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11-26-2006, 01:02 PM
Washington Dc, United States of America - 0600 November 14 2008

"All forces are within range Emperor Serpentor, Firefly is poised to strike first with Munitia and the first wave of B.A.T. troops sir, Headman and Gristle are advancing from the north with a large group of Alley Vipers, they should hit the back of the opposition minutes after Firefly and Munitia hit the front." Overlord shouted back towards Serpentor, the noise of the jets flying past them, and protecting them blocked out anything below a yell.

"The sides, do not forget the sides Overlord." Serpentor screamed, but even his yell earned a stretching of Overlord's ear, barely able to catch it. His condition was no better then it had been before they departed the Arctic Base. His color was slowly returning, but he was still a tint of blue, and his outfit was filled with a heating element to keep him warm, but none the less it was his regal gold and black of battle.

"I would not forget Emperor, your glory has come, your time is at hand, we will not be defeated by a tactical error. Alexander, Wraith and Mistress Armada will hit them from the east, Cesspol and The Twins will hit them from the west, we've got vipers, headhunters, and communications coming in from all angles with the first waves and alternating waves there-after." Overlord said in a triumphant manner.

"What of Mindbender?"

"He is part of the last brigade with the ninjas, Slice, Dice and Slash, they have the final result of the tests you ordered." Overlord responded, slowing down the Air Chariot, letting the jets fly past, and slowly he took it to the ground, safely admist a large mass of troopers. "Major Bludd is holding base, he's waiting any word you have to give orders for a massive retreat....or in that case....a final ending sir."

"We shall have to wait and see the end before I make a decision on that." Serpentor said with a smile, standing, assessing the mass of troops around him. Today would be his glory....

"Emperor!" A lone tele-viper rushes to the front of the troop assembly, passing through ranks and generals he looks completely out of place. "Emperor, Overkill is on a private line for you, he says it's urgent."

Overlord's rage reached forward in the manner of his hand clenching tightly over the neck of the tele-viper. "Never cross through the lines of rank again, you were lucky one of your fellow soldiers didn't shoot you, and next time, you will not be so lucky." Overlord pushed the troop aside, his gun a menacing threat that the tele-viper would likely not forget. With his free hand he grabbed the uplink and handed it to Serpentor.

"This had better be important Overkill, perhaps it is for you to explain your own plan of arrival with the B.A.T.S we will need to seal our impending victory." Serpentor responded with the uplink now in his hands.

"It is not good news emperor, if it was good news I would have come across the regular transmission for the others to see and hear." Overkill's voice was hardly that of a man anymore. His transformation into machine was 100% now, interchangeable, interconnecting, he was not even a full creation, but a work in progress at all times.

"Bad news is not welcome when we are at the footsteps of victory Overkill. I suspect in your computerized brain that you can spin this to my liking."

"My computerized brain does not need to spin Serpentor, I do not calculate in human terms, I strictly like at things statistically. And statistically you are about to have a more affordable opponent, at least in the form of some former alliances. All uplinks are in the vicinity of your battle. Billy's and Zarana's included, apparently they weren't just cowards, but rather, traitors as well." Overlink's voice, although mechanical also sounded arrogant.

"I can work with that...." Serpentor cut off the transmission, a smirk on his face, his lips twisted in a sadistic manner. "Coil Operatives, glory is before you and victory is simply a few hundred yards forward. On the other side of that small hill the cowards who fled from our power are now traitors ready to stand against us. Billy and Zarana stand against us now, and Coil Glory does not include captive traitors.....a very nice bonus goes to the operative who brings me the head of either traitor. THIS I COMMAND!" Serpentor clicked down on his own uplink.

The roar of troops from all corners of the battlefield echoing, no doubt being encouraged by the operative leading them. How easy it had been to turn it into a positive, Serpentor would not see this end against him, not when it was so close.

"Overlord, give the command, the strike begins."