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Thread: 25th Joe Disassembly...alternate method

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    25th Joe Disassembly...alternate method

    All credit for thinking this up goes to Darkwynter of the Joe Customs board.

    I was like most people...reluctant to take a mallet to my figures to seperate them, even though that is how the Hasbro team demonstrated it at Joe Con. I know it works...but I've also heard horror stories of smashed I was reluctant.

    This past Saturday...I asked for an on-hand demonstration of 25th Disassembly. I figured if I can watch it firsthand...maybe I will give it a shot. Millsy (of JC boards) demonstrated how he does the mallet technique. It works...but its not very controllable. You are trying to hit a rather small area with all the pressure...with the head of a mallet.

    Then...Darkwynter pulls out some tools...and shows us how he does the disassembly. I have copied this method only one day after learning it...and have taken two figures apart I am happy with it.

    Enough it is....

    You will need:
    A decent sized set of Channel Locks
    A socket...I used an 11 mm, 1/4 drive socket as it had a nice curve to it that fit in the torso below the arm socket.
    A piece of cardboard to cover the upper set of jaws on the Channel Locks
    Duct tape...for securing the socket and the cardboard
    Gallon size plastic bag

    Here you can see the curved area below the arm sockets on the torso...this is where you want your socket to sit at.

    When applying the will hear a crack and pop. The crack is the factory glued seal...coming apart...the pop is the pieces flying out of the torso.

    Keep in mind...these upper torso's are FACTORY glued together....during disassembly...some pegs may break off depending on if the peg had glue on it. Some pegs should remain yet, but you will have to glue the torso back together during final assembly.

    Here is the upper torso of Roadblock broken down:

    As stated before....this is an alternate method to disassembly. The mallet trick will work...but I feel that this method allows more control than hitting an area less than 1/4" with a mallet head.

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    i use a exacto knife but i will be tring this next time thanks

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    Good looking out I will be trying this out also....

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    interesting verrrrrrrrrry interesting

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    wow, thanks for the tip. I'll give it a try

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    wow i can so use this now as i have to fix my daughters zartan

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    Viper Officer
    Thanks Apoc.... Nice Guide!

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    I just used this method on a serpentor figure and it worked like a charm, i only used the pliars and wrapped the figure with a piece of paper to avoid scratching and it cracked the seems apart. Then i just used a screwdriver to seperate it the rest of the way.

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    what a revelation I can't wait to try it This is much easier than just unscrewing the back of the figure like in the old days.....ahh the old days

    Thanks so much

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    true but in the old days you could screw them back together now you have to glue them back together

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