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    by Published on 03-31-2015 07:38 PM
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    Boss Fight Studios passed along an update, regarding Vitruvian H.A.C.K.S.!

    Originally posted by Boss Fight Studios:

    Greetings Boss Fighters!
    It’s been a while since our last update and we do so apologize for that. Rest assured that our lack of communication has given us time to further our goal of getting quality product into your hands. As some of you know, Marauder’s Gun Runners and their Marauder Task Force line of figures experienced some production issues. Boss Fight has been on the front line working with them to fix the issue. Why is this important to Vitruvian H.A.C.K.S. and our fantastic Kickstarter backers? Well, the same factory is being used for both the Marauder Task Force and H.A.C.K.S. figures. We felt it was in everyone’s best interest to pause our production on the V-H.A.C.K.S. Series 1 until all issues had been resolved. Now that we feel confident that these issues have been sorted out and solutions have been found, we are ready to pull the ripcord and plunge into the night. In about two weeks, two of our merry band will be traveling to the factories in China to kick off production. After their return, we will have a more solid delivery date for the figures. Now that things seem to have smoothed out at the factory, for both Marauder and ourselves, we hope to have the product to the Kickstarter backers some time this summer. For those of you that missed the initial KIckstarter (or just need more figures then you originally bought), do not fret. We will begin selling the remainder of the product in waves shortly after all of the backers have their figures in hand. Once again, we apologize for the delay, but we are committed to bringing you all the quality and high standards that we ourselves expect from a collectable toy line. We’re all very excited to not only get Series 1 into your hands, but also into our own. Until then, here are some new images of the final painted prototypes complete with shield artwork. This is the first time nearly the entire line can be seen together as a whole. SO the All-Ins will be receiving each and every one of these, plus the Ghosts of the Battlefield 2-pack, sixteen blanks, seven accessory packs, and four skeletons! Hopefully the thoughts of glorious Greek battles that will play out in your living rooms and upon your shelves will hold you over until we can get Series 1 shipped to your doors.
    -Boss FIGHT!!!

    Check out more photos in the Vitruvian H.A.C.K.S. Update thread! ...
    by Published on 03-31-2015 02:24 PM
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    UPDATE!!! As of 4:10 pm est Registration is LIVE!!!

    Great News! For those of you that are not attending JoeCon 2015, but plan on registering for either Convention Exclusive set, then today's your lucky today! The G.I.Joe Club has sent an e-mail advising that Non-Attending Registration would be available today, Tuesday, March 31st. The details from the e-mail are as follow. Please read them closely as to avoid any possible issues:

    1. You will need to be an active member of the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club to register. You can join at the same time.

    2. This alternate registration system does not have the help or rule control our regular system does. Therefore, you will need to go slowly and make sure you follow the rules for what packages are allowed. Once the registration is placed we cannot edit it. We can only delete it which will cause you to have to re-register correctly and you may lose the items in your order.

    3. Each order will be reviewed and approved. You can tell if it is approved by logging back in, go to My Account, view your Order History and look in the shipping column. If it says Not Shipped, it has not been approved yet. If it has a ship date, it has been approved. This can take up to 3+ days due to the volume. Registration for Non-Attending will close on Thursday at approximately 5pm Central Time.

    After the convention, we will mark them not shipped so that when they do come in, and are shipped to you, the ship date will be correct. Due to all of the congestion in China and the west coast shipping terminals, we estimate that these will ship to you in June. If the time frame improves, we will let you know.

    4. For the 3 3/4" loose sets, you are only allowed one loose figure set per 3 3/4” boxed set. If you pick more sets than you chose for boxed sets, we will delete your registration. Once these run out we will remove them from the software so if you don't see them in the system, they are sold out.

    5. If you have an attending registration and didn't get the loose set, you CANNOT order a non-attending loose set. If this occurs, we will cancel the order.

    6. An admin fee is added to each order's shipping cost in the amount of $7.
    Another e-mail will be sent out today confirming when Registration has gone live. Stay Tuned! ...
    by Published on 03-30-2015 09:02 PM
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    Acid Rain World posted images of their Purple Raptor Speeder MK I on instagram!

    Check out these photos and more on Acid Rain World's Instragram page, as well as the Acid Rain World blog!

    Originally posted by Acid Rain World:
    "In the acid rain world, Chocolate is valued higher than diamonds. As such, the chocolate factory has their own security forces. Don't walk too close to them."

    Where can you get Acid Rain World toys? Check out BigBadToyStore and TheToySource! ...
    by Published on 03-30-2015 07:17 PM
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    And they're letting them out! Oh noes! That's right! You too can build an army of skeleton warriors to conquer the world!

    For more details, check out HISS Tank! Also be sure to like Cryptid Toys on Facebook! ...
    by Published on 03-29-2015 12:42 PM
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    3DJOES has added another fantastic vehicle to their G.I.Joe A Real American Hero catalog! This time around, the 1989 G.I.Joe Crusader Space Shuttle & the Avenger Scout Craft get the 3DJOES treatment!

    The G.I.Joe Crusader is a re-release of two fan favorite vehicles in one - The 1987 Defiant Space Shuttle is now the Crusader. The 1986 Cobra Night Raven S³P Reconnaissance Jet is now the Avenger, which is housed inside of the Crusader and serves as it's Scout Craft.

    The Crusader's pilot, Payload, is a straight repaint of his 1987 Defiant version, but still fetches decent coin on the secondary market, especially if he's complete. Words can't describe just how awesome this vehicle is, so make sure to head on over to the 3DJOES.com 1989 G.I.Joe Crusader Space Shuttle With Avenger Scout Craft page to check out a ton of images, then join us back here to share your thoughts on this G.I.Joe Space Craft! ...
    by Published on 03-28-2015 10:40 PM
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    DESTRO from HISS Tank posted an image gallery of Vypra from the G.I. Joe Club's Figure Subscription Service, and she is sexy! ...
    by Published on 03-27-2015 06:24 PM
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    Official images of the JoeCon 2015 Tiger Force vs Iron Grenadiers Box Set have been released by the Official G.I. Joe Collectors Club! The images were posted on the G.I.Joe Convention Facebook Page.

    These images give us our first official look at the outer box, alongside the figures included within! This set looks great and should please many fans! These images also give us our first real look at the finished product and wow, is there a surprise in store for us! The Iron Grenadiers Undertow Officer is from South Africa, giving us our first official modern era female figure of a different ethnicity! THANK YOU, JOE CLUB!

    Are you excited for the JoeCon 2015 Tiger Force vs Iron Grenadiers Box Set? Then come share your excitement with us on the boards! ...
    by Published on 03-26-2015 10:27 AM
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    The Official Hasbro G.I. Joe Club has sent out an e-mail regarding this year's custom class. For those of you that are attending the class, or for those that are interested in what this year's custom figure will be, you will have the ability to create the G.I.Joe Star Brigade Jet-Tech Operations Expert, Robo-JOE! Below are the details from the e-mail -


    Hey Class Participants,
    This year's character is Robo Joe. Parts for this figure build that you will receive in the class are:

    1) Class exclusive (only available to participants) NEW 3d designed Robo Joe head
    2) Class exclusive (only available to participants) NEW 3d designed Robo Joe face mask
    3) Custom designed upper torso
    4) Custom designed upper arms with shoulder rings
    5) Auto .9mm Pistol with thigh peg mount
    6) Right Outside Thigh with pistol mount peg hole
    7) Sub-Machine Gun
    8) Aliens style Pulse Rifle with backpack peg mount

    All parts are cast in the proper base colors (orange, black, flesh, clear), so you will only have to paint details and parts on your donor figure. The figure that we suggest you bring is one of the three versions of the G.I. Joe Rise of COBRA Accelerator Suit. The more common versions are Duke and Ripcord. Corey at Smalljoes.com has a decent supply of Ripcord for $12.99 and has fast shipping if needed.

    In the class, you will learn how to split a torso, and prep and assemble your custom cast original parts for painting. There will be a few people on hand to help with any novice builders, but more experienced customizers should have no problems. Paints, glue, and other supplies are provided. If you have a favorite brush or paints that you prefer to use, then feel free to bring those along. The class will be in the lower level of the Prairie Capital Convention Center. You can go down stairs at the hotel and take the tunnel. Starts at 8:30 AM. Please arrive 15 minutes early!

    See you in Springfield! ...

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