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11-26-2006, 01:01 PM
Washington Dc, United States of America - 0500 November 14 2008

Blockades of tanks sat idle, running, weapons aimed, an eerie sight in the nations capital, an obvious sign of military might, however, a military might yet to be tested to the extreme it would face. Miles of streets sitting empty, buildings abandoned, homes left locked, the only sound of habitat the tanks and the planes streaking back and forth across the capital's skies.

"Are we ready General?"

"As ready as we are going to be, our leak indicates that the attack should come from the south west, filtering in through the city, our hope is to halt as many of their armored vehicles and jets before they get with in the defense zone we've set up. After that we know it's going to be a blood bath here for the capital, it's going to come down to manpower sir."

"What manpower will prevail then General Abernathy?"

"My honest opinion won't help me get out of this alive, I know who I'd rather have here by my side, but the time isn't for questioning or wishing, it's time to bear down and fight." Hawk answered solemnly, watching a mass line of troops filter in to the front of the tanks, setting up barricades and anti-tank artilleries.

"And our leak? Our we still trusting his word?" Secretary of Defense Donson asked, eyeing up the battlefield himself, his own mind wandering to the past, mistakes, misjudgements, know way to know now, not at this point.

"He's turned himself in, his other leads have panned out, although not in enough time, but they've panned out. He certainly has no reason to lie to us sir, after all, when his departure is realized he'll have no one to turn back to." Hawk answered, starting to walk towards the base of the operation, a small fortified enclosure in the midst of the tanks.

"What's he want in return?"

"Nothing sir, he wants to pay for his crimes, the limited ones they may be." Hawk answered as they entered the enclosure. "Guards, go ahead, we'll handle this."

Two armed guards, military personell of the highest training let their weapons ease down and then took their leave of the enclosure. Hawk and the Secretary of Defense stood for a moment, the Secretary assessing their prisoner, their leak, he knew the face, after all, it was the face of one of the United States Most 20 Wanted Terrorists.


"Secretary of Defense Donson, sir, it's an honor to meet you sir."

"I wish I could say the same in a situation like this son, helping us or not, your still an enemy of this country, but I understand that you don't want anything in return for your cooperation....is that correct?"

"Yes sir, I have lived a life I am dishonored by, a life I am ashamed of. My alliances have folded from one to the next, and I am afraid that my own hatred towards my father put me back on the wrong side of justice. I have committed crimes for which I will not make excuses, and I will own up to the deaths that my hands and weapons within them have taken. It is in my best interest, as a human being, as a soul, that I hand over all information I have." Billy spoke loudly, bravely, his voice unfaltering.

"What other information can you provide? Their are things I need to know, things of interest that the President wants to know, if this information today pans out, more will be needed of your knowledge as well as your participation." Donson said, his voice not filled with the rage he felt he would have. In front of him sat a killer, a murderer, a turncoat, and all the anger he thought would boil in him, had come down to a request of information, he felt shamed at the idea.

"When this over sir, your issue to address will not be me, trust me in that no matter which side wins this battle, the war is yet over, my father is still alive, Serpentor is still powerful, after this my knowledge will not take you much farther. My treachery and betrayal will make me a marked man, I am already at the beck and call of Serpentor, chained to him in service." Billy raised up his hand, showing off his uplink, fastened to his hand, scars around the edges of it, some aged, some scarred.

"What is that?" Hawk asked, walking closer, examining it without touching Billy's arm.

"It's an uplink, I believe, although I am not sure of your exact list, but I believe that everyone one on your list of 20 has this mark." Billy half smiled at the comment, half smirked. "It keeps us in contact with one another, and of course, keeps us bound by the emperror."

"When this is said and done son, will get that gadget off you." Donson replied, feeling some what sympathtic for the kid, wondering if all father/son relationships could lead to this, could cause this to happen.

"When this is said and done we will discuss things farther, but I suggest that you make your departure Secretary, unless you are staying for the battle." Billy said, standing, Hawk stepped forward in his path, Donson stepped behind, a little nervous now.

"How do you know the exact time? Could Serpentor be so precise?" Donson replied, stunned, he could hear no planes approaching, no signs of distance shooting between the United States Military and Cobra.

"My uplink lets me know when others who share it's transmission are close." Billy said solemnly, reaching for a sword that lay on the table, Hawk breathed deeply, he was nervous, but he trusted Billy, trusted that they had given him this some what freedom for the right reason.

"Secretary, Billy's right, you should leave, it would be safe for you to get out of the city." Hawk replied, sensing Billy's underlying urgency. He was used to reading silent types, at this moment, he missed every type he was used to reading.

"No, I must know, who's close? which operatives?" Donson asked, standing his ground, playing with the idea of his authority, over them it was a government demand, but in that enclosure it was just a show, he didn't have the authority he wished he did.

"Secretary, I do not wish to come across as rude, but I believe it would be best for you to leave now." Billy said more seriously, and in the distance shots could be heard, the battle was beginning.

"Let's go Secretary." Hawk pushed him out the door, shoving him towards a military jeep, the shots increasing, Cobra jets visible in the distance as they encountered the proximity of the area, military jets heading towards them for the inevitable battle.

"Who's here?" Donson hollered as he got closer to the jeep, military personell standing guard, waiting for him to depart.

"All of them."