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Almost one year after the events of Cobra Uprising

0800 12 Oct 2006 - Pit

"At 0300 this morning Cobra Commander, Vypra, and Interrogator were being moved from level one of the prison grounds to sub-level 2. Around 0315 guards on all levels were alerted that the prisoners were no longer in guarded custody and that they were loose in the prison. Shortly after this alert went on, four prison guards were found naked, dead on level one in a locker room facility. It is believed that those four guards were killed, the uniforms taken, and their identities used to gain access to the Cobra prisoners. As of 0700 the prisoners, nor a means of exit have been located at the prison."

"Word has not leaked out to the media yet, but we expect angry widows of those guards to not keep their lips tightly sealed. Spirit, Tracker Kwinn, I'm sending the two of you to Guantanamo Bay to see if you can assess the situation. I need as much as information as possible, get me leads and suspects as to who helped Cobra Commander and the others escape."

"We haven't been mobile in a while Joes, it goes without saying, but remember, be covert. The media is going to be all over this when words gets out that Cobra Commander is free. The trial is in ten days, ten days to bring him back into custody....lets get it done in nine."


11-26-2006, 12:37 PM
1100 14 Oct 2006 - Downtown Los Angeles

Horns and screeching brakes fill the street and alley ways, but accompanying the the noise is also a sad sight. Street bums and whores lining the alleys, slumped over, high and addicted. Dealers and buyers passing side by side, death the only thing permanent in each transaction.

Tomax and Xamot walk down the street out of place, their formal business ware certainly doesn't blend them into the back drop. They stop at a familiar alley way, disgust plastered on their faces as they turn into it.

"Pathetic, waste-filled street litter." They utter in unison, not paying attention the anger they are inducing in the addicts they pass. "Have you ever though of getting a job? No, of course you haven't." The twins finish and tap on the cement wall, to the bums they look even more insane than their street brethren....knocking on stone.

When the wall opens and they disappear inside the building, it is a new kind of surprise for those bums.

"Looking for a fix?" The doorman says with a smile. "Businessmen like you are always the best clientele."

"Hardly, we are not clientele, we are, in some ways, salesman like your boss." Tomax and Xamot walk past the man, clearly ignoring the clicking of his hand gun as he loads it. "I would not, raise a weapon to us if I were you." Xamot does not even look to see where he is kicking as the gunman falls to the floor.

They walk through the halls, aware of where they heading although having not been in the building for a long time. They make their way to a back door way, knocking on it and then enter without being told to. As they push into the room, they are not surprised to see guns drawn on them, their interruption not welcome.

"Please, by all means, do not cease business just to deal with us." Tomax and Xamot smile as Headman clears his throat and the woman in the room puts back on her robe and exits through a side door. The guards put their guns down, it is evident on Headman's face that they are known guests.

"You're early." Headman replies, straightening his pants and jacket as he lights a cigar. He extends his hand, offering the twins a cigar and a seat, they take the latter decline the cigar.

"We are punctual."

"Of course, so, what is this urgent meeting about? Have you're financiers finally realized that the real weapon these days are drugs?" Headman smiled, the room was lined with his products, every assortment of heroine, crack, marijuana, he did not limit himself to one killer.

"Drugs are not important to us, not as important as the services we require from you." Tomax pulled out a briefcase and set it on the table....he slid it across to Headman and waited. "Inside you will find instructions for the task we have set out to you. We require a small financing fee from you, and of course, the guarantee that you will provide the bulk of your own forces if need arise in the future."

"I haven't even read the task." Headman said, grabbing the briefcase and opening it.

"We are quite sure that you will appreciate the offer that has been made. It is simple, you may think you have options now, but you know how things work....in the near future, you will regret not making the correct decision now."

"How much?" Headman asked, knowing they were right. He had yet to read the task outlined to him, it wasn't important just yet.

"Not much, a simple days haul for your 'business' I'm sure." Xamot slipped a piece of paper across the table with the figure they were requesting. He watched as Headman read it, the eyes of their hopeful business partner going buggy.

"This is more than a day's haul."

"Do not disappoint our financier Headman, he is not as forgiving as the previous." Tomax and Xamot stood and walked out of the room, they were already assured that he would fall in line.

"GRISTLE." Headman's scream filled the halls of his seedy complex. Tomax and Xamot snickered to themselves as they exited the building.

"What is it?" Gristle asked as he entered the room, his eyes bloodshot from his latest fix. His life consisted of doing the Headman's bidding and getting high....it paid well.

"Take out some Headhunters, collect all the debts that are owed to us."

"You know some of those whores can't pay up." Gristle said, rubbing his nose and sniffling to get that last little bit from the interior.

"Then bring them back to pay in other means, just bring me back as much money as you can." Headman insisted, his voice getting angry as he speaks.

"Mind telling me why." Gristle asks, slumping over the table with interest. "I mean, if it's so important."

"We have a new business partner who needs some money upfront, I'll tell you more when it's a finished deal." Headman stood and pushed Gristle off the table. Gristle stumbled to the floor and collected himself. He slid his signature shades down over his eyes and stood.

Grumbling he exited to do his task....Headman settled in to read the task the twins had left of him.

11-26-2006, 12:37 PM
2100 15 Oct 2006 - Unknown Location

"The twins owe us for this....owe us big time." Dice grumbled as he cut through the forestation, leading the way towards an unknown hut....in an unknown location....and so on that Dr. Mindbender had patched through to them.

"We will get a great reward when everything is said and done." Slice smiled, using his sword in the same manor as Dice to cut the vegetation.

"The louder you two talk the more attention we draw." Slash said as he brought up the rear, his blade work barely making a noise as he cut thick plants swiftly to the floor. "If he knows we are coming then he will not be there when we arrive."

"You speak about as much nonsense as him." Dice laughed but mimicked Slash's movements with his sword to cut back on the noise he produced. "What's so important about him anyways, sure he's great, but Serpy's got us three, what's he need another ninja for?"

"He is not just an average ninja, he could kill the two of you without thinking." Slash answered, his agitation with being placed with these morons growing.

"What about you? You'd just beat him down with one finger." Slice retorted back.

"No, I wouldn't be stupid. I would praise him for saving my sanity." Slash couldn't hold back the laugh that accompanied his comment. "Wait!" Throwing up a hand he stopped their advancing and perked up his ears, the other ninjas did the same. Between the three of them they could barely hear the man watching them, stalking them.

"What do you hear?" Dice asked stupidly, still having not heard a thing.

"Someone is tracking us." Slash responded, drawing his second sword. "I suggest you prepare." As he finished speaking the first move was already made, a quick bolt of white speed flashed in front of him and disarmed Slice, the sword in his hand and the one at his side gone. Dice was next, soon he too was disarmed.

Slash was quick too though, mounting an offense he took off towards the white image, Slice and Dice watched on as the two ninjas dueled like a beautiful dance. Fancy footwork, quick hands, swords clanging musically. Slice and Dice rushed forward, hoping to help Slash, in the end it just caused confusion, and soon the three attackers were on the floor, Slash's swords still intact however.

"I am not here to fight with you...I am here to speak to you." Slash said, swords drawn and ready for attack, contrary to his words. Slice and Dice steadied themselves as well, waiting for the attack, at least able to defend themselves with their martial arts skills.

"You have come to my land and made your presence known with swords ablaze...you have started this fight."

"No, the swords were to clear our way to your location. We are here to offer you a proposition, a task, our boss has requested your services, I'm sure you can take him up on that simple offer." Slash responded.

"Your master?" The voice came out in question form but the figure was gone, disappearing.

"Keep moving." Slash waved his arms forward, Slice and Dice following cautiously, weapon-less. They continued to make their way through the forestation, each snap of a branch causing at least one of them to stop in anticipation. This new, slow walk was filled with noises, from birds chirping, to animals scurrying about, they were never more aware of their surroundings until now.

Soon they were through the woods, and into the clearing, a small clearing with a small hut. This was it, it had to be, for they knew that their couldn't be more than one hut inside this woods. Slash walked slowly, scanning the surroundings for traps or surprises. He saw none, but was not surprised, some one of such skill would need no traps.

"Serpentor has just a few tasks for you, at least you could do us the favor of showing up to hear 'em." Dice hollered, his voice drifting off in between the trees. He received a smack to the back of the head from Slash.

"You fool, we were not suppose to mention the emperor."

"Sorry." His apology meant nothing, out of the hut walked the ninja they sought, swords tucked to his side. He wore the garb of a Cobra warrior, Dice and Slice were half tempted to bow before him, but they wouldn't let it show. Slash walked forward slowly, tentatively, his weapon put to the side. He knew this could be a trick, expected it not to be, but cautiously he approached.

"If Serpentor wishes my services then I will see if I am fit to take on that position."

"What about the Commander?" Dice asked, and again received a slap to the back of the head.

"Cobra Commander understands that tasks must be accomplished to achieve an end result. I am sure I will meet with my Commander again."

"Of course, I'm glad we could come to a an agreement without violencet. At the bottom of the hillside we have a Crimson Chopper that can transport us back to our base." Slash said, turning his back to the ninja.

"Put your sword away."

"Of course, and relax.....you have nothing to fear from us, we are your new allies....Storm Shadow."

11-26-2006, 12:38 PM
0300 18 October 2006 - Western Europe (exact coordinates not listed)

"No one gets out alive." The armored commander of the Iron Grenadiers whispered as low as he could. The compound they stood outside of was a great pain to his father. Those simple words, that little command set off a wave of Iron Grenadiers, the elite military of Destro. As if on cue the doors and windows to the building gave way and one by one the troops stormed inside.

Within seconds gun shots were heard, but they were not quick to end. Alexander McCullen smiled wickedly as the shots continued for minutes on end. He sat patiently inside his DEMON, retribution on his mind. The events that led him to this small time task still fresh in his mind. He was making many a payment to his father now, this being one of them.

"Do we think it's clear?" Mistress Armada asked as she rubbed his leg, a smile plastered on her face. "I grow tired of these feeble jobs Alexander, when will your father learn."

"It is a feeble job but we must work our way back into good graces. And after all, with him away we are in charge of all operations at Trans-Carpathia." Alexander winked and began to provocatively rub his companion. She giggled rather school girlishly and made herself more accessible to the touches.

"Ahem!" The two were cleared from their play as Wraith made his presence known. "The building is clear...should we leave the bodies behind."

"Leave the bodies of the troops, bring me the leader of this base....his head will serve as a worthy reminder to pay dues on time." Alexander laughed, and started his DEMON. "And Wraith, send a friendly reminder to my father that his first coordinates were wrong....none the less, we still managed to find the target."

"Yes sir." Wraith made his way back into the building, happy to oblige with his commands.

As Alexander began to pull away from the scene, for all intents and purposes it looked like nothing had transpired. Besides the broken glass and doors their was no blood to be found, nor was their any remnants of an attack from the outside. However, he knew on the inside that his men had done the job at hand.

He locked in his coordinates and set to relax. Mistress Armada rubbed his shoulders, anxious to get back to the castle and share in some alone time. Destro had locked her up for far too long, no company from Alexander had begun to drive her crazy. She was the first to see the tank in front of them, but it was too late for her to respond, before the words could come out of her mouth.

As the two tried to gain composure, the hatch to the Detonator opened, Cesspool stepped out alone and unarmed. He assessed the damage to his ride, minimal and he knew it would not cause him any hardship to return with. He slowly walked to the DEMON's hatch and tapped lightly on it, a little bit of humor amongst the events.

Alexander pulled the gun out of his holster, and pushed the hatch release, aiming the gun right at Cesspool's temple. Mistress Armada readied her weapon as well, as the two stepped out of the vehicle, looking suspiciously around the surroundings for a trap.

"Who are you?" Alexander was obviously not well-versed on the Cobra hierarchy, perhaps a reason for his previous failures. Mistress Armada put her gun back and made her way to Cesspool, who spread himself willingly to allow her to check him for weapons.

"I assure you that I have come unarmed. However, the driver of that Detonator is heavily armed, but I'm sure you would know that the vehicle itself is his greatest weapon." Cesspol dusted himself off and smiled at the two. Both Mistress Armada and Alexander stood in shock, staring at the lights of the Detonator. "Now, why don't we approach this like civilzed businessmen, put down your weapon!"

Alexander obliged, dropping his gun to the floor and leaning against the wreckage of the DEMON, his only hope that Wraith and the Iron Grenadiers would catch up to them.

"My name is Vincent D'Alleva, your father and others known me better as Cesspool. But your father is not of interest to me, or my backers. In fact, I believe your father is of very little interest to you as well." Cesspool knew what he was to play off of, and he planned on working the card to it's fartherst reaches. "I know of you Alexander, I know of your great triumph as the leader of Cobra, but it was the failure of those around you that led to your downfall, wasn't it?"

Alexander's mind began to brew, the hatred began to rear it's ugly little head. Mistress Armada could see it, Cesspool could too.

"Your father thought you had overstepped your bounds. Bounds? Great leaders can not be regulated to bounds....I can offer you a boundless world Alexander"

"My father has learned the errs of his ways, he trusts me now." Alexander could not believe the words that he spoke, but he wanted so badly to. He could not betray his father again though, it would only give him good reason to be mistrusted.

"I see, fear, you would not know what to do with the offer I would have given. I will find another who can be suited for great power." Cesspool turned, his back facing the young couple, his face covered in a smile.

"No, I am not afraid. I can handle the greatest power you could throw at me." Alexander walked forward confidently.

"I hope so. I have watched the great power you hold at your hands. It is no easy task to kill off an entire building of the Black Dragons, that makes you an accomplished man. However, I have a greater task for you, it will require a slight amount of work though."

"I can accomplish any task I am given." Alexander responded, the sound of tank wheels buzzing in the not so distant distance.

"Kill the Iron Grenadiers that approach it, excluding Wraith. When you find yourself back at your castle you will see that my Cobra troops have already dispatched of those you left behind. If you are sure of your talent to accomplish greatness then I will call upon you again, and soon. In the meantime, trust only Mistress Armada and Wraith....so in the presence of a leak, you know who to kill for disloyalty."

Cesspool uttered not another word as he climbed back into the Detonator and pulled off into the woods, leaving Alexander and Mistress Armada to find means to kill twenty five Grenadiers.

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0900 19 October 2006 - Congo Jungle

"It's hotta then bloody hell out 'ere."

"When you fall victim to your own loudness, know that it was of your own intent."

"What da hell is that suppose a mean?" Major Bludd asked Storm Shadow, thorougly confused.

"It means shut the hell up." Slash responded, knowing that Storm Shadow wouldn't clarify. "Normally I have to worry about you two, but you're nothing compared to him."

Slice and Dice laughed as they cleared through the jungle vines. Both of them angry that for the second time they were sent to the jungle, and for the second time, they were not in charge. Slowly the envoy that followed them made it to their destination....a cliff. Major Bludd quickly sat down, pulling water from his waist side and chugging it. His Skull squad stopped to rest beside him, all of them equally tired. The ninjas each wondered how they were such well paid mercenaries if a simple hike drained them of energy.

"So where are these creeper things at then?" Major Bludd asked as he scanned the horizon with his binoculars. He could see no buildings in the distance, in part mostly to the trees that clouded his view. "Maybe Serpy sent us a wild goose chase? Get the best o' his men out in the jungle and leave him, 'fraid of bein' one-upped."

"You are a moron." Slash shook his head. "That would be true if only you were not here. Emperor Serpentor has insured me that his method for convincing the Night Creepers to arrive is fail proof."

"Nothing is fail proof." Storm Shadow interrupts from his seated state, his legs crossed, eyes shut, speaking as he meditates.

"Nothing is fail proof, victim to yourself....blah." One of the Skull squad troopers laughs to himself as he mimics the ninja warrior. The others look on as hits the floor, a ninja star stuck deep in his neck. As eyes fixate on Storm Shadow, it is unclear if the ninja even moved as he struck down the soldier.

"There" Dice says, pointing down the cliff. Sure enough, a fraction of the Night Creepers scale the cliffside with no gear. Night Creeper leader is the first to make foot on the plateau, the rest of his men and women behind him. At this point Storm Shadow stands to his feet and approaches them, Slash, Dice and Slice at his side. All of them bow, of course with the exception of Major Bludd and his men, who look on in confusion.

"What urgent task has brought us here?" Night Creeper Leader asks Storm Shadow as the others settled in.

"I am sorry." Storm Shadow takes a deep breathe and with his skillful grace drives a sword through the chest of the Night Creeper Leader, it is placed back in it's sheath before the body is able to hit the floor. Major Bludd smiles and his men take their command, gunning down the Night Creepers one by one, many falling to the ground below. One remains standing, slowly he pulls off his mask.

"Bloody hell." Major Bludd gasps, surprised by the person in front of him. His troopers begin to laugh at the perplexed look he has on his face. That look, however, is shared by Dice and Slice. Slash and Storm Shadow do not share that look, but they each have different takes on the outcome.

"Welcome back." Slash extends a hand and it is accepted, a vigorous shake applied with it. Storm Shadow stares at the man, eyeing him up and down, as if he trying to gain a sense from him.

"I'm sorry I could not tell you master....." The man's comments go unanswered by Storm Shadow as the team, object in hand, turn to head back to their escape planes.

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1900 20 October 2006 Florida Everglades

"Alright Joes, we've got to get in quick." Duke whispered as they made their way through the waters, their protective gear all that seperated them from an angry bunch of hidden alligators. "Tunnel Rat, Shipwreck and Heavy Duty, I want you three to move in from the rear of the building. Scarlett, Kamakura, Snake Eyes, I want you three to take the front door, myself, Flint and Lady Jaye will come in from the roof. We're going to be an even match for them, but remember, where on Dreadnok turf that gives them the advantage."

The usual rounds of YO JOE were not there, no, this mission was meant for silence and low key. Duke led his team towards a tree that would give them perfect access to the roof. As Duke and Flint pulled Lady Jaye onto the roof the familiar noise of a door breaking in gave Duke the sign that someone had rushed in full force.

"Hit them Joes." Duke screamed as he jumped into the air, Flint and Lady Jaye follwoing suit to break through the cheapily assembled thatch roof on the Dreadnok compound. As they bursted through and hit the ground, guns drawn, they were surprised to see that the only ones in the building were Road Pig, Zanya and Zartan...all three were caught off guard though.

"What is the meaning of this?" Zartan asked, surprised more than anything. Zanya had her gun drawn, and Road Pig was staring Heavy Duty down, ready to throw down regardless of the sheer number disadvantage.

Road Pig leapt towards Heavy Duty and the two hit the water outside with a loud thud of back spalsh. The water was a home for neither of them, and their strength had no take in this, it was stamina that would get a winner from this fight.

Road Pig took the advantage, trying to hold Heavy Duty under the water, hoping to drowned the Joe and take the number at least down one. Soon, however, the water was thrashing and Heavy Duty got up enough strength to kick the brute of a man off of him, sending Road Pig through a railing on the side of the dock.

He rushed towards the fallen Dreadnok, trying to ignore the shallow water he was sliding in. He rammed Road Pig right back through the wall, crashing into the other two Dreadnoks. Zanya's gun went flying into the air and Zartan hit the wall, all four of them coming to a rest on the floor, Heavy Duty ontop of Road Pig, and Zartan and Zanya half pinned under him.

Tunnel Rat and Kamakura rushed forward to help Heavy Duty and assist him with handcuffing and restraining them before they could get up.

"Honestly, if you have nothing better to do then arrest a bike gang their is issue with your jobs." Zartan said with a smile, never giving up his attitude.

"You aren't just an ordinary biker Zartan." Lady Jaye said giving him back some attitude.

"I know, I'm rather talented."

"Enough with the chit chat Zartan. Where's Cobra Commander?" Duke asked, his patience fading.

"I don't know what you're talking about Joe, the Commander is in your care." Zartan looked confused, and his look was geniune. Duke had went after the wrong suspect....but with the list so long it was his best start. Zartan could see the anger, denial and failure in Duke's eyes, and he smiled. "Don't tell me you've lost him....what a shame....that always seems to happen doesn't it?"

"Don't play games with me Zartan." Duke let rip a punch to Zartan's stomach that left the master of disguise gasping for air, and the room stunned. "If you know where he is you've got two minutes to tell me, and I'm going to count fast."

The others looked on, never seeing Duke with such frustration, and not knowing if they should stop him. It wasn't like they never wanted to lay out a member of Cobra, some of them had taken the oppurtunity many times. But this was different, this was interrogation of a kind that GI Joe had never utilized.

"I don't know a thing." Zartan said, having caught his breath. "We don't get much cable or news out here...and I'm afraid we aren't in good graces with Cobra right now." Zanya watched as Road Pig used his might to work at his chains, she knew that with the Joes distracted it wouldn't take long for the muscle-bound Nok to break free.

"Don't lie to me." Duke smacked Zartan across the face, the anger inside Road Pig grew, his strength intensified with that rage.

"I am not a liar Duke, I have lost my good graces with the leaders of Cobra, in fact, I believe that their is no Cobra left." Zartan answered, having no reason to lie, no allegiance to hide. Duke stared himd own, eyes intent on him, the Joes eyes intent on Duke. Road Pig broke his chains at that point, but he didn't let that to be known to the others in the room.

"No Cobra." Duke said it silently, and no one in the room was sure if he was stating it, asking it, or just running over the idea. At that point Road Pig grabbed Zartan and Zanya and threw them over his shoulder, a feat not unimaginable for the large man. The speed that he exerted as he rushed through the wall and onto one of the hydrofoils in the swamp water was an expected feat. Duke and the others rushed after them, but even Snake Eyes was caught off guard, he too had been fixed on Duke's sudden snap in behavior.

"You all just watched." Duke said shaking his head, his voice soft but stern. "You just watched them run off."

11-26-2006, 12:39 PM
2300 20 October 2006

"After 8 days of intense searching, the United States military, along with the combined effort of the United Nations have come up empty handed in their hunt for Cobra Commander. The masked terrorist went missing in the early morning hours of October 12th and has not been captured or seen in the days since. Military personnel have issued few statements, and little of the investigation and search has been leaked. "

"In other news, the United Nations is calling the loss a monumental failure of the security system that imprisoned him. Blame is being tossed back and forth from the United States and Cuba, where the prisoners were being held at Guantanamo Bay. Also missing from the prison....terrorists Vypra, real name Ann Conda, and torturer Interrogator, real name still unknown. All three prisoners were awaiting trials scheduled for this upcoming Thursday. The judge of the case has yet to determine if the trial will continue in their absence."

"Related to the escape of the prisoners was the death of four young prison guards at the base. The guards, presumed killed before others could assume their positions and free the prisoners, were buried this past weekend, at private ceremonies. Their widows are asking for inquiries into the lack of staff at the prison, and the seeming ease the criminals had in breaking in, and breaking out of the compound."

11-26-2006, 12:40 PM
2000 21 October 2006 - Cobra Polar Base (Antarctic)

The airfield at the Polar Base was alive with arrivals. Cobra Operatives from the past were flown in to be part of the present, Cobra infantry men rushed arrivals to vehicles to get them moving. The familiar blues and reds of the Cobra garb were nowhere to be seen, the white coats the men adorned matched the simple snow covered background of the mountains that nooked the base.

Cyber-vipers rushed back and forth, fitting the new arrivals with wrist up-links. Simple devices that allowed them all to communicate to one another, and to be reached by Serpentor at the drop of a dime. None were intelligent enough to realize that they were also an effective means of keeping tabs on them.

The men got to witness great feats as they landed, squads of vipers, every different levl were buzzing about on training drills, a sight rarely seen under the Commander's watch. Rock Vipers could be seen on the side of the mountain as planes descended on the air strip. The base was in the perfect location, mountains guarding it from the visible outside, and the frigid waters on it's outskirts.

Tomax and Xamot welcomed each new arrival as the Motor Vipers drove them by, heading towards the main compound. Crimson Guards rushed the troops that arrived with the visitors to different quarters, keeping them segregated for the current time. All was going as planned, working out to perfection. Tomax and Xamot smiled as the last plane was emptied, watching as their surprise guest exited his plane.

"Welcome back, to the Cobra side." Tomax and Xamot spoke in unison, smiles adorning their face. The man nodded solemnly at them. "We have arranged a special car for you, Serpentor wishes to speak with you privately....after the ceremony."

"Understandable." The man was serious in nature, the twins disliked his inclusion in the plans, but they dare not question Serpentor's motives or decisions.

With a wave of their fingers, a Motor-viper rushed their way and grabbed the bags of the guest. "Take our guest to Serpentor's throne room, ensure that, he is unnoticed by the others."

"Yes sirs." The Motor-viper led the way for the guest to the jeep that awaited them. He was surprised to see it enclosed, with tinted black windows, but the surprise soon wore off. He knew, after all, his arrival would not be welcome for most of the men there.

Tomax and Xamot watched as the jeep pulled off towards the compound. They walked over to the ski mobils waiting for them and followed the jeep, time for their own arrival to the ceremony. The drive was quick and they waited to enter the compound, ensuring that the jeep drove around the building to the back entrance. As they watched it round the building they nodded their heads and two Snow Serpents rushed over, grabbing the mobils and driving them off back towards the air field.

"Shut the door, behind us, ensure that no one, enters until, we have given the ok." Tomax and Xamot walked into the building, disguarding their white coats once inside the doors. Cravex and Slapshot pushed the large doors shut, standing guards outside the building. Tomax and Xamot made their way towards the conference room, they would be the last to arrive before the emperor.

The room was filled with chatter and grumbling as they entered. Two seats awaited them at the far end of the table next to Dr. Mindbender, they took them and waited. It was a bit of pleasure to watch as the many operatives gave each other death glares, most of them having histories together that were unpleasant.

"Welcome." The attendants stood quickly to their feet, with the exception of Storm Shadow, he had yet to sit down at all. Serpentor made his way to the table, his normal grand attire replaced by white, fitting the bill of his new arctic base. "Please, we are here for comfort, sit down."

The crowd quickly sat down, waiting anxiously for things to begin. The doors to the conference room were pushed shut and Asp stepped in front of them, guarding the door from the inside. The low chatter in the room subsided and Serpentor cleared his throat.

"For to long we have been divided, at war with one another when our true enemies gained much we desired. GI Joe held us at bay for we were not united against them. Headman, your drug wars and petty theft has kept Zarana out of Los Angeles, but it has not kept the DEF Joe forces from crushing your business back to a turf war. Nor has it stopped GI Joe from squashing the Chicago Dreadnok faction. Examples like these plague the Cobra history, and I, myself am not innocent of this self-destructive past. I ask now that you forget of the past grievances, grudges, and look forward to a united future." Serpentor spoke like a true emperor, and although the crowd who obliged his attention did not cheer, he did have their full gaze.

Dr. Mindbender pushed a button and the panel of the wall rose, exposing Cobra Commander to the room. A cage imprisoned him, but the wall did not block him from hearing the contents of the meeting. "You speak so elegantly Serpentor." The Commander, at this point, felt the need to chime in. His uniform tattered, no doubt from the less then hospitable treatment he was recieving.

"The snake that charms me has been a thorn in my side for some time now. He has pitted you against each other, paid mercenary to battle mercenary, ninja clan to infiltrate ninja clan...he has sparked treachery in each of you. I keep him alive, however, because he is still a Cobra, and when time comes, he could greatly serve a purpose. For now, he does not." Serpentor nodded his head and Dr. Mindbender pushed the button that brought the partition back up, shutting Cobra Commander off from the crowd.

The appearance of the Commander in a cage gave most of the men in the room great satisfaction. To each of them his capture was a long time coming, but they too felt his prison should be that of Cobra and not of the United States.

11-26-2006, 12:40 PM
"In the past days you have served me well, proved loyalty to be a virtue you will use, even if in the past you have excused it. Look around this room, those who sit next to you, across from you, they are your allegiances...prove to one another that you can be trusted. To gain trust we must know one another, I know all of you, but not everyone is as acquainted." Serpentor looked over to Overlord, who took the cue.

"I am Overlord, General to the Cobra Army. I have served countless times under the command of Emperor Serpentor and wish to farther his goals....our united goals of a glorious Cobra."

"I believe I have had the pleasure of meeting most of you, but for those of you who are not familiar with me, I am Dr. Mindbender." The doctor needed no other introduction, his past work known to them all. His work was well known in their field, even if they had been apart from Cobra for some time.

"My name is Vincent D' Alleva, however, I go by the name Cesspool. I am a chief financing officer for Extensive Enterprises, as well CEO of many of Cobra's dummy corporations."

"Name's Zarana mates, it's a pleasure to be one a the few woman amongst ya." Zarana laughed, glaring down at Mistress Armada from across the table. She did not like competition for the fancy of male suitors. "At the door is one of my boys, Asp, and I'm sure you saw Cravex and Slapshot as you entered."

The room fell silence as all eyes fixed onto Storm Shadow. His name was known, his past known, but yet they still waited for him to speak, to announce himself.

"I am Slash, personal operative to Emperor Serpentor." Slash waited an appropriate amount of time before jumping in, passing over Storm Shadow.



"Ranking officers in the ninja viper squads, as well as personally responsible for bring good ole silent Storm Shadow here back to the fold." Slice answered for the both of them, however, their chuckles silenced as Storm Shadow gave them a death glare. A ninja star told them laughter should be reserved.

"Major Bludd boys, and beautifuls." Major Bludd winked at Mistress Armada, licking his lips to her disgust. "Brought me Skull squad for the long haul."

"As a side interest, while I'm here if anyone needs product, just let me know." Headman smiled before he introduced himself, tipping his hat back. "For those who do not know, I am Headman, smuggler extraordinare from California. I brought my best salesman and racketeer, Gristle, and a vast army of Headhunters with me." Gristle nodded, his sunglasses on to cover the redness of his eyes. He was, afterall, one of Headman's best customers.

Serpentor shook his head at the notion of drugs, but he was not going to put Headman in his place, that would have to wait until all tasks were accomplished.

"I have been enlisted, unsurprisingly by each of you for services. My expertise is worldwide, and I currently am training. Firefly is the name, to my left is Munitia, my apprentice." Munita cocked her head, she was similiarly dressed to Firefly. Her hair pulled back in a ponytail coming out of the signature ski-mask worn by Firefly.

"My name is Black Out, I have a personal obligation to ensure that Cobra succeeds in it's mission. Cobra took me in when the Joes wouldn't, I will make them regreat that decision."

"My name is Alexander McCullen, and I am the son of Destro." The room filled with surprise as they stared down the unfamiliar face. Many of them knew the name, but they knew him from behind Destro's mask, pretending to be him. "I have brought with me my partners, Wraith and Mistress Armada, as well as a trusted legion of Iron Grenadiers known as the Iron Anvils."

"Our reach outs have given you all knowledge of us. We are, Tomax and Xamot, we handle all, financial assets to the Cobra operation, as well, Extensive Enterprises. Our military skills including the command of the Crimson Guard ranks. In your invite to this meeting, we have ensured that you have brought along your 'donations'....your business with us is greatly appreciated."

"In your uplinks you will find the operative who brings us to our final 20. Overkill will have close tabs on you through out your relationship with us, and do not attempt to remove those tabs....their would be a very sad result." Overlord smiled as he warned against the action that many of the men were taking. Hands came back to resting at the table. "Overkill will also be able to patch you through to any other operative here, including to get troops dispatched at your needs."

"Thank you Overlord." Serpentor stood, anxious to get on with his pressing meeting. "I am sorry to have to depart from our meeting, but I have an issue at hand to deal with. Tonight is to be our final night of ease, drink, eat, relax with one another, I will speak again to you all tomorrow when necessary. Enjoy the night." Serpentor stood, he did not have to beckon, Overlord and Dr. Mindbender knew to follow, Tomax and Xamot were pros at handling a party.

As they entered through the door Serpentor's smile grew ten fold.

"It is so wonderful that you got my message. You have done well, I don't believe their was a soul alive who knew you were inside the Night Creepers, although it was a very clever hide out. You will serve a great purpose....Billy"

11-26-2006, 12:41 PM
1700 22 October 2006 Cobra Island

"How does it look?" Baroness asked, spinning in the room to show off the new dress she wore. It was a simple black number to accentuate her figure, a figure that Destro did not need to be asked to admire.

"Stunning darling, as usual." Destro kissed her on the hand and led her to the satelitte link. He sat her on his lap as they watched the current construction of a Terrordome on the outskirts of Sierra Gorde. Everything was going off without a hitch, Mars was amassing a large fortune in money from the sales of the Terrordromes, and Destro had the perfect resort home to sell them from.

Terrordomes, and the contracts that went with them, now existed inside Sierra Gorde, Trucial Abysmia, Iran, North Korea, China, and Ukraine. Negotiations were in the works for construction to begin in Kashmir, Turkey, South Africa, Portugal, Northern Ireland, and the deserts of Mexico....mostly deals with rebels and outside forces, a scheme Destro was working to his advantage.

He knew how things would work out, in his favor. The governments he was dealing with, whether in power and fighting for it were making debts to him that would never be repayable, and those forces would stand in the way very little for his army of Iron Grenadiers to seize power and assets.

"Are you ready dear?" Baroness asked, standing on the elegant black heels that matched her dress, her hand extended for him to take. He stood and grabbed it, wrapping her arm around his as he led the way to the dining hall. Both of them had long believed that a business proposal was best made over food, and alcohol certainly served it's point in their dealings as well.

"Destro, Baroness, thank you, thank you for having me."

"Of course, it is our pleasure to have such distinguised guests." Baroness said with a smile, a pleasant, warming smile. Her feminine wiles were also something used to gain deals. She grabbed the hand of the rebel leader and walked him down to the table. "Honestly darling, you should relax, tonight is an evening to enjoy."

"Yes, relax." Tommy Ashmere agreed, loosening his jacket and setting it aside. Baroness poured him a drink and she watched as he downed it, she could not hide her impression at how easily the Irish drank. Baroness poured him two more, knowing he would need them and walked around the table to her seat. She sat across from the Irish rebel, perfect place to give him eye candy, and a little leg treat if he wasn't leaning their way.

Destro walked to the table and sat, a business proposal already at his seat. He read over it to make sure that Darklon had made the right provisions and then set it back down to his satisfaction. "Mr. Ashmere, before we have dinner I thought we could discuss our little proposal, get your take on what you can...afford."

"Well, let's see." Tommy was slightly drunk by now, having added his own drinks to the table after finishing the three Baroness had given him. "I can make no guarantees Mr. Destro, but if I am to take control, I'll give ya the money and all the interest you want on it."

"Of course you will Tommy, I believe you are a man of your word. You are well aware that I am a man of my word Tommy, I do not like dishonesty. So I will be upfront with you, I have outlined a financing fee that should work to your situation, however, if you are unable to make payments, or if you lose power, I will come in and do the job for you, reposing my terrordome and taking power for myself." Destro's smile was sinister, a smile that shone through his silver face plate, twisting up the nooks his mouth to a devious smirk. Baroness could sense that Tommy was uneasy, but she also knew that he would not back down. She started to slowly rub his leg with her toes, and she could see the look on his face easing.

"I'm all for it Destro, where's the dotted line?" Tommy's own vision was blurred, but Baroness stood behind him and helped to see that the pen made it across that line. He set the pen down and smiled at Destro and Baroness, a cheap, drunken smile. If he was sober he still probably would have met the deal, but even the evil he had in mind was little to say for the likes of Destro.

"Allow us to give you free time, enjoy the rest of your stay on the island. A car will be around to get you in the morning and take you to your transport." Destro excused himself and Baroness, as they walked out, a female trooper walked in, Destro always liked to provide a little bit of entertainment for his guests.

"Construction is going as planned Lord Destro, did the proposal go as planned?" Darklon and Voltar rushed to the two's sides as they walked down the hall from the dining room.

"Yes, call Alexander, he and his squad of Iron Grenadiers are the closet to begin construction on the Terrordrome for the Irish rebels." Destro replied and ordered. Voltar rushed to do the job, ready to call on Alexander.

"Do you think that is wise cousin?" Darklon asked, not fearing reprisal for questioning Destro, they were family, it was his place to question. "Alexander has usurped power he has been given in the past."

"He is ready to be trusted again." Destro gave a short answer, not sure that he believed it, but he could put little money into a large project of massing a construction crew from Cobra Island to send.

"What of Castle Destro? Who will guard it?" Darklon asked, still hoping that he could convince his cousin to reconsider...having a bad feeling of the decision.

"Castle Destro will be fine cousin Darklon, Alexander will do fine."

11-26-2006, 12:41 PM
1200 31 October 2006 Antarctic Geographical Base

"This is Snow Job, I'm at the northern tip of the first peak, about to decline and continue to search for signs of global warming or pollution-induced detoriation of the caps."

"You really have to do that?' Sub Zero asked annoyingly as he prepared to decent the mountain with his teammate. "Can't you just inform them of when you find something? You know, if it exists, not where the hell you are before you even find anything."

"I do my job that way it is given to me." Snow Job answered with the same annoyance in his voice. Neither men were fond of the weather, and on the same hand, neither one of the men were fond of getting this job. GI Joe had been on what seemed like a hiatus, besides the briefing they had gotten sent to them about Cobra Commander's escape little else had been seen of Cobra in over a year. The job the Joes were getting stuck with around the globe were beginning to look menial in light of their real talents.

Snow Job took the first push, sending himself down the mountain and fast, Sub Zero quick on his heels, following the trail down. After five minutes they were at the snow caps that had been marked for inspection, as Sub Zero stopped, Snow Job was already getting out his equipment.

"We've located the designated point for observation and will begin to test for evidence of ice melting substantially." Sub Zero was already bored, anxious to get back to their little hut, if you could even call it that, a two room shack more like it.

"Don't you think it's shitty that we got this mission. I mean, GI Joe ain't about global warming, not unless Cobra's behind it." Sub Zero griped, sitting down and resting his feet. At least the cold air was kept off his body from the high ticket thermal gear that came standard on arctic missions, it was just his face that was cold.

"Like I said Mark, I do what's asked of me. I think we'd be put to better use on a real mission, but if this is what General Hawk wants than this is what we'll do." Snow Job answered truthfully as he too sat down to relax.

"What about Frostbite, why couldn't he have done this?" Sub Zero asked angrily, always finding something to gripe about.

"I'm sure he's doing something important, they don't take him out of the cold for any reason." Snow Job replied, but he wasn't sure where the other artic commando was, their wasn't much cold ground to cover that was consider neutral terrority.

They both stood up and dusted some of the snow off of them, took to looking around. Sub Zero made his way towards another peak and scaled it, it only being about ten feet taller then the one they stood on. From that outlook he could see a lot, and as he narrowed his eyes he could make a building that wasn't on any of the maps that he had seen.

"Hey, Snowy, come 'er" Snow Job slowly made his way over, after making sure that his gear was secure. He climbed to the top of the little peak and looked at what Sub Zero was pointing towrads. "What is that?"

"I don't know." Snow Job pulled out his map, a current, up to date one that showed no buildings on this side of the continent. "Hang on." He slid down the peak and back to his gear, rummaging for his binoculars. Finally finding them he rushed back up to the peak, tossing them to Sub Zero as he climbed.

Sub Zero peered through them, not liking what he saw. "You've got to see it for yourself." He handed the binoculars back to Snow Job and let him look through.

"Did you see what I'm seeing?" Snow Job asked as he continued to looking, moving his view towards many different areas.

"Yeah, Cobra." Sub Zero responded solemnly. "And of course we didn't get any authorization to bring guns, but don't worry I've got mine in the hut anyways."

"No, we'd never be able to get past them, it's a heavily fortified base. I can see an airfield, hangars, troops all over the place. We've got to get back to the hut and radio for the Pit, they've got to know that Cobra is still in business."

"Yes, yes they do." Snow Job spun around quickly to see Sub Zero on the ground, the distinct and fresh line of blood running through the snow beneath his body. "I don't think now is the time though Joe."

"They'll know, you can't expect things to be different." Snow Job stared them down, hoping against hope that he could get out of this alive.

"Of course they can, we got two Joes already didn't we." The Snow Wolf laughed and walked up to Snow Job, hitting him over the head with the blunt end of his rifle, knocking him to the floor. "Get the two of them back to the base, take the shot one to the medics, Interragator can decide whether or not their worth keeping alive after that."

11-26-2006, 12:42 PM
1800 1 November 2006

"In continued coverage, we turn to Tanya London for a report on....The Hunt for Cobra Commander."

"Thank you Steve. In our continued report we have learned that little has changed. Judge Armstrong continues to insist that he will not continue such an unprecedented trial in absentia, leaving the American people, as well as those abroad to wonder....will Cobra Commander ever be found."

"Insiders have said that few leads have been made, and with the imposing threat of Destro, a man military and White House officials ranked as the number 2 face behind Cobra time is running out. Pentagon officials on condition of anonymity told us that current plans were leaning more towards an escalation with Destro on Cobra Island...leaving the search for Cobra Commander in the hands of the United Nations."

"Our reporting has continued on all fronts, including our internet poll. We posed the question; 'Do you think Cobra Commander will be found?' 58 percent of those taking the poll said no, 10 percent said yes, and a questionable 32 percent said they were unsure he was even caught. The people of the United States and the world are not happy with the current situation.....a situation that is leaving all people of the world in serious distress."

"I'm Tanya London reporting from Washington D.C., good evening."

11-26-2006, 12:42 PM
1900 1 November 2006 - Castle Destro, Trans Carpathia

"Patch me through to Serpentor Overkill." Alexander sat anxiously in his throne room chair, spinning impatiently as Mistress Armada and Wraith paced the room.

"Emperor Serpentor is dealing with a current problem Alexander. I'm afraid you will have to speak to Overlord or try again." Overkill replied in a robotic, monotone voice. His face beamed over the wrist uplink, an eerie green, Alexander despised the sight of it, unhuman he referred to it.

"The connect me with Overlord." Alexander demanded, rudely, which did not go unnoticed by Overkill.

"What is it Alexander?" Overlord asked angrily, his face staring down at the uplink, and then back up at Alexander through his own. "I am very busy at this moment."

"My father wants me to over see costruction of a terrordrome in Ireland. If I leave I will leave Castle Destro open for his return, as well as foil my strong hold in Europe." Alexander spoke through his ass at most points, exaggerating things.

"You have no stronghold in Europe, do not speak to me as if I were a moron. You have one Castle, a parcel of land, that is all. If your father wishes you to go to Ireland, then go to Ireland. Assemble the troops that we have given you, as well as the plans for the terrordrome, as many possible copies as you can. I want disks, harddrives, maps, blueprints, everything....I will send troops and others to meet you in Ireland."

"You want me to leave my Castle?" Wraith and Mistress Armada stopped pacing, waiting for more.

"Yes I want you to leave your Castle. Destro will find out soon enough that you are a force to be reckoned with. In the meantime, stay on his good side so I do not have to make you deal with his bad side. The media has already started reporting his activities, it won't be long before GI Joe is forced to deal with our problem for us." Overlord said, clearing his attitude, relaxing a little.

"Fine, I expect a large group then, I don't do menial labor." Alexander whined almost like a small child, kicking up his feet on the chair.

"I'll send you what I see fit you spoiled brat." Overlord cancelled the transmission, muttering to himself.

"We will leave in the morning, Overlord has requested that we take as many troops as possible, which means them all. I don't wanna any one of these Cobra operatives to be found out by my father, he knows an Iron Grenadier when he sees one. Wraith, go about the Castle with a couple of guards, collect all the computer harddrives, disks, and blueprints for the Terrordromes....Overlord wants those too." Alexander acted like he was cool and collected, however, his allies could read him and knew that he was disappointed to say the least.

"Ireland is beautiful this time of year honey, and after all, it puts us much closer to England, much closer to being one of the first Cobra operatives to capture a land worth something to Serpentor. You know the Emperor won't want to rule from Antarctica forever, he'll owe you a great debt to bringing him out of the cold." Mistress Armada began her ass kissing early on in her career as an Iron Grenadier, and it eventually led her to Alexander.


"He is not happy emperor." Overlord sat down in the spa, relaxing.

"I know, but I am not here to make everyone happy. He will bring the plans with him to Ireland, Overkill will upload them to us and we will have our own means of building Terrordromes. We have far more troops and technology to build with, Destro will lose ground in the markets and have to come at us. Then we will regain the Island, as well as his obedience." Serpentor smiled, sinking slowly into the spa. Four female guards stood by, each of them in various bathing suits, hardly suited for battle, but well equipped for the event Serpentor had planned of them.

"I don't believe Destro is so easily controlled." Overlord laughed, sipping at his champagne. "I believe we may have trouble keeping him under wraps."

"We do not need to keep him under wraps. He is not a part of my plan, if he chooses not to align himself with me so be it, but I will hold his assets and his interests.....the choice will have already been made for him." A brunette guard sank into the water besides Serpentor and started to massage his chest.

"I see." Overlord answered shortly as a red head slid in next to him, he was beginning to enjoy the simple life of this new Cobra regime.

"Ensure that Alexander gets a large batallion of BATS sent to him in the morning, Overkill is already prepared to download the files as soon as Alexander logs into a system. However, I would like to see that someone human travels with the BATS, I want the handoff of that data to be witnessed with real eyes....computers can't be one hundred percent trusted....a lack of deceit. " Serpentor's eyes remained shut, visions of his once splendor from Rome filled his mind as the spa took him back.

"I will send Headman then, perhaps he can get us a few customers from the Irish as well. I didn't think the IRA would reward us so well." Overlord chirped.

"Every failed military coup, terrorist organization and rebel group will reward us Overlord, they simply don't know they are doing it."

11-26-2006, 12:43 PM
1100 2 November 2006 - Northern Ireland

"Welcome to Ireland Headman." Alexander graciously shook the hand of Headman. Gristle stood behind his boss, the light of the sun hurting his eyes already, even through his sun glasses. He stared down Wraith and Mistress Armada through those glasses though, smiling to himself that they were unable to tell.

"Overkill's shipment of BATS have arrived as well, they've already begun work on the Terrordrome that the IRA ordered. If you follow us we'll take you to the room they've set us up in, the paperwork is there." Alexander started to lead the way towards a small building, the five walked briskly by the BATS, hard at work.

"They work really well, should get them to push our drugs." Gristle snickered under his breath as he followed Headman.

"They wouldn't have a personal touch." Headman replied, having heard Gristle's comment.

"Yeah, but they wouldn't die when some punks shot at them either." Gristle laughed, ignoring the dirty stares they were recieving from Mistress Armada.

"Emperor Serpentor is intrigued by this deal with the IRA. Are they trustworthy?" Headman asked as he sat down, feet propped on the small desk. He was an excellent businessman, it had gotten him very far and he knew how to use it.

"Of course, my father does not do business with those that might not be able to carry through." Alexander replied a little bit too agitated.

"You speak like your father still commands you. You'd be wise to watch that when you are around others on the board." Headman smirked, referring to himself, Gristle and any of the others who were amongst the new rank and file of Cobra Command. "You're father looked into their business assets did he then, knows that they've got no money to back their word up?"

"I'm sure he did, it would be wise of him to have made a deal with some one who could not pay. That would get him a strategically island....a good base of operations already set up for him to command from. Plus, those in debt to well when paying it off with their blood and weapons." Alexander replied, toning down his attitude.

"He is clever, as is the emperor. He has the same idea in mind. We will build this Terrordrome, take it over. When the BATS are finished with the construction they will have orders to eliminate the IRA chapter that has contracted your father. From there you will radio your father, tell him of your disloyalty and plans will further." Headman stood from the table with the documents in hand, a smirk on his face.

"I am to tell my father? Would it not better serve the emperor and the command better for my allegiance to remain hidden?" Alexander asked, his head turning to see what Wrait and Mistress Armada were thinking. There faces were blank, perhaps a means to throw Headman off.

"The emperor has already made his decision, if he wants you to tell your daddy then he must feel it won't jeopardize our plans." Headman answered as he walked out the door, Gristle in tow. Gristle pulls out a cigarette and lights it up as they walk back to a jeep.

"We gonna look for business?" Gristle asked.

"Of course, Overlord feels that we should find some new clientele while we are here." Headman taps on the Headhunters shoulder and he begins to drive into the town. Business can have two fronts, the military, and the financial....Headman's financial being drugs.

"Do you think Destro will fall for Serpy's plans?" Gristle asks as he kicks back to relax.

"I believe that Serpentor has a very good plan laid out, I also believe that Destro will fall in when the time comes. Honor is a grave matter, Serpentor will be honorable, Destro likes that." Headman responded as they whizzed past trees. "And of course, if he doesn't, I don't think we have much to worry about."

11-26-2006, 12:44 PM
1200 9 November 2006 - The Pit

"Alright Joes, quiet down." General Hawk silenced the room, standing at a podium as the Joes sat down and straightened up. "We have a mission at hand that is more urgent then what we would have expected. Hours of transmissions have went unanswered by Snow Job and Sub-Zero at their Antartic Post. Our briefings show that a tracker bug deployed on a Cobra chopper has showed up on the radar in the general vicinity of the Antartic. Cobra is operating in the polar regions with no natural authorities to report their activities. After careful consideration I have decided that a full scale assault is out of the question. We can't risk launching a mass of Joes towards a base we know nothing of."

"Then a small group it is." Duke spoke up from the sidelines of the stand, a similar response came from the far side of the stage as Flint threw up an agreement.

"Duke, Flint, I'm sorry, but neither one of your are going on this mission." Hawk had not wanted to publicly denounce them, but they gave him no choice with their outburst. The crowd was a mixture of silence and shock. Most of the Joes were so accustomed with Duke or Flint leading the way that it was a large surprise to see them both put on the sidelines.

"Then who?" Roadblock asked finally, sparking the debate amongst the crowd. Everyone began making assumptions, assuming it would have to be Beachead or Roadblock, or maybe Gung Ho or Falcon.....the conversations gave General Hawk little room to speak.

"Settle down." Hawk barked out and the room slowly quieted, all eyes on him. "I want a covert operation, I'm sending in Snake Eyes and Scarlett, they'll take Jinx, Kamakura and Tiger Claw to the scientific outpost and make base there. From that locale they will make their way to the chopper's tracker and make a move from there."

Again the crowd erupted into conversations amongst themselves. No one was questioning the leadership ability of Scarlett and Snake Eyes, both were excellent leaders, but to leave five Joes to infiltrate Cobra, with no upfront information, it was a large task to accomplish. Not to mention the lack of skill Tiger Claw had in the battle, he would certainly drag down the group.

"Quiet....please, you are soldiers, respect that title." Hawk hollered again with anger, annoyed at their dissent. "We have no room for error here, the government is questioning our very necessity. Cobra Commander is still at large, Destro is holed up on Cobra Island and we still aren't sure which master mind is running this new operation. Our mission here is to bring home two Joes, two friends, and to assess the level of danger we are up again. We may not get a second chance."

The room was silent after that statement. Most of the Joes had talked about it, it wasn't unfamiliar to them. Every so often when the need was limited they were dismantled, a fear that often rang true in their minds when Cobra is hiding out. Now it was put out on the table from their supervisor, from their ranking commander.

"I want the rest of you to break into teams, Duke, Flint, Lady Jaye, Wild Bill, Long Range, you're heading to New York, I want a new assessment of Extensive Enterprises. Mainframe, High Tech, Cover Girl, Tunnel Rat, I want you to head to Chicago, I want a complete run down of the city for Dreadnok activity, I need to know what level Zarana still plays in this plot. Bombstrike, Dusty, Roadblock, Gung Ho, Heavy Duty you're heading to LA, I want to get a base of operations running on that side of the country....Cobra's got operatives anywhere and that will get us one level closer to the sea. The rest of you, be prepared, I'll have mission statements ready for you all, we're gonna have to play offensive and play it hard." Hawk replied, solemnly stopping and trying to decide just what was going to be his next move.

"YO JOE" The Joes cleared the room for him, concluding with their usual optimistic and upbeat cheer. Most of the room wasn't feeling it, the news wasn't good, but they had an objective and they knew how to get things done.

Snake Eyes, Scarlett, Jinx, Kamakura and Tigerclaw remained in the room. General Hawk ushered them up the stage, a position he normally brought Duke to and began to inform them of their task at hand, Duke watched as he walked from the room disappointedly.

0200 10 November 2006 - Antartica Scientic Base

Snake Eyes motioned slowly to his group, the white suits that covered them practically hid them perfectly. The snow that fell around them was a welcoming, it helped them blur even more. Slowly they came to the last location that Snow Job had recorded, a small mountain top. Snake Eyes scanned the horizon, looking for a building.

It was Jinx who looked down and noticed the building, it white as well, pracitcally hiding it perfectly in the snow. Between the mountains it was hidden well, and as the snow cleared they saw a much more devestating picture. The building they saw was just a fraction of the operation below them. A large hanger could clearly be seen with vehicles outside and presumable inside. Run way strips lined the ground, etched out by landing lights and blinkers.

Snake Eyes scanned it thorougly, finally pointing towards a far building. It was small and set to itself, but it was too small to be a barracks for troops, and far to small to be a base of operations for meetings. Scarlett got the same feeling, if their was a prison on this base, that was where it would be. She only hoped they were right, she knew that they would have only one chance to find their friends....for Snow Job and Sub Zero she hoped the intuition was right.

"We'll head down slowly, keep silent, this base is large, keep an eye for Cobra troops." Scarlett advised as they moved cautiously down the mountain. They were skilled though, and they moved as if they were floating in air, the snow beneath them barely moving as they brushed it. Kamakura was the first to notice the cameras though, and soon they all heard the explosion. A bright ball of flame jumped into the air, and they turned back sharply, they knew it was the small building they had come from.....and probably their escape plane.

"Keep moving." Jinx ushered them on though, taking the lead as she donned a blindfold, this one white to go with the scenario.

"Jinx is right, keep moving, they have us on tape so at least we won't be surprised." Scarlett snapped back to the reality and stepped back in front. Snake Eyes followed the four at a distance, bringing up the rear. He could sense that they were not alone, sense the presence of others, but they were at a distance.

Slowly they came to the back of the building they were working towards, from the outskirts they could see guards walking the compounds. It was a surprise for them to see such organization, so much detail to this base, they knew this was the new head of Cobra.

Snake Eyes leapt to the building slowly, followed by Scarlett and then one by one the others. His silent skills worked the vent open easily and one by one they fell through, landing with grace on the floor inside a storage room. It was filled with boxes, guns, ammunition, meal rations and other barrack necessities. It began to give them the idea that they were in the wrong place.

11-26-2006, 12:46 PM
"Stick close Joes, stay quiet." Scarlett motioned for them to follow as Snake Eyes silently opened the door. Gracefully he leapt into the hall but landed in silence. The others followed, the training they had acquired from Snake Eyes let them do the same.

Slowly they made their way through the hall, and as they came to a cross way they could hear footsteps. The clanking of boots echoed down the walls, and their training told them there were two troops at the far end. Snake Eyes motioned and Tiger Claw and Kamakura took off lightning fast down the hall.

Within a minute the Joes heard the sound of bodies falling and they rushed forward. The two guards lay on the floor motionless, barely breathing. A nod from their master gave the two ninjas pride as they stepped back in line to follow him through the halls. Finally they came to a secured door, a scanner and pin code machine on the wall.

Scarlett stepped forward and began to work on the numbers, trying to decode it. As she worked diligently Snake Eyes stood still, stone still, listening and analyzing. Finally Scarlett had the door unlocked and as it opened the guards began pouring towards them. They were visible now, no boxes or corridors to duck down, just a long empty hallway.

Their skills took control of them now as each of them leapt up the walls and quickly through the hall, dodging bullets with their swords and speed. Each of them took on three or more vipers, armed with nothing but their swords and honor....and in the end....they remained standing.

"Jinx, Kamakura, take the right....if you find them call us." Scarlett ordered the two down the hall, realizing time was running low for them. Snake Eyes led her, and Tigerclaw to the left.

At the end of the hall they ran into another door, but Snake Eyes left no time for it to be deciphered, a well placed slash of his sword activated the door and it slid open slowly. The room was dark, a small light hung on the far wall, barely illuminating a foot worth of the room. The Joes peered in slowly, something felt odd. As they stepped in, they could hear the footsteps of others stepping out.

"Don't move." Scarlett turned quickly, trying to check where the noise came from, but the room echoed. Soon she realized that their were at least five other men in the room with them, dark as the night. It would be their first run in with the Shadow Guard.

"There." Scarlett pointed forward and Tigerclaw rushed the room, he ducked as if he knew the attack was coming, the baton from the guard missing him by a mile. Soon the dark room was filled with fighting, the weaponry of the guards dinging and clanging off metal walls.

The darkness of the room was a weapon that each side knew how to use. Snake Eyes was the first to to get a full assessment of the room, and he began to dart about it quickly, using the guards against themselves, their weapons landing serious blows to one another. Scarlett felt the hand on her shoulder, familiar, it was done, Snake Eyes had put them down.

"Tigerclaw, do you see any doors?' Scarlett asked through the darkness.

"Over here, just one." Scarlett and Snake Eyes rushed over and sure enough, a small light emitted from a crack in the wall. Their was a door, no window, no visor, just a metal slat in the wall. The three of them pushed but it did not budge. "Jinx, Kamakura, trace your steps back, head to the left at the fork and meet us in the distant room."

Soon the other two were there, and the five of them made a combined effort to push open the door. Slowly it began to budge, creaking as it pushed in. When it was open the light was bright, as if the room was meant to be a distractant from the actual outside of the building. Their on the floor sat Snow Job and Sub Zero.....unaware of the entire scene that had just transcribed.

"Snow Job, Sub Zero." Scarlett rushed in, kneeling by the two Joes to see if they were injured. She quickly discovered that Sub Zero was injured and it suddenly made the mission even more dire to complete. "Kamakura, Tigerclaw, get over here."

"How'd you find us?' Snow Job asked groggily, his throat dry, his body weak.

"We tracked you down, Shipwreck got a bug on one of the Cobra choppers, it led us here." Scarlett answered as she stood back up, helping him to his feet. "Guys, we're gonna have to carry Sub Zero out of here, we'll use the cot as a make shift back board, we'll have to be quick but careful, he needs medical aid and fast."

"I'm fine." Sub Zero responded, wincing as they lifted the cot. As it came into the air Snake Eyes slashed off the posts and legs to it, leaving it just a flat board.

"We know buddy." Snow Job responded as he walked slowly behind the Joes. "What's the damage around here? Are the others taking care of business?"

"Their are no others, its just us, it was a pure rescue mission." Scarlett replied, doubling back to help him walk quicker.

"What? You mean this is it?" Snow Job said in a voice that worried the others.

"We'll get you out of here." Scarlett responded not wanting to slow down.

"I know what you're capable of Scarlett, believe me, but this is big, Cobra ain't sleeping no more." Snow Job responded as they came to the front door. Snake Eyes pushed it open slowly and then led the way back into the shadows as they crept along the outskirts of the base.

The same eerie feeling came across the Joes, again as if they were being watched. As they made their was close to the foot of the hill they were to climb, the eyes that were watching them suddenly became bodies.

"Blood Brother, your escape will have to wait." Storm Shadow was the first to step out of the white terrain, his usual attire cloaked in perfectly with it, however, he did not need clothing to help him blend in. "I'm afraid we can't allow prisoners to leave."

"You don't have a choice." Kamakura hollered as he rushed towards the Cobra ninja, a quick work of the hands and soon he was back with the other Joes, uninjured, but his ego bruised. As he steadied himself, Dice, Slice, Slash and finally Billy stepped out of the shadows. They all slid their white coats off and stood tall in their Cobra outfits.

"I have four other choices Kamakura." Storm Shadow led the assault, rushing towards the Joes, his swords aimed for the heart of Snake Eyes.

"Snow Job, can you help Tigerclaw get Sub Zero up the hill?' Scarlett asked, desperately hoping that he could, their enemies fast approaching.

"Joes don't run Scarlett." Snow Job stood tall, grabbing a gun from Scarlett's holster as she readied her sword. She shook her head grabbed the gun.

"Get him up that hill Snow Job and take cover." Scarlett didn't look back, she knew the order was being taken. She readied her sword and rushed towards Dice, this was what she had trained for.

The clangs of swords and clinks of metal radiated through the snow caps, fancy footwork and aerial maneuvers left Joe and Cobra alike scrambling for weapon and footing. Billy stared down at Kamakura, a smile on his face, he could feast off the ego that this young ninja had.

"Kamakura is it?' Billy asked as he and the Joe circled one another.

"Yeah, and who are you, you're face aint' so pretty." Kamakura lunged forward with arrogance, having expected the quip to throw his enemy off guard, but it did no such thing and he landed in a snow pile without having gotten within an inch of Billy.

"My name's Billy, consider my face the prettiest thing you will see before you die." Bily rushed at Kamakura, his sword barely drawn. Kamakura was able to deflect him with a quick kick to the gut, a kick that helped him propel to his feet. Soon the two were going one one in hand to hand combat.


"Still not speaking I see." Storm Shadow laughed as he connected to Snake Eyes chest with a roundhouse kick. "It's a shame you could not be serious without the vowel of silence."

Their swords were like magnets to one another, each move was connected with another. If their was time to watch it would have been beautiful, but their was no time. The white landscape was getting lit up with the sparks of metal on metal, as ninjas rushed about.

Soon the entire area was silent, swords were drawn.

"Snake Eyes." Scarlett's voice was not shrill, it didn't contain fear, but it had an underlining sense of urgency and Snake Eyes knew it. His sword was drawn, he was closing in on Storm Shadow, but Jinx was in a different scenario, she was at the mercy of Slash, his sword at her throat. Kamakura was in a similar situation his sword laying at his feet, Billy's sword at his chest.

Scarlett was holding her own, both Slice and Dice lay at her feet, out cold.

"A victory." Storm Shadow said with a smile as he lay still, expecting Snake Eyes sword to cut through him. He shut his eyes peacefully, his life was in preparation for this moment, it was one of the two scenarios he had planned for himself.

After a moment and nothing he opened his eyes. He looked around and the others were gone, Snake Eyes and the Joes were gone, and Billy and Slash were helping Slice and Dice to their feet.

"What happened?"

"They left in exchange for their counterparts." Billy replied angrily, as he slapped Dice to revive him.

"What the hell?' Dice hollered in pain, than looked around and realized the surroundings. "Where's the Joes?"

"Their honor carried them home." Storm Shadow turned, the others followed.

11-26-2006, 12:46 PM
1800 12 November 2006

"In continuing coverage on the Cobra conflict we go to correspondent Tonya London for me..."

"Thanks Steve. I'm here outside the Pentagon where we've just learned that a large fleet of United States naval ships has entered into Cobra territory outside of Cobra Island. The conflict with Destro is officially underway. Our insiders have told us that their is a substantial likelihood that this conflict will be resolved quickly and with as little violence as can be."

"Could this lead to the capture of Cobra Commander or other high-ranking officials of Cobra, Tonya?"

"The President is just not sure Steve. Cobra Commander is still at large, and Destro will be a hard figure to capture. At this time they just aren't making any guarantees."

"Thank you Tonya....to add to the coverage we have just recieved word that two U.S. soldiers, rank unknown have been rescued from a Cobra outpost. However, their is no official word on the names of the soldiers or the location from which they were rescued. As information continues to come to us we will keep you posted."

11-26-2006, 12:47 PM
1300 13 November 2006 - 12 miles off the coast of Cobra Island

"What's it look like soldier?"

"No signs of a defense system general."

"Then we move forward, Destro remains our target." The uniformed general stoic face shows battle hardened years behind it, but he has not seen the battle that lies ahead. His soldiers will face unsurmountable odds at capturing Cobra Island, after all, not all defenses are seen.

"Sir, we've got mines up ahead." The soldier starts to count the blips on his radar, his hand moving quickly. "I can't keep count sir, their's got to be a hundred of them or more and they're moving. They aren't solitary, like something is guiding them."

Sure enough, below the dark waters of the coast a large unit of Undertows were moving the mines, guiding them gracefully through the water. The suicide mission was one of honor, honor instilled by their great leader, Lord Destro himself.

"How much of a gap do we have to turn about?" The General asked, rushing to the radar.

"No room sir, the mines are close, any turn would hit them."

"Then what do you propose we do?" The General, soldier, and the others in the operation room aboard the ship sat in thought. They had little time to make any decision, no decision was right. "The first hit will set us to sink, the others will make it swifter. Abrams."

"Yes sir." One of the soldiers stepped forward.

"Ready the missiles, we launch as many as we can onto that island before we sink." The soldier ran with his directions, the mood now very solemn in the room. The first of the mines hit the ship, the first explosion rocked the boat the side, the impact of that explosion set off many more, and soon the ship siren's were ablaze.

"Crown....Alert the others, Abandon ship." The General walked through the door and into his chambers. "This is the U.S.S. Carter, we've been hit by mines on the coast of Cobra Island, we are going down. Few survivors, hostile waters, do not send naval support....I repeat, do not send naval support....aerial evacuation only...over."

He stepped back and stared as the room he had left emptied. Slowly, he pulled his gun from it's holster, eyed up the situation and with a single shot, he's situation was over.

1400 13 November 2006 - The Pit

"What were you thinking?" General Hawk's voice filled the room.

"We couldn't risk another deploy of your team Hawk. They're careless and they don't show us results. The Pentagon is considering cutting the funds." A military figure sat coldly, his eyes never leaving General Hawk's.

"So instead you send in a bunch of soldiers who aren't equipped to deal with Cobra? You lost how many men out there? A ship that cost this government how much? And they want to cut the funds for my squad." Hawk was furious, if it wasn't for the padded walls that surrounded his office, every word he was saying would have been game for the Joes.

"You're group is large, the budget is enormous and they cut show us results. Cobra Commander is still at large, Destro has control of Cobra Island and he continues to sell to rogue nations. And to top it off, Cobra is running free, someone out their is building it back to it's bases....what next Hawk....a bigger budget for failure." The man's voice raised with his words, but he remained calm, his voice never booming.

"Without my group you have nothing. Right now I have factions across the country doing their jobs. I've located the operational base of Cobra, I even managed to rescue two of my men that were out on a nancy boy project to begin with."

"Watch your tone General, those projects were given to you so that you could keep those men on your payroll. If it was up to me you'd have a fraction of the team you have now." The man was obviously becoming angry. "I will handle the nightmare that today was, but you have to remember that your team needs to handle the nightmare that still is. You have until the end of the month Hawk, I want to see a leader of Cobra dead or behind bars by then."

"Of course Secretary Rumsfield." Hawk stood up as the Secretary left, leaving him to sulk, alone.

1500 13 November 2006 - Downtown Los Angeles

"What's the locale, Mainframe?" Covergirl asked as she drove a civilian Jeep Cherokee through the traffic, weaving around cars gracefully. "I need to know where we're parking this bad boy."

"Up ahead, turn right at the next light and find a spot to park. The signal that I'm reading is close, we can walk from there." Mainframe responded as he typed away at his computer, the screen changing quickly to a video uplink.

"Mainframe, Joes, this is important....as long as Cobra doesn't know we've got them on radar we can continue to follow their blip. So remember, blend in, find them on accident." General Hawk's voice although not live in person was just as serious otherwise. "Be careful Joes, we have to make more progress here than we did at their home base."

"Of course General Hawk, sir." Covergirl was the one to respond, nodding for Mainframe to close the connection. "We'll do this the way we know how guys, and if we stumble on them quickly they still won't know we've got a one up on them."

Across the uplink, General Hawk was hoping that it would pan out, this was vital to their jobs, vital to his.

Covergirl pulled the car over, the parallel parking was a breeze to her. She popped a couple quarters in the machine and watched as the others stepped out. High Tech, Mainframe, Tunnel Rat, and Clutch all looked like they were civilians, dressed down in jeans and tees. Mainframe's computer was still in the car, instead he was holding a small handheld device, it was doing the tracking now.

"This way." He led the way down the street and then quickly down an alley. The alley was seedy, filled with bums and street whores, Covergirl cringed at the sight, frowning in dispair at the signs of drug use and alcohol.

"It's a wall." Clutch said kind of stupidly, waiting as the others caught up. "I don't think this is it."

"No, trust me, that's it. The blip is coming from somewhere behind that wall." Mainframe insisted as he analyzed his surroundings. Their was just a simple building there, and surrounding them was buildings, none of them looked like they could house a military style chopper.

"Okay Joes, find an entrance." Covergirl started the search, feeling around on the wall for a button, handle or something mixed in with the brick and graffiti. The others searched with her, feeling on the ground and around trash cans, knowing Cobra was capable of hiding anything. Finally, as they were about to give up, they noticed a man who looked a bum disaappear right into the building, or at least, it looked like he did. "Over there." Covergirl and the others ran toward the area.

Clutch was the first to hit the spot, tripping and stumbling right through the wall. The others followed after a more suitable manor. Mainframe and High Tech helped Clutch to his feet as they assessed the room they were. It was a lot bigger than it looked from the outside. The man who looked like a bum was no where to be seen, but the Joes weren't going to take any precautions.

"Slow and quiet guys" Tunnel Rat crept forward, hugging the wall as he walked. He rounded the bend and jumped back around towards the others. "Okay, so, that's what we're looking for, and we're outnumbered."

Covergirl walked around the corner slowly, then tucked back around. Headman, Gristle, Zarana and her Dreadnoks were standing around the helicopter, deep in discussion. It wasn't going to be easy for them to confront six Cobra operatives, but it was the Headhunter Stormtroopers that gave Covergirl worry.

"Okay, we've got about a dozen Stormtroopers, Headman, Gristle, Zarana and her Dreadnoks, we go in, we hit the soldiers first, then the big guys, they'll run for cover when we hit the scene." Covergirl pulled her gun out of her ankle holster. "We don't have much firepower, so don't waste it. And remember the way out."

Covergirl didn't want for an arguement or discussion, she jumped around the corner and opened fire. The others followed, none of them wanting to leave her alone, and none of them wanting to be one upped by her either.

11-26-2006, 12:47 PM
Gunfire filled the air, bullets, and the sounds ricocheted off the wall. Covergirl was right, the operatives went for cover as the Stormtroopers opened fired. The Joes took cover behind a pile of crates as the Stormtroopers slowly advanced, their numbers smaller, but still intact.

"Okay, Tunnel Rat, flank from behind, Clutch, Mainframe, High-Tech, hit him hard." Covergirl kicked the boxes and opened fire, taking out a Stormtrooper right off the bat. The others made quick work too, rushing the bodyguards of Headhunter hard and knocking them off their feet. Tunnel Rat came up from behind and finished them off, a silent shot through the head for the final two standing.

"So rude, making a mess." Gristle opened fire with a machine gun, sending the Joes scattering. "Make your moves now boss."

"You heard him." Headman started for the door.

"You crazy? We ain't gonna leave 'em. I'm no hero but Serpy will have our head if we abandon the Drome." Zarana replied, and jumped out from hiding, guns ablaze. "Push 'em out druggy."

Cravex, Slapshot and Asp followed suit, unable to leave their leader for dead. Soon they were pushing forward, the Joes heading back towards the exit. "Bastards." Headman shook his head and grabbed a gun from the wall, stepping out to assist. He didn't want to look like they only coward in the room.

"Asp, seal the door." Gristle hollered, but it was too late, the Joes were off running, Clutch in the lead and the others high tailing it behind him. Soon they were all through the wall, but as Mainframe jumped for the exit, the last of the Joes, he hit solid brick and then hit the floor. "Grab him you moron." Gristle pointed and Asp rushed forward, as did the others.

"Which one is it?" Headman asked, knowing the price of officer was far less then the price of a commander.

"Dog tag says Mainframe." Cravex said, and a stir elicited from Zarana as she stopped over his body. She knew this Joe, knew him well. "I ought to kill him, he ain't worth nothing to the Emperor." Zarana smacked him hard across the head for that, garnering herself stares from the other operatives.

"The Emperor sees a worth in every Joe, Interragator or that may want ta break him or something." Zarana replied, trying to cover up. The truth was, her loyalty was in call, her decision wasn't yet made on how to handle it.

"She's right, Serpentor found use in the other Joes, he may find use in this one. And if not..." Headman knelt down and seemed to carefully inspect the unconcious Joe at his feet. "his look would bring in big bucks from the street."

The laugh that came from Headman and Gristle sent chills down Zarana's spine. She would see to it that that did not happen.


"Where's Mainframe?" Covergirl began to tap on the wall, but it was solid, no spot to enter, at least not anymore. "We have to go back inside for him."

"Their ain't no way in, not now." Tunnel Rat responded, as he got to the floor and began to search for a tunnel, pipe, or something to enter through.

"High-Tech, is his uplink online?"

"He's online, but I'm not getting a strong read. Whatever is keeping us out is probably interferring with the satelite hookup."

Suddenly a thud hit the floor and Tunnel Rat, the thud being Mainframe. "A little help?" Tunnel Rat gasped, but soon a second thump hit him, equally hard.

"Questions are not in order, if you have a vehicle I propose we use it." Zarana stood up, grabbing Mainframe and tossing him over her shoulder. The Joes looked at her oddly, surprised she could lift him, but shocked that she was there.

They made the run quick, and Covergirl started the jeep and took off. "What the hell is going on Zarana? Make that, you're under arrest."

"Can it twit, if I were you I would get us far from here." Zarana replied coldly as she wiped at Mainframe's brow with her hand.

"I think I know a good place." Covergirl replied.

11-26-2006, 12:48 PM
2000 13 November 2006

"What?" Dr. Mindbender was furious, taken away from his work for a call that he was not liking. "Start from the beginning Headman, and this time I would suggest lightening the story with something successful."

"The Joes, four or five of them showed up, guns blazing. We got rid of them, even captured us one of them, no damage to the Terrordrome, everything kosher, til your swamp trash turned on us." Headman responded, his own voice filled with anger. "I've got her moron's locked up in cells right now, they want to go after her, they want to help her."

"Keep them in their cells. It would be unwise to release them." Tomax and Xamot joined in the uplink. "I'm sure that you can find good use for them Dr."

"Cesspool has spoke of a renewed interested in his Toxo-Zombie project." Dr. Mindbender pondered.

"What in the meantime am I to tell Serpentor?" Headman respond, Gristle standing impatiently behind his shoulder.

"I will tell him that Zarana is a rogue agent, in the mean time send the Dreadnoks back to me on the Helicopter, keep your numbers up and be prepared for the Joes to come back in force." Dr. Mindbender responded.

"And Headman, if they do come back, use code 49 alpha in the Terrordrome, you'll be more than safe with it in effect." Tomax and Xamot cut communications.

"What's the code Mindbender?" Headman asked, having not ever ran a Terrordrome.

"It's a defense code, I would advise it as a last alternative Headman, and that you have your troops inside before you utilize it." Dr. Mindbeder cut his transmission, leaving Headman and Gristle to worry on their own.


"Serpentor, Emperor" Dr. Mindbender entered the throne room to find Serpentor relaxing in his spa.

"Your interruption should be of importance Mindbender."

"Emperor, we have found test subjects for the new Toxo-zombie project." It would be best to open with the good news, close with the bed.

"We could have test subjects for the Toxo-zombie project if we capture Joes as well, so I hope that you have news of the sort to tell me."

"Not exactly Emperor, the Joes attacked Headman's base, they were unsuccessful with their attempt on the Terrordrome, but they escaped." Dr. Mindbender began, hesitated to go further, but knew better. 'It seems Zarana has defected sir, she helped rescue a Joe from Headman's capture and she is currently with them."

"Leave them." Serpentor's answer suprirsed the doctor.

"What do you mean leave them? They know of our operations, and Zarana knows details of our plan emperor." Dr. Mindbender froze, the look that came his way from the emperor sent chills through his bones.

"Zarana was a low-level operative in the rank of things Dr., she is replaceable. You, however, are not, so in the future, keep back talk at a minimum, as my temper can be quite uncontrollable at times." Serpentor's teeth glared as he spoke, giving a clear warning to Dr. Mindbender that he was serious of his threats. "Continue the building, we are on schedule for our revival....I do not fear any sort of retribution from the Joes."

"Yes Emperor, sorry Emperor." Dr. Mindbender bowed, hoping in any way to correct his misbehavior. "Anything else sir?"

"Bring me Cobra Commander, I believe it is time that the dear prisoner be given a chance to redeem himself." Serpentor said with a smile, standing from the spa. His body was back to the muscular frame it once stood at, he had worked hard in the past months to make it more manly than it had been given to him by Dr. Scalpel.

"Yes sir, shall I have guards accompany him?" Dr. Mindbender asked, wanting to question the motive, question the timing, but having learned his lesson once already in conversation he now knew better.

"He requires guards, he didn't get to be the ruler of a terrorist organization without tricks up his sleeve Mindbender, you know that." Serpentor said with little annoyance as he watched Dr. Mindbender turn to leave. "Oh, and Mindbender, cancel the Dreadnok prisoner's uplinks, leave Zarana's running."

"But that means she will have connection with us emperor." Dr. Mindbender couldn't help but question now, he did not wish his own location to be given out to the Joes.

"No, it means that she will have the means to contact us if this is a trick, or it means that she is the fool I know she is. The longer that device remains operational, the longer I can track her, follow her, learn the location of the Joe hideouts, and find my means to destroy them." Serpentor said with a sinister snicker. "Her treachery will be her own undueing, as well as that of G.I. Joe."

Dr. Mindbender rushed from the room, angry at some of the emperor's decisions but unable to make his own wishes clear. He was after all a follower, a loyal creator to the emperor, devout and obedient.


"Yes Dr." Overkill's animated face came over the uplink, each day it looked less human and more mechanic.

"Cancel the uplinks to the Zarana's Dreadnoks and prepare the lab for Toxo-zombie testing. Alert Cesspool of the arrival for test subjects and provide him with the B.A.T.s needed for safety and containment. Also alert the operatives of Zarana's defection, she is now to be treated as a rogue agent, enemy to the Cobra cause. Do not cancel her uplink, Serpentor hopes she will fail to realize it is still on and lead us right to the Joes."

"Yes. Dr." Overkill's voice was repetitive as if he had saved versions of his conversations ready to go so that he did not drain himself.

"I also need you to set up the electric fencing on the mountains....after the altercations we had with the Joes espionage I want to risk no further annoyances at this base."

"That does not sound like an order from the emperor or from Overlord." Overkill responded, his face becoming more human as he spoke. "I have began to familiarize myself with their strategical and military styles, a fence is not part of either leader's strategies."

"I outrank you in the chain of command Overkill and it was my technology that saved you from being another casuality in Cobra's wars. A fence will protect us from an attack and it will keep us safer, the emperor and Overlord will not hear of things that are unneccesary to bother them with." Dr. Mindbender sounded angry, irritable.

"Yes Dr. Mindbender, you are right." The face remained in it's more human appearance as the transmission faded, leaving Dr. Mindbender closer to his goal, the cell of Cobra Commander....

11-26-2006, 12:49 PM
2100 13 November 2006 - Cobra Polar Base

"A mess." Serpentor stood with a smile on his face, not the sinister smile that usually peaked across his face, but one more of glory, of triumph. He slid his white robe on, stood in the simple throne room that he ruled from and took steps towards his chair. Slowly he sat, taking his time with all that he did.

Overlord and Dr. Mindbender stood behind his chair, they too dressed in white. Overlord's outfit a ceremonial general's uniform, Mindbender's a lab coat, but still they fit well with the backscape of the mountains....a beautiful scene from the windows of the throne room. The line of guards that flanked the room wore white as well, their uniforms simpler versions with less decoration than Overlord's garb.

One man in the room stood out, his body broken, his tatterred blue uniform a stark contrast to the white of the room. He stood with two guards at each side, but from the looks at his fallen image, one would wonder if any were even necessary.

"You could have dressed more appropriately for the occasion dear Cobra Commander." Serpentor said, as he sat patiently, staring down at the man whom preceeded him on thrones just like the one he sat on. He had built the empire that Serpentor was ruling, and somehow there was a respect that remained in the air.

"Of course Serpentor, allow me to go back to my suite and change into something more ceremonial. Perhaps a regal outfit, or I could dress the occasion as did Overlord, wear my garments of war." Cobra Commander jested in sarcasm.

"No need for anger Commander, it isn't becoming, nor are your wounds. I do apologize for that, you just weren't completely cooperative when we started this situation." Serpentor said, tossing Cobra Commander a white robe. "I haven't brought you out of captivity to discuss your wardrobe, that would be a waste of my time....something I find I have ample of right now."

"If time is ample to you then you must not being doing a good job." Cobra Commander replied, sliding the robe on, looking eerily close to Serpentor's own outfit. "But of course, you'll have to remember that I have missed the last months of the real world....I haven't been privvy to your inside information."

"No, you haven't been a member of my council Cobra Commander, but of course, could you blame me? I was trying to repress the idea of you as the leader of Cobra, their are many amongst my rank and file that would have liked to see you dead." The sinister smile that plastered Overlord's face gave Cobra Commander little room to guess who wanted that outcome.

"So that is what this is? A hearing, an end to my time?" Cobra Commander asked, suddenly feeling a sense of urgency in his body. "You call me in here, line your room with guards and your most trusted and plan to do away with me?"

"If I wanted to do away with you I would do it in the privacy of your cell, alone, with no witnesses but my eyes." Serpentor said getting agitated by the turn of moods in the room. "I brought you to offer you exile, to offer you a position amongst my ranks. I am suceeding where you have failed, I have established terrordroms in Los Angeles, Croatia, Ireland, Pakistan, New Zealand, and Castle Destro is now under my control. My plans are moving forward and within a matter of days I will have dromes through out the United States. I am a patient man Cobra Commander, I know the ways of war and strategy will forever outflank ambition. But, I also know the importanct of allegiances, regardless of how favorable they are to either party."

"You're offer best be of great value Serpentor, I am no man's second."

"You are no man's high ranking Cobra Commander. I would put you above none of my operatives, they have proven themselves to me. My offer to you is as a scape goat. Every leader needs someone to blame, and I grow tired of blaming the Joes, they are near their end to me. I need a member of my council who can be blamed for failures, who can be blamed for mistakes."

"What?! You dare offer me nothing." Cobra Commander raised as if to lunge for the throne. The guards that flanked his side put an end to that with their staffs, holding him at bay.

"I am offering you life, offering you an escape from the prison cell I have banished you to. I am offering you the oppurtunity to be of some value to the organization that you raised, the organization that you practically ruined. I will give you freedom, I will give you the base of operations in New Zealand, control of a terrordrome, of course, trust is a necessity. Overkill will fit you with a collar, consider it a dog collar, it doesn't do anything unless you step out of line. Major Bludd will rule it with you of course, unless you can prove your worth." Overlord's eyes could expose the disgust he had in the plan, but he stood solid behind his leader.

"If I refuse." Cobra Commander asked, not liking the idea at all.

"Their is only so much patience in me Cobra Commander. Their is only so much space in my prisons, and only so much time in my processes. You can refuse, but I wouldn't recommend it, after all, who is to say when another oppurtunity for your benefit will come along." Serpentor replid, shaking his head as if to indicate that their would no other oppurtunity.

"Then I suppose I should accept." Cobra Commander said, stepping forward.

"A good decision to make." Serpentor said with a smile as he pushed a button and the wall opened. Overkill came buzzing out on a robotic body, thin and pipe-like with a scooter like leg. He jetted up to his former ruler and snapped on the collar. "Not too much of an overstatement is Cobra Commander?"

"No, not at all Emperor." Cobra Commander choked out the words, his eyes defeated, his spirit yet unbroken.

11-26-2006, 12:49 PM
1800 14 November 2006 - Midwest United States

"It's right around the corner."

"I hope you can quit bullshitting me, cuz if we have to drive another mile in this rickety piece of shit I'm gonna lose it." Gung Ho griped as Dusty kept on driving. The jeep they were driving in was run down, and rust covered, but Dusty loved it all the same.

"You both need to be quiet, else you're gonna stir up a riot." Roadblock rhymed as usual as they pulled to a stop, the small truck stop that sat to the side of the road looked barren.

"Alright, this is it." Dusty said with a smile as he jumped out of the car. The others followed and soon the second jeep pulled up behind them.

"Are you kidding me?" Barrel Roll hollered, taking a step out of his jeep and looking around. "This is the place you wanted us to go for lunch?" Soon, Bombstrike, Dusty, Roadblock, Heavy Duty, Gung Ho and Barrel Roll were standing inside the diner, waiting to be seated.

"This place is grungy." Bombstrike said under her breath to Barrel Roll, who let out a little chuckle.

"It's clean as can be." Dusty said and took the first step forward following the hostess, the dirt flying off of him as he walked. Soon they were all seated at the table, the rest of the restaraunt was empty except for the hostess, a waitresses, the chef and some old man sitting at the bar.

"You little bastard." Dusty jumped out of his shoes practically at the familiar voice and pushed himself out of the table. "You couldn't even call."

"Sorry mama." Dusty laughed as he hugged his mother, causing the others to blush in embarrassment for having made harsh comments on the eating choice. "These are my co-workers mama." Dusty pointed out the group, who all politedly introduced themselves.

"See told ya this was a good place." Dusty said as they walked out the door, stomachs full from the good eats. "It's beautiful out here, you guys outta see it at nightfall, gets mighty cold but the sky just lights up with all the stars, it's amazing."

"You're simple Dusty." Gung Ho smacked his buddy on the back, dust flying off of him as they all laughed. Their laughter was knocked off balance when a long procession of trucks starting to roll down the road, each of them with a white trailer, blue cab. The logo on the sides of the truck were familiar.....Extensive Enterprises, that EE was Cobra, and the mass amount of trucks was a bad sign to the Joes.

"What's Cobra doing way out here?" Bombstrike asked as she looked down at her uplink, checking for the closest city. "Their's nothing around here for miles, just the desert and this highway."

"They ain't gonna mess with this desert." Dusty jumped in his jump with bravado, causing the others to rush in as well, not wanting to be left behind. The jeeps peeled out of the parking lot and took off following the trucks, now a procession of twelve.

Slowly they come upon the end result, but see nothing but a town, a bustling town with people of ages, nothing out of the normal. A small lake sits in the center of the town, the back of the buildings on one side of the street the buildings lined a cliff, the other side was less planned, inter-spaced houses and small businesses.

"What is this?" Dusty says as he gets out of his jeep, standing amongst a small town square, close to the lake.

"It's not on the map." Gung Ho replies, looking over the map back and forth, not seeing the road, the town or the small body of water.

"I know it isn't on the map, cuz it ain't never been here before. This was just a highway, going in and out of town, but their wasn't no other town." Dusty replies, as the Joes start to filter through the town. They walk by a small sign .... "Welcome to Springfield - Population 248"

The towns people seem to stare at each of the Joes as they walk by, odd looks giving and questioning eyes. No sign of the trucks can be seen, no tire tracks, no trailers dropped off, no garages big enough to hold them, those trucks didn't just disappear.

"This is outta the twilight zone." Bombstrike looked on as they walked through the town, eyeing the ground for tire marks but still finding none of them. She walked the trace of the lake, knelt down and touched the cold water. "That water feels like ice."

"It's gotta be 90 some degrees out here, that water's gotta be 40 degrees if even." Barrel Roll replies after he tries himself. "Something's weird about this place."

"Getting weirder." Gung Ho replied as he watched the road ahead gate off, and turned to see the road behind gate as well. "I think we should get going."

"I think you're right." Bombstrike led the way as the Joes took off running back for their jeeps. The townspeople kept their eyes on them, even the children watched them closely. As they ran past the water, a geyser like effect knocked them off feet and as it cleared, raining down on them, Heavy Water stood in front of them.

"Found us a little earlier than we expected." Heavy Water stood confident over them, despite being outnumbered 6:1. "It would have been so much more beneficial for you if you hadn't come just yet, but no matter, Cesspol and the others will be happy to have your arrival. Especially you two." Heavy Water pointed to Bombstrike and Barrel Roll as the townspeople gather around.

"What's wrong with you all?" Barrel Roll pushes at one of the men who just sort of stutters and then advances again.

"You think we'd have brought people here, we're not stupid, old Serpy has us thinking in new ways Joeys.....these are robots, good ol' fashion droids painted up and looking pretty." Heavy Water walks off and back into the water, leaving the Joes at the hands of the droids, being carried straight into the cliffside.

The wall parted with ease as the droids dropped the Joes onto the floor and exited the way they had come in. The Joes stood to their feet as they looked around the room they were dropped in. It was, literally, the inside of the cliff, a water resevior in the middle. Bombstrike bent down and touched the water, chills running through her again.

"This water is just as cold as the stuff out there." She muttered as they started to assess the situation.

"Yes, water from Antarctica is frigid." Cesspol turned from around a hallway and entered the room, alone, surprisngly. "We just transported it here last night, a beautiful design actually, vehicles that serve multi-purposes." Cesspol didn't elaborate, he felt no need to share his secrets with the Joes, knowing that nothing is set in stone.

"What is this place?' Dusty asked angrily, stepping forward. The Joes were unarmed however, their guns in the jeeps, if their were even jeeps left to return to.

"Why it's Springfield, of course, I suppose in reality it would be New Springfield. No matter, the name isn't important, it's a test, a test that was so far going unimpeded. We were running sucessfully here, the entire town is up and running, from electricity, to heat, to plumbing, all self-sufficient....no one was the wiser." Cesspol stopped, flicked his hand through the water and splashed it into the air. "Your decision to have lunch in our neck of the woods will prove fatal for you now I'm afraid."

"Time we take you down a notch." Firefly came out from the hallway, Munitia and Blackout behind him. "Beneath the ground we stand on our caves that will hide your bodies for the rest of eternity, long after this town has lost it's worth."

"Thomas!?" Bombstrike and Barrel Roll stepped forward, shock and surprise plastered on their faces.

"Thomas doesn't exist anymore." Munitia pushed Blackout to the back of their formation, and pulled her gun. "Times up Joes."

Soon gunfire filled the cavern as Cesspool took his exit, rushing down the hall. The Joes scattered with little room to hide. Bombstrike fell to the ground as she ran tripping over a rock. Blackout stood over her, having caught up to them, his gun aimed down at her. "Thomas." She again repeated, staring at him, hoping to pull out the humanity in her sibling.

"Don't stop to think Alyssa, don't hesitate." Blackout pulled out a second gun and dropped it to the ground, and then the gun from his boot. "I've given you all I can."

"I'm sorry." Bombstrike shut her eyes and pulled the trigger, she felt the warm splatter of blood and barely opened her eyes to find the third gun, the one her brother had held before she took off running. "Catch." Barrel Roll caught one of the guns and Dusty caught the other and the firefight was on as the Joes rushed out of the cliff.

"Get the cars." Bombstrike screamed as Gung Ho and Heavy Duty took off for the vehicles.

"I'm gonna rush the fools right into the water pools. Make a quick retreat, light on your feet." Road Block hollered as Firefly and Munitia rushed out of the cave, he himself lunging at them from the side, taking both to the ground.

The jeeps pulled up to a quick stop, the Joes jumping in. "Get in to go, this ain't the end of our show." Road Block jumped onto the back of the jeep as they pulled away, Firefly and Munitia out of range to shoot by the time they had stood.

"He's dead Dwight."

"We don't know that."

"I pulled the trigger, I felt the blood Dwight, I killed our brother."

"No Alyssa, he killed himself when he chose Cobra. He took the honorable way out just now, he took on for the country that gave him his freedom, the freedom that betrayed him."

"You never did understand Dwight, you never will."

11-26-2006, 12:49 PM
1000 16 November 2006 - New York City, New York

"We'll shred the documentation today sir."

"It should have been done hours after it happened."

"We understand sir, the news was late in coming to us emperor."

"Shred it and send the final documents of it to Overkill for retention, the body I assume has been disposed of?" Serpentor asked as he spoke through the uplink.

"Of course Serpentor, the body was frozen as the course, Dr. Mindbender and Cesspool are vying for their particular medical causes at the moment." Tomax and Xamot replied. "Sorry for the inconveince emperor."

As the uplinks ended their communications, Tomax and Xamot were able to show their annoyance. "We do not like to be made incompetent fools in front of our leader. Perhaps you were unaware of how the new order works, it is far less lax than as it was ran under the Commander."

"Sorry boys, the city's been keeping us busy, what with robot upkeep, trap setting, surviellance and recon we have no time. The dead body of an operative is the last thing in the line of importance. After all, it isn't like he's next in line to run the operation." Firefly replied nonchalantly, Muntiia sitting on his lap, both of them drinking a scotch.

"No, he was not next in iine, but remember, the attitude that you possess should be a reminder to you that you are far from next in line either." Tomax and Xamot replied, walking to the desk. "None the less, you have so far been accomplishing your tasks, so your financial rewards still remains. Go to the basement, round up the drivers and empty the truck bays, all vehicles will be needed for the final shipment to Springfield."

"Yeah, no problem." Munitia replies, as she stands. "See ya boys later." A wink and the two leave the room, leaving the Twins alone.

"Such petty standards." They reply in unison with the door shutting as they walk over to their desk. "Patricia, please be a doll and hold all calls, if we are urgently needed by the Emperor or counsel, inform us."

"Yes gentleman, of course." The voice of the secretary came across their intercom as they took seats behind the desk and pushed the buttons that sat identically next to each of their phones. Slowly the board room's walls slid down and the walls that were left showed a strategical business and battle plan for the Cobra Organization.

"Springfield is almost ready." They said togther, as if the conversation were being held by one of them. "That puts in place twenty-two terrordromes around the globe, three in the United States." To an outsider the conversation would look and sound awkward, each of them finishing each other's statements.


"The security alarm, check the monitors." Tomax rushed to the windows and pressed a button on the wall, closed circuit surveillance of the building popped up on the windows. Xamot quickly pushed the button to seal the walls back to their normal day time appearance.

"It's a helicopter....a Joe helicopter." Tomax and Xamot stared at the screen, watching as the Assault Copter hovered over head of the building. "They must have thought a visit was in order after their escape from Springfield."

"Patricia, dear, ready two trouble bubbles, we will be heading out for lunch." Tomax and Xamot rushed to their desk and grabbed their briefcases. "Shall we?" The brothers asked each other in unison as they took out their guns and shot the mainframes to their computers. "It won't be enough, but it is the best we can do."

"Sirs, the bubbles are ready? Shall I call and set up reservations?"

"No Patricia, just be a dear and take the day off." Tomax and Xamot walked through the far side wall, an illusion it served to hide the escape route they often used. Two trouble bubbles, as Patricia had said were up and running and waiting for departure. The twins jumped on them and off they went, hoping to avoid the Joe's outside.


"You sure about this Duke?" Wild Bill asked as he hovered over the top of the building.

"I'm as sure as I'll ever be Wild Bill, but I'm giving you the out, you don't have to follow this order."

"Yes I do Duke, you're my leader, our leader, I ain't about to back down from a fire fight now just because the governments too scared to order it themselves." Wild Bill hollered...."Yeehaw" And with that he let loose the missile, aiming it straight for the center of the roof.

"Good hit Bill, now rendevezous with the others, Flint, Lady Jaye, Bombstrike, and Barrel Roll will hit the building first, I'm going in from the room. Operation Exstinguish Enterprises is under way." Duke thrust himself out of the side of the helicopter, the newly blown hole in the roof his target.

The decent is quick, Duke hits the 56th floor, his parachute snagging on some steel beams and rafters as he stops roughly. He untangles his parachute and tumbles to the floor, avoiding some of the live wires and rubble that lay around him. As far as he can tell, everything from the 57th floor up to the roof, approximately 10 floors are decimated. The bomb was an implosion, leaving most of the rubble to have fallen through the buildling.

He slowly makes his way across the halls, looking for any room that may show evidence. Meanwhile, the other Joes are entering the buildling from the ground level, unaware that they have just missed the departure of all Cobra vehicles from the basement floor, and the departure of the Twins.

"Keep an eye out, we don't know who's a civilian and who's a Cobra." Flint hollers as they enter the buildling. Passing by a huddle of Extensive Enterprise employees, all waiting to exit the building.

"Listen up people. You are not under arrest, however, until intentions can be clear, you are to remain in the deport vehicles outside on the street. Anyway who brandishes a weapon or causes a commotion will be dealt with accordingly." Lady Jaye hollers, as the others cock the guns, a clear indication as to what the dealing with will result in.

"Alright Joes, start looking." Barrel Roll and Bombstrike head towards the stairs as Lady Jaye and Flint make their way through the buildings ground level. Greenshirts fill the buildling to start searching the employees and to lead them to their cars.

"Over here." Flint hollers to Lady Jaye, pointing at a map. "Looks like something got blown away and this was behind it. It's a map of the buildling, with room names, and everything."

"Yeah, but its not worth much to us....we just need the computers, documents, paperwork, whatever we can get our hands onto that can link this place to Cobra. The Twins wouldn't be a bad nab either." Lady Jaye said, pulling him upwards towards the stairs, planning on finding everything she could to nail the door shut on Extensive Enterprises.

Hours later, the scene on the street is immense. The fire inside the buildling has been dealt with and the Joes are all but done with their work. The employees are all being booked, after the documents reveal that they all employees are some how related to Cobra. The street is lined with computer harddrives and documentation that the Joes plan on taking back to the Pit for analyzing.

"Good job Joes."Duke says as they all pile into the Assault Chopper, but he is evidently angry. The lack of any high end Cobra operatives is going to be a blow to the whole job it self. With just paperwork to report back on, he knows that he isn't going to sit well in the favor of General Hawk for this one.

11-26-2006, 12:50 PM
0700 19 November 2006

"The news coming out of the Pentagon and White House concerning today, after the high profile arrests of over 200 policital and legal activists with new found ties to the Cobra terrorist organization. Just days after the raid and destruction of the Extensive Enterprise building in New York City, we have learned that as a result, the names and aliases of terrorists from around the nation are now known."

"Thanks Diane, but what about these arrests....are we talking Republicans, Democrats, Independents, who were these guys and ladies?"

"They were every walk of the sun John. For example, fourteen lawyers in the state of New York alone were arrested, not to mention local city leaders, and mayors. The number is even more astounding when you add in the doctors and members of the media with ties to Cobra. It seems that the United States has never seen a sleeper cell so large."

"Wow, that is a scary idea to fathom Diane. How about the whole situation to begin with though? Do we have word from the White House on how they will handle the soldiers who steamrolled through a building that the government actually helped pay for?"

"The White House has no official comment today on the event. We do have some word that they are looking into the matter and they admit that it was obviously handled in an outlandish way. On the solemn note, it is reported that sixteen employees at Extensive Enterprises were killed from the blast, all sixteen of them being confrimed Cobra operatives, five of them having high profiles amongst our own government."

"So I guess in way Diane, we could be happy this happened."

"I think we can breathe a sigh of relief John, I'm not one for vigilantes, but whoever decided this raid was necessary, regardless of their orders, I think they've done this nation a great service of justice."

11-26-2006, 12:50 PM
0900 19 November 2006 - The Pit

"Sit down!" The harsh tone of voice was not a good sign, the meeting itself was a bad sign. The few Joes that had been left standing were quick to plop down into seats, the room crowded with every active member of the team. "What the hell is wrong with you?"

The room was silent, no one could answer the rhetorical question, and few even had an offer to put up to the question.

"I've worked my ass off for this unit, worked day and night to keep it together. I must have to sit through three meetings a day just to discuss why this is unit's mission still garners support from the United States government. Now you make moves that throw me through a loop." Hawk said, storming back and forth across the stage in front of the Joes.

Duke held his head high, he knew his last few decisions for the team had been made wrongly, but the end results justified his means. He fully expected this disciplinary meeting, this was nothing out of the ordinary.

"Someone, anyone, stand up and tell me what we've accomplished in the last few months. We practically lost two members to Cobra, we lost Cobra Commander and two other high profile Cobra prisoners, we bungled missions that we weren't even assigned. And now, you blow up a building in New York City, no warning, no government permission....what the hell is going on here?" Again the question was rhetorical, and now the Joes were beginning to feel the heat.

"General Hawk, sir, our latest missions have been sucessful. We're responsible for the arrests of countless Cobra operatives who were in sleeper stages in all levels of our government." Duke replied to the question, standing tall, his boldness startling the other Joes.

"Yes, your right Duke, so sucessful that I don't have a unit anymore? So successful that their won't be a GI Joe anymore....is that success. The nature to which you went, the extremes you launched to end Cobra....they've ended you Duke....they've ended me, they've ended every last Joes career in this room." Hawk's anger was now clear, no longer was he disciplining the room, no longer was he lecturing them, he was firing them.

"Cobra still exists, our mission isn't over." Duke replied, staring down his General.

"The army is aware of Cobra's presence, it's out of our hands now and into their's." General Hawk replied and walked out of the room, ending the conversation, ending the meeting.

"We ain't go no jobs." Heavy Duty stood up, his voice booming. "No discharge papers, just we're done with you?"

"Maybe you should have thought about that Heavy Duty, maybe you all should have thought about that before you made a fool of this organization, of this mission. We stood for something, something that was covert and hidden, how the hell do we hide this from the public? A building attacked in broad daylight on a busy New York street, do any of you really think we could cover that up? Hawk screamed, pacing the stage, stopping to gain some composure, his hand resting on the pulpit.

"You don't look good Hawk." Lifeline stepped out to the front of the stage, not liking the way Hawk looked.

"I'm fine, this meeting is dismissed." Hawk brushed past Lifeline in an unlikely manner, rushing out of the room and towards the exit of the building.

Lifeline looked shocked, as did the rest of the Joes, as Duke made his way onto the stage, angry, disappointed, shamed.

"Listen up Joes, I'm not going to cancel this meeting until we agree on one thing, GI Joe is not finished. If Hawk doesn't believe in our mission any more, then I will believe in it for him. GI Joe is covert, but their are units more covert, Sgt Slaughter and the Renagades have a compound in New Mexico, we'll move there, we'll take this fight on. " Duke was surprised to see a large amount of the Joes walking out of the room, slowly the crowd dwindled to just a handful of Joes, and even they looked forlorn.

"Hold your breath Duke." Shipwreck said with attitude. "We followed you, look where you led us....an empty conference room. I'm not much suited for pushing papers, what did you leave me with?" The door swung shut behind him, and Duke was speechless, he didn't have an answer.

"Don't listen to him Duke, they're angry, not at you." Scarlett rubbed his shoulder, trying to comfort him, but she knew it wasn't helping.

"They'll come around buddy, in the meantime, we'll keep up the fight." Flint's voice caused Duke to turn, a deep pain ran across his face, the shadows, the lines, the wrinkles, they told stories of war, loss, death, and destruction, and now they told a story of betrayel and abandonment.

His eyes scanned the hall, Flint, Lady Jaye, Scarlett, Snake Eyes, Heavy Duty, Tunnel Rat, that was it, that was his squad, the ones who had chosen to stay, to disobey orders, they were rogue, and although it was a reality Duke had faced before....this time the odds seemed much heavier to take on.