Take both of them to the lab, lock her in the chamber, dump his body on ice." TheVipers grabbed the bodies and left, and as they walked off Serpentor's door opened and he stepped out.

"Well done everyone,shoulde we go?" He asked with a smile.

"Let's." Zarana said as she walked past Dr. Mindbender, leading the entorauge forward. Dr. Mindbender fell in next to Serpentor, Cravex beside him, Slapshot next to the emperor and Asp bringing up the rear.

"What is the meaning of this Serpentor?" Dr. Mindbender asked in a whisper.

"I needed someone who had earned my trust." He said simply as they approahced the Temple Stage. "Come Mindbender, that is but a minor bump in the road, now we choose which turn at the fork we take...."

The curtain pulled back and a packed arena lit up with camera lighting. The mass of Coil glory stood in that room, single file lines of uniformity and strength. Tomax and Xamot stood at the center of one side, Overlord at the other, all the three dressed in attire fit for a war-time general. Overkill made ready behind the state with the cameras, lighting and sound, preparing to break into all major media outlets worldwide to air this massive news event. Cesspol joined Serpentor and Dr. Mindbender on stage, the two took their seats as Serpentor remained standing at the mic.

With a countdown from Overkill in his ear piece, Serpentor waited, anxiously...

11-26-2006, 12:28 PM
"What's the meaning of this Duke? We haven't been gone a little over 24 hours and you cancelled the recon." Tunnel Rat chimed in over the others yelling. The intel room was packed full of angry and disappointed Joes, it wasn't every day after all that a mission just got cancelled, and two was even more strange.

"This issue at hand has changed focus. If you didn't hear, or see on the way in...the twins and Cesspol made a trip to D.C. yesterday morning and afternoon." Duke said as he passed out the newspaper reports, details on the events and a dossier of other information for their next major mission.

"Is everyone alright?" Lady Jaye asked with concern, having yet gotten her paper.

"Yeah, seems the three are heroes." Gung-ho laughed as the others finally got there papers, realizing the same thing.

"Something is fishy on Cobra Island, Cesspol and the twins arrived to the United Nations Embassy in Washington D.C. at 0900 hours yesterday morning. After announcing there request to join the United Nations they explained the political changes and climate on Cobra Island and left the embassy to think of their request. No more than two hours later, admist an all out act of war from Cobra Commander they stunningly eliminated an entire army of B.A.T.s. Why?" Duke asked the question that was now on all of their minds. It didn't fit with any member of Cobra they knew, destruction of their own property, good deeds, the United Nations, those were common traits of a Cobra higher up.

"You pulled us from Castle Destro to tell us this. Shouldn't we be there then, I mean, if the Commander just launched war on the U.S. soil shouldn't we invade Trans Carpathia and end this once and for all?" Flint asked in rage.

"We don't know what Cobra's up to. Initial intel suggests that Cesspol was not lying, and that in fact the Commander has been ousted from Cobra Island in sometime of political coup. What that means for us is yet to be determined, my guess calls it a trap. I've read enough Cobra dossiers to know that no member of Cobra taking the ranks from the Commander is good news. But, it does give us one advantage, none of them are as equipped to run that organization as he was, so we find a weakness and make our move." Duke suggested, waiting for reactions.

"Who do we take down first? Cobra Island under new rule....or Cobra Commander?' Jinx asked quietly, more contemplating to herself, not realizing that most of the others, including Duke had heard her.

"Simple Jinx, we wait...a Cobra divided has never been a threat to us, for years the in fighting between Destro and Cobra Commander has left them weak...Cobra Commander will make a claim back for his island and whomever has it will have to put up or shut up....then we step in." Duke replied, and as he went to speak again the briefing screen in the intel room lit up...a countdown in gold letters on a black screen.

The eyes of the room were fixated on it, waiting. The screen was on a safe line, only tapped into by the military and members of the Joe team, but the set up was different, and they all knew this was no U.S. message.

"Good evening people of the free world, my service men, and my esteemed council. I wish to introduce myself to you, so that you may better understand what my country has to offer in your national assembly. My name is Andrew Walker...."

"Hi-Tech, get on the name Andrew Walker, I'm not familiar with this guy and I wanna know everything about him."

"My nation, Cobra Island, so disgracefully named for it's tyrannical leader Cobra Commander, has requested entry into the United Nations. Our simple request is one we hope to see granted shortly, however, no request comes without assistance. We openly pledge free trade between our nation and yours, as well as military allegiance when needed, as I'm sure, you have already seen a display of what we are capable of...."

The screen flashed up to a small projection of the twins and Cesspol eliminating the B.A.T. problem of Washington D.C. It then reflected back to Serpentor, but as it panned in, the rest of the panel was viewable.

"That's a helluva lot a Cobra, Duke. " Gung-ho said, as he tried to count to keep up.

"In conclusion if our request is met, I will promise aid in the arrest and transfer of Cobra Commander, Destro, the Baroness, Interrogator and other known terrorists to the United States of America. My goal is the same as that of the United Nations, freedom and tolerance for all." Serpentor nodded his head gracefully, the camera pulled back and in no subtilty at all, scanned the great mass of Coil military in the seats of the theatre, as it went to black, the Joe room was silent.

"What do you have Hi-Tech?" Duke asked, waiting for the intel.

"Not much Duke, the name pulls up the alias of Dr. Scapel, a Cobra medical doctor, known history goes back less than a year. From the looks of it, lack of information and all, I'd say he's just a field doctor, tends to the wounded." Hi-Tech said with uncertainity. "I also slowed down the live feed on my computer, and traced the satelite feed. It was definetly coming from Cobra Island, and if Agent Faces bugs still lie in the same spots, somewhere in or around the Cobra Temple facility."

"How many Cobra operatives did you see in the video?" Duke asked, needing more answers and fast. This Dr. Scapel was offering to turn over Cobra Commander, Destro and the Baroness, along with Interrogator, but how many Cobra operatives were working for him.

"On stage I got Dr. Mindbender and Cesspol, in the front ranks of the troops I made out the twins, and if I'm seeing correctly...yes Overlord Duke, he's back on Cobra Island. The feed was definetly the work of someone very intelligent, from initial reports online it was beamed to almost every national embaassy in the world, not mention it broke through our passwords and firewalls."

"So we're looking at Overkill too." Lady Jaye made the quick connection. "And Overkill controls the B.A.T.s Duke, there is no way the Twins would be allowed to destroy thousands of B.A.T.s with Overkill in the ranks, somethings fishy here."

"I know Lady Jaye, and we'll get to the bottom of it. Did anyone see others though, we have to know everyone we're dealing with if we can hit this head on and prepared."

"The pink hair was a dead give away, Zarana was in full attendance, on stage, flanked to the right, three other goons too, maybe possible Dreadnoks, all on the perimeters of the stage....if I didn't know better I'd say they were secret service from their get ups." Tunnel Rat said.

"Highly likely, if the Dreadnoks were just attacked recently it could have been Cobra Commander's revenge for them turning on him." Duke responded, not knowing the half of that story.

"Alright men, a trick is in the works, B.A.T.s attack D.C. and the new head of Cobra Island just happens to have men there to destroy them, all the while, Overkill works for him. I think Cobra Commander is out of the loop, suit up for transfer, we're moving out to the U.S.S. Flagg, I'll touch base when we set sail, in the mean time, I've got to speak to the United States ambassador to the U.N."


11-26-2006, 12:29 PM
"Baroness, get me Zartan on a safe uplink, Destro, ready your men, it is time we test the newest amphibian assualt vehicle that MARS has to offer." Cobra Commander barked orders as if he was on home turf, and though his followers obliged, their attitude was not hospitable.

"Zanya is on uplink 2 Commander." Baroness informed the Commander as she patched through a personal call to Major Bludd and Firefly.

"I did not ask for Zanya!" Cobra Commander screamed, but before Baroness could reply, of which she had no intent, he was interrupted.

"Too bad Cobra Commander, that's who answered. If you've got a request, it comes throough me now." Zanya replied, her voice filled with that annoying demand only a brat of her age could have.

"Is your father still breathing dear Zanya?" Cobra Commander asked in a rude sarcasm.

"That doesn't concern you at the moment, you called me, so spill it."

"Don't play coy with me you little bitch, is Zartan still alive or do I have to cut this call off now." Cobra Commander raised his voice loudly, many of the Iron Grenadiers in the room looked around, then went back to work.

"Yes my bleeding father is still alive, hold on you moron."

"Commander, there are certain things you should be more respectful of. My daughter happens to be one of those things." Zartan said as he took over the uplink. "When we meet again you will apologize in person I am sure though."

"Yes, yes, whatever, that is not important right now. What is important is that Interrogator just intercepted a world wide broadcast of Serpentor claiming to be president of Cobra Island, and images of him destroying my B.A.T.s. To add insult to injury, he then put credit of the attack on me, we are in need of each others strength Zartan."

"No Commander, you are in need of mine, to do away with the man who threatens your thrown. It would do you well to know that my brother is dead, and that my sister, and hence then your enemies believe that I, too am dead. Which base did you retreat to?"

"I did not retreat, I willing left to fight another day." Cobra Commander asserted in anger. "I have no access to the other bases, I have been double crossed by all those who swore allegience to me Zartan, with the exception of few, you being one. Assemble your Dreadnoks, In five short hours I should have a fleet of Iron Grenadiers and mercenaries at your doorstep to pick you up, from there, we claim back the throne wrongfully taken from me."

"My men will come ready Cobra Commander, I ask only one favor in return for the head of Serpentor, a task I will have no accomplished for you twice." Zartan spoke with a chilling, sinister laugh.

"You ask me for favors, have I not done enough for you? Did I not let you watch your own siblings plot your death? Did I not give you access to escape Cobra Island? You ask me of retribution."

"Do not play games with me Commander, your island will be deserted when you see to the hundreds of traitors who turned coat on you. In return for our services you will give us the swamp lands left uninhabitable since the departure of Croc Master. The Everglades have lossed their remoteness after this last invasion, I need more space to accumulate." Zartan laughed off Cobra Commanders denial, waiting for his new answer.

"Fine, you may have the swamps, in return you give me Serpentor's dead body." Cobra Commander cancelled the uplink, turning his swivel chair to face the room. "What is the verdict Baroness?"

"Major Bludd will come for a hefty price Commander, Firefly is thrilled at the chance of collecting bounties that lie on some of our operatives heads and I have also managed to reach Black Out, whom, also for a price shall be more than willing to knock boots with a few former allies." Baroness said with a smile.

"Excellent, Destro, where do we stand on departure time?'

"Voltar is amassing the ships as we speak, and Darklon is readying the Iron Grenadiers, we stand to move at your command Cobra Commander." Destro's word came out more humble then meant, bu the knew how to conceal despise.

"Then what do you wait for? We leave at once......COBRAAAAAAAAAAA"

11-26-2006, 12:29 PM
"Duke, a moment..." Hawk came out of the shadows of the Pit, pulling Duke into one of them for privacy. "I just got word from the Pentagon that the United Nations has agreed to a temporary allowance of Cobra Island. Word from above wants us to make good on their word, we round up Cobra Commander and the other operatives alarge and they get permanent membership."

Duke could not believe the words he was hearing, what he worked so hard for, what other Joes just like him worked so hard for was about to be ruined in one easy blow. He looked at Hawk, whose face showed the same sign of disgust, and knew that nothing could be done.

"General Hawk, if we give Cobra Island membership, that puts all free nations at risk. If they go in for peacekeeping missions we run risk of them colonizing, I can't agree with that sir." Duke said, staring down his commanding officer. By now, despite them being in the recesses of a hallway, Scarlett and Snake Eyes had caught out to their conversation.

"Duke, you have no choice, you lead your men with the orders given, intel has Cobra Commander in the Atlantic, a fleet of ships behind him, that's where you'll intercept him, no doubt on his way to Cobra Island." Hawk said with a stern voice.

"No sir, if my mission is to allow Cobra freedom to carry out their terrorism then I can not call myself a Joe." Duke said, hanging his head down.

"Duke, this isn't my call." Hawk said, fearing it was too late.

"I understand sir, good luck on my replacement." Duke turned and walked out of the hallway, practically knocking Snake Eyes and Scarlettt off their feet. They hurried to follow as Hawk stood in admonished disbelief. He turned and walked towards the plane hangar, the Joes were all mounting up for the flight to the USS Flagg, he needed to get to them, to choose a new leader of G.I. Joe.

"Duke....wait." Scarlett did all the speaking as she and Snake Eyes hurried to his side. "Please, Duke, we heard everything, we're going with you."

"What are you talking about Scarlett, I'm not going anywhere, I quit." Duke lied through his teeth, and he wasn't very good at it.

"Duke, I'm serious, the three of us have been through worse together and we won't let you go alone." Scarlett spoke as though she could read Duke's mind, waiting for a response.

"Fine, but if word gets out it will be your asses on the line." Without any other words they were off, racing towards the bottom of the Pit to the vehicles. They jumped quickly into a Humvee and were off, Snake Eyes was use to the silence, but the tension in the car was eating away at Duke and Scarlett. All she could do was rub Snake Eyes arm, hoping that it would calm her nerves.

As they drove through the desert the rush of fighter jets blew the dust around them in all directions, she tried to ignore it. Her friends were heading off to stop a Cobra Commander, and for some reason, she, along with the others in the car, couldn't help but feel like it was the wrong thing to do.


"How many hours to we reach the coast of Florida Voltar?" Destro asked in the private command room of the ship. He had stationed Cobra Commander in a personal room below deck, hoping to get the commander to relax, and to get him the space he needed to command his fleet.

"No more than two sir." Voltar replied as Destro looked on. The ocean was vast and open, a final frontier to be tamed as though it had been in the days of the pirates. Destro looked around the room, many Iron Grenadiers busy at work. The other ships were close behind, Darklon, Major Bludd and Scrap Iron commanding them.

"Darling, come, relax." Baroness walked up behind him, rubbing his shoulders, whispering into his ear. "We have finally alone time from the commander, we should make good use of it."

"No, I have no time for that, I must concentrate. If we eliminate the others in this attack Cobra Commander will be weak, his allies gone, then, with Cobra out of the way, MARS will be ready to take the island, and slowly the world." Destro said with a maniacal laugh, Baroness, was not as pleased, as she scowled.

"Yes Destro, darling, we will have all we wanted."

Baroness walked off from the command room in disappointment. She was playing her sides right, knowing that Destro was far more suited for power with the loss of Cobra Commander's allies, but she was not getting to reap any rewards from her decision.


"It's offical Serpentor, the United Nations has allowed us temporary membership, permanent membership granted when we reveal the location of Cobra Commander and the others we promised." Dr. Mindbender's smile beamed from ear to ear, the others in the room smiled with evil grins as well as they waited to see how Serpentor took the news.

"Excellent, Cesspol, contact the United Nations and inform them that Cobra Commander is holed up at Castle Destro in Trans Carpathia, give them the locations and tell them that we anxiously await their decision. Be forth to put our military on the table as a tool they may use of they choose." Serpentor smiled, as he placed back on his cowl, back fully in his regular attire, the suit having done little for his ego.

"Twins, ready the guardsmen, if our help is requested we will move at great force to accomplish this task alone, it will only greater prove our dominance to the world powers."





The twins rushed off, heading towards the legions that they commanded.

"Emperor, I think it would be wise of us to relocate some force to another base, perhaps the arctic terrain, so as we are not all at open game to an attack." Overlord requested, not liking the overall scheme of his emperor to begin with. The man barking orders to him did not feel like the original Serpentor he had come to willingly and obediently serve.

"You wish a retreat?" Serpentor asked, annoyed.

"No sir, just a double front, to be prepared in case of defeat here on the island. We do not know the plans of Commander or of the Joes." Overlord replied.

"I will not be defeated, we will not be removed from this island. The Joes have no choice but to align with us, their government has deemed it fit. As for Cobra Commander, if you wish to know his plans then I will put you at the front of the line. Take command from the twins, ready the legions, you will mount the attack on our dear commander."

Overlord wasted no time, it was indeed his turn to smile. For years he had waited for the moment to take control of the Commander's organization, although now he could not have that, he could at least be the one to deal Cobra Commander the crushing blow. He rushed from the room, following the twins path, thinking of a nice way that he could explain their removal.

11-26-2006, 12:30 PM
"What's the plan Duke?" Scarlett asked as they made course for Cobra Island.

"We infiltrate the island here, at the souther point, make our way through jungle and right up the backside of the Cobra Temple. If the transmission came from there then I'd bet that's where whoever is behind this is. "

"Soudns good to us." Scarlett answered for both her and Snake Eyes, who sat solemn, steering the boat quickly towards it's destination. They were close, within half an hour from arrival.

"You don't have to do this you two, it's dangerous, and if we get back their might not be a spot on the Joe roster for you, I couldn't ask you to do that." Duke said, wishing that it weren't the truth.

"You didn't ask us Duke, and if the Joe team doesn't have a spot for you then their isn't a spot for us." Scarlett said, and the subject was dropped with that. Silence was now their fourth companion as they made it ever closer towards the island.


"Ain't we there yet?" Buzzer asked as the ship carrying the Dreadnoks sailed the open water. "I think our swamp boats coulda done the trip faster."

"I'm hungry." Road Pig chimed in, rummaging through the cabinets for food, destroying much, but finding little.

"The reason we had to bring the Dreadnoks?" BlackOut asked as he cleaned his guns and gear.

"They are good at what they do." Firefly said monotously. "For the same reason we have been hired."

"Ain't nobody hired us yet." Major Bludd said with annoyance." I haven't seen the money to pay me, and to think of it, I ain't been paid for my last mission."

"Becuase you failed at." Cobra Commander broke the conversations of the room as he entered, Destro and the Baroness behind him. "Rest assured, if you fail at this mission I will not be hiring you again, most likely, nor will anyone else. We are approxamitely ten miles off the coast, our ships are cloaked so we will not be seen but we expect a front to be waiting for us on the beaches. Kill as few troops as possible, they will return loyalty to me when this over, but I want the head of every Cobra operative that turned on me, one hundred thousand dollars a head."

"Commander." Destro said sternly in disbelief. "We do not have those assetts available unless we regain the island."

"We will regain the island Destro." Cobra Commander said as they approached even closer to the island.


"We've got word from a coast guard fleet that war ships just shot at them. The ships were directly en route to Cobra Island Flint, what do we do?" Shipwreck asked as he cancelled the transmission with the coast guard captain.

"Wadda we do, wadda we do." Polly piped in for added emphasize.

"Turn course, it's probably the Commander making his turn for the island, we're too late to stop him at Trans Carpathia so we'll head them all at the pass. How far off are we from the island?" Flint asked.

"It's a turn back Flint, but we can make it within the hour." Shipwreck responded, neither of the two aware that Cobra Commander's fleet and the small vessel carrying Duke and the other two Joes would reach the island before that.

"Cut that time in half Shipwreck, this is going to get ugly quick and I want to be in the midst of it." Shipwreck rolled his eyes and pushed full force forward, turning the ship and setting it's new course. The Joes aboard could feel the turn and assumed the mission had changed course accordingly.

The loudspeaker of the USS Flagg boomed out Flint's powerful voice. "Alright Joes, listen up. Cobra Commander and a fleet of war ships is en route Cobra Island as we speak. We've changed courses to meet up with them on the island, but we will be walking into a war the likes we have not in quite some time. If the Commander takes back the island the UN will be forced to wage war against him, but we can stop that Joes, prepare for a beach assault in fourty minutes....YO JOE!"



"Serpentor dismisses you." Overlord said as he walked up to the twins.




"we are"






Tomax and Xamot asked, smiling at the confusion on Overlord's face.




They stepped back from the intel screen and saw clear footage of Iron Grenadier amphibious vehicles approaching the north shores beaches. "Have you launched a defensive?" Overlord asked angrily, flipping the alarm to alert the general viper population on the island. All throughout the island, in dormotories, rec halls, gyms and hangars the alarm would go off, signaling an attack.


"Range Vipers"



"are heading"

"there now"


"we know"

"more will"

"be needed"

Tomax and Xamot smiled again, the idea of battle enthralled them.

"Find Serpentor and Mindbender, get them ready, I will lead the first wave of attack with Overkill." Overlord threw his helmet on and left the twins as he rushed to the hangars, jumping into a Hiss tank he sped off towards the dormotories to round up troops, the attack imminent.



"Dont' talk to me seperately." Dr. Mindbender answered through his headset, the twins incessent splitting of his name made him crazy. "And why did you pull the alarm?"



"is approaching"





"What?!?" Dr. Mindbender responded, panicking."I assume Overlord has launched the first attack...assemble a second front."




Meanwhile in the lowest hangar of the Cobra Temple Duke, Scarlett and Snake Eyes had already silenced a number of guards and were getting into uniform themselves. Once dressed in the viper garb they started to make their well up the stairs, eliminating as many guards as they possibly could to make it easier when they needed to get back through in a hurry.

"Which floor Duke?" Scarlett asked as they neared the twentieth floor of the temple.

"I think we've got two more to go, then we're dead center of the temple, perfect locale to hide." Duke said as they aproached floory twenty-one. Snake Eyes took care of the guards as they kept moving, all three now stopped at the door to the twenty-second floor. Duke opened it and led them through, as they rounded a corner he caught the glmpse of pink, a shade he knew only to belong to one person.

Scarlett rounded the bend and saw her too, then stepped back around. "If that's Zarana, her boys must be close. And if she's on guard here, I'm sure this isn't a viper entry level."

"We've got nothing to worry, they won't suspect us as long as we move quick, the room Zarana's guarding must hold what we're looking for." Duke said, pulling them both across the hall and then stopping again, to wait and see if they had been seen.

When he was sure that they were clear he walked down the hall and then looked up. Pointing was all that Snake Eyes needed and jumped gracefully in the air, slashing down the support of the air frame that was there. The loud commotion gave them a chance to duck up into the air vents as Zarana and her boys came running.

"What the bloody hell was that?" Zarana asked, looking for an answer. "Asp you was suppose to have this corridor."

"I was watching it Zarana, but I had the whole other hall too." He responded, not wanting to take blame.

"Serpentor isn't going to like this, we was suppose to be able to handle this." Zarana said loudly, which caused Duke, Scarlett, and Snake Eyes to stop in their tracks. All three heard the name, each one wished to say they hadn't but it had been clear.....Serpentor, and now, all bets were off the table, this was a completely different mission.

11-26-2006, 12:31 PM
"Did you hear that Duke?" Scarlett said, stopping in her tracks in the ventalation. Duke shook his head and waved his hand, motioning for her to continue on. Serpentor was no threat that the Joes wanted to deal with while Cobra Commander was still in the picture, but now at least that picture was a little clearer for them. Duke could only wish that he still had his telecommunication link to the Joes, to warn them.

"We'll drop down into the next room we find with a computer, from there we can access a secure line and radio out to the USS Flagg, any attack that the Joes make on Cobra Commander is going to set them up for a two front attack and we'll play right into Serpentor's trap." Duke said as they kept moving, Snake Eyes leading the way.

After what seemed like an eternity of moving through the ducts Snake Eyes finally stopped, for the most part they had travel at a small incline and the three could best guess that they were close to the top of the temple. Snake Eyes pulled his sword and slash at the vent falling gracefully to the floor with it. Duke and Scarlett followed hitting the floor with thuds rather than silence.

"Empty." Scarlett said, as she looked around and made a quick dash for the computer. "I'll get a secure line and radio Flint and the others Duke."

"Alright, Snake Eyes, get on that computer there and see if you can find any information that might be on their main frame. If Serpentor has plans they might be recorded in their." Snake Eyes made his way to another computer and started inputting data. As Duke analyzed the room he began to wonder what it's purpose was. It was a large lab almost, most likely the home of Dr. Mindbender and terrible creations and tortures. If it was empty, that meant that Serpentor knew an attack was coming. Scarlett's voice snapped him out of his thoughts.

"I've got Flint on a secure line Duke." Scarlett hollered.

"Flint, it's Duke, can you hear me?"

"Yeah Duke, what's the meaning of this? You up and leave the Joes and take Scarlett and Snake Eyes with you, we need you now more than ever man." Flint questioned quickly, not being formal as he should.

"No time for that Flint, it's a trap, if you hit Cobra Commander you're going to open yourself up to a two fold attack. Serpentor is behind this, he knows that you are coming, he knows that Cobra Commanders coming, he's going to wait, let you do damage to each other than move in for the kill on both sides. We're in the temple, I'm going to try and find out any more information, but in the mean time you need to get a game plan."

"I don't know Duke, I hope you're right about this. I'll stall the attack, but I don't know that Cobra Commander will hold back his when he sees us coming."

"I know Flint, you're just gonna have to hope that he knows a good strategy of war. Keep this line open Flint, it's the only way we can reach you."

"Alright, will do....and Duke, this missions yours, I can't replace your leadership."

"Don't worry, we're in this together."

Duke cancelled the transmission and turned to look around the room. He made his way over to some of the storage units and opened them. For the most part they were empty, or useless goo from the looks of it, but as Duke came to the last one he had a strong inclination of a presence. Upon opening it he found a living person, an angry living person that came out kicking.

"What is the meaning of this Joe?" Vypra stood over him, hands up ready for a fight.

"Hit the floor cobra scum." Scarlett said as she cocked her gun in Vypra's direction. Snake Eyes was behind her within an instance, his swords at her throat.

"Why were you in that unit?" Duke asked as he stood to his feet, no threat from someone surrounded by three Joes.

"I don't know, one second I was guarding the Emperor, the next I was being replaced. Dr. Mindbender shocked me, and I woke up in there, apparently I have been forgotten in the midst of your assualt on the island." Vypra said, feeling no need to hide her allegiance, the one that had betrayed her.

"We have no assault, it's just us, and if you wanna get off this island in one piece, I'll trust you with weapons." Duke said, much to the disdain of Scarlett.

"Trust me Joe, my honor dictates trust, if I am given a weapon I will fight beside you until I am off this island, then my loyalties shall change." Vypra said as she grabbed her swords off the counter and put them at her side. "If you have not attacked then what is the meaning of this, why was I left unattended?"

"The other Joes and Cobra Commander are both planning attacks on Cobra Island, it only just came to us recently that Serpentor was now in charge on the island. If he's not here...where is he?"

"Zarana and the imbosels replaced me in guarding him. Wherever they are Serpentor will be close." Vypra said, pushing open the door and stepping into the hallway, the Joes close behind her. "You can choose your path now Joes, if you trust in me you will follow me, I can provide us a vehicle and a quick exit to meet up with your other Joes."

"Alright Vypra, but don't do anything tricky." Scarlett said as they took off running through the halls of the temple. Vypra made each turn and decision with confidence as they made a quick decent towards the lower levels, with a vehicle she could get them to the beaches, where they could rendeveous with the Joes and plan a full on assault.

"We can take the trouble bubbles, it will get us to the beach faster but we will be highly visible." Vypra said as she looked around the hangar. "It's that or Strikers, we can make our way through the jungle and come down the side of the island, it will take longer, but we will be able to make the trip without being seen."

"We'll take the Strikers, we can't risk being caught or shot down in the bubbles." Duke said as they rushed towards the all terrain quads and each jumped on one. "Keep the radio to the same frequency, we can communicate with each other if need be and when necessary I can radio to the Joes...and be careful."

"YO JOE!" The cry came only from Duke and Scarlett, but it reassured the two of them that they would get through this. Vypra led the way out of the hangar and into the thick Cobra Island jungle.

11-26-2006, 12:31 PM
"What was that noise?" Serpentor asked as he was being ushered through the temple and towards his air chariot.

"Not sure yet boss, but don't worry, we ain't gonna let nobody get to you." Zarana said reassuringly as they approached his vehicle. "Asp, get in one of the trouble bubbles and follow behind....Cravex, Slapshot, take the guard positions." Zarana barked out orders as Serpentor sat in his chair and they took off to the skies. Serpentor was necessary to ready his troops, he knew many things of war, this would be his ultimate battle.

"Overkill, give me an update."

"B.A.T.S are online emperor, ready for deployment, troops are amassing in sector three for your command. Visual reading shows Iron Grenadier warships and stealth subs approaching the island within twenty minutes. Should I send out a fleet of B.A.T.S to ensure less make it to shore?" Overkill responded through the control panel.

"No, let them think they have us surprised. Where does the Joe fleet sit?"

"Less then ten meters behind Cobra Commander sir. They will connect with one another before Cobra Commander has a chance to send soldiers to the beach."

"Good, release the mines from the shoreline, let them float to the top of the water and do some damage. Launch a few aero-B.A.T.S to the skies, let them pick off the canons from their ships to ensure that their battle becomes hand to hand. Their sides with inflict all the battle damage we need, our victory we will come when they have both already been defeated."

"Yes Serpentor, your wish is my command." Overkill ended transmission and went to work. From his position he could plug into any Cobra computer or satelite and set to work. His task was to set off the sequence to release the mines from the ocean floor and let them rise to the shore line surface. Their they would undoubtedly be hit by Cobra Commander and the Iron Grenadier's ships, setting off a chain reaction that would slow them at the shore.

With the minutes that would hold them back the Joes would advance on their ships and make the first move. Overkill set to work on this task while at the same time sending out a signal to his advanced aero-B.A.T.S, putting them in direct course for the skies above the open water. Once there they would be in stealth mode, only purpose to shoot at the canons of the ships.

"You wanna go in for a complete landing Serpy, or just hover above?" Zarana asked as they approached the mass of the Coil army.

"We land, over their by Overlord." Serpentor pointed out and the air chariot made it's decent. As the chariot landing the four stepped off, Asp remained in the sky in his trouble bubble, hovering above to ensure no aerial attacks could get to the emperor.

"Serpentor, sir, the troops are ready, we will have the blood of our enemies spilled on our beaches." Overlord said confidently, war and agression his passions of life.

"Cesspol, Overlord, we wait, the troops are amassed and ready but our enemies will do much of the bloodshedding without us today. Once they have damaged each other we will move in, hit them both from behind and end the battle. I want casualties, but I also want prisoners." Serpentor said with an evil smile, he had plans for the Cobra operatives he did not wish to join him, and plans for Cobra Commander's head and mask, a trophy for himself.

"But Serpentor, our troops are ready, we will make the first wave and the B.A.T.S can do the clean up. We need to assert our people as a nation." Overlord insisted.

"No, we wait, no need for the loss of any life. Once this battle is over we will have done our part, the United Nations will have Cobra Commander and the other members of Cobra as proof that we are a legitimate nation, and the loss of the Joe team will better serve us if it is at the hands of Cobra and not us. Then I assure you Overlord that you will have battle, you can even have the first attack on Washington." Serpentor smiled again, the look of intense pleasure in his eyes gave Overlord the assurance that he needed.

"Yes Emperor."

"Cesspol, send out for a squadron of Eels to line the shores in Sting Raiders, they will be our first wave and they will give us warning if things do not go our way. In the meantime we will ready the tanks and the planes for battle, I will give command on when that battle is launched. This I command!"


"What are you two doing?" Dr. Mindbender asked as he rounded the corner of the temple to find the Twins packing up gear and computers into a Hiss tank.





"for the"




"Is that my machinery?" Dr. Mindbender asked rushing to their sides and rummaging through their bags. Underneath uniforms and guns was his data for the cloning of Serpentor, the information for the Venom troopers and much more of his intelligence.

























"Fine, then load a second tank, we should be prepared for the worst case scenario regardless if we believe it will happen. Finish this quickly and then we will head for the troops. Serpentor will wish us to take presence in our victory, and we will be victorious...but just in case." Dr. Mindbender turned away as not to watch the twins store all the gear.

He did not like thinking of a battle lost, but he would not suffice to work for the commander again, an escape must be part of his contingency plan.


"How soon to the beach Vypra?" Duke hollered as he pulled up beside her, they had passed through at least ten miles of the jungle and Duke thought he could see more daylight.

"We are close, but I do not know how safe it will be. When we hit the beach we will become visible again, to the eyes of many Eels and Lampreys. We've got about another five miles to go and then we will be on the outskirts of the jungle, their we can make camp for a moment, you can radio your Joes and decide your next move."

Duke shook his head and continued on following her. He wasn't naive, but he was beginning to trust that she was not leading them into a trap. He, however, doubted her motives once they were clear of the jungle. She could very well turn on him and go to Cobra Commander, swearing allegiance to him again. However, Duke liked the idea of that, she could be used to help him get in contact with Cobra Commander, a deal he might have to make to save the Joes from a battle that would weaken them.

11-26-2006, 12:32 PM
"We're hitting the beach Duke." Scarlett radioed through, scanning the edge of the jungle as they made their descent down a small decline towards the sand. Vypra led the way, Snake Eyes bringing up the rear, all four of them very much convinced that their ride had been too easy.

"Keep your eyes out Joes, we still might hit a snake or two." Duke radioed back, after years of working together he could read the minds of his friends, he knew their anxiousness. As they rolled past the last line of trees they could see the ocean crashing in on the beach, it was peaceful, something Duke never thought Cobra Island could be described as.

Vypra pulled forward and stopped on a dune, she killed her engine and simutaneously signaled for the Joes to follow her lead. Duke pulled beside her and did as requested, the four stood on the dune, looking down, from their height advantage they could see a whole squad of Cobra Eels lining the beach, in variance stages of defense. They could also see the Iron Grenadier fleet heading right in to the trap, and behind that, a medium sized dot....the USS Flagg.

"Vypra, do you think you could get a hold of Cobra Commander?" Duke asked, not sure of what he would do once a radio link was established.

"She could try." Duke froze, the voice that answered was a man's, and that meant it belonged to know one in his group. "You might want to think before you do that though." Duke slowly turned his head and got the butt end of a gun to it, sending him to the floor in a dizzy of pain. The hit, however, gave Vypra and Snake Eyes a chance to take down the Sand Vipers sending them to the floor with loud thuds.

"It will be easier now Duke." Vypra responded with a nod as Scarlett helped Duke to his feet.

"Good job team." Duke said as he bent down and picked up the guns from the two, unconcious vipers. Vypra grabbed the radio communicator off of one of the vipers and started honing in for a single. She had been trusted with the commander, so she knew the frequencies that Destro and the Iron Grenadiers used to relay information. As she searched the airwaves it gave her time to think, think of how dishonorable she was to betray her master, she would regain her honesty and integrity, make Cobra Commander respect her again.

"I've got it Duke." Vypra said, handing him the radio, Duke hesitated and took it, he didn't like this much at all.

"Cobra Commander, this is Duke from the GI Joe team, do you read me?"

"Cobra Commander, I think our frequency has been discovered." Blackout called the Commander over, Destro and the Baroness followed.

"What makes you say that Blackout?" Cobra Commander asked with impatience.

"Cuz I'm getting a contact from Duke."

"Duke, what?" Cobra Commander stuttered, grabbing the mic and responding. "What are you doing on my frequency Joe?"

"Cobra Commander, you won't believe me when I tell you this, but when your fleet gets close enough to the shores of Cobra Island you will be attacked by a fleet of Cobra Eels." Duke responded, hoping that the Commander will believe him.

"He's lying to us Commander, it's a trap." Destro responded, shaking off the nonsense.

"They wish us only to slow down Commander, they are behind us." Baroness responded walking away from the telescope and over towards the controls. "See for yourself if you wish not to believe me." Baroness said, pointing to the telescope, but Cobra Commander had no time for this.

"I will deal with you after I regain my island Duke, trickery will not decieve me."

"Please, Cobra Commander, sir, he speaks the truth. I am on the beast now with him, we are only twenty feet above the Eels, they are poised for defensive maneuvers sir." Vypra grabbed the radio and started to relay with the commander.

"Vypra, that traiter, you certainly ain't gonna believe her are you?' Major Bludd asked, looking the room over for anyone to agree with him.

"Major Bludd is right Commander, why would Serpentor's bodyguard be with the Joes. It is a trap, a voice trick." Destro agreed, trying to read the face of Cobra Commander for an answer.

"Cobra Commander behind you is the USS Flagg, they have been advised not to pursue gun fire with your ship unless provoked, I can change that order if you don't want to believe me." Duke grabbed the radio back off of Vypra, hoping that a subtle threat would provke Cobra Commander to believe him.

"Then what am I to do? Wait at sea for their arrival?" Cobra Commander asked almost out of need, he really did not know what action to take.

"We don't need his answers you fool. I will send out a legion of Undertows to do the job, they will destroy your pathetic Eels before they make it to the ships, then we will raid the beach and finish this miserable attack." Destro said angrily, taking control of the room with his booming voice. "Baroness, assemble the Undertows, Major Bludd, ready the Iron Grenadiers on the bow of the ship, Blackout, radio to the other ships and have Voltar and Darklon assemble their troops, and Firefly, see to it that Cobra Commander has no need for communications."

"What...Destro....you, you dare think that you could usurp my power."

"I do not think Commander, I know, you're weakness has led us to this point and I will not compromise my position by allying myself with the Joes, a full scale attack will cripple Serpentor, you're pathetic dwelling will only cause us precious moments of battle."

"I will have your head for this Destro, Firefly, Major Bludd, I pay you, you can not do this."

"Sorry Commander, you ain't been paying us this whole time." Major Bludd said with a sinister smirk as he rushed out of the room to command the troops to the bow. Firefly grabbed Cobra Commander and forced him to his feet.

"Take him to the infirmary, Interragator will deal with him for the mean time." Destro turned his back as Cobra Commander was led out by Firefly. With a smile he walked to the radio and grabbed hold of it. "Duke, whatever trick you had in store we are not gullible fools, I advise you to warn your friends that if they came with in fifty yards of my fleet that we will open fire, good day."

"Destro...wait...." It was too late the radio signal was lost and they were back at square one.

"What do we do now Duke?" Scarlett asked, nervous, staring down the slope and watching as Eels scaled into the water, obviously making their move towards the ships that approached the island.

"We wait, back to the jungle, we'll hit the first line of Iron Grenadiers with a surprise they won't be suspected, then we do the same to the Coil, if we can hold the forces back for a short time we'll have reenforcements to help us with the main lines." Duke said, revving up his atv and heading back towards the jungle, the others following suit.


"Dump the barrels." Baroness pointed towards grease and oil barrels in the cargo area and watched as the Undertow through them overboard and fired as they fell, watching them leak into the blue water below, slowly, barrel by barrel turning it black and murky. "These Eels do not have the skill you have darlings, this water is now more your suiting, destroy them and pave the way for our victory." Baroness hollered, her voice seeming louder than possible for her small frame.

She watched proudly as a legion of Undertow jumped into the water, armed with spear guns and netting, victory assured to them. She pushed the button and closed up the windows, making her way back to the control room.

"Darling, phase one is initiated, shall I ready the boats?" Baroness said as she rested her hands upon Destro's broad shoulders.

"Yes, let Voltar lead the first attack on the beach, then Darklon's wave will advance, if we move quickly our wave will be on the beach before the Flagg even comes into view." Destro laughed as he and the Baroness made their way out of the room and towards the bowels of the ship. He thrived in the environment of war, high tech weaponry whizzing by him as his Iron Grenadiers readied their boats for beaching. He looked on as the Dreadnoks and Zartan readied their boat for beaching, they would be the most likely to reach the temple, Destro knew this, they would also be the most likely to take the temple, that would have to be discouraged.

"Zartan a word."

"What is it Destro, we are busy preparing." Zartan replied in annoyance.

"A slight change in mission, take the island as you see fit, and the promise of the swamp is still yours, but I want the Cobra operatives alive, if you reach the temple first do not kill them." Destro said with a devious smile, he had other plans in mind for his former colleagues.

"I can't make a deal like that Destro, my sister has death heading her way." Zartan said, the eyes of the other Dreadnoks filled with flames, thoughts of her burning on each of their minds.

"No, dear Zartan, respect, it is a mutual thing, I respect the bounty on your sister's head, in return, you respect my wish for the other's lives to be spared." Destro siad, squeezing Zartan's shoulder tightly to get across his point.

"You can have them for your liking." Zartan responded appropriately, heading back to his 'noks. They opened the door and out they went, hitting the water and speading towards the coast. They would have an advantage hitting the island first, but they would also have a better chance of being capture or killed, Destro would call them....pawns.

Pawns in a game of war....the Dreadnoks would make the first assualt, clear the path for his arrival, then with defeat at his hands the others would have no choice but to bow down to him, Cobra would be absolved, the Commander imprisoned and Trans Carpathia would have a colony, the start of a new worl order of MARS.

11-26-2006, 12:32 PM
"Make Destro proud!" Voltar screamed as his first flanks of hydrofoils filled with Iron Grenadiers, Nullifiers and Targats hit the beaches. They hit little resistance from the Coil Eels which were being subdued beneath the water by their Undertow.

Darklons vessels followed right behind them, hitting the becah at shortly after. Amongst his boats were the quads and tanks that would take them directly into the heart of Cobra Island and give them an assured victory as far as Destro was concerned.

Back at the last boat Destro looked out amongst the waters. "Today we make Cobra honorable again, do not give me reason to be displeased I am not as forgiving or as foolish as the Commander has been with you." Destro said as he stared down Major Bludd, Firefly and Blackout. "Hit the water and lead the assault, I want Mindbender and the Twins alive, as for the others, do as you can." Destro said, referring to Serpentor, Overlord, Overkill and Cesspol.

He and the Baroness watched as the three mercernaries for hire hit the water and sped towards the beach. Destro walked to the parascope and scanned the horizon, the USS Flagg was close, but not close enough, he would hit the water before they were in firing range.

"Come darling, we should join our troops in the heat of battle." Baroness urged, rubbing her long-time lover and allies chrome covered chest.

"Ready a Battle Hornet, we will fly to the beach and make camp once we are shortly inside the jungle, there we can set up an operation if need be." Destro said as Baroness rushed to the copter and prepared their assault. She wished to be the personal death bringer to those from Cobra whom had betrayed their name. And if her bullets accidently hit the Twins or Mindbender she would be sure that Destro would not mind.

Destro entered the Hornet as Baroness took off, heading towards the beach as the USS Flagg came within sight, just close enough to watch the last vehicle exit the Iron Grenadier fleets, but far enough away that they couldn't be of any threat.


"You're weakness and stupidity has cost me much Commander." Interragator said as he walked the room. Cobra Commander has personally promotoed him to this job, personally given him this title, but he still felt uncomfortable and inferior to this man. "I have followed you faithfully through civil wars, my indiscretions have been minor."

"You bastard, you are partially to blame for the original Serpentor, you're indiscretions have been costly, but I will forgive them, just untie me." Despite his unease, Cobra Commander lacked the ability to see clearly, and found no reason why he should not speak down to his employee.

"Look around you Commander, this is like a mobile version of my room back on the island....you are in no place to speak to me with such arrogance. Even your closest allies have grown impatient with your failures. We honor the value of Cobra, agree with the demise of this new Coil, but you Commander, your leadership is poor. Destro will bring Cobra to it's rightful glory, I will be by his side."

"Destro lies to you Interragator, he will betray you just like he just did to me. I gave you your power, I will give you more if you get me out of this. We can let them fight and destroy each other, and pick up the rubble when it is done." Cobra Commander resorted to his best method of pursuasion, holding back the last piece of info he had, hoping that this would get Interragator to untie him.

"You offer me nothing from the position you sit in. I would be better to give myself to the Joes you fool."

"You won't have to wait." Cobra Commander said with a sinister laugh. "Did you not hear the Battle Hornet leave? That was the last way off this ship you moron, we are sitting ducks for the Joes."

"You lie." But Cobra Commander could see the clock working inside Interragators mind now.

"See for yourself, untie me and take me to the deck, I swear on my life, which I inconviently assure you is in your hands, that we have no way off this ship, Destro has left you to die with me."

"What good will it do to untie you? You or not their will be no escape." Interragator said in anger, blood boiling beneath his mask.

"Alliances fool, you leave this ship and you have nothing, take me with you, and we will amass a new army, we will make what we need." Cobra Commander seethed through his lying teeth, a serpent's tongue speaking for him.

"Try nothing funny Commander, now would not be the time to displease me." Interragator said with an angry voice as he unwrapped the roap from around the Commander's arms and legs and led the way back to the control room of the ship. Sure enough as they made their way through the ship they found no vehicles to help them flee. "And what should we do now Commander?"

"Watch as a real leader solves problems." Cobra Commander said with another sinister laugh and grabbed the radio from the control panel. "Vypra, Vypra this is your Commander, where are you?"

As Vypra and the Joes sped through the jungle they all thought they were getting some type of transmission but at their spead they couldn't be too sure. Vypra slowed down and heard it again, this time clearer, and she knew the voice that spoke to her.

"Yes Cobra Commander, I am here."

"No you moron, where is here? I have no time for your stupidity. Get a vehicle and get me off this stupid ship."

Vypra hung her head in embarrassment, the Joes looked on, all of them hearing the transmission and not sure why she would take such degrading. Duke had to wonder if she wasn't going to pull a trick on them to save him, leaving them lost in the jungle.

"I'm in the jungle, heading back to the temple." Vypra responded.

"Good, find a plane and come pick me up, hurry before the Joes get to the ships."

"Don't worry Commander, my Joes aren't going to fire on your ships. We offered you a deal, but you didn't accept it. When they reach you they will board and make plans from there. I advise that you stand down and wait for that to happen." Duke jumped in over the transmission.

"You fool, Destro is headed your way right now and you are sandwiched between Serpentor and him. Your Joes could blow these ships to sky high and you wouldn't even know it. You are right in a trap from all sides without any one intending it. I advise that you help Vypra rescue me and wait for your Joes from here yourself. " Cobra Commander said with a smile in his face, it translated through the airwaves, that smugness he was filled with.

Duke sat and thought, and their wasn't a better plan. At least from the ship he could get a group of Joes together and lead the assault on the beach, make a game plan and figure this out. With Destro's Iron Grenadiers closing in, and them having no idea where The Coil was located, he may have no better plan.

"Fine Commander, be ready for us." Duke said as he revved up his quad, unable to look at Scarlett and Snake Eyes, not wanting to feel the shame of having to make a deal with public enemy number one.


"Radio transmissions to the Eels have been lost, last word was that they were met with resistance. The Iron Grenadiers must have made the shoreline by now, and surely without a struggle the Joes will follow, their will be now battle on the seas for us to end, they have brought the battle to us." Overlord said in anger to Cesspol, standing amongst their troops.

"Then we launch the attack." Cesspol said with a smile, wondering why Overlord would not suggest that himself.

"Take troops through the jungle be the first line of resistance, I will find Serpentor and let him know of the movement." Overlord said, turning his back to Cesspol, and walking towards a Hiss tank. "And Cesspol, don't come back without some type of victory, I'd hate to tell Serpentor you failed."

"I do not fail." Cesspol said in annoyance, outraged that his equal would assume authority over him. Just like the twins and Dr. Mindbender he was beginning to have second thoughts of this battle, wondering if perhaps he should not get himself a contingency plan if something should happen to throw plans awry.

Instead he approached his unit solemly, gave the sign of battle and lead their tanks into the jungle, unaware that he was not just heading for the Iron Greandiers, but that a more deadly jungle based group was heading for them....the Dreadnoks.

11-26-2006, 12:33 PM
"Kill the engine!" Zanya barked and Road Pig followed the instruction. As the engine died they soon heard another, and all the Dreadnoks, masters of the swamp and jungles heard the noise of vehicles, a fleet most likely. Battle was coming and the Dreadnoks were more than happy to oblige.

"Prepare for a silent attack." Zartan hollered and they rushed out of the boat, Road Pig starting to push it behind some swamp vines and trees to hide it. Between the swamp ground and trees an angry horde of Dreadnoks were hiding in wait.

Cesspol's unit made it's way through the swamp with little problem, most of the men he was commanding were former swamp vipers or jungle vipers, knowledgable of the Cobra Island terrain. Cesspol flanked on a ship around him and soon the majority of the fleet was passing him. He had put a captain from one of the other boats incharge, gave him the orders and then decided it would be time for him to make his way off the island.

"Kill the engine....I can't hear my orders." Cesspol turned to the driver of his ship, as the engine died he shot the man in the head, point blank range and before the other viper on the ship could shoot off a round he was dead to, flipping off the edge of the boat. Cesspol walked to the controls and pushed the other dead viper into the water. He started the engine and made his way criss crossed backwards, hoping to avoid another wave of ships and to make his way back to the temple to get a flight off the island. He was not risking defeat at the hand of the Commander, he knew what treachery garnered in the Cobra justice system.

Meanwhile his fleet was heading directly into the Dreadnok trap. As they made there way past it many of their ships were taken out with simple water mines and rope traps. As the vipers fell to the water they wer easy prey for both crocs and the Dreadnoks.

By the end of it, their were enough ships for each Dreadnok to command one and Zartan led his men towards the temple, hoping to gain closer and closer to his unloyal sister....revenge.

As they approached the edge of the swamp Zartan killed his engines and the others followed suit. They could see a line of Coil troops, waiting for their orders. Zartan smiled, he would be able to avoid that with ease, get in on the other side and reek the havoc awaiting Zarana and her boys....even another shot at killing Serpentor.

"Zanya....take Road Pig, Zanzibar, Monkeywrench, Thrasher, Gnawgahyde and Burnout around that side of the Coil." Zartan pointed to the left side. "Enter the temple which ever way you can and find means to annihilate our enemey. Buzzer, Ripper, Torch, come with me around the right side, we will find my sister and put an end to her decietful ways." Zartan's smile grew from ear to ear, a devious smile as he led his original Dreadnoks on their mission.

Zanya took off with the others in pride, hoping to please her father with good news when they met up again.


"I Do"


"like the"

"word from"

"battle brother"

"Nor do"



"Perhaps now"


"the best"

"time to"


Tomax and Xamot made their way through the Temple, grabbing files and disks as they went. They would need as much information as they possible could get if they wished to continue on without the assistance of Cobra. They knew if they could get back to Extensive Enterprises in New York that they could strike up a deal with the winner of this battle, and always a deal with Destro and Mars.

On the other end of the temple, Dr. Mindbender made his way collecting his belongings as well. Serpentor was waiting in his throne room for him. Dr. Mindbender entered the room to find Overlord already there, waiting as well.

"Where is Zarana?"

"Do not question me Mindbender, she is well guarding the doors with her men. The temple is not safe for us...Overkill's video surveillance shows the Dreadnoks are on the island....as well as the Joes and Destro. It would be best if the three of us eveacuated now." Serpentor said with disgust, he did not even know why the suggestion came to his mind....he was sure it was the weak mind of Scapel.

"I do not question you Emperor, I agree. We should leave, we can take a chopper out of the temple...we will make base at the Antarctic temple. " Dr. Mindbender suggested.

"Are their troops?" Overlord asked.

"Yes the base is currently operated by Heavy Water and a squad of Overkill's aquatic BATS. Snow Serpents guard the grounds and all personell were aware of our takeover here on the island. Heavy Water is sympthetic to our cause and they would do no good to rest a fleet of BATS." Dr. Mindbender smiled.

"Overkill has already left for the base with the BAT database, he's programmed the current rank of BATS here on the island to explode in an hour, it will confuse the enemy, regardless of which one makes the first contact with the Temple. " Overlord replied. "Cesspol will likely die in the first assault against the enemy....that just leaves the Twins."

"Yes, the Twins....I'm sure they will be fine on their own. They are intelligent men, when we get to the new base we will make contact with them." Dr. Mindbender said, trying not to let out the Twins escape plan. Their escape was vital to him, some of his gear in the escape vehicle already.

"We waste time discussing this. Let us leave before I change my mind and rush into battle." Serpentor said angrily, disgusted in himself once more. He grabbed his cowl and placed it on his head, and then grabbed himself a gun.

"I will radio Zarana, have her meet us in the hangar." Dr. Mindbender said, raising his wristcom to his mouth.

"No, they stay." Serpentor barked out as they rushed down the hallway. Overlord behind him and Dr. Mindbender a close third. "The less who know of our exit the better we are. Those that were loyal to me will be rewarded if they survive, and if not, their will be more who will follow us."

Dr. Mindbender put down his wrist in agreement. The less who knew would mean the less who could track them, he had already felt Cobra Commander's wrath before and he wished not to again. An escape was a wise plan.

11-26-2006, 12:33 PM
As the rush of the helicopter blades cut through the air, Serpentor, Overlord and Dr. Mindbender fled from the Cobra Temple, had Serpentor paid attention he would have noticed a second missing Command Chopper, but he was in too much of a hurry and Dr. Mindbender was not about to point out the Twins earlier departure.

But on the Twins chopper, it would have done them to pay some good, if they had they would have noticed that they had a stow away on board, Cesspol, hiding amongst a pile of bags and boxes that the Twins had brought along for their escape back to Extensive Enterprises.

This left no one from the Coil Command on the island, a fact that no Joe or Iron Grenadier was aware of.

Destro and his troops advanced on the first wave of Vipers and the battle lasted minutes. Those who had not been killed from the superior weapons that Destro commanded, surrendered to Voltar and Darklon's forces without persuasion. They were assembled together on the sides of the paths and tied together, by the time Destro advanced into viewing range of the temple the line amassed for miles. They were serve as good fodder for his Iron Grenadier army once they were tested for loyalty.

An ironic thing loyalty, Destro knew none of them to be loyal, all of them having turned on the Commander to join Serpentor's soon to be failed return to glory. But with his arrival, they would again show their treacherous side and join Destro's army. Destro had always warned the Commander of that, always warned that his men were only their for the money and the power. Obviously he had been right, the fear of death had turned these men into cowards, Destro would exploit that.

"Where's he at?" Asp asked, as he watched and listend to Zarana try for the fifth time to reach Serpentor through her wrist link. "I ain't gonna stand here and wait Zarana, we need to get up their and get him or move out ourselves, that alarm hasn't stopped ringing."

"Fine you chicken shit, we move out then." Zarana's answer surprised her Dreadnoks, she had seemed loyal to Serpentor, but this was the Zarana they knew, a strategist. "We'll head to the ground hangar, get ourselves some quads or sometin' and make our way to the far end of the island, we can steal some ships and get outta here."

Zarana led the way down the hallways and stairs of the temple, anger filling her body. After the first page went unanswered she knew in her bones that Serpentor had left them for dead. She was only hoping that she would reach the bottom floor before Zartan and his Dreadnoks reached the compound. Her angry brother would have no Serpentor to kill this time, and she would not substitute her own head for that target.

Asp led up the rear, rushing through the temple, practically pushing the others as the noise of battle outside raged on. As they all slid around the far corner of the second level they were met with a surprise....Vypra and the Joes.

"Bloody hell." Zarana muttered as she froze, staring them down. "We ain't gonna cause no trouble Joes, just let us outta the building and you won't get hurt."

"Like hell we will, take us to Serpentor." Scarlett said stepping forward, ready for a fight.

"He left us here on this island ya morons, it's all out bloody war." Zarand said, as she led the Dreadnoks closer, none of the Joes were making a move for weapons, but her boys knew when to draw their knives in close contact, she had no fear.

"Then take us to a launch area." Duke said, going for his gun. That was the cue and the Zarana's boys jumepd forward.

Zarana turned and made her way down the hallway, Scarlett in quick pursuit, leaving Duke, Snake Eyes and Vypra to take on the others. The chase was quick and as Zarana ran down a corridor, Scarlett lost sight, Zarana was gone and she was no closer to getting them to a plane hangar. She turned and made her way back in disappointed, to see that Duke and the others had taken care of Asp, Cravex and Slapshot. Their unconcious bodies lined the floor, she assumed a quick job from Snake Eyes had done the trick.

"Zarana got away."

"She's still in temple, she can't get far, but that isn't our main priority, we need to find a plane or chopper and get out to the ships, we've got to get to the Commander and Flint." Duke said, leading the way from which Scarlett had just come.

"Their's choppers on the sixth level." Vypra said as they continued their move as fast as they could.

Meanwhile back on the ground the battle had come without a hundred yards of the temple. Major Bludd, BlackOut and Firefly were advancing their ranks from the back of the temple as the Iron Grenadiers made their way closer. As they advanced easily over the vipers their ease was stopped upon seeing the first wave of B.A.T.s lining the wall of the temple, waiting for their moment of activation.

"What are you waiting for, blow them up." Voltar screamed and the Iron Grenadiers made their assault, launching rockets from Metal Head's orders straight at the B.A.T.s. When the smoke cleared the result was an odd one. Most of the B.A.T.s remained undamaaged, a normal occurences as they were built to withstand heavy fire power, but they were unmoving, as they advanced closer it was clear. The B.A.T.s were not activated, they were just sitting their, a trick....

As Vypra and the Joes rushed through the temple, Zartan was arriving at the front door, unaware of the B.A.T.s and the confusion it was causing the Iron Greandiers and the mercernaries on the other sides of the building.

"Find my sister and bring her to me." Zartan hollered as the 'Noks rushed the temple, Road Pig leading the way through the doors.

But as each group made their way to prospected areas, the Joes advancing towards Cobra Commander and the Interragator; Zartan towards Zarana; Duke towards a chopper; Destro towards a seamingly victorious raid....they were all still unaware of one thing.....their common enemy was gone.

11-26-2006, 12:33 PM
"Fly me to a Cobra Base." Cesspool held a small hand gun confidently to Xamot's head, and although Tomax would not get directly shot, he knew the other twin would comply to his wishes.









"base would"

"be safe?"

Xamot and Tomax proposed, which made Cesspool think, which gave Xamot enough time to get the gun from him, a sinister smirk and laugh coming from both twins.


"are heading"

"to Extensive"





"will take"

"you far"

"Cobra Commander will find us." Cesspool said in anger. "They set us up, they all set us up. Serpentor and Mindbender are probably dead by now, and Overlord doesn't have any good graces from the Commander, he'll be dead by morning. Who will we represent? The dead?"

"We assure"


"dear Vincent"

"some one"

"in need"

"we'll approach"


Xamot and Tomax spoke with confidence as they flew closer and closer to their destination. The view of Cobra Island diminishing with each second. Cesspool was an add burden to their trip, but he would do well with their company, perhaps even help them in a trade for power in the future.

Where Cesspool lacked the trust of Cobra, they were familiar. Someone with power would survive from this ordeal, whether it be Serpentor, Destro, or Cobra Commander and their services would be needed. Treachery amongst the High Command was common, and often overlooked when a greater need arised. Xamot and Tomax were a commodity, business savvy, and strong on the field they commanded great need in the hiearchy....Cesspol would have to wait and see.

11-26-2006, 12:34 PM
"Commander we should jump ship, take our chances with the Undertow rather than wait and be sitting ducks for Duke or Flint, whichever Joe arrives first." Interragator began to grow impatient, anxious, Cobra Commander could see him going stir crazy under the mask.

"Relax, we have been in worse before. When Duke arrives we will stand a fighting chance, Vypra will not turn against me again, she will be put back in her place. Then we can just steal the chopper they use to get to us and make way to a Cobra base. With Serpentor and Destro at war no one will know our location until we see fit." Cobra Commander spoke with such confidence that it made Interragator sick to his stomach.

He lunged forward, wrapping his gloved hands around Cobra Commander's shirt and slamming him into the wall. His one time commander fell to the floor, his breath wrasping for air.

"You moron, they have all turn against you. The only reason I am stuck here is because I am a fool. On that island lie a horde of people who would love nothing more than for me to rip your head off. They are on free territory, the Joes cannot invade they have only permission to capture us. Serpentor did what you could not, he made Cobra Island a free nation, until the UN says other wise. If you can possibly conceive in your head that Vypra would willingly attack the Joes after gaining their trust you are a moron. When we walk off of here in handcuffs she will walk out free, a plea deal no doubt." Interragator went off with a rant, ending it with a quick kick to the Commander's chest.

"Ughhh" Cobra Commander rolled in pain, catching his breath. "You're as calm under pressure as those you torture you hypocrite. When I get you off this ship alive and free you will owe me a great debt that I will collect."

"When we are prison mates I will no doubt take out every debt you owe me on your miserable body you worthless demon." Interragator kicked him again, his eyes scanning for a way off the ship. "Destro had to leave a ship behind, this was my job, to torture you, why would he leave me to tortue you without a way out."

"Because he doesn't trust you." Cobra Commander said with a sickening laugh. "He trusts no one from my command, and you, hate it or not, come from my command. You may have served him a great deal, but now you are easy to be tossed to the side....Cobra is not necessary to him....choose not to believe me, but I tell you this, the only people that will remain on that island when this is said and done will be Serpentor and his Coil, or Destro and the Grenadiers. Zartan and the Dreadnoks, Firefly, BlackOut, Major Bludd, they will all find an unwelcome territory to them, regardless of the victor."

"I could care less who keeps Cobra Island." Interragator said getting even angrier as the USS Flagg deck become visible. He could even began to make out the Joes on board, and they were many. For an invasion this size he knew the whole crew was coming and he was unnerved. "I make this deal with you Commander, a deal that I regret to even utter. I will destroy you in prison, but if we get off of this boat alive, I will serve you in Cobra til my dying day, so if you're demonic mind has any ideas, give them to me now."

"We wait....Vypra will arrive with Duke and the other Joes before the Flagg gets here. Besides that, I'm sure Duke has communicated with the ship, they will wait for his command. When Vypra arrives she will feel compelled to help us, the Brainwave Scanner works in those kinds of ways."

"You used the scanner on Vypra?" Interragator asked, disgusted.

"Of course, body guards can never be trusted too much." Cobra Commander said with no waiver in his voice.

"Who else have you scanned?" Interragator said with anger, grabbing the Commander who at this point was back on his feet, and shoving him into the wall again. "How many of us have you warped to your will?"

"Obviously not enough." Cobra Commander said wickedly.

"Tell me names Commander, I pledged my loyalty to you, now tell me names."

And as the grip tightened Cobra Commander began to talk. "Storm Shadow, my son, Vypra, Dr. Mindbender"

"Then where are they, why would you let Dr. Mindbender turn against you or Vypra, and we're is Storm Shadow.....where are they?"

"Storm Shadow is on mission, this is not important enough to call him back. And Dr. Mindbender is not under my control any more, he knew how to get rid of the scan, but Vypra, I just wait for the time to call her back to me." Cobra Commander said with little concern in his voice.

"Not important enough....what is more important then this?"

"It's not up for discussion Interragator, but things do cost more than Cobra Island....we will be fine." Cobra Commander said, wiping his chest and arms as though Interragator had dirtied him. "Do I need to ask you to calm down again?"

11-26-2006, 12:34 PM
Zarana rushed through the temple towards the hangar, her true nature revealed as she worried little of her fallen men. As she rushed the corner she noticed a sudden change in the noise, no longer were their firing shots or explosions to be heard on the outsides of the temple....it was silent. She knew that to be a bad thing, everyone departed, the battle was surely over and her side not victorious.

She rushed into a hangar only to find it empty of aerial vehicles, with the exception of Trouble Bubbles. It was not her idea of a good escape, easily shot down, little gas to get her to the outskirts of the island, yet alone get her to safe land off the island. However, the swamp woman knew it was her only escape, and she did little to complain as she jumped in and revved it up.

As she pushed the button for the latches to open on the side of the temple, her eyes filled with horror as the outside scene became visible. The flags of Destro were ranking over the island, she could see little resistance still left, with the exception of some fires in the swamp lands. Her eyes filled with rage once more as she thought of the pitiful fool Serpentor was for leaving her behind.

"Where do you think you're going?" Zarana turned with a twisted smile on her face.


"You was gonna leave us?" Asp asked in anger, as he Cravex and Slapshot walked forward, eyeing up the other vehicles.

"No, Scarlett was after me you twit. Get in one of these bubble thingies, we ain't got time for this." She insisted, and although Asp did not trust her sincerity, he did want an escape. He and the two others jumped in, flying after Zarana as she exited the side of the building, all of them hoping to not get spotted.

Meanwhile, still in the temple, Duke and the Joes are rushing through the halls of level six for the hangar that Vypra had told them of. As they finally stumbled upon it, they were shocked to find it practically empty, the choppers were apparently gone. The only thing left was an '89 Conquest that had seen better days, and wasn't equipped to hold four occupants.

"This isn't good." Scarlett said, staring down Vypra, eyeing up the Cobra. "Only two of us can get off of here with that."

"I must go, Cobra Commander will not trust an escape with out me in person. He will fear that he has been double-crossed." Vypra insisted, advancing towards the plane.

"We'll all go, Vypra, Scarlett, you are both small, you can sit on our laps, it will be tight, but we won't be to high in the air that we need the masks, and we won't be in flight long." Duke took command and made his way towards the aircraft, passing in front of Vypra and opening the hatch.

The Conquest was certainly delapitated, but it would have to do. Duke pushed open the side of the temple and stared out, in the distance he could see Trouble Bubbles flying off, unaware that Zarana and her men had escaped. Below he could see Iron Grenadiers standing tall, , he wondered if the battle was already over. He rushed back to the plane and jumped in, Snake Eyes jumped in behind him. Scarlett rushed to sit on Snake Eyes and prepare for the flight, Vypra stared down Duke in despise.

"I will not ride as though I am a passenger, I am a respected figure, you will depart without me." Vypra shrugged up her nose and stood still outside the plane, that is until Duke grabbed her in pulled her in, shutting the lid after her onset.

"You'll ride like this if you want to get out of this alive." Duke insisted, thrusting the engines and launching out of the buildling. "You don't have any one else here to save you."

Vypra knew that Duke was right, and the seat was actually comfortable, she could not complain of the man who held her tight as they flew. Those thought were pushed from her mind though, as she would have to do something to convince Cobra Commander of her trust.

11-26-2006, 12:35 PM
Duke was quick to exit the Conquest as it landed on the ship. He scanned the deck, not a soul in sight, and he didn't want to walk right into a trap, not when he had the Commander this close. He pulled his hand to his face...."Flint...do you read?"

"Loud and clear Duke....what's your location?"

"I'm on the main Iron Grenadier ship...do not open fire." Duke quickly blurted back as the others got out of the plane and scanned the deck similar to Duke's movements. "Come in close and board...we're going to have prisoners and a detailed report of the situation on the island."

"Got it Duke, we're coming to dock beside the ship now." Duke looked over and watched as the USS Flagg come slowly towards the starboard side of the ship. He turned to see that Vypra was eying them all up, he knew she was waiting to make a move.

"I'm gonna give you an option Vypra, hand us your weapons and let us tie you up here on the deck or try whatever you have on your mind and end up worse off then I'd like. You've helped us, you showed your human side, Cobra Commander can't give you what you need." Duke was trying to reason with her, he didn't want to see this go any farther then it had to.

"Honor is a binding contract Duke, and I have been dishonorable to the Commander, I can not be dishonorable again." Vypra said, drawing a sword from her side. She did not know it was coming as she fell to the floor unconscious, Snake Eyes quick footwork making her immobile.

"Sorry it had to come to that." Duke said as he shook his head. "Scarlett tie her up, throw her weapons overboard. Snake Eyes, come with me, we've got a snake to flush out."

Duke and Snake Eyes made their way for the control room of the ship, Snake Eyes stayed attune to the air, feeling for a change in temperature, the sign that others were breathing nearby. As they entered the room they were surprised to see Cobra Commander and the Interrogator standing their in the open.

"Duke, you've come to rescue me." Cobra Commander said with a sinister laugh as they both turned to face the two Joes, weapons at hand. "Release the weapons from your hands and step to the side you fools. You've brought my freedom right to me."

"I don't think so Cobra Commander, not when I have you this close." Duke said with vengeance in his voice. This was it, the final standoff that he had always wanted.....he was not going to let the head snake get away this time, weapons drawn on him or not.

Snake Eyes made the first move, no weapons drawn from his own arsenal, just his feet and hands flying through the air, knocking the weapons to the floor. Interrogator fought back, but did little to reject Snake Eyes attack, hitting the floor in pain, as Snake Eyes towered over him.

Duke rushed for Cobra Commander, this was his fight to finish. Cobra Commander dodged the first punch, stumbling to the side, he gained his composure and kicked Duke in the stomach, sending the Joe backwards, but not knocking him off his feet. That, however, was about as far as Cobra Commander was going to get in the fight, with a two punches to the stomach and an uppercut to the jaw he was on the floor, slumped over the Interrogator's body.

"Duke." Duke and Snake Eyes turned quickly as Flint and Lady Jaye entered the room. "Everything cleared?"

"For the most part on this ship yes, let's get the prisoners back to the USS Flagg and we'll brief you on the situation." Duke said as the four of them took to carrying Cobra Commander and the Interrogator towards the deck and towards their own vessel. Scarlett had already gotten Shipwreck and Gung Ho to take Vypra to the holding bay on the Flagg.

After they were dropped into holding cells a meeting was called to the conference room on the Flagg and as all the Joes filled in, General Abernathy joined the meeting via satellite.

"What is the situation Duke? You dismissed yourself from the Joes and now you feel that you have the right to call a meeting of them?" General Abernathy said with some anger in his voice, he was disappointed by Duke's earlier decision, but he did not like

"I'm sorry General Hawk, I'd like to request my status as Field Commander of the Joes be reactivated, as well as Scarlett and Snake Eyes positions on the team. Our insubordination was simply because we wished not to allow the unthinkable to happen, a Cobra Nation in the United Nations."

"You better make this good Duke, your nature was intended for good but it still doesn't excuse it." General Abernathy said, his attitude changing to a more calm demeanor.

"Understood sir, but right now we have bigger issues to fry. We've got Cobra Commander, Interrogator and Vypra in the holding cells below deck sir. "

"Then get them back here to the States so they can await trial." Hawk said with anxiety in his voice. "You don't seem happy by the news that you are sharing though Duke."

"I'm not sir, right now as we speak Cobra Island is under Destro's control. The Iron Grenadiers have rid the island of Cobra forces, or taken those that remained captive. Zartan is on the island as well, with the majority of the Dreadnoks we have on record." Duke said, filling in his reasons.

"What of Andrew Walker and the other Cobra operatives on the island? Do we have them in custody or means to make the move on them?'

"No sir, Andrew Walker is not who he seems. Dr. Mindbender, the Twins, Cesspol, Overlord and Overkill were no where to be found on the island. Our last run in with Zarana left her and her three Dreadnok accomplices in the temple, most likely by now captured by Destro or Zartan." Duke said, still waiting for the right moment to inform everyone who Andrew Walker really was.

"Andrew Walker then...who is he? A pawn put in place by one of the Cobra hierarchy?"

"Serpentor sir." Duke said, and the entire room of Joes gasped in astonishment. Scarlett and Snake Eyes shook their heads to reassure the room that Duke was not crazy. "He too escape, although we don't know when or with who. The deal is obviously off for their bid to the United Nations, but Destro holding Cobra Island is no better than Cobra Commander. Our last recon of the island's beach put Firefly, Blackout, and Major Bludd on the island as well, which means Destro must be looking for a strong contingency."

"Duke, bring the Flagg home, we'll deal with Cobra Commander and the other Cobra captures as we can, right now Destro and the Iron Grenadiers will have to wait." Hawk insisted, hoping that the request wouldn't gain more disapproval from Duke and the other Joes.

"Yes sir." Duke said as the transmission ended. "Keel Haul, Shipwreck, get the ship back on course for the Washington DC, Lady Jaye, Flint, radio the president and inform him of the captured cargo we're bringing home. Kamakura, Jinx, Tunnel Rat, go to the prison bay and guard the prisoners, this is far too important for the Green shirts to be handling. The rest of you make the rounds on the ship."



"The Island is ours dear Destro." Baroness said in cocky confidence, rubbing the chest of her love. "Shall I dispose of the hired help?"

"Yes, see to it that they get their fee." Destro said with a powerful voice, as Darklon and Voltar ensured that a meal for kings was being prepared at the kitchen of the Temple. "Metal Head, Scrap Iron, start to work on turning the B.A.T. Factory into a Terrordrome facility, I want to have plenty prepared to sell by the start of the next month."

Metal Head and Scrap Iron rushed off, taking some Iron Grenadiers with them to start the work that it would take to ready the factory. As they exited the room, Firefly, Major Bludd, Blackout, and the Dreadnoks entered the room, reporting to Baroness' command.

"Ah, my good men....and Dreadnoks." Destro's voice shuddered through the room, the mask making it echo as he spoke. "Their are enough bags on the table for the lot of you, inside you will find more than was bargained upon for your services. Take that money and do with it what you wish....but do it somewhere other than my island."

"We had a deal Chrome-Dome...the swamps are mine." Zartan said with fists clenched. "My sister could not have gotten off this island, her fate comes at my hands, not yours."

"Your deal was with the Commander, whom no longer remains a thorn in my side. If your dear sister shows up I will ensure to it that she gets mailed to you....in as many pieces as I see fit."

"I'll take it regardless." Major Bludd grabbed his bag, Firefly and Blackout followed suit, none of them obliging to the money they were taking with such an easy job. "Bloody well that you owe us Destro, keep up the repute or what they call it now."

"Enticing Major Bludd, but I do not need the help of mercenaries. Cobra Commander saw the necessity to have you on his payroll, I do not. I'm sure you can find game for yourself though."

"Grab the money Road Pig." Zartan said as he and the Dreadnoks turned to leave, following the mercenaries. "Honor was something you once talked of when you were a noble man Destro....you were to honor the deal I had with the Commander....a pity that you don't see it fit."

"Theirs enough vehicles to get you off the island darling, and enough cash to get you out of our hair." Baroness answered for Destro, her voice filled with attitude. "I'm sure you can go back to petty theft and larceny, it's much more suitable to you and your kind."

Zartan chose not to speak as he made his exit. He would enjoy turning the tables on those two, and he knew that at some point, the day would come. He could be a very patient man when it suited him to be...such was the time, both for Destro and for Zarana.

11-26-2006, 12:35 PM
Two days later at Extensive Enterprises.

"With your assets"

"invested into our"

"firm, we ensure"

"their safety and"


Tomax and Xamot said with a smile as their new business partners produced briefcases of money. "It's a shame"

"that neither of our"

"parties could be on"

"the winning side."

"Perhaps, your money"

"would consider"

"going to a needy"


Tomax and Xamot continued, as Cesspol collected the cash and counted it out. The three briefcases were overflowing with hundred dollars bills. He set them aside, and took a seat next to his new partners.

"What business cause would that be?" Firefly said, staring down at Cesspol.

"You choose sides on the basis of dollars offered, a well worthy risk taken for such reward. Our offer would include money of course, but something that would more suit the ego in you gentleman." Cesspol flicked up a screen on the wall, as it folded down the wall it came to show the image of the world, a map or sorts, with a large Iron Grenadier symbol cover Cobra Island and Castle Destro.

"We don't work for Destro....regardless of the money." Blackout crossed his arms, disappointed in the option laid out on the table to himself and his colleagues.

"You do not allow"

"us to continue"

"dear Blackout."

"We would not"

"insult your talents."

"What the twins are trying to say is that we have a much more powerful leader. This map shows the world as it sits now, divided....free nations next to free nations....competing with each other for power and place. What we offer you is a simple choice, what area would you wish for when we control this world?" Cesspol flicked a button and the screen lit up, new divides separating continental masses into areas. Coil images lit up North America and Antarctica, Cobra Symbols on South America, Major Bludd's logo on Europe, Firefly's name across Asia, Blackouts image across Australia, and the Iron Grenadier symbol gone.

"Pretty pictures don't make for the truth." Firefly sat stonewall, not following the line of logic that the twins or Cesspol spoke of. "You show an awful lot of symbols on that screen with an awful lot of egos at bat....your real world will never look like your picture."

"Again, another one"

"of you is negative"

"you have no"

"faith in each other"

"We will have simple victory with or without you." Tomax and Xamot finished together, smiling at the mercenaries.

"Your input and assistance is welcome, and greatly appreciated. Any weapons and troops you bring to the table will increase your worth, however, if you wish not to help us, then we will simply be content with your investment in our firm." Cesspol added, shutting the briefcases to ensure that the three understood they could not turn back on the deal they had made.

"Where's Destro on the grand scheme of your pretty picture?" Major Bludd finally piped in.

"Destro made a mistake at thwarting us"

"deceit, lies, treachery"

"all a part of Cobra"

"past, today we start a new"

"Destro does not fit in"

"our scheme."

"So your just going to hope he disappears like your unrealistic world.?" Blackout asked, and the mood gave Tomax and Xamot the impression that they were not winning over the mercenaries like they had hoped.

"Destro is not our primary threat. He has made it known before in the past then when Cobra is at a divide with him that he will simply pursuit his main operations....weapon trafficking. We will let him sit high and mighty on Cobra Island....if you assist us, when the time comes, we can sink him.....as literally as you want that to be." Cesspol said as the Twins broke into laughter, causing the mercenaries to look on surprised. The Twin's laughter was sinister, but it seemed to be doing the trick, as twisted smiles graced the mercenaries faces.

"I'm in, I've got a few friends who might be interested as well." Firefly said with a smile.

"As long as"

"they can provide a small"

"entrance fee up"

"front then they"

"are more than welcome." Tomax and Xamot concluded together.

"I'm in too." Blackout said with confidence, liking the look of his face blasted on Australia. He could fight for me if this little plan panned out.

"Count me in too, and I'll bring some Skull troopers with me if it suits the three of ya." Major Bludd said, confident that from Europe he could take more.

"Good to hear"

"your interest"

"and enthusiasm men."

"We will keep in touch gentlemen, in the meantime, amass the men you like, but speak little of our matters. When the time comes we will contact you with a meeting location and time....when that times comes do not disappoint us." Cesspol finished the statement that the twins were getting towards and with the flip of a button the screen was gone and the lights in the room were back on.

"The receptionist in the hall will see to your departure." Tomax and Xamot spoke in unison as the three men left the room and the door shut behind them. As it shut Cesspol pushed another button on the remote and in the place of the screen, a TV lowered and tuned in to a fixed location.

"The mercenaries"

"have agreed to our"

"power play"

"their money will be"

"in the accounts"

"within the hour."

Tomax and Xamot's sentence finishing was obnoxious and unnecessary, but the good work they had done was enough to make the faces on the other side of that screen happy.

"Major Bludd and Firefly have offered up others to assist in our plight, as well as more money with those new entrances. Are you sure of the next step of the plan however?" Cesspol asked, still not sure if the decisions being made were wise ones.

"I do not make bad plans Cesspol. Continue with the plan as it has been set in motion, I will give you the go ahead when we are ready for phase two. In the meantime stay low, I do not need another problem to arise, we are on a tight time line." Serpentor spoke through the screen, Dr. Mindbender, Overlord seated behind him.

"Of course not Serpentor, we will not be a problem." The three spoke in unison, an eerie unison and Cesspol wondered if he was spending too much time with the Twins.

"Overkill will download the figures we need you to contact, when the task is difficult, choose one of the many men you have at your arsenals. I want all possible to come together for this....to fall in line to my ultimate acquisition. " Serpentor's voice rose with arrogance and pride as he spoke. "When you have everyone contacted then it will be time for you to bring them together, as well as the mercenaries you have already aligned....time for my assent to glory.....THIS I COMMAND!!!!!