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11-26-2006, 12:59 PM
London, England - 1200 November 12 2008

"Operation Bridge Burning is a go, that's a go, all Vipers respond." Major Bludd led the first charge, a squad of Vipers behind him in a mass assault of Venom Strikers, and Trouble Bubbles. Heat Vipers filled in the ranks, lighting fire to anything in their path, their own squad no different.

Major Bludd folded to the side fo the street as the mass advanced, his job was done, he could take the back seat and watch in glory.

"Vipers advancing on schedule, minimal resistance, expected takeover in fifteen minutes." Major Bludd continued to relay over the com uplink, letting all the high council know what stage of attack he was in. In the heat of battle it is good to know that you're backup is just seconds from arrival if you are in need.

A plank of Heat Vipers advanced on a small group of British soldiers, but the soldiers that stood their ground were no match for the flamethrowers, and the few bullets that made it out of their guns did little to penetrate the body armor that Cobra used now. Alexander had seen to that.

"100 yards from the palace Major Bludd, waiting for final orders." A televiper came across the uplink, loyal and waiting.

"Advance, flames off, only artillery fire, I want prisoners, captives for ranson." Major Bludd ordered, taking a seat on a bench as if it were a normal November day. He lit a cigarette, a little bit too relaxed as he smoked away, things had never been this easy.

"Major Bludd, The Transporter is waiting, victory is within grasp, are you ready for your entry?" A Coil guard stood waiting, his gun in hand, his helmet off, hardly the sight to be seen on a battle field.

"Empty the Transporter, we will need space for the prisoners." The cigarette dropped to the ground, his boot stomped it out and then stepped forward towards the Transporter, little concern for a lack of guards, this was an easy victory....

Tokyo, Japan - 1200 November 12, 2008

"Operation No Go Dojo successful. Ninja Vipers have taken control of government buildings and outposts. Few casualities, one unforeseeable problem that is yet to be resolved, request private uplink to explain Emperor."

A large panel on the wall of the Transporter flashed to a satelite system before finally uplinking with Serpentor back at the Arctic Base.

"This had better be good Slash, if you are the first to relay bad news it may be bad news for yourself." Serpentor said angrily, sitting behind his desk, covered heavily in a fur coat, pure white, a deep contrast to how oddly blue his skin had become.

"Nothing unfortunate Emperor, a minor setback. Slice has taken over military duties, many of their soldiers have pledged to convert to Cobra, false lies or not, they will cause us no grief." Slash replied, still skirting the issue that he was not ready to discuss.

"If their is no grief to discuss then why did you want to have a private conversation?" Serpentor asked with mock sarcasm, annoyance starting to grind in his throat. A glow coming to his face, not a red glow of anger, but an icy tint to his cold demeanor.

"Storm Shadow went missing during the advance, we thought he would show back up as the assault ended but he is still missing. Dice and Shadow Strike have taken out a squad of Ninja Vipers to find him, they are tracing the advance, checking the rubble of buildings we destroyed and the remains of the Japanese army that we met as resistance." Slash couldn't make a face of fear, if he showed Serpentor his own concern or nervousness it would not be a good sign of the leadership he had been placed in.

"Cancel the search, Shadow Strike and Dice have more pressing matters, you and Slice can handle the operations in Japan, I need the two of them back at your base of operations so I can reassign them." Serpentor said rather nonchalantly, ignoring the issue completely.

"What of Storm Shadow? Do we leave him to die or to rot in the case that he is dead?' Slash sounded more serious than ever before, a fact that Serpentor did not miss.

"Storm Shadow is not dead, our ninja friend will not be found, not by you or any of the others with you. He did his job, saw to it that he fulfilled it and now he is gone. I'm afraid if a member of our council comes in contact with him again they will not return to report it." Serpentor spun his chair, his back now to the uplink. "File the proper paperwork with Tomax and Xamot this evening after the council conference, in the meantime, do not speak of his departure."

"Yes Emperor, of course." Slash breathed a sigh of relief.

"And Slash."

"Yes Emperor?"

"This odd relationship you have with Slice, I do not question it, but when I say do not speak of Storm Shadow's departure, I mean do not speak of it, Slice is not to be privvy to that portion of your report....not yet."

Serpentor didn't let Slash respond, he cancelled the uplink, leaving Slash to boil in his own anger over the comments and the order.

Cobra Polar Base - Antarctica - 1230 November 12 2008

"I foresee problems with that." Dr. Mindbender walked towards the desk, his lab jacket wrinkled, obviously untended during long hours of work.

"Storm Shadow was a risk we took in acquiring, to be honest I do not think he would aide us for this long." Serpentor replied, rubbing his temples.

"Do not let it anger you." Overlord countered from his own chair against the wall, idly guarding a side door to the office. "Storm Shadow was a risk, but he is not a risk that holds us back. His loyalty, to us, Cobra Commander, the Joes or himself is not a factor any more. Our plans are falling in line with little resistance, we have past the point of being turned back now."

"Optimistic." Serpentor smiled, a forced smile, pain clouding his actual interest in the conversation.

"You look worse." Dr. Mindbender changed the subject, perhaps a hint at the disheveled appearance he carried. "Your skin is far darker, as if you grow colder by the minute, or the more anger that consumes you."

"Of course I look worse, I feel worse, I am worse." It would have been hard throughout the base if his voice permitted it, but it had been weeks since he could scream. The troops chalked it up to him being happy with their work, happy with the sucess, they had no clue it was a darker reason.

"We are working, Dr. Knox and Dr. Venom have been sampling their latest findings on the wounded soldiers, but I believe it will be the work Overkill and I have done that gives us a sound result." Dr. Mindbender responded, looking down and frowning, trying to ruffle out a few wrinkles.

"Perhaps a change in temperature is necessary." Overlord suggested, leaning back in the chair, kicking at the floor. "You've been cooped up in this freezer for years, even in our advancements you remain here. We have accomplished great victories and you speak to the troops through uplinks and speakers. They talk Emperor, Cobra Commander spreads the word that you are a recluse, that you have gone insane."

"Cobra Commander knows nothing of my doings. I rely on you and the other members of the council to handle those matter. I rely on those whom I handpicked to handle my affairs. If troops succumb to idle chit chat and gossip then they should be made examples of....Cesspol still needs Toxo Vipers and troops who have ideas of dissent make great fodder." Serpentor said angrily, seething, his face apparently becoming bluer.

"Yes Emperor, I did not mean to question your leadership, or that of myself and the council." Overlord sat back, blushing with embarrassment at the snide smile that Dr. Mindbender had across his face.

"Quicken the pace Dr. Mindbender, if I am to leave here I am to look better than this." Serpentor made motions to indicate his appearance. "Cobra glory is at hand, I should be there when we make our final advance."