View Full Version : Desert Patrol Set customs?

Ultra Magnus
03-16-2007, 10:32 AM
If I remember correctly, someone posted some customs they did in order to improve the desert patrol set, before the board crash of 2000-ot-6. I was wondering if anyone saved those pics/review and/or if the original poster would please stand up.

I might pick up the set, if I can find it, and I'd be interested in copycatting, if it's cool. Thanks. :thumbsup

BW3 Viper
03-16-2007, 01:05 PM
That was I!!

Here you go!


PM me or post here if you had any other questions

Ultra Magnus
03-16-2007, 01:14 PM
Ah. Thanks a bunch! :)

Ultra Magnus
03-16-2007, 03:02 PM
Yes, this could come out really nice. I like the Dusty update, and I definitely have an extra Dusty Head, kicking around. Though, I'd like to keep stalker around, as well. Perhaps I could put his head and arms on one of the Heavy Assault Squad Snakes Eyes that I have (I stuck HAS Duke's legs on both of those, so that could come out quite nice). That, and I'll have to find another head to put on Ambush's body (I don't have the other version of Ambush. I got plenty of heads in my chop shop, though. There's bound to be a really great match). Thanks, again. :thumbs up

03-16-2007, 05:08 PM
I have some Desert Patrol bodies from wyse. I really like these, I'll have to hunt through and see what I can get to match up.

BW3 Viper
03-16-2007, 11:03 PM
Thnak you. With Stalker in the Winter and the Tigerforce sets, I didn't feel too bad about axing him, especially since the DPS Dusty sucked ass with gusto and after I made a good ambush and put Low Light in, and considering I think that new Dusty I made RULES on all levels, I coudln't NOT do it.

Snake Eyes seems out of place, I can see Tunnel Rat after reading that one issue of the Marvel Series but SE, c'mon! OUTBACK would have been a great choice!

Ultra Magnus
03-16-2007, 11:54 PM
Aye. Yeah, I don't have the winter set, either. Might pick one up, but yeah, I have more SE than Stalkers, so I'd prolly axe him, instead.

EDIT: Hmmm . . . seems I don't have an extra set of Dusty's arms kicking around, but I think Monkeywrech's arms should do in a pinch . . . might end up using "Dusty's" torso for my heavily armed viper that has yet to be named or painted, and I'll give his legs to the extra 2000ish Law that I've got, kicking around. Still not sure what to do with Ambush's body, but I'll think of something. I also all ready have a Desert Tunnel Rat, so I might do soemthing fancy with him, too. We'll see . . .