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Introducing Gravedigger to the world; set on my Earth 929 Beta Marvel Universe where GIJoe is part of Mainstream Marvel Cannon and Cobra replaces Hydra so X-23 will actually be a Cobra project not a Hydra one... But yeah enough of this nonsense let's post; feedback craved like you wouldn't believe.

Evenings on Cobra Island were often warm, immoderately hot or swelteringly hot; many of the Cobra forces that trained on the island or permanently resided there had been forced to condition themselves for the tropical miasma, the exceptions of course being the arctic units who resided in a specially cooled subterranean concourse that made them ready for the frozen tundras’ of the Earth.
Alexander Harrison could care less about the heat or the cold; a Cobra Trooper to begin with the young African had fought long and hard to attain his current rank among the Cobra Elite such as Skull Buster, the ill-fated Firefly or Cobra Mortal, his current specialty was Urban Assault due to his previous tenure as a member of the Alley-Viper squads, but he was working his way even higher up the chain of command. Rumor persisted that Cobra Commander had implemented a new project; one that all the top Squad Leaders were being processed for, even worse then the genetically engineered and cloned Neo-Vipers and Cobra Morays, something called Plague Troopers in whispers.
Alexander wanted in; whatever it was, it was the best of the best, a program to create an elite squadron of thirteen members even nastier and malicious then those of the other Cobra Cannon Fodder Brigades. Cobra’s very own Task Force Delta; the answer to the original thirteen members of GIJoe, still for a member of the Cobra Elite Middlemen as they were sometimes called it would take a lot, hell they still called him by the unflattering codename Nyoc. It was a gag that few of the recent Cobra recruits seemed to understand; back in the early Eighties a comic company called Marvel received exclusive rights by the US Government to produce a series of comic books based on the exploits of GIJoe, much as they did for all the currently active super heroes and super hero teams.
No one knew just quite where they’d come from; and very few were even aware of their founders’ name or identity, in point of fact although the characters were based entirely on real people the secret identities of the heroes and their families remained just that, a secret; it was impossible to discern the identity of average teenager Spider-Man or colossal menace The Hulk, at least for average Joe public.
Alexander could recall what brought about his codename with quiet fury; one particular issue of GIJoe offered a very special mail-away contest for the younger readers, they got to Name Your Own Cobra. And it meant they’d receive an action figure and a tailor made identity card for the Cobra Agent they created; the Commander obviously had tried to sue them on more then one occasion, but when it came to this he had sided with the comic book company. Alexander had yet to choose his own codename; he’d just gotten out of the Alley-Viper rank and file at the time and was working on a brand new uniform to differentiate himself from the others, and when some of the Range Vipers passed around that particular issue he was outraged to discover that the N.Y.O.C action figure being produced was based on his supposedly secret and never before seen uniform design although the coloration left much to be desired.
And thus Nyoc became his name from now until he both let go of his pride and changed the supposedly clever uniform design or managed to prove himself on a solo mission that would allow him to create a new codename and have it approved by the Commander himself; he couldn’t really change the uniform even if he’d wanted to, for one thing the bulk of it was a slightly modified TARGAT battle suit that was tailor fit to his unique body design and as he’d discovered the Cobra Organization frowned upon replacing tailor-made outfits that were not cost effective, as Tomax had spelled it out for him.
Besides it was impossible to find a helmet that suited him much like the Crimson Guard Immortal one he wore; and modifying that sucker for infra-red and night vision visual acuity had been a bear to deal with all on its’ own. Once he attained Plague Trooper status he could receive a new pair of fatigues and everything; hence his continued thrust to prove himself to the remaining Cobra Hierarchy and become one of the proud, the few, the Plague Troopers.

“Nyoc; report to Central Command immediately.” A voice ordered over the Terror Dromes’ loudspeaker; snapping out of his reverie the barrel-chested man quickly slid a loose fitting white tee on over his finely toned nude upper-body and strode purposefully from his quarters, his teeth slightly grinding together as he walked towards the elevator.

GIJoe Issue # 156?
Humanity Unchained

:joe Will Return After these Messages.

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And now Back to :joe

Central Command was a deceptive name; after the infiltration of several Joes and X-Men followed by the subsequent explosion and destruction of half the original Terror Drome the Cobra engineers had come up with something different out of necessity, most of it still bore remarkable resemblance to the original. However all vestiges of the old regime had been stripped away; the flashy serpent inspired throne employed by Serpentor had been forgotten, tossed aside like an old glove, the spacious palatial accommodations had also been eliminated.
In its’ place there remained simply the numerous banks of monitors, computer stations, observation posts and security operations controls manned by both Techno Vipers and Tele Vipers. Standing in the center of the room was a round table where mission leaders received their objectives or the Cobra Hierarchy met to discuss long term goals; tonight the room was almost completely devoid of anyone, which could mean one of two things. Either a very top secret assignment had just come up and was being placed in his lap; the kind that meant codename changes, or he was about to meet with an unfortunate accident for a perceived sleight; Alexander felt it would be the former rather than the latter, he was not disappointed.
An exotic Latino woman wearing a red toned copy of the Baronesses preferred look sat at one of the places around the table twirling a small pistol, next to her was the unusually silent and highly enigmatic Cobra Mortal in his predominantly red and silver chrome-like flak armor. Scrap-Iron and Major Bludd sat conjointly at the opulently decked out end of the table usually reserved for Cobra Commander and a young black haired teen dressed like a Punisher wannabe stood arms crossed to one side of the table itself eyeing the others coldly.

“You requested my presence Major.” Alex reported offering a quick salute; though Cobra proved surprisingly flexible in their daily operations not truly consigned to strict military protocols, for many it was an ingrained response to salute superior officers due to their militant backgrounds.

“Take a seat Nyoc.” He returned dispassionately; Alex chose a seat as far away from the others as possible and did his best not to glare, whatever this was, was going to be big if two of the top mercenaries in lieu of Firefly were present.

“Three days ago one of our smaller operations in the Arabian south-west fell under heavy attack by an unknown force; it was believed at first that GIJoe’s Steel Brigade was responsible.” Scrap-Iron began professionally as a flickering holographic image of the outpost in question appeared hovering above the center of the table; Alex studied the image carefully noting the oasis-like pristine of the secluded sector. “However our recon patrol managed to capture this image prior to being eliminated and uplinked it to us.” He added changing the image to a grainy static-filled shot of a group of people in odd white armor; the four of them studied the image curiously, though the teen seemed indifferent.

“Is that a marking on that armor, a badge of some kind?” Mortal wondered his voice muffled by the curious mask he wore; Major Bludd nodded and the image became isolated augmenting the patch on the armor, Alexander was both confused and intrigued.

“We were experimenting with X-Gene mutants captured by some of our Neo-Vipers.” Bludd revealed with a low growl. “Obviously they used Sentinel technology in its’ construction.” He sneered referring to the armor; the Latino woman bit back a curse while Mortal inclined his head briefly, the teen glowered darkly enraged by this bold attack.

“Destro traced them to Jerusalem and a man called Amahl, no last name; the Commander wants you four to send these fanatics a message, intolerance and assault on Cobra personnel will not be tolerated any further.” Scrap-Iron ordered; Alex caught the teen smiling coldly, he had no idea who the kid was, but the others were at least professionally known by him.

“Who’s in charge?” The woman asked; a soft hum erupted from the shadows near some unmanned consoles and the man formerly known as Firefly marched into the light his right claw-appendage opening and closing with a whirring motion.

“Over Kill will be unofficial field commander, but Mortal will be in charge during the wet work.” Bludd informed while dead eyes glared at the men and woman in the room. “The blokes’ really more of’en clean up crew ya might say.” He added his lone eye twinkling with a smile of malicious enjoyment; most of the Cobra Hierarchy were particularly thrilled at the punishment Firefly had endured at the hands of Mindbender due to his misguided revenge attempts on someone Alexander still didn’t know personally, but his reputation against Cobra was legendary considering his single-mindedness in leading the Night Force to ruin Cobra’s operations left and right. Alex rose and left with the team heading off to get suited up and armed; this time perhaps he’d be able to move up the ladder again, provided Mortal and Munitia didn’t steal any of his thunder, the teenager he could care less about.

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Hope this will garnish a few responses from you guys since it's action of a most cruel and merciless nature.

Over the course of centuries Jerusalem had been the site of many bloody battles including a brief altercation between alien robots from a machine world, but through it all it had managed to endure; despite the numerous costs for repairing the damaged edifices of histories past. The older man with the criss-crossing scars on his lower arms and thinning brown hair could care less about past history and more surrounding the present history being made; preliminary tests had gone off without a hitch, a secret research facility and eighteen children, abominations in the face of God had been wiped out.
All in all he was extremely pleased; and yet meeting with this mysterious benefactor proved most troublesome, the man had further blessed work to do in order to keep the Afghani tribes free of the plague infesting the rest of the world, humanity must remain pure. She appeared a vision of ethereal beauty flaunting her body for the world to see in a revealing black corset and a short skirt of matching hues; a woman that hid her true cold-heartedness behind a veil of pure sex, most men were easily distracted by such things, for the pure of Gods’ children chosen for this holiest of missions she was simply a temptation to ignore.

“Miss Selene; your request was of an urgency I fail to understand, were the funds not sufficient enough?” He asked emotionlessly; a dead flat tone of voice that only ever revealed passion or emotion for the holy cause he represented when speaking to his followers, those beneath his notice in the grand scheme of things were undeserving.

“Of course not dear Amahl; however it has come to our attention that you have attracted decidedly…” She pursed her lips softly as though uncertain how to phrase the next words. “Undesired attention.” She finished; Amahl curled his lip, no attention was unwanted in his opinion, let the world see what he could and would do to preserve humanity and wipe out the plague.

“I fail to see the problem; your armor has allowed us to cleanse a region of unholyness.” He retorted icily; a dangerous and uncertain gleam ventured into the eyes of the woman fleetingly and she instantly lost any physical appeal to those closest to her.

“Cobra is not to be taken lightly.” She hissed. “We can ill afford to lose the armor now; those are still merely prototypes and Cobra has access to truly impressive technologies enough even to damage your generously donated supplies.” She pointed out; Amahl smiled though there was no emotion behind it, it came off as more of a twisted thing.

“Let them try; if they harbor such abominations then they too shall fall.” He intoned; Selene closed her eyes briefly and suddenly rose, Amahl betrayed no surprise if he even felt any at the sudden change of emotions.

“Maintaining caution appears to be a fools errand on your part; very well Amahl, the Hellfire Club shall wash their hands of you. After all this was simply an act of common courtesy.” She inclined her head and took her leave her hips sashaying as she walked attracting scandalous attention from those beneath him, Amahl simply smiled and left returning to his followers; the quest was what remained ever important not some paltry and cryptic warnings of imagined dangers from those who hid beneath the veil of the serpent.

“Target is moving.” Alex informed via the tiny communication equipment embedded in the lapel of his shirt; a pity he could not hear what was said between the two, but Cobra Mortal had the ability to read lips most assuredly. “Hannibal; you are free to execute plan Serpents’ Fang.” He ordered; the woman had been attractive, but dangerous still there was little reason to concern himself over her or whomever she represented it was Amahl and his so called followers that needed to feel the sting of Cobra.

Operation Serpent’s Fang was a simple one; Hannibal served as the front man as it were, infiltrating the facility effortlessly. They did not question a teenager filled with such deep hatred for the supposed enemy; through him they now knew the layout of the base, a fallen church, tainted by the sin of intolerance, prejudice and fear. Cobra Mortal stood on the roof diagonally across from the roofless collapsing edifice sniper rifles in hand; Alex and Munitia were going in first leaving Mortal to bring up the rear, those within had no idea what was about to befall them as the sun slowly sank in the west.
Munitia made the first kill two fifty year-olds coming out of the former Priests Sacristy room; fast and agile the Latino sex bomb drove one of her knives to the hilt directly under the ribs and straight into the heart of the male, while the woman had her throat slit open so fast she could barely let out a gurgle of breath as the life left her veins. Alex kicked the door open wide and discovered the empty room and hallway beyond; scanning the area with a practiced eye he opened fire on a door leading off to the right, the automatic tore the old wood to shreds and the trio of men behind it collapsed to the floor with sickening thuds as blood poured from their wounds.
As silent and deadly as avenging angels the Cobra operatives methodically picked apart the base of operations; the fanatics inside were ill-prepared for a true offensive, their fancy armor had been forgotten as they tried to flee only to fall to Mortal outside or Hannibal standing perched over the threshold of one exit as unmovable as stone a long and elegantly crafted broadsword in his two-handed grip. They responded to nothing; no outward stimuli, as cold and detached as common professionals of the assassins’ guild, pleas for mercy fell on deaf ears. The children of the damned wept but a moment before being gunned down; the trio of assassins spoke with silent hand signals to indicate their positions and the numbers they’d slain, swiftly and mercilessly they spread as a wave of death; a plague that soon tore apart the last of those ensconced within.

“The armor is not here.” Hannibal informed while Munitia cleaned her knives on the shirt of a young boy no older then ten. “Amahl and his Sentinel Squad as they call them left to attack another mutant; they’ll be back shortly.” He added; Alex nodded figuring that something must have caused those with more backbone to be away using their new toys, toys that were soon to be taken away from them.

“Fortify this place or wait outside?” The African asked Mortal via com; the Cobra Mercenary shook his head unseen and clipped the silencers off of his sniper rifles.

“Neither; we’ve cleared the nest as per our orders, Over Kill is clean up.” He informed his voice as ever distorted; Munitia smiled wickedly and kicked the corpse of a twelve year old girl she’d gutted earlier, Alex shrugged, but he suspected Over Kill might still have need of a little backup and then again there were his secret orders, presented to him by a most unexpected source as he recalled.

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Wow, great read so far! Great job, man :D Keep'em comin'!

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Guess seeing Cobra act al ruthless and stuff isn't as jaw dropping to you guys as before... Oh well next part up now, COBRA!

“Nyoc; a moment if you please.” An unfamiliar voice called as the African man prepared to depart aboard the Mamba with the others; glancing up he was surprised to find the man known simply as Crystal Ball approaching unseen from the laboratories closest entrance.

“How may I be of service sir?” He asked; Crystal Ball smiled shrewdly and glanced behind him as if afraid of eavesdropping, when he was confident that no one was present he indicated that the other man should follow. Alexander complied following him into the lab; one of many within the Terror Drome, this one was shrouded in darkness and Alex was forced to adapt his night vision in order to make out any of the equipment nearby.

“Nyoc I have need of a small favor during this mission of yours; this armor that the individuals in question have, I want its’ mutant detecting equipment.” Crystal Ball requested confidentially; Alex eyed him uncertainly, but the Romani man did not offer a reason for his desire.

“How will I recognize it?” Alex finally settled upon asking; Crystal Ball grinned widely and handed him a small seemingly insignificant piece of standard equipment used by all Battle Android Troopers, Alex studied it carefully it was spherical with blinking lights on one side and a knob on the reverse for connection cables that were most likely sitting off somewhere in the dark of the room. “Are you certain they will have similar designs?” He asked; Crystal Ball nodded.

“Most certain Nyoc you see I do believe those designs of theirs are ones a certain organization presented to me recently in an attempt to sway me to their side, their cause if you will; however I am of course loyal only to Cobra and yet we are still having difficulty locating suitable test subjects for Mindbenders pet mutant project.” He explained with a sneer. “As if Mindbender could ever learn to harness the very genomic structure that creates mutants; still the X-Men and others know of mutants before we ever do, if we hope to recruit some for our new Cape Killer squadrons we’re going to need the most modern interpretations of the technologies involved, not some worthless hand-me downs from Hydra’s old stockpiles.” He elaborated; Alex nodded holding up a hand to forestall any further words on the hypnotists’ part.

“It shall be done provided you can ensure that I will at last be rid of this accursed codename.” He returned; Crystal Ball grinned smarmily as though a shark circling his prey knowing it could not hope to escape.

“Rest assured Nyoc; after this assignment Cobra Commander will be suitably impressed enough to give you your pick of codenames and perhaps even a leadership position among the Elite.” He revealed knowingly; Nyoc inclined his head slightly and took his leave hastening to regroup with his fellow Cobra Operatives, things were looking up for him.

Managing to locate a suitable observational position that would afford him a view of the church and its’ surroundings and leave him completely unseen Alex waited patiently; as he suspected he didn’t have long to wait, the armor clad so-called saviors of mankind returned flying in the air much like Sentinels, arms pinned to their sides. The armor was a blood red in color this time; and even as he watched the visual aspects and colorations visibly rearranged using an advanced form of stealth capabilities, it became as white as pristine snow and the helmets released a bout of steam before each one was removed revealing the face of the occupant underneath.

“Amahl!” The closest man cried in shock. “Our brethren, they… No! Valerie!” He exclaimed trailing off as he saw the body of the girl Munitia had gutted; Alex smirked coldly, unwilling and ill prepared for true warfare, yet they wished to fight a war against the mutants who by all rights could be far more ruthless then Cobra.

“Who could have done this?” A womans’ voice wondered; the tallest armor clad person finally tore off his helmet revealing the face of Amahl glaring at the dead followers left cluttering the pews of the church as though a message.

“That would be us.” Over Kill replied casually in his clipped mechanical tone; red glowing eyes lit up all around the survivors and Alex watched in awe as the newest model B.A.Ts stepped forward their feet echoing loudly in the empty room, each of them were heavily armed.

“Cobra.” Amahl spat taking a step forward to the mostly grey clad Over Kill; the Cobra BAT leader appeared to be smiling as he raised his dark grey clad human hand up into the light, though Alex couldn’t really tell since the orange scarf covered much and he knew second hand just what Over Kill looked like under there.

“Yes Cobra; we did not take kindly to your assault on our facility.” He revealed casually; the one cradling the body of the girl leapt to his feet and fired a repulsor-like beam with a snarl, one of the BATs leapt into its’ path protecting their leader exploding into a hail of fragments and charred pieces of metal. “A noble attempt, but now I think it is time to end this; Battle Android Troopers attack!” Over Kill barked; the armor clad humans attempted to resist and indeed they put up a remarkably good fight, but as the BATs were designed to adapt they soon ceased assaulting the Sentinel Squad with bullets and switched to devastating laser beams. The men and women cried out piteously as they were quite literally torn to ribbons; bloodied limbs and stumps falling all around adding to the carnage of the earlier assault, soon only Amahl was spared from the blood bath.
Over Kill approached the wounded leader his legs sheared off earlier at the knees yet he was still alive; Alex watched as the cyborg hefted the human into the air with his pincer-like claw hand.

“You can not stop the quest; the others around the world will wipe out the mutant plague.” He spat; Over Kills’ dead eyes gleamed with a dark light.

“Mutant or Human it makes no difference to us; Cobra shall rule all, your organization no longer proves beneficial to us and after this becomes public knowledge most of your so called Friends of Humanity will cower in fear and remain hidden like cockroaches for fear of being killed.” He proclaimed. “Those who refuse to remain isolated and obsolete; well for them…” He trailed off and snapped his mechanical hand closed decapitating the leader of this Friends of Humanity sect coldly; Alex climbed to his feet and joined his fellow Cobra operative knowing that it was no longer necessary to remain hidden, Over Kill chuckled darkly. “GIJoe can’t save them all.” He remarked; Alex shrugged and proceeded to collect several of the mutant tracking equipment from the most intact of the armor clad torsos, his secondary mission fully accomplished.

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Wow, great read Sithicus! Nice work! :thumbsup

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Awesome story Sithicus, love it so far, meant to post my liking for it after the second chapter, but never got around to it, chapter three and four just keep making it better. Can't wait for part 5....awesome job.

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Awesome story Sithicus, love it so far, meant to post my liking for it after the second chapter, but never got around to it, chapter three and four just keep making it better. Can't wait for part 5....awesome job.

^ What he said! :D

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Wow guys; glad my GIJoe writing skills are good enough, sadly this part will be the last part of Humanity Unchained and it may take me a while to continue with Gravediggers' mission... Still gotta figure out the names of the Steel Brigade members I'll be adding to the official ones. I also have two filecards for Gravedigger and Hannibal written up, which I'll post after everyone has had the chance to enjoy this installment.

Cobra Commander greeted the unit personally upon their return; Munitia, Hannibal, Cobra Mortal, Over Kill and Nyoc were all present, pleased with their success in most respects and only slightly tired from their flight back that same night. The Commander was clad in a crimson version of his standard hooded uniform the snakes-head staff he favored of late in one hand; and Alex noted he was flanked by the latest Cobra Elite Troopers, the Cobra Imperial Guard.

“You have successfully achieved completion of your task and Cobra has been avenged.” The Commander praised a wide smile hidden beneath his hood; Alexander eyed his comrades in arms gauging their reactions, Munitia and Hannibal seemed impressed or dispassionate and as usual Cobra Mortal showed no outward signs of emotion. “I believe it is time we showed the public that we are not impressed by these so called Friends of Humanity; and demonstrated especially to the growing mutant populace of Earth that Cobra’s rule will accept all walks of life.” He stated a slight air of disgust in his tone; Alex suspected that the Commander had a sore spot in concern to the Friends of Humanity, Over Kill leaned forward in his seat.

“I have multiple projects to see to Cobra Commander; I can not continue leading these four against our newest foe.” He pointed out his claw spinning as he spoke; Cobra Commander nodded understandably and proceeded to examine each of the others in turn, Alex suspected that Over Kills’ claw spun as a programmed response to his emotional state.

“Alexander; you are the most likeliest choice for leadership, your skills have proven themselves time and again and unlike your underlings you do not change allegiances due to the amount of coin presented you.” He observed; Alex puffed up slightly in pride at the compliment, the Commander noticed his potential and Crystal Balls’ promises had proven reliable. “I advise you to choose a superior codename however; as for your new mission, you will be working closely with Crystal Ball.” He continued a knowing gaze locked on Alex as he said this. “We can not outright eradicate these fascists and bigots; those who could serve Cobra well shall be brainwashed into our services, those whose paltry fears and beliefs are incompatible with Cobras’ shall be… Exterminated.” He revealed; the group nodded as one, Alex placed his hands on the palm of the table pushing himself up to his feet.

“As you command Cobra Commander; and as to my new codename, I have chosen one at last.” He informed. “Gravedigger.” He stated; the Commander smirked subtly and inclined his head in acknowledgement, climbing from his seat the Imperial Guard closest to him hastily placed his cape back across his shoulders.

“Rest and recuperate; when you are ready the Major shall present your next target.” He stated before heading for the exit; he paused mid-step and turned to Hannibal. “Follow.” He commanded the teen swiftly joined him together they left the others; Gravedigger eyed him confused and curious, while Munitia, Mortal and Over Kill left opposite the main entrance to follow the last orders given them.

“They did not question my presence.” Hannibal informed softly; the Commander nodded slightly unconcerned with the presence of the Imperial Guard trailing them within earshot of this private conversation, as well he should be considering who the Imperial Guard were beneath their masks.

“There were no genetic anomalies or pains?” Cobra Commander asked; Hannibal shook his head removing his sword freely from the inner coat sheath and eyeing the still bloodied tip.

“My skills need more work; one nearly escaped me.” He growled eyes narrowed the Commander smiled and placed an almost tender hand on the teens shoulder. “I must be trained further in the Arashikage arts.”

“There are only so many maneuvers and abilities Storm Shadow can teach you Hannibal; Shadow Strike you are not.” He returned casually; the young man ground his teeth slightly as they came to the genetics lab, Dr. Mindbender emerged from the banks of equipment with a smile.

“We are ready to begin manipulating your X-Gene Hannibal.” Mindbender informed pleasantly; the teen nodded with a slight frown and moved to sit in the large black chair with the numerous mechanical attachments, it looked like something out of Revenge of the Sith, Cobra Commander eyed Mindbender seriously.

“This will be a success Mindbender.” He proclaimed a dangerous glint in his eyes; Mindbender nodded adjusting his glasses as he injected Hannibal with the sedative.

“According to all data gleaned from the failed Weapon X attempts and the first eleven children I am confident that this time your clone will accept the grafted mutant genes and develop the abilities selected.” He returned examining his laptop; the Commander smiled and watched as Mindbender began the procedure, this time his plans to create the perfect successor were guaranteed to work and what better assignment to begin his life as a Cobra agent then the eradication of his brothers’ failure.

“My legacy shall live on and you Hannibal shall prove a much better son then my genuine offspring.” He stated softly before turning to leave; other matters needed to be seen to at the moment, the leader of Cobras’ work sadly was never done. “I should have stopped my brother when he began plans for this so called Friends of Humanity organization; I should have stopped him before Stryker stole it from him resulting in his downward spiral to inevitable death and the cause of the deaths of Snake Eyes’ parents… This time the Friends of Humanity shall be phased out.” He muttered to himself the golden metallic snake-heads staff slamming into the floor beneath him with enough force to cause the steel-like metal to develop spider-web cracks.

To Be Continued

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Wow, I love the weaving of the Marvel continuity into your Joeverse. I always liked to link and intermingle other storylines/toylines into one another. And this so far is really making me think back to all those days of playing with your friends making up huge complicated stories for everybody!

Great Job!

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Awesome way to end it, can't wait to read those filecards, especially Hannibals, great story Sithicus.

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Here's the File Cards I promised; I also did up ones for Over Kill, Munitia and something of my own cretion, the Battle Android Officer... Well maybe not my own creation; I'm sure you'll recognize what toy I derived it from by the description of said character.

Gravedigger (Nyoc)
File Name: Harrison, Alexander
Primary Military Specialty: Urban Assault
Secondary Military Specialty: Field Command
Birthplace: Johannesburg, Gauteng; South Africa

Gravedigger began as a Cobra Trooper the bottom most rung on the ladder of Cobra soldiers; he trained long and hard until he achieved first the rank of Cobra Squad Leader and then Cobra Officer, next he made his way into the Cobra Viper ranks. The reason for this was because Gravedigger wasn’t content leading Cobra Troopers into battle; he clawed his way up the rank and file further until attaining the role of Cobra Alley Viper, during a mission to Saint Petersburg he was separated from his squad during the botched attempt at infiltrating an old KGB complex.
He managed to survive somehow and escape with the data he was sent after; the only Alley Viper to return Cobra Commander granted him the right to choose his own codename and become an independent Elite Operative. Unable to decide on a codename at first he was jokingly called Nyoc after a Name Your Own Cobra contest in Marvels’ GIJoe Comic; after going on a mission to eliminate a cell of the Friends of Humanity he returned with a new mission and a new codename, Gravedigger.
Gravedigger is an expert marksman and assassin; his rigorous training has allowed him to gain enough strength to bench press a hundred and ninety-five pounds, besides ranged weapons he employs grenades, knives and a few personal tools to get the job done. Aware of a new secret project to create the Cobra Plague Troopers squad Gravedigger is intent on achieving a place on that team, currently he is in charge of a small task force working to purge or absorb the Friends of Humanity sect into Cobra via brainwashing.

File Name: Hannibal
Primary Military Specialty: Intelligence
Secondary Military Specialty: Ordnance
Birthplace: Mindbenders’ Lab, Cobra Island

One of twelve genetic clones of Cobra Commander; Hannibal is an attempt by the Cobra leader to create a successor more worthy than his estranged son Billy and superior to the former Clone Emperor Serpentor, after twenty-two failed attempts at cloning the mutant codenamed Wolverine and a twenty-third escapee Cobra scientist Doctor Mindbender also made plans to use replicated x-genes in an attempt to grant specific abilities to the Commanders’ clones.
The initial eleven attempts failed miserably; choosing to expedite the ageing process further then childhood, Mindbender made Hannibal a sixteen year old. Being a genetic clone of Cobra Commander, Hannibal possesses all of his skills, experience and intellect; he is an accomplished hand to hand combatant and proficient in all forms of modern weaponry, Hannibal prefers to fight with a specially crafted sword however or even his fists.
The mutant abilities Mindbender is attempting to encourage include extreme advanced healing factor, superior invulnerability and either a projectile or energy based offensive attack; Hannibal was educated on Cobra Island and has yet to meet his half-brother Billy or the rumored half-sister Reina DeCobray believed by some to exist despite constant denials by both Baroness and Cobra Commander.

Over Kill
File Name: Firefly, CLASSIFIED
Primary Military Specialty: Battle Android Trooper Co-Ordination
Secondary Military Specialty: Sabotage
Birthplace: Over Kill; Mindbender’s Lab, Cobra Island. Firefly; CLASSIFIED.

Over Kill is Cobra’s Battle Android Trooper leader; a cyborg built, or rather re-built with bioengineered systems perfected by Mindbender. In his past life as Firefly, Over Kill was a mercenary hired by Cobra as a saboteur and procurer of rare GIJoe equipment when the need arose; if not for his lust for vengeance against a young man by the name of Rutherford he wouldn’t have lost his humanity or his station as Cobra’s Saboteur.
Over Kill’s right arm is attached with a new mechanical replacement just above the elbow; his original one having been cut off by Night Force leader Ricochet, Rutherford’s alias among GIJoe.
This attachment ends with a clawed appendage that can be detached and replaced with an advanced prototype of the B.A.T semi-automatic projectile launcher, which in turn can fire bullets or laser blasts; his left eye has been replaced with a facsimile that can act as a long-range telescoping sight. Over Kill’s body fluids have been replaced with a self-replenishing biological fluid eliminating the need for sustenance; as well as other human requirements, his body now possesses advanced healing and the sweat glands have been modified to transmit a unique signature utilizing microscopic signal devices so his BATs can locate him anywhere on Earth.
His former mechanical spinal column has been replaced with a plastic based aluminum to prevent future destruction at the hands of Rutherfords’ magnetic abilities, his strength has also been doubled and part of his cerebral cortex has been replaced with telecommunications equipment attuned to BAT frequency; however he prefers verbal communications.
Over Kills’ hatred for Ricochet is as intense as ever, but due to his mental reprogramming and conditioning he has no hope of enacting vengeance against the young man.

Battle Android Officer (B.A.F)
Primary Military Specialty: BAT Control

Based on the new BAT mark five; the Battle Android Officer is a mechanical equivalent to the Cobra Squadron Leaders, employed by Over Kill to lead the multiple squadrons of BATs around the globe due to his inability to be everywhere at once, BAFs co-ordinate and ensure that the BATs remain on task. They are equipped with multi-directional laser cannons on the right arm and can swap their left arms with personalized rocket launchers; in order to instill unease and horrify GIJoe operatives BAFs possess fully grafted synthflesh faces overlaying the natural BAT facial systems, giving the impression that they were once human beings now transformed into robotic life forms. BAT Mk V and BAF body parts are mostly interchangeable allowing for quick replacement of lost limbs during heated firefights; Mindbender is naturally most pleased with this.

File Name: Cruz, Angela
Primary Military Specialty: Sabotage
Secondary Military Specialty: Ordnance (Experimental Weaponry)
Birthplace: Unknown

One of Cobra’s hired mercenaries Munitia doesn’t come cheap, but her skills are well worth it; she’s trained privately for years and was originally working for the leader in Trucial Abysmia before being contact by Cobra Mortal to join him in replacing Firefly. Munitia is an expert in five distinct forms of hand to hand combat and can quickly master all forms of Cobra’s more exotic ordnance supplies; Munitia also enjoys collecting edged weapons for her personal hobby, she also has no qualms about slaying innocents.

04-02-2007, 08:04 PM
Very nice :thumbsup

04-03-2007, 06:23 PM
Very nice filecards, hate to see Cobra Commander replace Serpentor's clones with himself, but it definetly makes sense, very awesome filecards and story.

04-03-2007, 09:18 PM
Very nice filecards, hate to see Cobra Commander replace Serpentor's clones with himself, but it definetly makes sense, very awesome filecards and story.

Considering in my universe Serpentor was axed by the character called Rutherford and I don't brng over everything from DDP into the Marvel-Based Joeverse I've adopted in a certain sense I figured it made more sense that the character of Hannibal be something different then just another bad attempt at re-creating a Serpentor like character using just the DNA of Hannibal. I wanted to go for more unique origins for the toy while keeping true to the cloned aspect.