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Thread: Marky Mark Wahlberg as Duke?!

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    Marky Mark Wahlberg as Duke?!

    That's who Lorenzo di Bonaventura wants!


    He says they will start working on GI Joe immediately after they finish working on Transformers. Plus, guess who he has in mind to play Duke? None other than Shooter star, Mark Wahlberg.

    The movie is said to be set before the rise of the COBRA organization, the film will show how the man the world will one day call Cobra Commander created his terrorist organization and honed it into a worldwide threat. Other COBRA characters, such as Destro and Stormshadow, are being planned to be included in the film. As for who is on the JOE team, look for appearances by the team's main players, such as Duke, Hawk and Snake Eyes.

    Check out the rest HERE!

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    i thought that would not be able to wuss Duke up even more.

    well here you go.:snowball

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    I like how they say Duke is a fan-favorite

    what fans are these?

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    heres what i think......

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    Good call wyse, Well better Marky then Ashton Kootcher who has been able to stay coupled to mommy Demi Moore long enough not to bore the shit out of us with another awful movie. I guess thats why Dane Cook is getting work now.

    Marky Mark isn't a BAD choice though I'd rather unkowns play big parts and have supporting characters played by big names.

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    eh .. personally i have long forgotten the funky bunch and I think he really is a good actor. I could see him possibly more as a Flint then a Duke perhaps.

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