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Steel Brigade: Underground III
Part 1:
(These events take place after the assault on the Rock by Phoenix Guard)
2007 Brigham Military Prison

Brigham Prison had been the home for Arsenal for nearly nine years now, since his little venture into the Underground with the Steel Brigade an experiment that ended badly to say the least.
Two team mates missing, four more dead, one infiltrator, the rest barely averting a lengthy prison stay thanks to the deal Arsenal cut with Hawk many years ago, and one last team mate that sold them all out to Cobra.

Arsenal took some solace in the fact that his team mates avoided the same fate as him. He did however not understand why in the nine years none of them had come to visit him, let alone contact him.

Until today.

Arsenal had been lead by the guards to a visitation room. He entered the room, and the door closed behind him.

In front of him behind a table were General ‘Hawk’ Abernathy, and another bearded man that also had a Generals uniform as well.

“Generals, I’d salute, but my hands are cuffed to my waist.”

Hawk spoke, “Please have a seat Arsenal.”

Arsenal shuffled over to the table and sat down.

Hawk continued, “This is General Colton.”

For the first time Arsenal realized Hawk was in a wheelchair.

“General.” Arsenal acknowledged him.

“He is the current commanding officer of the G.I. Joe team.” Hawk announced.

“Sir,” Arsenal addressed Hawk, “What has happened in nine years that he’s in charge, and you’re in a wheelchair?”

Hawk recanted the reformation of the Joe team, and the Red Shadows as well as his own injury, basically bringing him up to speed.

“I’m sorry sir.” Was all Arsenal could say.

“Don’t be soldier. I knew the risks, just as you knew the risks when you took your team out in the late nineties.” Hawk paused, “Back then I told you, I might have a need for you someday, and now that day has come. General Colton.”

“First off Arsenal, I’m here to offer you a deal, we need your help on a mission, and in return, you get out of this prison.” Colton stroked his beard.

“It sounds like there’s a catch.” Arsenal responded.

“There is a catch.” Colton continued, “When the assignment is done, you will be permanently assigned to the Joes new base, The Rock, however you are still a prisoner. You will not be allowed off the base ever, unless on mission or in chains, and unlike any normal Joe your tour of duty never ends. There is no opt out in four years, you opt out you come back to here, understand?”

“I understand General.”

“Fine, also when you’re not on a mission I have a job for you, to maintain clean and stock the Rock’s weapons lockers.”

Arsenal smirked, “So I literally, become the arsenal.”

Hawk stifled a smile at that.

Colton was less jovial, “I hadn’t thought about that, but yes that is the deal.”

Arsenal asked, “What’s the mission?”

Hawk picked up the conversation, “Anchor has come in from the cold.”

Arsenal was stunned, “He’s been on the run for nine years? I’d assumed he was caught by now.”

Hawk looked at, Colton, “Has no one informed you of what has happened to your former team mates in the past nine years?”

Arsenal was confused, “No….why?”

Hawk leaned closer to the table, “Arsenal this is gonna be rough so brace yourself.”

Hawk continued, “Trample and Diaz did their time, and were released, due to her medical conditions I was able to get Catwalk off with no sentence, two months after your incarceration Catwalk came out of her coma, somewhere there after she gave birth to a baby boy.”

Arsenal was stunned.

“Stay with me soldier, this gets worse.” Colton instructed.
“Your mission is re-unite your team and bring in Shiv.”

Steel Brigade: Underground III
Part 2:

Arsenal could hardly believe the events of the past few days, he had gone from military prison, to the Joes new HQ the Rock where he was fitted with a special Joe comm. that could track his whereabouts, and was seemingly un-removable except by command of Colton or Hawk, and now here he was in upstate New York to meet with Anchor, whom he had not seen since that fateful night years before.

The meeting place was a sleepy little town called Jonesville, the kind of place you would like to raise a family at, the town square was a nice grassy area, with park benches which is where Arsenal waited. All this Norman Rockwell-esque stuff made Arsenal wonder about his next leg of this mission, Catwalk and her child, was this the his son whose name he didn’t even know.

He was lost in thought when Anchor sat down next to him, “I see prison life has dulled your sense of awareness.”

“No just thinking, how are you Anchor?” he responded.

“I’m well, you?”

“Bout the same as always.” He paused tossing a rock he had been playing with from his hand, “Where have you been for the last nine years?”

“Right to the point, as always….well a little of everywhere really, but after I escaped the dragnet from that night, I started looking for answers.”

“Answers? Shiv set us up, and that Zarthorn fooled us all, it all seems pretty cut and clear to me.”

Anchor shock his head, “On the surface yeah, but if you think back that Zarthorn fellow had a pretty interesting conversation with the Commander. He said, ‘Commander we are even after this, our debt is paid.’”

Arsenal shook his head, “So?”

“He wasn’t doing this willingly.” Anchor responded.

“I still don’t get it.” Arsenal admitted.

“Neither did I until I tracked him down recently.”

“You what?” Arsenal was on the verge of furious.

Anchor raised his hand, “Look whatever he did during those days, and I’m not defending it, he did for the ones he loves, the Commander was threatening to kill his family, he paid that debt, and believe it or not he’s trying to help us.”

“Help? What like he did by leading us into that trap?” Arsenal was livid.

“He saved Sonia and Heartwrencher as well. His orders were to kill Sonia, but he left her and grabbed Heartwrencher, who was critically wounded, she would have died that day.”

Arsenal didn’t know what to say.

“He’s deep involved in several covers right now, he wouldn’t discuss what exactly, but he has given me some info on Shiv, and where to find him.”

That caught Arsenal’s attention, “Where?”

“He’s taken up with a new faction of Cobra, as Raina DeCobray’s bodyguard.”

Arsenal was at a loss, “Who is Raina DeCobray?”

“Believe it or not she’s the daughter of the Baroness, and Cobra Commander.”

“I’m really hating this, all right now.”

For the first time Anchor could see the toll this had taken on Arsenal, “It’s our chance to bring in Shiv. Maybe our only chance.”

There was silence for a few seconds, and then Arsenal spoke, “Lets go get the rest of the team.”

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Steel Brigade: Underground III
Part 3:
Anchor and Arsenal arrived at the current address of their former team mate Catwalk, and knocked on the door.

She answered the door, and was just as beautiful as she had been nine years ago, “Hello I….”

Tears welled up in her eyes.

“What’s new pussycat?” Anchor asked playfully.

She threw her arms around Arsenal and sobbed.

A few minutes later inside Catwalks apartment, they began talking.

“There’s a lot to talk about, but I have to know is Diaz here?” Anchor asked.

“Well she lives here yeah, but she out working right now. She works as a cashier at the Buy’n Bag.” Catwalk answered.

Arsenal grew even sadder, this was the life his team led, one had been on the run for the past nine years, and now Catwalk and Sonia lived in one small crummy apartment together with possibly his child.

Anchor got up from the couch, “Well I think I’ll go and retrieve the doc, so you two can talk a bit. Where is this place at?”

“Three blocks down.” Catwalk answered.

“Okay see you kids later.” He left the apartment, and the silence was deafening.

“So,” Arsenal began, “where is he?”

“He who?” she asked.

“My….your….our son.”

“You heard about that, look I can explain.” She started.

“You can explain why you never even told me he existed? You can actually explain that?” He wasn’t yelling, but clearly he doubted her.

“Yes I can.” She stated, “I can explain that because he wasn’t yours.”

Now he was confused, “Come again?”

“He wasn’t yours.” She hung her head, and continued, “Look after I came out of my coma, I was clear of all charges and dishonorably discharged. Trample was in prison, so was Diaz, and you….you were never getting out again, or so I thought. I’m not proud of this, but I turned to drinking to get by. I made a mistake. I drank so much then there was little I remember, including who it was I slept with, and got pregnant by. When Diaz got out she tracked me down to see how I was, and found me a mess. We sat down and talked it over. I decided to have the baby, but I gave him up for adoption. Another mistake….I don’t know….maybe not. Either way I’ve been sober since then.”

She sat in silence, and couldn’t bring herself to look Arsenal in the eye.

Arsenal moved closer to her and slipped his arm around her, “I’m sorry Erin.”

She was sobbing, and she looked up at him, “You’re sorry? For what?”

“For all of this,” he waived his hand, “for leading the team on that crazy mission, for not seeing what Flagg was, for Shiv being a traitor, for your coma, for you living in this crappy apartment, for your discharge, for your turning to booze, for you having to go through all of that, and most of all for not being there to see you through it.”

She continued to sob, and he continued to hold her.

At the Buy’n Bag.

Sonia Diaz was ending her shift, she had punched out, and was making her way to the door, when she heard, “Excuse me miss do you work here?”

Under her breath she sighed and said, “Crap.”

She turned around to see Anchor.

“You salty sea dog what are you……Oh my god you’re still on the run.” She started to back away from him.

“No wait, it’s not like that.” He tried to explain, but she stormed out the door.

He followed, “Sonia wait!”

“Drop dead.” She called back to him.

“Let me explain.” He pleaded.

She turned around and confronted him, ““You can explain why you’re jeopardizing my freedom and life. You can actually explain that?”

“Actually I can, just give me two minutes.” He stated.

“NO.” She started towards her apartment. Anchor followed.

“Sonia this is important.”

“I don’t care.” She continued walking.

“It’s about Shiv.” He said desperately.

She stopped and turned to face him, “What about Sh…NO I don’t care.”

She continued walking, “We know where he is. It’s a sanctioned mission to take him out.”

“Good do it without me.”

“Sonia, don’t be this way.”

She stopped in front of the door to here apartment, and turned to face him once again, she grabbed his hand and placed it on her chest, “Feel that? It’s a finely tuned screw my life up detector, know how it got that way? Following the advice of your last boss. I lost my freedom, my doctor’s license and nearly my life, all for not listening to it! This time I’m listening to it!”

She removed his hand and put her key in the door. When she unlocked the door and saw Arsenal and Catwalk sitting together on the couch, she exclaimed, “Oh hell.”

Both her and Anchor entered the apartment and he closed the door.

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Excellent read, Ooalb. Nice to see how realistic you made things....how life has treated the team ever since that fateful mission.

I can't wait to read more! :D

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For more on Shiv, check out Rise Of Raina part 8.....do you smell crossover?

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Steel Brigade: Underground
Part 4

“Well isn’t this just peachy, the captain of wrecking our lives is here yet again. Gonna sleep with him Erin?” Sonia asked.

Arsenal answered instead, “Look Sonia this time it’s different.”

“Yes, yes, sanctioned mission after Shiv, Anchor gave me the sales pitch, now get out.”

Arsenal considered it for a moment, “You right. Anchor she’s right we have no right to screw up there lives again. You and I have to do this, they don’t. Come on lets go find Trample.”

Arsenal walked to the door and Anchor followed him, they left.

Sonia turned to Catwalk, “Do you believe the nerve of that guy?”

Meanwhile in another little town called Springfield.

Raina DeCobray walked the halls of her inner sanctum, and Shiv walked three feet behind her.

“Shiv, are all the security preparations for the Texas trip ready?” She asked.

“Of course mistress.”

“What is the daily report?”

“Skullbuster killed two new recruits this morning, before sun up.”

She arched her eyebrow, “Just two? He’s improving. Anything else?”

Shiv continued, “Word is that your father has yet to surface after his stint in the White House. Your mother is still on the run somewhere, and the Joe team is basically still trying to figure everything out.”

“Typical. Their antics do not concern me much, I have been in contact with The Commander, he will steer clear, and as for mother…I will deal with her when the time comes.”

Scrap Metal, and Vamp were seated in Raina’s living area, a spacious room filled with chairs and couches of all sorts, “Scrap Metal, Vamp, you are clear on this mission?”

Scrap Metal responded, “Yeah I get it, I’m not sure I can play this part, Raina.”

Raina sat down on Scrap Metal’s lap, “Oh silly you can this is a pretty simple role I ask of you, and Vamp I’m sure will be a tremendous help, after all, the only thing I’m asking you to is give away free gasoline, I’ll be doing the hard part.”

Vamp sitting next to Scrap Metal spoke up, “Which is?”

Raina leaned back and rested her head in Vamp’s lap, “Winning hearts and minds, my dear Vamp.”

Vamp continued, “Raina what is your goal here, do you think the public will suddenly elect you president or something?”

Raina giggled, “Nooo, but anything I can do to destabilize his position helps me, honestly Vamp weren’t you ever a child? Distract the president with one situation, and he’ll never see you with your hands in the cookie jar.”

Vamp still pressed, “And what exactly is the cookie jar?”

Raina sat up, “Nosey aren’t you?”

“Ambitious is more like it. I want the chocolate chip cookies, not the butter ones.” Vamp countered.

“Well, Vamp we’re the distraction. Zarana and Hotwire will be grabbing cookies.” She stood up, and continued, “Come,” she held her arm out so that Scrap Metal would escort her, “To Texas!”

Back at Catwalk and Diaz apartment…

“Stop looking at me like that. You know what happened the last time we hit the field with them.” Diaz sat on the couch across from Catwalk.

“Shiv needs to brought in we owe it to those of us that didn’t make it.” Catwalk paused, “You owe it to Code Breaker.”

Diaz pointed a finger at Catwalk, “DON’T. Don’t even go there Erin, we had one date, he was a jerk, and he died, I’m sorry he’s dead, but you will NOT guilt me into this over him.”

“Fair enough. What about Arsenal?”

“What about him?”

“We’d all be in jail if it wasn’t for him, we owe him for that, and while we’re on the subject of Arsenal, there’s something I’ve meant to ask you for a long time now.”

“What?” Diaz spat back at her.

“You love him don’t you?” Catwalk asked.

There was an awkward silence between the two of them.

“What are you insane? He walks outta my life, then fakes his death, walks into my life, gets me kidnapped, and shot at, leaving me with so much trouble I can’t even practice medicine anymore, and you think I still love him?”

“Yes, yes I do.” Catwalk answered.

“What makes you say that?”

“You knew where this would lead, all of it, and you could have walked away, you could have turned us in but instead you stayed. That and you kept his sword all those years.”
Diaz knew she was beaten, “Fine your right, part of me does still love him, always will, but that doesn’t mean we should follow him on another hair brained mission.”

Catwalk stood up, “Shiv needs to pay for what he did.”
She walked out the door trying to catch up to Anchor and Arsenal.

Diaz stood up, “Sometimes I hate that girl.”

She followed Catwalk out the door, and closed it behind her.

Trample had found civilian life not to bad; he had a job as a mechanic in a place called Greasy’s Garage. Not nearly as glamorous as The Brigade had been, but it paid the bills, and kept him out of trouble.

Until trouble showed up at Greasy’s and found him working under the hood of a car.

Arsenal and his group stood in the open bay, and Trample responded with a grunt of, “Be right with you.”

Arsenal responded with, “Sweet engine, but I bet a Vamp gets better mileage.”

He stopped what he was doing and softly said, “A Vamp…what the…”
He stood up quickly and banged his head on the open hood; honestly the hood took more damage than him.

“Well I’ll be damned.” He extended his hand, and shook, everyone’s hands in turn. Without missing a beat, he asked the million dollar question, “So they finally set you free Arsenal?”

Arsenal rolled up his sleeve to reveal his Joe Comm., “Not exactly.”

It was the first time he had shown it.

“What the hell is that?” Sonia asked.

“General Colton’s electronic handcuffs, metaphorically speaking. Technically it’s a standard piece of Joe equipment these days called a Joe Comm., mine is a bit different.” He answered.

Trample examined the Joe Comm., “Their tracking you.” Trample noted.

“They are, and this stays on the entire time I’m in mission, and when I’m not I remain on site as a prisoner at the Joe HQ.” he finished.
Catwalk held back some tears, and Arsenal whirled around, “Stop it. And this goes for all of you, so I don’t have to say this again, I was wrong. I was wrong for leading us out on our own, and I was wrong for involving all of you. And this…” he held up his arm with the Joe Comm., “THIS is my punishment, and I won’t have one more tear shed over it, now, Trample were here on a sanctioned mission to bring Shiv in, are you coming or not.”

Trample stood there for a minute, and finally answered, “No.”

Arsenal was stunned he thought for sure the one person that he wouldn’t need to ask twice would have been Trample. “No?”

“No. Look I’ve got a good thing here; I’m not running out and doing this again.”

Catwalk spit out, “But Shiv…”

“What about him cupcake? Honestly, you wanna give him one more shot at killing you? Well be my guest, but not me, I am out of this game, and if you ask me you should be too.”

Arsenal was humbled, as yet again he knew doing this was likely a bad idea as well, “Trample look no one is gonna force this on you, but I’m not gonna lie either, we need your help with this.”

“Look, you all wanna do something worthwhile? I have a great set of tools here, let’s take that Joe Comm. off your arm, and leave the country. We can forget about G. I. Joe, Cobra, and everything the five of us are very resourceful, we can make a life for ourselves and live well.”

Arsenal considered Tramples offer, “Thanks, but nine years ago I did something wrong. Bringing Shiv in might not make it right, but it’s a start.”

Trample shrugged, “Suit yourself, I wish you good luck.”

Arsenal, Diaz, Catwalk, and Anchor left the garage all a little disappointed, “Where to next?” Anchor asked.

“Texas, Colton says, there’s a contact there that will have our weapons ready for us…..his codename is Wild Bill.” Arsenal answered.

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Steel Brigade: Underground III


A file hit his desk, “What is this?” he asked his lieutenant.

“A prospect you should be away of. With our ranks depleted I thought it likely some new members might be in order.” The lieutenant responded.

“You know we fill positions internally first, have Masters, and Zangief been activated yet?” he asked.

“They have been notified, as per your orders, Masters is on his way here, and Zangief is aware, but will remain on station until needed.”

The shadowy figure picked up the file and began to thumb through it, “Then why would we need a new recruit?”

“This one is special if you take a look.”

“Raina DeCobray…how interesting…is she?”

“The Baroness? Yes, and if you look further, you find her father is interesting as well.”

“Yesss I see, well done this is worth a look…you are dismissed.”

“Thank you sir.” The lieutenant turned and left leaving Vaughn to examine the file.